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    El Gato Negro

    Where is El Gato Negro? I can't seem to remember where it is. Is it in the Zona Rosa?


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    My Chica Pricing

    Mexicali Jack, I am not usually criticized for prices. I’m considered to be a pretty thrifty monger. So, without getting defensive, here are my prices paid. And, in keeping with the helpful tone of the Mexicali forum, please offer your specific thoughts on each one. (I paid everything in pesos; so, any of the following references to USD are based on roughly a 11:1 exchange rate. Also, I guess comparing the chicas on a price/minute basis isn’t quite fair; but, it is interesting. Sometimes, what seems cheap is actually expensive.)

    YOLANDA – The Hotel Girl: $220 pesos (USD $20); 20-25 minutes + about $7 USD for the room. (Roughly: $1 greenback/minute to the girl.)

    PAMELA – El Establo: $50 USD for the girl, 40-45 minutes + about $15 USD for the room. (Roughly: $1.20/minute to the girl.)

    The pricing for the two above were based on all the reports right from this board; so, I’m sure they are very close to correct. However, the following are probably worth discussing:

    KARLA – El Gato Negro: $60 to her + $10 bar fine to take her out = $70, and 4.5 hours. (Roughly: USD $0.26 (twenty six cents/minute).) I am not including the few drinks we bought in the bar or Pedro’s tip. These were not really necessary to take the girl out. I was just enjoying my time in the bar; as, they were not pushing the drinks. There was no cover charge and this foreplay with Karla was hot. She was my chauffeur, so I saved on taxi.

    GLORIA – Street Girl: $40 for 2 hours inside my hotel room. (Roughly: $0.33 (thirty three cents/minute). Also, I gave her an extra $10 because she let me sodomize her. The $5 taxi was just a gift. I didn't include the cost of the Chinese food I bought her; because it wasn't necessary to the transaction; I just enjoyed the time with her.)

    KARLA – Round Two: $40 for a little over 2 hours in my hotel.

    Questions: We each have our own styles and, as you note, it is our own money to spend as we want. So, we can agree to disagree if we need to. But, is $40 for two hours in one’s own hotel room really overpaying in your town? If it is; how low can you go for a good looker who is hot?

    As for the first night with Karla; $70 may sound high but, I did get 4.5 hours of non-stop sex, taxi service, and deep throat with a cutie GFE. Do you guys really get that for less in Mexicali?

    As you can read from my posts, I love Mexicali. Mexicali Jack, if you can convince me I overpaid in any of these situations, I will be even happier with Mexicali! (Where is the blue light; I must be in Wal-Mart!)

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    Mexicali Chica Pricing

    About a year ago, I was planning a trip to Mexicali and posted the following. That trip cancelled; but I did finally get there this March.

    Mexicali Jack; you have more experience in that market than I do; so, for everyone's good, please revise the following grid and re-post it so everyone has the benefit of what prices should be. If we are going to hold prices down, the key is to specifically list the typical prices for the various locations, girls, services, etc. Thanks, M.L.

    Quote Originally Posted by Munch Lunch
    From the forum postings, I summarized some of these below. Please let me know if they appear accurate:

    SW, Hotel, or Door Girls / Hotel Paris, Neuvo Pacifico, 16 de Septiembre
    ($20/girl + $5 -7/room +$1/room attendant/bouncer) = $27
    (20 minute sessions, one position only)

    Brothel or Club Girls / BSD, El Establo, etc
    ($50/girl + $20/room + $1 room attendant/bouncer) = $71
    (30 - 40 minute sessions, BJ & multiple positions)

    Ficha, Dance For a Dollar or Semi Pro Girls /
    Zona Ficha Bars: Tres (3) Ases, Miramar, Gato Negro, Playboy, Los Cordobas, Cordones, Gallo Giro
    My drinks: 3 x $3 = $9
    Her drinks: 4 x $5 = $20
    Dances: 8 x $1 = $8
    Service in my Hotel: $40
    Total: $67
    (1 session of 2 hours or more, multiple positions)

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    Went to bsd Wednesday, great experience, forgot the girls name but she was what I was looking for, good head action, the fucking was good, but when I told her to stop couse I couldn't have hanged, she didn't and a came too quick for my satisfaction, but all in all it was a great experience, kinda costly and hated being ripped of by the taxis, 10 dollars to bsd, and 10 back.

