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    Gang Bang Queen

    No, not that kind of queen, she is all woman. Dana Barzagli, of TuPornMex videos fame, is going for her gang bang personal record the afternoon of 9 September. The record attempt will be in the late afternoon at the renowned swinger Club Lupita Roma, which is just west of the airport. She also promises a "show de nena stripper" and invited swinger couples for "interaction". The total cost per participant is $1,000 pesos and the club wants $300 pesos advance deposit, the rest at the door. I have never attended a gang bang and am seriously entertaining the idea of now putting it on my bucket list.

    Dana is also currently starring in an avant garde "performance art" event (lesbian trio sex show) "Blanca, Pupa why Nora" at the Centro Cultural El Foco, Tlacotalpan, Col. Roma Sur, just short blocks from the The cast includes Melody Petite on the 1st and 8th of September, my vague impression is that the cast rotates. Tickets are $350 pesos.

    Dana has a dotcom page and twitter. You can do a browser search for her, the events and the locales or DM me. A wingman would be nice to have, I think.
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    Went to see Candice yesterday. It was the best escort I've seen besides arikang here in Mexico. Her price is kind off steep at 2800 plus hotel but in my opinion she was well worth it. Very friendly and easy to talk to. Going to be here for the rest of the week so I may try to see her one more time.

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    Visiting DF for a few days --Wingman appreciated

    I'm finally coming to DF next Tuesday night (August 22nd) and leaving early Thursday morning (August 24th). After a week and a half in Colombia I'll be returning to Mexico City the afternoon of September 4th and leaving Tuesday night for the States.

    My Spanish is probably 1st grade level, but I'm more or less conversational and so long as the listener is a little patient. So if anyone is in town those dates and looking for a wingman let me know. First rounds on me.

    And yes, I will be providing a ground report.

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    Calle James Sullivan

    You are correct, I was about one and a half blocks east of the streets you mention. I had seen a reference to Hotel Sybhari in the forum, and as it was late and the area seemed deserted, I thought I was pushing my luck to keep walking past there. I'll know better next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by JuanCarter  [View Original Post]
    Maybe you stopped a few blocks east of the action. At midnight, even on a Sunday, I would expect working girls between calles Manuel Maria Contreras and Gambino Barreda. Thank you very much for your thorough contributions to the forum.

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    Calle Sullivan

    Quote Originally Posted by YankeeFan  [View Original Post]
    Calle James Sullivan. At midnight Sunday night, it was totally dead, I assume the day and time was the reason. I think I was in the right area, around Calle Rosas Moreno.
    Maybe you stopped a few blocks east of the action. At midnight, even on a Sunday, I would expect working girls between calles Manuel Maria Contreras and Gambino Barreda. Thank you very much for your thorough contributions to the forum.

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    Last day in CDMX

    Unfortunately, a short day as I was flying out in the afternoon. I was thinking of trying to squeeze in 2 chicas, but had a few other things to do, so just decided to head to Merced one last time. I really wanted another coed type for my last opportunity, as that is quite far from what I can get in the states at my age. At around 10:30 AM, I got off the metro at Pino Suarez and started walking down San Pablo toward Circunvalacion. I found one I liked, and we agreed upon a price, but then she asked to see my ID. That kind of freaked me out, I hadn't encountered that before. I said no thanks, and kept walking. I found an even better one, Gladys, just after turning the corner at Circunvalacion. We also agreed upon 600, and then she also asked for my ID. I asked why, and she said for the hotel. I asked to see hers, and she did show it, she was 21. As we started walking toward the hotel, which was buried in the actual market, across the street, some cops seemed to be looking at us. But since I had seen her ID, I knew her age was OK, so I just ignored them, and they did not start following us. We did indeed both show our ID's to the hotel clerk, I really don't know what that was about. Anyway, she was about a 7 or 8, had a nice tight ass, and was at least a little playful. I had my last good time, and to be truthful, don't know how much longer I could have kept it up before I needed a few days off to recover. Anyway, CDMX definitely lived up to what I thought it was based on my reading this forum. A lot of low cost chicas are easily available, and I hope to return sooner rather than later.

