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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodger1308
    Vera cruise

    Sw1 N19 11.392 W96 08.226
    Sw2 N19 11.478 W96 08.175
    Sw3 N19 11.390 W96 08.115
    Sw4 N19 11.541 W96 08.187
    Sw5 N19 11.485 W96 08.191
    Sw6 N19 11.480 W96 08.138
    Sw7 N19 12.077 W96 08.383

    Sw2 is the best area lots of door girls 150 pesos for no sin ropa one position no time limit ($12 usa).

    100 pesos goes to the girl and 50 for the room.

    Sw6 was on the edge of the uptown area and sw7 was away from the downtown scene.
    Good mapping. I just looked up a couple of the streets on google street view. Sw2 is definitely the area around the Hotel Palma on Avenida Gonzalez Pages (I guess that is the full name of the street). It is the light green building on the right as you go up the street. Could not quite figure out some of the locations you were mapping, so I guess walking around the general area would be enough, as well as the scantily dressed women hanging around.

    I did notice quite a few other were around hotels. A quick note, the pictures taken on google street view are from 2007, quite a few of the street vendors in the small corrugated iron stalls were not there when I visited (See my earlier reports on Veracruz). I guess they had been cleared way, but these structures tend to come and go depending on who is in office in many third world countries. If they are still gone, this should allow for a clearer view if one is walking down one side of the street.

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    lots of girls downtown

    Vera cruise

    Sw1 N19 11.392 W96 08.226
    Sw2 N19 11.478 W96 08.175
    Sw3 N19 11.390 W96 08.115
    Sw4 N19 11.541 W96 08.187
    Sw5 N19 11.485 W96 08.191
    Sw6 N19 11.480 W96 08.138
    Sw7 N19 12.077 W96 08.383

    Sw2 is the best area lots of door girls 150 pesos for no sin ropa one position no time limit ($12 usa).

    100 pesos goes to the girl and 50 for the room.

    Sw6 was on the edge of the uptown area and sw7 was away from the downtown scene.

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    RE: Hotel Palma

    Quote Originally Posted by Monger X
    Looks like I also have to make it a point to find Hotel Palma on Av. Gonzales.
    I should say that I am actually not sure it was Hotel Palma. I was definitely walking along Av. Gonzales when I came across 4-5 scantily clad women that were just hanging around the corner outside a cheap hotel. It may or may not have been Hotel Palma, in my moment of arousal I did not look around for the hotel name. However, it was definitely on Av. Gonzales

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    Veracruz locations

    Quote Originally Posted by Monger X
    I'm curious where the part of the beach with the black sand is? When following the Malecon from the Holiday Inn is it before or after you get to the aquarium? Looks like I also have to make it a point to find Hotel Palma on Av. Gonzales.
    I believe it is Playa de Hornos/ Playa Villa del Mar, which are much closer to the Zocalo.

    The club in question is called Mambo Cafe

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    re: Veracruz report

    Wow reading your reports made me want to get back on a plane and go back again even if AeroMexico loses mu luggage in Mexico City again LOL! Like you I am not fluent in Spanish but if someone speaks slowly I can generally get the gist of what they're saying. I wish my customer down there needs help again and SOON!
    I'm curious where the part of the beach with the black sand is? When following the Malecon from the Holiday Inn is it before or after you get to the aquarium? Looks like I also have to make it a point to find Hotel Palma on Av. Gonzales.
    Sorry they hit you for the extra person charge. The night I met Monica we went back to the hotel around 2 AM; the watchman (smartly) figured 50 pesos in his pocket was better than getting the night clerk.
    You are spot on that its the "real" Mexico there without a lot of tourists- something that I appreciate wherever I go in Mexico.
    Maybe some day we will be there at the same time- first beer is on me!

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    Veracruz report- Part 3 of 3

    Day 3- Went to the beach again, lazed around in the sun, listened to the bands and had shrimp cocktails. Unfortunately I did not run to the 2 women from the previous day (see report 2). As sunset was approaching a chica came to me again for pics, I did not press further, though. I also walked along the malecon at sunset. Lots of women, but also families with children. I thought it might be a pickup spot later on at night, say after 9 pm, but I did not return.

    Went back to the hotel, showered and napped briefly before grabbing dinner and hanging out at one of nearby outdoor plazas (not the Zocalo) where there was a live band playing. I danced a few times with the local talent and then decided to head one to one of the salsa clubs. Grabbed a taxi and asked the driver to take me to the hottest salsa club and he did. I forget the name of the club but it is a good 12- 15 minute ride from the Zocalo area.