    Anyone one know of any good names and at what places? I'm looking for a fairly young girl with a big round booty

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    Cops said Frequent Rolls in that area

    [Jack,Must have had taller Claudiatime was ten pm not all that late cops and USA Customs said frequent rolls in that area Jack,my rig on other side then i have a temporary GF in ana but arent they all.would like to meet up,can you pm me plea 1Copsse ThanksQUOTE=Mexicali Jack]Sorry to hear about that bad experience when you returned. First time I have ever heard of a roll in that area although it does make sense if the stores are closed. What time did it happen?
    I always drive and SENTRI is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Was Claudia the short one, less than 5' or was she about 5'2"? I saw two outside HK. BTW, for the forum it was really good Sunday night and women were all about.[/QUOTE]

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    BJ report

    Sorry to hear about that bad experience when you returned. First time I have ever heard of a roll in that area although it does make sense if the stores are closed. What time did it happen?
    I always drive and SENTRI is the greatest thing since sliced bread.
    Was Claudia the short one, less than 5' or was she about 5'2"? I saw two outside HK. BTW, for the forum it was really good Sunday night and women were all about.

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    Mexicali Good and Bad

    Guys,Had boh good and terrible in Mexicali.I am on a budget so decide to leave in my van in Calexico and have done so for four nights with no problems crossing over every morning.Yes,lovely creatures in BSD but out of my range.Picked up Claudia in front Hotel Kennedy,250 pesos for 45 minutes roughly incluing roo,not GF but good BBBJ.Second tie better next day,cheaper,too,200 pesos,Went to a Saloon de Baile Rancho Grande,full of pros,semi pros and many regular women.There I met Ana,41,morena,works in furniture store,not a looker,a little gorda but much heart and I am almost 63.First night Chinese dinner Restaurant Victoria which I recommend.Second and third night dancing dinner and her place very GF like.$th night diaster.Around ten pm decided to walk over to check van,then return to Ana.To you guys familiar with the area,there is a underpass going down stairs then you go up stairs to USA Customs there are locales or shops there,they were all closed.I passed a couple young guys with shaved heads,though nothing of it next thing I knew I was in a choke hod,being hit and kicked in the face and down on the floor.My wallet was in my van,but I had 800 pesos my van keys and ID hid in my soxs.One guy stopped my hand on the right and kicked me in the head.Somehow I managed to kick him in the face when I was down I was screming and yelling at the to o my lungs"chingas tu madre en la boca,ladrones,ayundme,policia",finally,some people came by and the Mexican cops came they were very nice,they said many robbed there and one guy killed last year,they said,I was bravo,fuerte,and muy loco.I am covered with cuts and bruises,they called me a cab to Anas house.Despite my pain,this gave confidence in Bigjohn,also realize I am very lucky.Cops called me a cab to Anas place.Despite the pain,sore neck,hand, arms ,back the andrelin was up,very much,Mr.Happy went up,we found a position on the side,our best and most intense so far,I would not wish my experience on anyone,indeed very lucky.Big John 1

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    Hey ya'all. Im new to this forum but have been researching places to hit.

    Anyways, Im interested in hitting the field this weekend John.

    But for a new be, i was wondering where can i get the best girls for the right amount, This weekend i dont plan on going over 200 dollars so i was wondering where i can find a fine ass girl.

    I read about BSD but im kinda concernced that the girl may just do it for the money and make it a lousy experience for me. Is it possible to have a girl for the whole night? For how much?

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    Mexicali Jack,Munch Lunch,Joe Arturo,Thanks!

    Just want to thank all you guys for the help,maybe see some of you there.Big John 1

    Saw a real hottie, short, stacked and good looking outside Hotel Kennedy which is across 3 Aces bar in the zone. She and her friend always call me "gringo" when I go by. She is there late afternoons. In general the girls are coming out and business looks good. Weather is nice but those times are coming. Hello,I am heading to Mexicali this weekend,pm me if you care to meet up board members.Gracias.Big John 1

    Good luck and hunting to all.[/QUOTE][/QUOTE]

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    Big John 1 Heading to Mexicali

    Hey,guys,Big John 1 here,going to Mexicali this weekend,like cheap places so will look at zona hotels,pm me if you care to meet up.Gracias,Big John 1

    Saw a real hottie, short, stacked and good looking outside Hotel Kennedy which is across 3 Aces bar in the zone. She and her friend always call me "gringo" when I go by. She is there late afternoons. In general the girls are coming out and business looks good. Weather is nice but those times are coming. Hello,I am heading to Mexicali this weekend,pm me if you care to meet up board members.Gracias.Big John 1

    Good luck and hunting to all.[/QUOTE]

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    Great Report, Comments

    Munch Lunch wrote a series of excellent reporting for MXL and area. He hit it right-MXL is not TJ and it is safe with women a plenty for reasonable prices. You can walk the streets half drunk without a fear of getting rolled and the prices are excellent like $20-40 for a quickie and a little more for overnights.
    To each his own but I think his little head effected his big head as to prices. In any event, it is his money for his use. This is a call for us all to keep the prices as low as possible after all we do control the market not the hookers. Anyway, congratulations to ML for his reportS and the thesis that a 2 or 3 hour drive with its attendant costs may make it worth your while.