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    Monday in CDMX

    Wasn't able to get free until about 5 PM, but still had a good day. This time went straight to Merced, and started walking up the west side of Circunvalacion. For the whole length, up to Soledad, there probably were around 50-60 to choose from. Near the end of that stretch, I came upon Milya. Around 30, probably about a 6, but with a certain softer look that made me feel she would be more enjoyable than some others. And she was, the closest to a GFE that I experienced this trip. We had some decent conversation, including during the act, and she used her hands on my body while we were doing mish and cowgirl, showing more involvement than the others I spent time with. I took advantage of our conversation to ask her schedule, with the idea that I might look for her again. She stated 10 AM to 6:30 PM, so I decided that 10 AM is probably not too early to go to Merced. She asked for my phone number, but I told her I didn't have one, as though I enjoyed her, with my limited time in CDMX, was not going to return to her. After some other non-monger activities, I was out looking again at 11 PM. I was in a mood for a more mature SW, and had been told that there might be such a scene at El Marques on Violeta, which was slightly east of Calle Guerrero. When I found it, I realized it was a dance club, seemingly for more mature people. I can imagine that if I was there near closing time, there might in fact be some of that type of action, but unfortunately, it was closed by this time. Crossing back across Guerrero, I had my most unexpected experience. I should be clear, I do not have game, especially in Spanish. But as I started crossing, I saw a 50 something woman, wearing sensible clothes and shoes, nothing really exposed. Could have been going home from a regular job. I looked up and smiled at her, she smile back, and I spoke the same opening line I did the whole trip, usted trabajando ahora? She responded 500 and I agreed. I guess she is more of an amateur than others I encountered, I couldn't imagine Lucille, standing on a corner, but she certainly was used to picking up some money this way. I would rate her about a 4. Even though we were only a ten minute walk from my hotel, she wanted a cab, so add another 50 to the price I paid. She also wanted something to drink, but there was nothing open in the area, so we just went back to my hotel. La Riviera is a very cheap hotel, and seemed to have regular people staying in it (including me), but they gave me no trouble bringing in Lucille. She was the only woman whose hand I held. I enjoy holding hands, but it never occurred to me to do that with the SW's I was walking with on the way to their hotels. Maybe I could have, I don't know. Lucille asked the guy at the front desk if there were any bebidas, but he said no as well. You might think Lucille would have had alcohol on her breath, but she didn't. Anyway, up to the room and did completo. She went through the act of enjoying it more than most of the youngsters, but it wasn't especially convincing. But it was fine with me, meeting a woman on the street and having her in my bed 10 minutes later was definitely an enjoyable experience for me. After we were done, she left quickly, probably continuing on back home, where I assume she was going when I met her. While I initially had big plans of 3 women a day, with other obligations, and less stamina than I needed, (probably a combination of age and the altitude) that clearly was not going to happen for me, and I was glad to have another day with 2 enjoyable experiences, for the 2nd 2 chica day of my 3 days thus far.

