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    cherubino, miller:
    thanks for all the info. Didn't quite understand everything you were trying to tell me cherubino. I have lived in mexico before, albeit for only 4 months in '99 in Aguas. I have a cAR, BUT know i WON'T BE NEEDING IT DOWN THERE. i ALSO HAVE a NICE TV, DVD, ETC., DON'T KNOW IF IT'S PRACTICAL TO BRING DOWN THERE (shipping expense). I won't be coming down empty handed with only $70 in my pocket and no job or place lined up like my friend did 3 yrs. ago.. When you were talking about the girl with 2 cars, who made $,2500 pr. month, was she working in mexico or the states? ..I'll also have to consider my financial situation. Even though i've saved a bit of money, I have more debt due to student loans i've accrued for these darn degrees. I may have the opportunity of picking from a few jobs here in the states that would pay me $45-50g to start, I could make a major dent in these loans over the next 2 yrs. and i could vacation worry free in Mexico twice a year for 10 days, or go down to Mexico in sept., work and be content making no more than 8,000 pesos a month and having my debt accrue over 1G per yr. in interest alone! It's obviously something you guys can't decide for me. But this guy on GDL site named Montes seems to have a good idea of staying in the states working and saving until he has 100G and is debt free and can make his move down to Mexico and live comfortably and work part-time for a long time. That's something I'll consider as i'm, open to suggestions...Miller..1 more question..Why do you live in a little town(name?) 1.5 hrs. away from morelia if you like Morelia as much as you do (especially with all the girls and decent nite life there)?...And as far as the strip clubs and escort services, If i do head to Morelia, i'll contact you before i leave to get some names of places and possibly chicas you may have run into over there, and hopefully i'll be able to give you guys my own report in the 'action' scene down there, so you can get a break from all my questions!...Piper out.
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    gpiper...I'll try to answer as many question as I can (I wish I had someone to ask when I first came to live in Mexico. It would've saved a lot of time and money):

    I make about 7,000 pesos a month (9 in the summer). This is more than suffiecient to cover room and board, and at least one or two weekends of partying a month ( I also charge people to translate documents). The students are plentiful and if I wanted to work 18 hour days, I'd have enough students....I live about a 1 and a half hour drive from Morelia...I don't have a car and I don't need one because my town is small and Morelia is full of cheap taxis (20-25 pesos to anywhere in the city)...It's always about the same temperature (maybe a tiny bit warmer in March and April)...Religion is a big part of the Mexican existence, but you'll find most of the girls are religious at home, religious at church, but more liberal-minded in a relationship...I don't know about being treated like royalty, but the people tend to be out-going and they have bent over backwards to help me out...There are a few strip clubs (not too sure about the estheticas) that I would highly recommend. They are not tourist traps and everything is reasonably priced. There are quite a few escort services with a good selection of girls. I would rate the escorts and strippers as better than anyother place I've been to in Mexico with regards to price and quality of service...But, if you prefer to go "traditional", you certainly, as a Gringo, have a leg up in the whole dating scene....Where I live, I can rent a big house with all services for about 800-1,000 pesos a month. Of course, my cost of living is less since I don't live in a big city. In Morelia, I've heard of apartments going anywhere from 1,000 to 3,000 pesos (sometimes mores for larger places). Look in the "Voz de Michoacan" newspaper. Most places don't have air conditioning because the building materials they use are naturally insulated. It could be very hot outside and you'd feel chilly inside...Don't have too much info on schools, but I know that there are many institutes in Morelia and the surrounding area...

    ...What Cherubino is refering to is that, as Americans, we are accustomed to a standard of living that just doesn't exist very often in Mexico. We are used to living in a disposable culture of new cars every two years, electrical appliances everywhere, eating out at will, etc. If you live like this and make a Mexican salary, you will go broke. 6,000 pesos a month is plenty to live a very comfortable life if you live a simple life. Eat out only every so often, make do with your old TV, hang on to your VCR for another year before buying the DVD. When I first got here, I was living like a tourist and I faced the cold, hard realities fast. Money is not as replenishable in Mexico as it is in the USA. In Mexico, you need to worry about the necessities, while Americans take those things for granted. "Living like an American" means spending money on things that aren't necessary, treating luxuries like necessities. I'm happy here and I don't have to worry about money now, but I'm still aware that this might change. I always think long and hard now abouth whether I REALLY need something before I buy it...

