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Thread: Mexicali

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    Mea culpa

    My bad, gents. Please disregard the preceding post. I had overlooked a DM from Fryer that answered my questions. Thanks to Fryer for being so generous with his advice.

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    Fist time visit

    Planning a first visit in a couple of weeks. Not really interested in escorts or strip clubs. As a thirty-plus year vet of Tijuana, I've come to enjoy dive bars, dance halls, and paraditas. Through my internet research, I've learned that the places I would enjoy are mostly concentrated in a few blocks just south of the border. I also understand that most places in Mexicali don't get rolling until later in the evening, if at all, especially on weekdays. Videos of the area show very few people on foot at night. My question is whether I could walk that area alone at night without putting myself at serious risk. In Tijuana, there is so much foot traffic in the Zona Norte that I feel fairly safe as a single guy. Just wondering what you Mexicali vets think about that. Also, is it hard to get a taxi from that area at night? I wouldn't want to walk from there to Hotel Lucerna late at night. I appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

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    El Establo

    Went to El Establo on Tuesday. Got there at 4:30 in the morning. The bar was closed but the patio bar was open. Music and two chick's in the bar. Bought a cubeta of 6 beers. I think it is open 24 hours. There was music playing. There were two chickas. In the bar and I was the only person in the bar. One of the chickas. Grabbed my ass when I entered. Anyhow the other chick's came over and I bought her a fight drink. I would rate her as a 5 in looks. Nice supple 34 see. Decent lap dance with a hand full of titties. Went to my room with her for 1 hour for 2200 pesos. Nice body.

    Not a spinner but not fat. CBJ. Very nice. I would rate it as an 8. Ball licking too. After 10 minutes.

    Switched to Cowgirl. Nice ride and very vocal. She really got into it. After about 10 minutes we relaxed and had a beer with me still inside her. Next we went to doggie for about 5 minutes. Then to miss for about 10 minutes. She really got into it. Very vocal. Got extremely wet.

    We came together. Being 71 years old I can no longer get off two or three times but I last longer. Anyhow it was a nice ride. Overall a 5 on looks but dang nice performance.

    Take care. Amigo 69.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sauce  [View Original Post]
    I'm going to be coming to Mexicali for a 2 day monger visit soon. Are there any good chica friendly hotels that might be worth staying in?
    Any of the hotels are all right. Just tell your friend (s) not to dress or act like a hooker and you'll be fine. Meet them in or outside the hotel lobby and walk with them to your room.

    Easy peasy and no hassles. Just be gracious and all will be good.


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    Chica Friendly Hotels

    I'm going to be coming to Mexicali for a 2 day monger visit soon. Are there any good chica friendly hotels that might be worth staying in?

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    Fryer, Thank you again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache  [View Original Post]
    Thanks I appreciate it!
    Apache, last Friday late afternoon I drove by the hotel and looks open. There were girls hanging around the hotel. I hope this helps.


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    Thanks I appreciate it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache  [View Original Post]
    Thanks Fryer.
    No problem Apache. I'm planning for next weekend in Mexicali with a semi-pro. Will check again if in that area.


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    Thanks Fryer.

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    Could you PM me the telegram link for club686?



    It appears from your post that you don't quite understand the Forum's Private Message service.

    To use the Forum's Private Message service, both you and the Forum Member you are trying to contact must be either a subscriber or a Senior Member.

    For more information, please read:


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    Quote Originally Posted by Apache  [View Original Post]
    Does anyone know if Hotel Chinesca is open and renting rooms overnight? They're not answering their phone. Thanks in advance!
    I have no idea Apache. Drove down that area a few weeks ago, but I didn't pay attention.


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    Does anyone know if Hotel Chinesca is open and renting rooms overnight? They're not answering their phone. Thanks in advance!

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    For the massage enthusiast

    Went over Mexicali Saturday and stopped by Karma Spa around 4 pm. Paid the $30 door fee (as opposed to the $20 they charged last year). There was about 5 or 6 girls lazing about in the first room and a couple more in the back. All size and shapes mostly 6's and 7's. Picked my girl and she quoted 80 for covered FS, seems fair to me so we were off to the races. The girl told me they have about 10 girls working per shift and there's 2 shift a day.

    So compared to the bar scene these massage parlors are cheaper (when factoring in the price to buy the girls drink and getting a room) and quicker if you just want a wham bam thank you ma'am. I get that they both business transactions at the end of the day but with the bar scene the girls SEEMS more "into it" whether it be the alcohol the music the dancing or their asses grinding into you LOL. Just my 2 cents, BTW my bar experience is limited to the Hawaii and Green Door, so I can't speak for these Mexicali bars.

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    Any recomendation in mexicali?

    Scorts app, contacts, zones, bars, paraditas.

    I just arrive from LA and searching some good action.

    Taste: MILFs and spinners.

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