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    Sunday in CDMX

    Wasn't sure what to expect on a Sunday, but eager to find out. One thing for sure, in the Hidalgo area, including Juan Aldana / Orozco Berra / Arizpe, as well as around the metro stop, the trannies were out in force. For the few that I approached because I wasn't sure, the usual cautions applied and made it easy to avoid them. If they speak softly and / or have an ultra effeminate affect, they were trannies. I also noticed most of them held their purses in front of their crotch. Anyway, it was around noon, and I was on the way to Merced. Had decided to exit at Pino Suarez and walk along Calle San Pablo to check out that scene as well. Turns out, I never made it to Merced. I found a good selection of varied types of SW's, all on the north side of the street, pretty much radiating out from Jesus Maria in both directions. I settled on one who I'd characterize as a young MILF type. Dorsa is 27 years old, on the slim side, with a pleasant though not beautiful face. We quickly agreed on 600, I didn't try to negotiate any further. She took me on a unwelcome 8 minute, brisk walk, to get to her hotel. I should mention that I never felt uncomfortable in the hotels they took me to, though I would certainly never choose to spend the night in one of them. Anyway, still getting used to the altitude, I actually got a little breathless keeping up with her, the distance was the furthest I had to go for any of my encounters during the time I was here. As usual, she requested 100 for the room, and didn't give me a hard time when I gave her the additional 500 when we were finished. Anyway, she was quite enjoyable. I realized that there always seemed to be a strategically placed wall mirror, so for perrito, was always sure to stand so I was facing it. I should also mention that I always asked for only 30 minutes, and to be honest, rarely used all the time. As soon as they realize you have popped, they are finished with you, which I have no objection to, at these prices. While I didn't spend any more time in the area on foot today, I did take an Uber out of the area and noticed a good selection along the west side of Circunvalacion, as high up as Soledad, and then going down toward Calle San Pablo I had every intention of returning the next day. My next free time was about 11:30 PM. I walked over to Luis Colosio, to check out the Walmart girls scene, and there was a good selection even at that time, soliciting cars going by. However, the 2 I approached quoted 800 for 30 minutes, and wouldn't budge on the price. I had pretty much decided that 700 would be my max. It's possible that with better Spanish, I would have been more successful, but anyway, I decided to pass for this time, at that price. I should mention that even at that time, I never felt in any danger walking around the area. Being disappointed, I figured I'd check out Calle James Sullivan. At midnight Sunday night, it was totally dead, I assume the day and time was the reason. I think I was in the right area, around Calle Rosas Moreno. There was very little traffic at that time, so I guess I just picked a wrong time. At this point, as late as it was, I decided to call it a night, figuring I was risking doing something dumb being out any later.

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    Chica Friendly Hotels

    Maybe I missed it in the previous posts but does anyone here know if Four Points Sheraton Colonia Roma or La Meridien Mexico City are chica friendly? I stayed at Camino Real a few months back and I had to pay 1000 pesos for every visitor, I'd like to avoid that.

    Thanks guys!

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    Day 1 of several in CDMX

    I am visiting with primary goal of sampling the SW scene, using knowledge gained from this forum, especially JC. I'm posting to add to the knowledge base for fellow mongers, to repay for all the help I have received. My likes center on variety and good bodies, at low cost, not so much the GFE or other higher quality service that others seem to prefer. First morning 11 AM, started walking down Juan Aldama toward Puente de Alvarado. I was eager to get my first encounter as soon as possible. Just across P. De Alvarado, the street becomes Miguel Ramos Arizpe. There were already several SWs working. Most were quite sorry looking. But one, while big boned, still was well proportioned, about 30 years old, and had a sweet smile, which I find increases my enjoyment. She quoted 300 for 30 minutes of completo, which I confirmed as desnudo, posiciones and oral why vaginal. I assumed there would be some upselling attempted when we got to the room, but the starting point was low enough that I wasn't concerned. She walked me about one block to a very cheap hotel, asked for 100 pesos for the room and we entered. She started undressing, exposing her best features and said 800 for an hour. I told her we agreed upon 300 and I didn't want a full hour. BTW, my Spanish is limited. She started rubbing against me, I countered with 600, including the room, and she agreed. While her appearance, was only a 3 or 4, her service was more like 6 or 7, so I was happy, having gotten one "date" under my belt by noon the first day. My next opportunity was at 6 PM. I was eager to sample the Walmart girls that I read about in previous posts. Walking the other way on Juan Aldama, I immediately noticed several SWs around the corner on Orozco why Berra. I figured I'd come back and take a closer look if no luck closer to Walmart. I walked up 2 blocks and turned left on Luis Colosio. Just across Jesus Garcia were a number of young, but not too young, SW's trying to appeal to passing drivers. If you like the college coed look, this is for you. I walked over to a real cutie, with a sweet smile, that never went away even when she was on top of me. Her looks were probably an 8. She quoted 800 for 30 minutes completo. I encountered with 600, pointing out my need for only 30 minutes and she agreed. She walked me 2 blocks, past several police (seems to be a governmental building there), but they never gave us a look. Brenda, who said she was 21, asked for 100 for the room and then the additional 500 when we entered. I put it on a table and told her she could take it when we finished. She quickly undressed and looked even better. The smallest amount of baby fat on the tummy, and a great body. No stretch marks, she definitely had no children yet. BTW, when we checked in, one of her friends, whom I'd also be happy to get to know better, was on the way out, and greeted her. I have to admit that her performance was not that good. If it wasn't for the thrill that this 60 year old guy gets from being with the kind of girl that I barely would have gotten a look back from in my college days, it would have been a disappointment, because while she returned my smiles and while a well placed mirror made perrito especially enjoyable, she really didn't do much with that excellent body. But for 600 pesos, I still felt I got my moneys worth. More to follow.

