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    my girl from el salvador is now at another location. giselle has moved up from sharon's to another mp not far from the salamanca exit on preferico in lomas de santiaguito, on a street named purepecha. giselle provides good gfe. best face of any girl i've known in an mp here, round and smiling. she is young, looks young (22?), but is mature. a little plump but not fat, somewhat pear shaped because of her ass, but all around good body if you like the well-fed look. she doesn't do bbj. she went fugitive from sharon's last year and no one told me where. but when i popped my head in this (new?old?) mp called prestige , guess who i saw? she was the only girl working that hour. it's a white house with a gate, #39, the second house i believe, on calle purepecha (raza purepecha). the interior is very nice and clean and upscale, except for the sheets draped on the sofas. better atmosphere than sharon's. the rooms look like those of professional massage parlors. soothing music played in the background. i arrived around midday and she said other girls would be coming soon. also she said the girls there were very pretty. i don't know i didn't stay long enough to see them. maybe i should have. she's pricing herself out of the market i'm afraid, having caught the drift from sharon's (see my earlier post), charging 1 mil, where last year it was $800, up from $700 when i first went there. i can't account for this bump-up in price. i didn't find out till afterward.

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    Beburt, thanks for the update. It's been a long time since anyone has posted here on the Morelia thread. I just happened to take a look after not logging in for a long, long time. There are many other places like Sharon's Massage in Morelia. Pick up a copy of La Voz de Michoacan and look in the Classifieds section. I'm pretty sure it was under Massage. They all say, "Massage only, no sex" in Spanish. Uh, huh. Check out Mill Just's posts. I want to go back to Morelia!

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    Update on Sharon's Massage

    I imagine this place still goes by the name of Sharon. The number is the same. New girls have come in a month ago, better looking but pricier. I don't know of any similar MP in Morelia. I got the combo. Two girls Dulce and Carina serviced me, completo with Dulce but only CBJ with Carina. Dulce is from Sinaloa. Both were blancos with dyed blond hair, but they didn't look cheap. And they didn't charge cheap either, 900 pesos for the session. Still they were trying to wrangle 1200 for the both but I brought them down to the agreed on price. Usual price, they tell me, for FS is 900-1000 pesos per girl. This is much pricier than before. But I got a 2fer deal, supposedly. However as I said the quality of girls is now better. Dulce was into it, said she was 19. Carina seemed embarrased, bored, or else annoyed at having to watch me doggy style her friend while I was trying to keep a conversation with her going, so as not to feel left out. Next time it will just be with Dulce. They were not an imaginative pair. The massage was not professional. They played banda music on the radio, nothing soothing, because the CD player was broken. But to sum up: It's better than before. They even told me this place is prestigious now as far as the clientele, which explains the changes. I was turned off however when I entered the hair stylist salon in the anteroom and saw what seemed to be a mother and daughter getting their hair done on a Saturday afternoon. I said "buenas tardes." The mother didn't respond. Other than that I felt good leaving.

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    I understand your concern. Nobody wants to create an unsafe situation for any of the chicas. However, their address is clearly posted several times in the threads and advertised openly in Morelia. What harm does it do if a picture of the location is included? I would agree that it would not be okay to post a picture of any of the chicas (without their permission).


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    Why picture !

    Quote Originally Posted by Gglee
    Sorry could not upload the first time.

    Second attempt.

    If you pan through the Morelia threads you will notice there are no pictures.

    I know your intent was good by posting a picture, but you are doing a dis-service to the establishment and putting them at some risk exposing them to a high profile. Discrete is the word, the address which is in various threads should be sufficient. If possible you should look into deleting the picture from the thread.

    I'm sure others would agree with me on this issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gglee
    Got there and no Krystal. She would not be there until Tuesday and I leave on Monday. Two chicas there were Jennifer and?

    Both chubby and I would rate a 5. No thanks.
    Bummer! Bummer! Sorry to hear about your misfortune, Gglee. Krystal is definitely a jewel and worthy of a return trip if you are able. Was Marcela available? She is also a winner. The talent drops off quickly from there. However, one can still have a good time with minimal damage to the wallet with the other chicas. The massages are pretty good and just ask for the hand job, Russian (between tits), or Italian (between buns) for the Happy Ending.

    Thanks for the pic. It brings back great memories. I haven't been able to put together another trip down but there is certainly a trip to Morelia this summer in the stars for me.

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    Photo of Sharon's Massage

    Sorry could not upload the first time.
    Second attempt.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails ss.jpg‎  

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    Sharon's Massage

    Good news-bad news. Called in my fractured Spanish and made
    an appointment with Krystal.
    Got there and no Krystal. She would not be there until Tuesday
    and I leave on Monday. Two chicas there were Jennifer and ?.
    Both chubby and I would rate a 5. No thanks.
    I am uploading a photo of the place. No sign. You have to
    ring a bell and maybe that is why they want advance call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prokofiev
    do have an address for sharon's massage? how about hours of operation? are they open late or close down like many around 8-9pm?

    sounds like you enjoyed yourself . . .
    i did enjoy myself immensely, thank you. i forgot to mention that morelia itself is just a great city. there is plenty to do and see. if you haven't done so, please consider reading the entire morelia thread from the start. it is worth the time, especially mill just's posts. they are golden.

    here are some important lines from post #194 by mill just:
    masajes sharon is located on paseo del eucalipto #450 in the colonia pradas verdes. the telephone number is (443) 139-3003. they're open from 10am to 8pm, monday through saturday. they prefer that you make an appointment. i recommend that [you make your] appointment for between 11 and 2 or between 5 and 8 in order to be sure that all the girls are present. by the way, sharon's can also be found listed in the massage section in la voz de michoacan's classifieds where it says in big letters after the listing "no sexo"...yeah, right.

    as mill just points out, you should call them beforehand. don't just show up. my take was that they don't get many gringos and they were a bit wary of me at first. no one speaks english so if you only know a bit of spanish (like me), carefully prepare your questions beforehand and limit them to "sí" o "no" answers. if you ask an open-ended question, the local morelian dialect will come back at you at warp speed.

    treat them right, fellow mongers, and you will be well rewarded.