    Hope I helped...If you need anything else, let me know...

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    I feel the need to jump into this conversation if for no other reason than to give you some other perspectives.

    I can tell you need to spend some more time in Mexico so you will better understand the dichotomy which exists between the American and Mexican lifestyles; and the contrast between rich and poor in Mexico. Read what Miller2k has written about "living like an American" for a better idea of what I mean.

    I have friends both Americans and Mexicans. Every visit I get an earful of bellyaching about abysmal economic conditions from both sides.

    One Mexican friend has a decent job, adequate little house, maid once a week, laundry girl to wash and iron his clothes, part-time cook to do his grocery shopping and prepare his meals, telephone, internet service, cable TV, and satellite dish. He lives in an inexpensive area. He makes US$60 a week and thinks his economic outlook sucks.

    One American friend always complains to me about her $250 electric bill, $2.50 per gallon gas, high cost of maintaining two vehicles, high cost of imported American brands, and the trouble finding good help (1 chauffeur, 2 maids, 1 cook, 1 gardener) who will not steal her blind. She lives in an expensive tourist area with the other gringos. She says she is having trouble making ends meet with US$2,500 per month and thinks her economic outlook sucks.

    Somewhere in between lies the truth of what it costs to live in Mexico. I listen to both sides because I have the same interests as you.

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    Thanks for the info! i am now seriously considering trekking down to Morelia from Miami, FL(where i live now) in September, for at least a few months. .a few more questions: So you're an english tutor? i did that in Aguas 3 years ago. What kind of money do you make and do you have enough clients to cover room, board, and a little partying? ? I'm not too crazy about working at a school, because of the 1 yr. contract commitment thing, and if i don't like the city for whatever reason, i don't want to get tied down there. I still don't know if i want to work and stay in 1 Mexican town for close to a year, or just pick up some part-time tutor gig in a few different cities, and sample the cities for a few months each. Last time i was in aguas i was staying with an american buddy of mine. He's now back in the states with his mexican fiancee, so i will be traveling solo, which isn't as fun...Morelia sounds like it's a lot more happening then Aguas. Are the girls real religious in Morelia? You make it sound like americans are almost treated like royalty in morelia. It sound like they're even friendlier then in Aguas. In aguas, there was 1 college where the girls were actually quite stuckup. How far do you live from Morelia? Is it easy to get around without one's car? You mentioned the weather is real warm. Is that year round? when i was in Aguas, it would go down to 35 degrees early in the am november -january. I wasn't prepared for that.. As far as the strip clubs and esteticas are concerned.. are there many there, or do you rely on the friendliness and numbers of the college girls in town to hook up gratis? Maybe you can supply me with some more specific info on schools also..And what about accomodations? What does it usually run to have a decent 1 bedroom apt. with electric, and air if possible? Thanks again!!

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    If you like women, aged 18-25, then Morelia is your town. Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacan and it's also a college city. So, the place is loaded with young, attractive people. Also, because of so many young people, there are many clubs and discos to meet all needs. Morelia is in Central Mexico, about a 5 and 1/2 hour drive West of Mexico City. The temp. is almost always about 80-85 degrees Farenheit. Morelia has its own International airport, but you'll have to check which US cities it serves. (I know for a fact that it serves Chicago and San Francisco, but I'm not too sure about other cities). The beach is a distance, but with the good weather, beautiful mountain ranges, and gorgeous ladies, you won't care.

    The population is aprox 1.5 million, but the population acts much like a small city. They are warm and open and open-minded. Americans are very welcome and almost always become the most popular persons at the club or party. Don't worry about tourist traps too much because almost everything is on the up and up. I've never been cheated or taken advantage of because I was a Gringo. On the contrary, I've received special treatment most of the time.