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    La Merced Streetwalker Prices

    Quote Originally Posted by PapiOso  [View Original Post]
    1. Any suggestions on a safe hotel that would give me maximum proximity to both Pino Suarez and La Merced?
    2. What kind of price range are we talking, especially in terms of SW's?
    #1 I can't recommend any hotel in the immediate vicinity but there are plenty within one or two metro stops in the centro historico, one metro stop is "walking distance." SWs will very rarely, never, go to your hotel. etc.

    #2 Streetwalker prices throughout the city are pretty standard, regardless of the location or quality of the girl. It is on a cafeteria plan. They will first quote about $200 pesos, room and condom included. This is lift the skirt, drop panties and poke for 15 minutes without touching. Nude, oral, touching, multiple positions are all extra. Very rarely can you negotiate for BBBJ, it is easier to negotiate anal than BBBJ with a SW. "Servicio completo" for 30 minutes will cost between $500 and $750 depending on negotiation skills and immediate market conditions. "Full service" is without anal, without finger penetration, pecks for kisses and when you come your 30 minutes is over. It is important that you come to exact terms before you pay for the room. She will ask you to front the room money but it later comes out of the final agreed price. Tip her the amount of the room or more if the service was very good, or if you expect to visit her again. Tips, however, are not expected.

    For about $500 pesos you can get a low end escort for an hour. Escorts in the $800 to $1500 mid-range (hotel is extra) can give an hour to 1 1/2 hrs of quality service: DFK, 69, BBBJ, multiple positions and shots on goal. Sometimes they will offer 1/2 hour specials (express or mananeros) for $500 and only in their specified hotel. See the reviews and photos of Maria Midori in the escorts thread. She normally charges $800 an hour and I recommend a $200 tip. If you see her or any of the girls with my personal recommendation, please give regards from the Viejo Gringo. http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...-D.-F.-Escorts.

    High end escorts, the ZonaDivas types charge about $2500 an hour and up, way up. Sometimes the ZD promotions link offers $1800 an hour. As with other range escorts, most but not all, will offer BBBJ "depending on your hygiene."

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    DF Mongering

    Greetings all, I've spent considerable time in Mexico, but never ventured into the Big City. I'm getting a feel for the stroll and am going back over past posts to glean what information I can. I'm primarily looking for SW and such- not interested in the pricy stuff. That being said, couple quick questions, if I might-.

    1. Any suggestions on a safe hotel that would give me maximum proximity to both Pino Suarez and La Merced?

    2. What kind of price range are we talking, especially in terms of SW's?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sullivan girl

    I never see photos of Sullivan girls and never a worthwhile review. This is Abril and the guy who posted the photo only says the date was at the Hotel Ibiza north of the Revolution Monument. The crazy thing is that three months ago I saw this girl and some others climbing into an Uber from the Ibiza on the way to Sullivan. We chatted very briefly and she looked even better than the photo but she, like 99% of the street girls, doesn't do BBBJ so that was that. The neon hearts glow red, but don't blink, at night. The area around the Ibiza has only trannies on the street and I was amazed to see real girls.
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    Chineros in La Merced