    The bands alternated every 30 mins or so and kept the place buzzing. Danced with several chics. I was not looking and at the same time they were not soliciting and probably would have been offended had I tried to make an offer since these were not working girls.

    Later on, probably 2 am or so, I ran into an American woman who was there alone. She told me she lived and worked in Tijuana but never elaborated about her job. She was a bit of a party girl and had several tattoos. Like me, she said she was visiting Veracruz on vacation. I thought she might be a stripper from the way she danced but I did not inquire about her plans for the rest of the night.

    Eventually I decided to head back to the Centro. The taxi dropped me off by the Zocalo and I strolled around. I felt pretty safe around this part of town even at that hour. Eventually I rounded a corner and it was the same place where I had run into the group of MILF-ish women on my first day (see earlier report). Unfortunately for me, the woman from night 1 was not there, I would not have minded her company for a second night. I struck up a conversation with another one that was probably closer to 45 and she took my hand and headed for a building nearby. At the entrance was the woman whom I had taken back to my hotel room on night 1. I looked at her regretfully since I already had someone else holding my hand. I paid a few dollars for a room and we went upstairs. It turned out the rooms were cheaply built with just thin plywood separating them. I had always wondered what it felt like to visit a cheap *****house, and I must admit a part of me felt a tingle of excitement. There was a general noisiness to the building but no moaning and screaming.

    The sheets were clean and she did let me undress her. She was older and had the mileage on her body that comes from life and kids, and was probably not too used to complements judging by the way she reacted when I just ran my fingers through her hair over and over for a couple of minutes. I then put my face in her hair, took a deep breath to smell the shampoo/ conditioner she used, kissed her on the cheek and told her she was beautiful. The woman almost burst out in tears, and I could feel the tension draining from her body. Anyway, she gave me a covered BJ then got on top for a while before we switched and I exploded in her. Like the others, she was very interested in my body and kept on touching my shoulders and biceps.

    I tipped her well, went back to the hotel and slept for about 3 hours before checking out and heading for the airport.
    I liked Veracruz because it gives you a more authentic feel of Mexico, it has not been artificially spruced up to attract foreign tourists into all inclusive places. Like I said, there were few other tourists, the down side is that you run into fewer locals who speak English, which makes things a little harder for us whose Spanish is pretty basic. I may not return there soon, but it made me want to seek out similar places in Mexico, where locals vacation.

    I guess there is also a Mexican Navy base there, I saw several uniformed people walking around, including some hot chicks in Navy uniforms. I wondered if I could hook up with one, never got the opportinity.

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    Veracruz report- Part 2 of 3

    Day 2- Decided to check out the beach. The one beach that is near the Centro has black sand and lots of cantinas around selling food. There are no tourists here, all locals.

    It was actually pretty nice to be there. I ordered a couple of cocktail de camarones (shrimp) which goes great with crackers and just people watched. There are also a couple of 2-4 person bands that walk around the beach playing traditional folksy music and I probably made 10 requests in the 2 days I went to the beach. I think it is about 50 Mexican pesos a request.

    I was lying down and reading when I was approached by 2 young chicas who wanted to take a photo with me. I gladly posed and made small talk. Looking back on it, I probably should have pushed them for a date, but I didn’t. As the sun was setting and the beach was emptying, I was approached by two late 20s attractive chicks who definitely were not the “Girls Next Door” types. They had definitely experienced the tougher side of life, were very interested in me and very affectionate. We got a couple of beers and talked, and agreed to meet one of them later on that night with the understanding that she was providing a service for which she expected compensation.

    I had another date that I had set up online with a different local chic. She wanted to meet at night so I had dinner alone. She met me in the lounge of my hotel room wearing a little black dress and heels, we walked to the Zocalo for drinks and she was hot, definitely a 9. Turned out she was married with 2 kids, but had an open relationship with her husband so could screw around.

    She did not want to go back to my hotel room because she would have to register, so we went to one of those rent a room places, I forget what they are called in Spanish. You basically drive into an open garage door that then closes automatically. You go upstairs and there is a small window through which you pay. You actually don’t even see the face of the staff. There is a bed, shower and TV.

    I went on to have some of the most exhausting sex of my life. She was a true nympho and left me completely drained. She was the first true big squirter I had ever fucked and the bed sheets were completely wet when we finished. She was 27, was very much in bikini shape and had a great butt. It had been a long time since I had felt truly challenged by a woman in bed. All that and all I paid for were some drinks and a room. I still get the occasional email from her asking when I am coming back. I have pics but will definitely not post here since she is not a sex worker anyway. I completely forgot about the two women from the beach that night.