    Saw a real hottie, short, stacked and good looking outside Hotel Kennedy which is across 3 Aces bar in the zone. She and her friend always call me "gringo" when I go by. She is there late afternoons. In general the girls are coming out and business looks good. Weather is nice but those times are coming.

    Good luck and hunting to all.

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    Munch Lunch's Reports

    And people where I live in California always ask me...."Why do you live in Mexicali every other week? Isn't it too hot there?" Munch Lunch just answered their questions.

    I always respond "Sure its hot there, but the women are hotter!"

    Munch Lunch.. I'm glad that you learned to appreciate Mexicali like I do!!!

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    Munchie’s Mexicali Adventure Begins:

    in mid-march i had a business commitment pop up all of a sudden, which required my presence in mexicali. i flew in from mexico city on a thursday afternoon, got a taxi from the airport to my client’s business, and had a short business meeting followed by dinner. so, then by nine o’clock i was free for the three day weekend. i checked into the siesta real and started “chica” searching, which was not hard (see karla story below.)

    the next morning, i shipped a package out from the dhl office just around the corner and taxied down to the university a few miles south of the hotel. low-and-behold in the bookstore across the street, i bumped into a 22-year old, recently graduated, accounting student. though, i’m not an accountant, i mentioned we should compare accounting practices (that always turns girls on!) soon thereafter, we were at a restaurant (sanborns?) down the street talking and eating pastries; not bad for 10:30 am on a sunny, friday morning. actually, nothing came of this; she was much more reserved than i had hoped. but it was a nice warm up exercise and i got some good spanish novels to read for the weekend.

    well, i hope you guys are speed readers; because, i am a speed writer. pardon my long-windedness!

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    Mexicali: Hotels

    The Mexicali hotel market is different than most Mexican towns. It has few, if any, mid-range hotels in the $30 - $60/night range. You either get a dive for under $30 or, a business class hotel for $60 and up; there is nothing in between. The hotels in La Zona (Mexico, Chinesca, Reforma, etc.) looked pretty sad and very noisy. As Mexicali Jack says “stay away from them.”

    The trick is to find a decent hotel that you can drive right up to your room, park, and go in; without having to go through a front desk/reception area/hall of shame walk with your “chica.”; that is if they will even allow you in with her.

    On advice from this forum (Thanks, Joe Arturo) I stayed all three nights at the Siesta Real at Justo Sierra #899. It is a friendly place oriented toward Mexican families and business travelers. Take one of the nicer rooms in the back (Room #’s in the 300s), they are newer, nicer and quieter. I paid about $60/night for a king sized bed in a newer room. While it was a respectable and safe place, bringing in “chicas” was never a problem.

    As an aside, one thing nice about this hotel is that it has a combo tub/shower. Most Mexican homes only have showers; so, if you bring a chica back to your room she will love soaking in the tub. Bring some bubble bath if you’re a romantic type…rub a dub dub in the tub!

    Make a reservation; they fill up fast on the weekends. From the US, call 1-800-426-5093 or on the net. Also, there is a good Chinese restaurant (which offers food acceptable to American tastes) right across the street and three doors down.

    I also looked at the Colonial Hotel, Blvd Lopez Mateos & Calle Calafia. The price was around $65 - $70 and included breakfast. It has the same set up, where you can drive right to your room. It is slightly closer to La Zona and cultural venues. This hotel has a decent pool and grassy area in the courtyard. I plan to try this hotel sometime, as it looked promising.
    Last edited by Munch Lunch; 04-06-07 at 01:36. Reason: Mistake in $ information

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    GATO NEGRO BAR: KARLA - Fijación Oral: Part I

    this girl reminded me of the title of the new shakira album, “fijación oral”
    (oral fixation.)

    i wandered in to the gato negro (no cover) on a thursday night, around 10:30, and was pleasantly surprised to see about 20 girls there. they were strategically rep001tered around this fairly large bar in groups of four or five; just like the bric-a- brac on the shelves at my grandmother’s house, when i was a kid. i instinctively looked around half expecting my grandmother to jump out of the woodwork and sternly warn me to not touch anything!

    most of the girls were young, cute, friendly, but on the chunky side. in all, maybe five or six of them were doable; but definitely not “striper quality” in looks. this is just a regular “hook-up” bar where the same girls work each night and are available for out call; they are not moving from one bar to the next. (as i am new to mexicali and have not had time to research the other bars / clubs i can’t necessarily recommend gato negro. it was a great place for me; but, it may or may not be for you. i just don’t know enough about the mexicali “scene” to offer a bar / club recommendation yet.)