    Quote Originally Posted by SenatorDavis  [View Original Post]
    Been RTFF to get ready for an upcoming trip to CDMX. From what I gather, the Thai-Costa Rica style GoGo bars, clubs where you can have a drink while picking and choosing don't exist in CDMX and even the erotic massages have been shut down. The choked unconscious Posts have scared me from Merced so I am left with The Sullivan street scene and websites like ZonaDivas, etc. Thanks to JC and others for all the helpful prior posts--hope to stay conscious! Will be sure to add my own trip reports in the future.
    Somebody previously posted about visiting La Merced in the evening, something I strongly caution against. I leave when the first vendors start to pack up for the evening. There are chineros, named for the llave chino (Chinese choke hold), and you can find videos of even broad daylight attacks. My experience is that if you stick to the Calle San Pedro and Anillo de Circunvalacion in mid-day you are reasonably safe but never invulnerable. Dress down, carry no valuables, only a photocopy of your passport, and carry only (as in a casino) the amount of cash you expect to spend. I have followed girls to hotels north of Calle San Pedro without incident but I do not recommend venturing east of Circunvalacion. The hotel Tampico, just a block off Circunvalacion has a reputation for chineros but the stroll and hotels along Gral. Anaya are seemingly safe on market days. Stick with the crowds.

    There are a few gems in La Merced but most in "La Meche" are not even semi-precious. Every first time visitor should visit between 1 and 4 in the afternoon as it is iconic. A true pity that the girl parades, pasarelas, have been outlawed but there is kind of a "shadow version" of girls who enter and exit the "Las Garnachas". Get your shoes shined along the fence and watch the show. The photos below along the fence are at Las Garnachas, on Circunvalacion just north of Misioneros. The others are taken near the Hotel Liverpool on Circunvalacion just north of Manzanares and Hotel Veracruz north of Corregidora. These two, on the whole, have nicer looking girls. The one with the bun is named Alexa, who gets mixed reviews and one client speculates that she is bipolar. A public page for other fotos is at
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    See Escorts Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by DudeBuddy  [View Original Post]
    I'll be in Polanco for a month in a company provided accommodation. Can't bring in escorts. Can you suggest how can I meet an escort in a hotel. Can the escort book it? Also planning for Merced. But need a good GFE first. My mode of communication will be whatsapp and I don't know Spanish.
    Read the reviews on Escorts thread. http://www.internationalsexguide.inf...-D.-F.-Escorts I am on ISG probation for inadvertently posting contact information on open threads so you will have buy a subscription and DM me or try to find them by name through your search efforts.

    Regina Ayalha will be visiting from Monterrey from 3 July through 14 July but will probably only date at the Hotel El Castro near Metro Insurgentes, or the Amazonas near Metro San Antonio Abad. She gets my highest recommendation, GFE and speaks enough English to make a date. The usual routine is to set the date in advance and then keep in contact via WhatsApp or Twitter or Facebook Messenger of SMS. Depending on which medium the girl prefers. Generally WhatsApp. Google Translate works good enough.

    It is rare and nearly impossible for an escort to invite you to her room, even when she is staying in the hotel. I doubt you could find any to rent a room and hope you to arrive later. High end girls ( will go to any luxury hotel or love hotels in the Roma, Revolucion, Polanco, Condesa neighborhoods. Most, but not all girls, will go where you want if you pay for their travel time and taxi. On that side of town, I recommend Hotel & Villas Patriotismo ($30 US through or near Metro Patriotismo. We need more reviews of the upscale / ZonaDivas types that are beyond my hobby budget. I recommend the Gran Hotel Amazonas for mid-range, Tlalpan girls. It is about $20 US via .

    There are some terrific GFE experiences in the $1500 peso range that speak excellent English. Julieta Mocca!! Sofia S. Urbide (aka Sofia Sayun) is not as pretty as Julieta but is great GFE and speaks good English. Read the escorts thread, find them if you can or buy a subscription and DM me. I am helpful to members that are genuine, polite and who promise to post ISG reviews of their experiences. The other recent poster who is afraid of the llave chino and won't go to La Merced even in mid-day should probably avoid loose women anywhere.

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