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    Do have an address for Sharon's Massage? How about hours of operation? Are they open late or close down like many around 8-9pm?

    Sounds like you enjoyed yourself . . .

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    Morelia -- What a great city!

    Fellow mongers, my trip to Morelia was a raging success. Sharon's Massage is awesome! Make sure you ask for Krystal and/or Marcela. Both are so good, it is almost impossible to judge who is mi favorita. I wish I could marry both of them! Krystal is the younger of the two (20 years? ) with no kids. She is also the more energetic. But Marcela is no slouch and you'll find yourself completely drenched in GFE. Marcela has a child and is around 24 or 25. Both are not too keen on BBBJ, preferring to offer CBJ. If you were living in Morelia and visiting them on a regular basis, I sure you could convince them that you were a regular, careful client and that BBBJ with you would not be a problem. In the short time I was there, I simply concentrated on their other services. Suffice to say that the massage was excellent and everything else was even better!

    If you can't pin down either Krystal or Marcela, there are other chicas available but they definitely could use some lessons from Krystal and Marcela. Plus they are on the chunky side. Diana and Jenny were fun but we finished either in Russian (Jenny – between her large chi-chi's) or Italian (Diana – between her buns). Although full service was available with Diana and Jenny, I didn't accept their invitations. I met Nicole on my last visit but she seemed to be in the Diana/Jenny camp instead of the Krystal/Marcela tier. There is no Sharon, by the way.

    Prices were very reasonable. I'm not quite sure of the exact prices but I think the base massage was $25. A massage + hand job is $35, massage + CBJ was $45 (? ), massage + Russian/Italian was a bit more at ($50? ), and massage + full service was $80. There was no pressure for a tip, but I tipped at least $5 to the second-tier chicas and $10 for the full service sessions with Krystal and Marcela. I always paid in pesos so I don't know if the chicas would balk at you giving them dollars but I don't think they would be upset as money changing services are readily available in the center of town. But if you are going to Morelia, it would make sense and would certainly show courtesy to the locals to change your money.

    Many thanks to Mill Just (a. K. A. Miller2K) and the others on this thread that helped me with my planning. There are many other esteticas advertised in La Voz de Michoacan but I didn't feel the need nor did I really have the time to search out any others. For the many years left in my mongering career, I could easily frequent Krystal and Marcela and never feel the need to visit another chica again.

    Looking forward to my next visit!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Morelia is a wonderful city & chicas are very nice!

    It has been a couple of years that I have been to Morelia, but it is a great city. Downtown is amazing... the architecture, the plaza.. and the chicas! hehehe... LOTS and LOTS of college girls in this city!!! University students also moonlighting as call girls

    There is another monger who posted here who left some great info (Miller2K) who was living down there. Look up his posts -- Hey Miller if you're still out there let us know your alive

    I have had three girlfriends from Michoacan -- one very morena and short and thin, one more blanca and a little thicker and taller than the first, and the third was also light skinned and had a GREAT ASS! oh... man... I haven't mongered in Michoacan in a long time, but when I did it was amazing (medium sized town called Uruapan -- don't know how it is over there now -- the cheapest place got moved away from the mayor's office because the conservative religious party won (PAN) and even though the mayor was in the middle of a nasty divorce over his infidelity they couldn't leave the mongers minding their own business alone. But you can probably still find it... Taxi drivers know and it's called "La Campana" or "La Campanita" -- Not a place to go if you don't speak too much Spanish though... VERY hole in the wall and some chicas are crack *****s, you can tell by the rotting teeth. It seemed to be the place where the chicas who struck out at the other clubs went to still get some $$ after their clubs closed for the night, so you got some good looking ones later at night. That's how I got two gems there over a couple of visits years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yyysguy
    Yeah, I know there's no one checking out this thread but still, I'm excited about Morelia. Already have my plane tix for the first two weeks on August '08. Gonna' check out Sharon's Massage at the very least! And what was the name of that dance club where the off-duty chicas went? Gotta' go look that up!
    It has been very quiet on all of the cities lately but I do read every new posts as I am always interested in what is happening. Never been to Morelia but please do post your experiences as you never know where your travels may take you and I may end up i Morelia someday. Headed to Guadalajara next week and plan on doing some mongering there.

    Was disappointed my first couple of trips to Mexico. Took some reading and some research but I found a couple of reliable places that I can now use as a last resort. I like trying to find the Street Walkers (SW) but those places are always on stand by.

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    Yeah, I know there's no one checking out this thread but still, I'm excited about Morelia. Already have my plane tix for the first two weeks on August '08. Gonna' check out Sharon's Massage at the very least! And what was the name of that dance club where the off-duty chicas went? Gotta' go look that up!

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    What a great thread! Reading it has inspired me to plan a trip to Morelia. Hope to be able to give some reports in the future.


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