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    Hey Adventurous: I am going to mexicali soon and I was wondering can I have Elba's number too. Do she speak englesh?

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    Hey Adventurous: Little and slim are my favorites. Like to give them a goodtime also and it usually pays off. If you can, how about the number for Elba's palce.

    A few years ago, I visited Mexicali and there were several small joints with stages and available girls. Wonder why they shut down. The profession is usually accepted in Mexico as a means of making a living for her family. LE doesn't usually mess with them if they stay in their area.

    Thanks and Happy Hunting!

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    I travel to mexacali all the time there used to be some pretty good strip joints were the girls did extras but I have noticed most of them have went out of business or got shut down. Can you shoot me an e-mail with that number and the info for that house in mexacali i am thinking about going up there this weekend and would like to try it out.

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    dinghy - You may have a good point. Although I prefer a "high quality" experience for 2-3 hours for $120 to the more common $40-60 plus $10-15 for the room for the 30 minute quickie with an average provider.

    Please share some of your high quality experiences here with us in the CA-AZ border area towns. Thanks...

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    egad - for $120 US I can get HIGH quality in virtually ANY border town. For some reason this FARMING community (that's almost ALL that's there) has higher prices than elsewhere???

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    Received this advice from a source that I no longer have contact with. They only speak Spanish here so I was not able to experience it. Was wondering if anyone else out there might want to try it and report back on their experience with it. E-mail me if so.

    "Yeah, next time you come to Mexicali
    dial this number: xxx-xx-xx, ask for Elba, who is the owner of the house, and tell her the kind of girl you want, be very explicit, she specializes in young, tight-cunted, slim girls, but she can get all kinds of girls.
    They stay 2 hours for $120 USD, if they like your company they sometimes stay up to 3 hours. But that comes with
    time and trust.
    When you call Elba you gotta give her the address of your hotel/motel/house and she'll send the girl over by taxi.
    You are supposed to pay the taxi driver $100 pesos. They are good girls, most of them are 17, 18, but you may
    find older or younger ones. Be kind to them, they are nice and you can have fun with them."
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