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    Just looking for one or two to watch each other's backs, and split costs; safety in numbers meaning not alone

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    Thanks for the invitation. I also agree with safety in numbers but no more than four unless its a gathering. I will be in PN the following weekend and a weekend after that, too.

    Be safe,


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    While it is true that there is safety in numbers, a huge group is a dead giveaways that you are tourists and thus may become a target. I think it is best to try to blend in with the locals and perhaps get a local guide or friend to show you around the place.

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    Will be in town weekend of 9-12 July Anybody want to cross the border & run the ho's? Would like to split a taxi and or rental car.

    I'm thinking:

    Fri nite: Nuevo Laredo, arrive about 9:30 pm.

    Sat nite: Piedras or Acuna.

    Sun: Back to Nuevo Laredo.

    Early morning departure Non. morning.

    Let me know if you want to meet up for part / all of the trip. There is safety in numbers. I might drive up the Mexican side if I don't have to go it alone. I speak spanish pretty good and have traveled some too. Your advice / comments / suggestions.


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    I might make it to PN sometime during the month of July. I am looking forward to the Nava scene. Have fun in the 57 area (PN, Nava, Sabinas, etc).


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    BTW, there is another small zona close by and in the border region, about 10 minutes south of Nava, in Allende.

    To get it you drive further south on MX-57 and immediately before the Aduana there is the main road for Allende. You take this road for 4-5 miles all the way past town. Right where you see the sign for Villa Union, on the left there is a long, unmarked, bumpy, dark dirt road which you take straight about 2 miles and will lead you to the zona.

    This past weekend I found an unbelievably gorgeous girl there but for whatever reason she couldn't go to the room.

    BTW, there's one thing I've never understood about these small zona's. 80% of the license plates are Texas. Then maybe 10% are Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, etc., with only about 10% being Coahuila. I never understood that, and who's actually going to these places, as the majority of customers look hardcore local.

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    Thanks for the detailed info and directions Blourghus. I am definitely going to head to Nava next time I'm in PN. Hell, part-time ho's are usually better than the "pro's" anyway!

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    You have to try the rooms at the 54. They are nice, very nice. The ones at the Cactus are typical of most of the BTs I have been to. The ones at 54 are nice because most of the girls live there while they work at 54.


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    You can get to Nava as follows: from Piedras Negras take MX-57 approximately 30 miles South. There will be an exit for Nava.

    You take the exit and drive straight. After 2-3 miles the road will curve left and you will get into town (keep going straight). This road is called "Allende". Keep going straight about 1 mile and you will see a sign for MX-57 on the left and a sign for a Hotel on the Right. Take a Left on this road for 1 block, and there will be a Pemex station. Then turn right (this is the main road in Nava) and go 1 block (there will be a building with a "Cemento Monterrey" sign), and turn left. Now you will be on an unpaved road called "Padre de las Casas" (easy to remember since it's the same street name that PN Boystown is on). Drive straight about 1 mile through a residential area and then suddenly there are no more houses (you will notice it), and to the right there is a long bumpy dirt road. Go straight on this road about 2 miles and you will be in Boystown.

    WARNING: Don't drive in Nava in the rain (if you can help it, don't even go in the rain). I was in Nava just before the floods (during light rain) and my car got stuck in a muddy unpaved road in a residential neighborhood near Boystown late at night, and it took 4 strong Mexican men to push me out.

    You can also take a taxi in (just park your car downtown) which will cost $5. But getting back can be somewhat difficult as there is not a taxi stand so availability is not guaranteed and you might have to wait a while, especially if it is early. Best option may be to pay a taxista to let you follow him in your car to Boystown so you learn the route.

    It is perfectly safe to go alone, but not necessarily comfortable.

    BTW, there are 3 bars there, called Salon Las Carinosas, Salon Las Playas, and Salon Carta Blanca. They are all pretty much the same; they all play cumbia and the guys pay the girls $1 to dance with her for one song. The price for sex is $40; it's not clear to me if all the girls will have sex or not, but supposedly they all will. In my opinion 80% or more of the girls are dogs but some of the rest are extremely attractive. Also there is a very high turnover rate; the girls are for the most part not professionals but many (most?) have regular jobs and just come for the weekend.

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    Hey guys,

    I've been lurking for a while but haven't made it to La Zona in a long time. I'm planning a trip to PN before long but am curious about Nava. Can someone tell me how to get there and am I safe by myself? I'll be leaving from Austin

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    Yes, Jessica was her name. I recommend her. BBBJ. Tits a bit spongy, but OK with me.
    I also recommend the tall girl with the big nose.

    She does seem hard to get though. I have not seen her go back with a lot of guys though. But lots of talking, groping and drinks.

    I'm sure you can just ask one of the waiters to get her to come over to buy her a drink.


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    The army guys in Piedras are nothing to fear. They never give gringos a second look or any trouble at all - no reason to leave when they come in. I think they usually do their inspections on Tuesdays and Fridays. I remember one time when they came into Cactus, for some reason one guy was not in uniform (was wearing an old White Sox jersey or something) but had his gun and was shaking down some local, who had his hands up and everything. It looked like a robbery straight off of TV. Also some times they come in to watch. When I went to Club 54 on Saturday they had their ATV parked outside and I thought they were doing their search but when I entered they were just standing watching the girls (in full uniform with guns of course).