    the group was playing deafening loud “norteno” music. on the small, raised, dance floor where half a dozen couples were glued together in that typically northern mexico dance known as the “quebrada” (back breaker.) this peculiar dance has always fascinated me because its forte is that the man sticks his knee in the gals crotch, she rids it like a good horsewoman, rhythmically dipping over completely backwards, forward, etc. it requires no real talent from either party except the ability to stay locked in an embrace, grapple, fondle and arouse. (this is really all we want from a dance anyway. hell, why did i waste my time taking tango lessons in buenos aires or danzon lessons in veracruz?!)

    as the music stopped and the couples descended from the dance floor, i looked for wet spots on the guys knees, but it was too dark to see for sure. these girls were true “dance for a dollar” chicas honestly earning a living for their families. this was their local marketplace where every evening and often times joyously, they sold their wares. so, fellas, if you dance with these breadwinners be sure and pay them…its only right.

    looking around, i saw there were about 15 lower, middle class mexican guys there, and not one gringo. i instantly liked the place because it seemed to have the right mix of chicas, sleaze, a current of eroticism, but that certain yearning to be more than just a neighborhood bar for mexican males to get drunk. i smiled and relaxed, knowing this wasn’t going to be another night like in mexico city, where you keep going to the nearest atm to extract cash, as the “chicas” extract it from you.

    i brushed by some pushy, young waiters and made my way over to the bar, which was heavily occupied by sweet chicas with their “chichis afuera” (titties hanging half out). i chatted up a couple of the gals. then, i walked slowly around the whole place. i was looking for an older, nicer waiter to help me in my adventure. i soon found “pedro” a nice, non-pushy guy in his forties.

    he asked me what kind of girl i was looking for. i told him a skinny, cute one that had a heart of gold. i told him i didn’t need the youngest, or the cutest, or the one with the biggest “chichis” (boobs.) i was looking for a girl with a big, warm, wonderful heart. (this line always opens up even the most hardened waiter and he starts working hard for you. even in the p4p scene, every latino believes in true love; or, at least true love in short-time intervals.)

    he seated me in a booth near the dance floor, brought me a coke for $2 usd and we started small talk. i told him i was in no hurry whatsoever and had all night to find “miss right.” but, within a few minutes, he said “i got the girl for you” and pointed to karla, who was “fichando” (drinking for dollars) with an old mexican. he told me “don’t worry, that guy only buys drinks, he doesn’t do carry out.”

    pedro waved to her; she nodded, and in a few minutes politely excused herself and came over. she must be around 5’ 8”, very thin, “a” cups, dark, brown skin, dark eyes, and very long black curly hair – almost a caribbean, topical girl look to her. she was dressed in tight blue jeans and a flimsy, revealing top. she must have been a knockout when she was 18, because even now, at what i guessed was early to mid 30’s she was very, very doable. (i never ask a lady her age; they don’t like that. would you, if your livelihood depending on being young and beautiful?)

    pedro explained to her what i was looking for. then, she just turned to me, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek. (she had already begun to drop her guard; the panties would come off later!) i had pedro bring her a drink; it was $5 usd and she was given her $1 or $1.25 as a “ficha”. over the booming music we talked about everything for more than an hour. i gave pedro a couple of dollar tips at various intervals, but he was not pushing the drinks hard. karla was originally from ciudad obregon, was a mom, and had a 9-year old and an 11-year old. karla was sweet and we were clicking.

    finally, i asked her to accompany me to my hotel for a couple of hours, to which she replied “i’d love to!” she got up, went over and signed out. i paid pedro the $10 usd “salida” (bar fine.) karla was back in a flash with her beaming, toothpaste commercial quality smile.

    as we stepped outside, i said “let me have the bouncer call us a taxi.” she said, “no need too, we’ll take my car.” we sauntered across the street to her small, old, blue hyundai. a street person offered to wash the dust off her car. she agreed; so, we got in the car, popped in a mana disk in her cd player and began to make out to the music. every once in a while the washman would tap on the window and say “you kids behave in there!” we all laughed and she just kissed me all the more passionately.

    when he was done, the washman snapped his rag across the shiny; or, at least less dusty, hood. karla, tipped him a few pesos, started up the beast, and off we roared into the brisk, mexicali night. we rolled down the windows (they actually worked!) and sang along with the music. i was on the road to heaven and there was no st. peter at the gates to detain me from entering.

    i had her stop at a oxxoco convenience store and made a big deal about taking her dinner order. she was laughing and trash talking me, saying all she really wanted was a sausage and two eggs! adjusting, the alignment of my sausage in my jeans, so that i could walk, i got out of the car and went in. she stayed in the car singing. in a few minutes, i emerged with snacks and drinks. she was delighted as we roared off again, only to brake hard in three blocks as we screeched into the parking lot of the siesta inn; our “nido de amor” (love nest.)

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