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Thread: Los Algodones (near Yuma)

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    Hawaii Club Etiquette

    What is the etiquette for the booth dances at HC? I ask because my last trip was on a slow Thursday night and my waiter found me a girl I was interested in and sent us to a booth. She allowed full visual and touching access in the booth that brought me to full attention. Ay, caramba! It only cost me a mixed drink for probably 15-20 minutes of action. Was it just obvious that we were going to go arriba upstairs? Or can I sample the girls this way? Is so, should I give the girl or the house a tip? Or do i just have to buy her drinks?

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    Los Algodones

    Yes, the Green Door now employs mostly fat, lazy 4's, 5 is pushing it. They do not allow photos either.

    Hawaii Club is the place, you just have to time it right. The hotties usually do not show until around 6 p.m. depending on the day. On Mondays many girls travel back to Mexicali to spend time with their kids. They tend to return to Algodones on Wednesday afternoon.

    As for the Monaco Bar, it closed over a year ago and will probably not reopen anytime soon due to the economy.

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    That was You?

    Candy Man. I pretty sure I saw you Saturday. But didn't know that was you. I was down there with a fellow poon hound. And Asian guy. We sat on the black sofas by the rest rooms. Got a lot of table dances and ended up going with one of the 2 or 3 hottest girls there that evening. Her name escapes me but she's pretty new there. 19, thin, tan, "indian looking" face but cute. Perfect. And I do mean perfect. Body with what I thought were "man-made" 34D's but ended up being natural. She wanted $20 more than the others but was SO worth it. Wish I remembered her name.

    We came in here around 4pm and it was dead, so we went over to the green door and had a beer there. It was rocking, but most of the chicas were not worth $20, let alone $60 or $80. So around 6pm we headed back over to Hawaii. Glad we did as it really picked up within 30 minutes of our arrival.

    HEY. Whats the deal on what appears to be another club behind Hawaii. Club Monaco? New? Any insight?

    We will PM you prior to our next meds/pussy run down there. Thanks for all your posts. Papa Rotzi (mainly on the USA boards)

    Quote Originally Posted by Granjefe
    Yes, both the Green Door and the Hawaii Club import girls from all over Mexico to include in the past a few from Panama, Honduras and I actually met a girl last month from an island of Venezuela.

    The Hawaii Club has evolved into the place to start in Algodones. So they don't get around to opening the doors until about 11:30 am They give the girls a great deal of autonomy while working there, unlike the Green Door where the girls are enslaved servants.

    Jorge is so pussy whipped over Mara he can not see straight anymore! Has any one in this forum ever bang Mara? I know she prefers to dance like Coco did in the past. Hawaii Club usually has a low body count until around 4 pm when the professional girls come and look for business. If it is real slow they go back to their rooms to kill time instead of selling their ass for cheaper prices. I know this for a fact.

    I live in Yuma round so keep in mind we have finished our season here and the snowbirds have flown north. Now is the to mind a value meal in Algodones.

    I will be down there this weekend if anyone needs a wingman. I am known as the "candy man" at the Hawaii Club. It is not hard to find me there.

    Keep it out of the dirt fellow mongers!

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    Hawaii Club Friday Apr 24

    Yes, Claudia & Chi-Chi await you at the Hawaii Club. I had a great weekend, fun was had by all! Snowbirds have flown north and the girls are finally realizing that the dinero is tight so now is the time for a value meal, if you will.

    The car line is over an hour wait time so you are better off walking in. You can park in the Indian parking lot or chance leaving your vehicle on Hwy 186.
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    Hawaii Club

    To find the Hawaii Club, first you cross the border and continue straight down the street until you arrive at the first intersection. You will see the Purple Store on each corner. Here you will take a right and walk down to the end of that block. Stop, look to your left and will see the Hawaii Club halfway down the street on the right.
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    New Talent at Hawaii

    This is Suzana from Mexicali and is new to Hawaii. She has a very nice demeanor and is still naive amigos!
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    Algones-This Saturday Night Apr 24th

    Lets do it fellow mongers. Saturday nights are rockin around 7 p.m.
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    Hawaii Sunday night Apr 18

    claudia caught speeding.
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    Hawaii Club Sunday Night - Apr 18

    The evening started out a bite boring but got going at 8:30 p.m.

    Photos to follow amigos.

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    Sat 04/17

    Came to Los Algodones for first time last night. Thanks to info from Granjefe and others here, had no trouble finding Hawaii club. Only had time to do one club. Got to Hawaii at around 7:30 pm, saw Maritza, WOW, Amazing body. The other girls there were pretty much a little thicker than I like, but even then, they were mostly still attractive.

    I got to meet up with Granjefe, and then I went and spent some time with Maritza. Once she got undressed, I looked at her and actually said "damn" out loud without realizing it. The language barrier was a little bit of a problem, (my fault, as I don't speak alot of spanish) but she was nice, and made sure I was happy. What more could I ask for?

    5 minutes after I walked in there was a nice catfight, and almost a stealthy stiletto shanking.

    Overall, I have to say my first experience was a good one. 2 hours total time from Yuma to Hawaii club, and back to Yuma, and had a good time. I'll have to go back there soon. Thanks for the info everyone.

    Be Safe

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    This Saturday Night Apr 17

    I will be at the Hawaii Club this Saturday night for another recon mission and some value-meal action.
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    Peak Hours

    The Hawaii Club is still rocking on Friday and Saturday nights. The quality girls don't arrive until around 6 p.m. for duty. Floor Show gets going then and around 9 p.m. the Mexican crowd arrives. Border closes at 10 p.m. so most gringos leave around 9:45 p.m. If you stay after the border closes you will get a better value with the girls. There are 4 small motels in town charging only $25. a night.
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    Los Algodones Update

    Due to the economy, and the snowbirds returning north, Algodones is definitely feeling the crunch. Some new young girls are migrating there from Mexicali.
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    New talent at Hawaii Club

    These two sister are kind of nice.
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    Behind the Scenes in Algodones

    A photo from behind some action in Algodones. That was Alexandra at the Green Door. She can be a hot number when she is in the right mood. You all know how the latinas can be.
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