    I also pass through the Army checkpoints on MX-2 between Laredo and Piedras. They almost always search me, but never give me any trouble except laughing at my Spanish.

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    Better late than never to post I guess. I hit town saturday before the flood hit. Got to the zone a little before 10 and was just about the only gringo there. Had a beer at Cactus and saw couple nice dancers, but told my waiter I would like to look around and come back later, which is just what I did. Looked into 54, Afrika, Country Club, Montgerey, and Laredo. I ended up back at Cactus for a great time with the Blond chica with nice boobs. This was my first visit, and was imprerssed with the quality, but not the rooms. Small, dirty, cats everywhere. After a nice 30 min session ($70 total) I had just re entered the bar when the local gestapo came in, well armed, the lights came up and the place went quiet. I just kept walking out and was not harassed. Outside, I was told they were looking for drugs. Wasted no time heading for the taxi stand . I hope to return sometime as soon as I can arrange another trip. Thanks to all the posters who made this possible. Nemo

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    Yeah, I've been making a few trips to Nava. I also went to Monclova about a week ago (that place was awesome!). And Allende. Some places in Monclova are fine for gringos, but the others are much harder so I'm trying not to become a regular but they're Ok in moderation.

    I was in PN yesterday and wanted to see what was outside the Zona so I had a taxista drive me around (really the main thing I wanted was to see if there are any casas de citas, massage parlors, or SC's in PN - there aren't, and where SW was). I didn't really get any new info but he showed me all the ladies bars on Zaragoza - he said that the best were Pullman, Nuevo Cairo, and La Margarita. He also showed me a few places on 57, one was Oasis bar, Bar 57, Chago's (most of these I knew about) I forget the others. Anyways I went in to a few of these places.

    It seems like pretty much all of these bars (and this includes those in Nava and most of the other zonas) are pretty much the same. 90% of the girls are old/fat/ugly and are very crowded and any girl who is half-way decent is busy dancing with a sweaty drunk local the whole night. I've scored in the smaller zonas like Nava but never in the bars in PN. Quite honestly I don't understand the protocol in the bars. Is every girl approachable as a prostitute?

    I also spent some time, though early, cruising 57 for SW, and came up empty. The problem is between about 11PM-2AM this road is a parking lot, and there is very often a police barricade. Are there better places/times for SW? I saw one very attractive one right downtown once, but never more.

    Now for my sad story. Everyone knows that Africa Club in PN is bad news. There is that gorgeous blonde who works there - who I have in fact fantasized over while having sex with other prostitutes. Over the past 6 months I've sat & talked to her (but never went to the room) several times, a few times at Africa, as well as in G-Spot where she worked while it was open. Then the previous time I was in PN (a couple of weeks ago) I was surprised to see she was working at Cactus, and I talked to her there. She said Africa was closing down because they couldn't pay the electricity so she moved to Cactus.

    So yesterday I went to Cactus to find her (since I wanted to go to the room with her), they said she went back to Africa. I went to Africa for her, of course I was the only customer. She even danced on the stage, you would never know it but the place has a DJ and fully functioning dance stage which is actually pretty nice. Since there is never any customer there I don't understand how the owner can pay her (and the other 2-3 girls who supposedly work there) MX$300 daily, as well as the DJ, mesero, water, electricity. Whenever I talk to the girl she says she hasn't gone to the room in almost forever, which seems in line with the complete lack of customers.

    Anyways she was looking particularly fine (school girl clothes and trendy tennis shoes instead of porn star shoes - how cute) and was very affectionate as always, so I definitely wanted to go to the room with her. She said something about how the $12 room fee was for 15 minutes but nobody would knock on the door, and it didn't matter. I was looking forward to 45-60 minutes of GFE. It was still very very early and I left and walked around and came back and we went straight to the room.

    We got to the room. First problem, she won't turn the lights off. She said it is her policy that all the lights have to be on. Ok, I'm not happy about that, but fine. Then she drops the bombshell. I've only paid for 15 minutes, that's all I'm getting. I don't understand the logic here, it's not like there's a long line of customers waiting for her or for the room, so why completely [CodeWord140] off a customer you've known for 6 months over nothing. I don't know if she wanted more money or what. I walked out of her room before we did anything at all.

    I have no idea if she's always a fraud like this. She's so fine, she could work any where, even Danash, but maybe now I understand why she's at Africa instead making no money. I wish I had gone to the room with her while she was at a reputable place so I could have somebody to complain to instead of the Africa owner who will do nothing to his little prize.

    Thanks to this, I've come to the conclusion that the PN Zona really sucks. Almost every girl at Club 54 has been there 2 years or more, and there is almost no turnover. Also most of the girls are rude and the service is bad. That leaves only Cactus, which is actually one of my favorites any where, and as good as any place in Laredo (besides Danash). There's nothing bad I can say about it, but one club can't anchor the whole Zona. That said, I plan to not return to the PN Zona. I will still go back to Monclova, Nava, and try to explore other places, as well as continue to try other places in PN outside the Zona.

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    Just an idea how about a gathering at BT in Piedras Negras one of this days. If you guys are interested post your interest on one of your next regular posts.

    The zona in Sabinas is ok but like someone said before not worth it unless you are nearby. The best club is the one by the entrance next to the closed club La Zorra. I can't remember the name, but as soon as I do I will post. They have "variedad" same as 54 in PN. Nude dancers on stage.

    Be safe,


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