    I teach English in a nearby town and I don't have any sort of certificate. I just came down here, printed up some flyers, and started. What you'll realize down here when you live in Mexico for some time is that everything is better done under the table. I was worried about certificates and visas when I first came here, but almost the entire population prefers to do business away from the authorities. So, I work for myself, charge whatever I like, and take time off whenever I want. The gov't doesn't ever bother me because they honestly don't care. That's fine by me. If you must go through the "proper channels", there are always Institutes that are looking for teachers. English is very important in Morelia because the University system in the state of Michoacan demands a score of 80% or higher in English in order to graduate (at least that's what I've been told)

    If you want some more specific info, let me know...hope I helped

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    Hey Miller,
    Have never neen to Morelia. where in mexico is it and how is the climate? Am thinking of returning to Mexico for a while in september. I was last there in AGUAS in '99. i like em young too (18-25). How is the ratio there, and are they friendly like in Ags.? Is it a fun town, or is it boring like Ags. was?..I'm interested in teaching english in the fall. do you know any schools hiring? My spanish is descent, and by sept. i'll have my masters degree and a tefl cert. Also, how far is Morelia from the ocean, and where is the nearest airport? Thanks for any info!!

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    Thanks for the reply. I KNOW that the english lessons would be killer, but I am never in one place more than a week. Maybe in the future I will rent a house for a month or two. I usually study spanish in one of the local schools and I make it a point to attend the english-spanish exchange hour, usually in the late afternoon or night. A GREAT way to meet the locals! Although the vast majority of students are very young, there are usually several older students and the teachers as well. I taught several english classes here in the US last month at a local school, to help out my spanish teacher who runs the operation. First day of classes I hook-up with a 35 yo woman from China! I wasn't really looking for it , but it definitely came to me. What a woman! I now give her private lessons in my home and she has become my girlfriend. I really was looking for a latina - and there were many- but this is just too good to turn down. I may start posting on the China board! - but what a tough language! I thought spanish was hard. . .
    Also don't forget the Karina cell phone number. I will remind you in 5-6 weeks, right before I leave. I will of course post all my experiences. Keep the Faith ... - P

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    Keep us posted on your findings in Queretaro. I've heard nothing but good things from the folks on the board. I'm looking to have a bit of a tour of Mexico sometime this year and I want to visit places where I haven't "gone hunting" before.

    As for Cupido...I thought that there was an imposter posting under his name, but now that he hasn't posted in such a long time I'm starting to think that maybe he DID discover the she-males. Whatever floats your boat, I guess, but it's sad to lose a good guy to the "other" team...

    In another section, you wondered how you could meet older single women (in a non-professional manner). Well, just start giving English lessons. Since I started working here, I think every single mother, young widow, and unmarried woman over 30 has been through my doors. Too bad I'm stuck on the younger girls, though. Seriously, though, the older women see an outsider (someone who doesn't think less of a single mother or an unmarried adult woman) and they want to see if they can get a Gringo. The problem with them is that they are mostly very beaten-down and desperate. The culture beats on them so much that they often develop emotional problems. It's true what you said, though. The young women are breathtaking and the older ladies are frumpy. There seems to be no middle ground. Women here have a hard life. Try staying young-looking after 7 kids, an abusive, alcoholic husband and having to do back-breaking chores in the blazing sun. Your best bet in finding an attractive, older woman is to look for a professional (doctora, teacher, etc.). My only suggestion is to work hard when you're here to make some friendships with ladies, hand out your e-mail address and you'll be surprised how many woman will be willing to communicate long distance and wait patiently for you visits once or twice a year. Having an American boyfriend is a status symbol and they will be very patient until your next trip. I did the same thing two years ago when I first arrived and I've had a few girlfriends and at least a half dozen good friends who are always willing to present me to another friend.

    good luck and be careful...

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    Hola Miller!,

    I was thinking the same thing. Where is everyone? Cupido? El Pollo? Tito? Cupido, please assure us you are still interested in Chicas! I couldn't tell which messages on the old forum were real and which were bogus. No impersonations allowed on the new forum!
    Miller, Will be in Morelia 1st week of August, with stops in Queretaro and Puebla. I received a good response on the Queretaro board for info on La Yegua. Please pass on the cell phone number of Karina if possible. How old is she? As far as the two women scene is concerned, I've had less than happy experiences with more than one woman. The reason is that it allows the women to talk and bond with one another instead of with me! I want the woman's undivided attention and the whole GFE that I love is pretty much out the window with another woman (or man) in bed. Plus it usually costs twice as much and I would rather spend that money on two dates than only one. Of course if you've never done it or the sight of 2 girls making love drives you crazy, Go for it.
    Peace, -P

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    Hello...Is the Michoacan section just about dead? As a matter of fact, the whole Mexico section is in pretty bad shape since the move to the New Forum. C'mon people! Start posting!

    Well, I just spent the weekend in Morelia and there are a couple of new things to report:

    I called up the Elegance escort service again and got hooked up with a girl named Karina. The service was very good, she had a decent body (a little heavy on the bottom--but that's not a bad thing in my opinion), but her face was perfect. She could've had the prettiest face I have ever seen on an escort. She had gorgeous gray eyes that she swore were natural. I kid you not, she could be on magazines! I got her private cell number so we can make arrangements away from the ageny. The service charges 800 pesos for the hour, but we will meet for 600 pesos privately. She also mentioned that she would be willing to bring along another woman and have a 3-some with me. I don't know if she's bi-sexual, but I'll let you know when/if I take her up on her offer. I won't give out her cell number until I ask her permission, but she seems very willing to meet Americans. The only thing is that she only works days (until 7 pm) because she told me that she still lives at home and that her parents think she works as a secretary.

    As for the SW scene. The action on Santiago Tapia, between Leon Guzman and the Conservatorio de las Rosas seems to be picking up. Usually, there are just a few older street walkers hanging out, but this time there were at least 7 or 8 at two PM and more in the evening hours. The quality has improved as well. There are some younger girls working there now. I didn't get a chance to check out the SW action on Heroes de Nocupetaro, "behind" the old bus terminal. Maybe there was a crackdown in that area and the ladies are moving away. I don't know, but I intend to find out. That is, if anyone's even reading this forum anymore!

    Take care and be safe my brothers...

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    Hiya Proko...

    Nothing really new to report about Morelia. I've been happy with my usual routine...I did want to report on something fairly unique to Mexico. In the time that I've spent here, I've been slowly, but surely let in on a few secrets. The biggest of which is the population of women who have "normal" shops, but also provide services in the back of their stores. This is a well-kept secret that I wasn't informed of until very recently. The women are usually older and of a lower quality than the usual "pro", but they are also lower in price. For instance, there might be a video store where you can rent movies and then have sex with the woman in a room in back for an additional fee. Of course, all of this is after you've become a reliable person in her eyes (this might not be useful to a tourist because it's taken me almost a year and a half to be let in on these perks). If she doesn't know you well enough, she will deny everything and run you out of her store. These women are usually ex pros who are single mothers. They've raised enough money from their old jobs to buy "legit" business, but they still take on a small group of prefered clients for extra cash. I can't vouch for the quality of their service because I've never used one before, but I can assure you that these semi-pros DO exist. If you ever see a convenience store full of older men or a clothing shop where the owner is always in the back room, then you will see for yourself. I'm not sure where exactly these places are in Morelia, but the small town where I live has three such places that I know of. The taxistas in Morelia, though, have always been eager to take me to places where the ladies work out of their homes. But, as I said, I'm happy with my usual routine for now.

    ...Queretaro is a nice little city. I've only spent a few hours there, but it looks to be a city along the lines of Morelia, Leon, San Luis Potasi, etc. In other words, it is a mid-sized city with beautiful women and friendly people. I've never been hunting in Queretaro, but I did notice that there were I think two strip clubs close to the bus station. One looked fairly new, the other a bit run-down. Sorry, I can't provide names. As for Puebla, I have no idea. I've been to Pachuca, Hidalgo and I can strongly recommend that place. By the way, if you're ever in Pachuca visit "Real del Monte". It's a French colony in the mountains where the scenery is beautiful, the air is fresh, and the food is unbelievable. for "looking for good weather"....The weather is ALWAYS good in Morelia...

    Hope I helped

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    Hello Miller,
    It is going to take awhile for everyone to figure out the new system. Meanwhile, any updates on Morelia? I'm going to make another trip in July or August. Plan to visit Puebla, Queretaro and Morelia again. Looking for good weather. I have posted messages in Puebla and Queretaro but maybe you have some info on these cities? There was an old post - Sept 2001 - concerning "The Casa"? Have you been there? Plan to study more Spanish in each city. Best wishes, -P

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    Hello All.....I hope everybody finds us here! I'll be back soon with my first report on the new forum....

    Miller 2K

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