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    Veracruz Report Part 1 of 3

    this report is several months late, but better late than never. it is going to be in 3 parts. i was in veracruz and stayed at the holiday inn centro, perfectly situated downtown and just around the corner from the zocalo (the main plaza). one thing i liked about it was that there were hardly any tourists. veracruz is a place where mostly mexican nationals vacation, i talked into a lot of random people from mexico city and puebla that were there on vacation.

    day 1- i had read somewhere, maybe here or on a different site, about hotel palma on avenida gonzales being a great pickup place. it is a bit of a walk from the holiday inn centro, but it was late afternoon for me (4 pm) and i decided to stroll slowly over while people watching and window shopping. there are no tourists in that area. i just kinda stumbled onto the hotel as i was looking around on both sides of the street. i think it was the 4 young, hot women that were hanging around the entrance in short, tight clothing that clued me in. i walked around the corner and then walked back and said hi to one of the women. she was definitely in her early 20s, petite body (5’ 2”) and darker skin, small tight ass and boobs that were small but proportional, hardly any fat on her body, long silky black hair. she probably weighed no more than 105 lbs.

    i went straight to the point and asked her if she wanted to get a room and she said yes. so we went upstairs and i paid for a room. it was pretty cheap, no more than $20 us dollars, probably us $10. the room was small but clean, and the sheets were clean too. she did not speak any english, and my spanish was just good enough to negotiate. she asked for us $20 and i quickly agreed, i actually gave her more, probably $30, i think. she then proceeded to set some sort of world record for the speed of undressing, i felt like i blinked and suddenly there she was, naked. i would have preferred to undress her, but…

    i spent quite a bit of time kissing and licking her lean body as she squirmed, my dick hardened quickly and looking back on it, she probably decided that i did not need a blowjob so she slipped a condom on and quickly got on top, we fucked in several positions and i finally blew my load doggystyle. she was rather quiet during sex, though. i did enjoy the fact that she was so little and i was able to lift her easily as i am 35 and a fitness buff. she quickly jumped in the shower, then cleaned me up and made small talk. she asked me to come back but i did not commit. i left and strolled back to the centro historico.
    overall a good experience, though she did kinda have a bit of an assembly line attitude, wanting to finish and move onto the next person.
    looks and body- 7
    attitude- 5

    i went back to my hotel room, showered, changed and went out for a late dinner with a local chica i had met online on a travel site, and who had actually initiated contact with me when all i had gone looking for was travel advice and information. it turned out to be a mess, as she pretended to be all cool online but was actually an upper class socially maladjusted, uptight, daddy’s girl and a virgin at age 29. bad kisser too, and i felt like i was in back high school so i jettisoned the date.

    i went wandering around the zocalo well after midnight and ran into a few older milfs in short, tight clothing and lots of makeup on one street that lay between the zocalo and the malecon.

    i stopped to chat with one of them and she moved so close to me her boobs rubbed against my chest. i immediately knew we could do business. we walked back to the holiday inn and the staff was cool about it. i paid an extra us $23 for an extra guest and we went back to my room. she probably quoted me $30 for an hour and i quickly agreed. it is always kinda funny when that happens and a woman realizes she should have asked for more but cannot reopen negotiations. i was in a generous mood and did not feel like haggling. she was probably30, and a little chubby but the skin was perfect, boobs were large and the butt was round. hair was black and silky.

    we had one round, after which we cuddled and chatted. she told me i had an awesome body and by a lot of gesturing and signals asked me if i lifted weights etc. she then blew me (covered) before riding me for what seemed like forever. we cuddled and talked some more. she asked me if she could take the small bottles of shampoo and lotion that the hotel provided, i agreed. i also gave her a tip of us $10 before she left and i have rarely seen a sw that happy. she left at around 4 am, definitely worth every cent as she spent more than an hour with me.

    looks and body- 6

    attitude- 9

    editor's note: i would suggest that the author or another forum member consider posting a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    Pto. Veracruz

    Quote Originally Posted by Dodger1308
    First time to this area
    Reasonable motel to stay at Etc
    I was there in Sept. 2009 and didn't post as had nothing to add to previous posts about the hobby. I wish you guys would be more specific about "reasonable pricing", I am on a MUCH cheaper scale that most of you seem to be.

    I found a very clean, reasonably priced hotel with good air-conditioning and an excellent location midway between the zócalo and the malecón. The Hotel Santander had a 200MN Sunday through Thursday promotion. The regular price, I think, was still only 250MN but after my return from Xalapa on a Saturday..they still gave me the 200MN rate. It is at #123 Mario Molina, at the corner of "Landero y Coss" (that is the street name, not cross streets. Look on a Google map. Tel. 01 22 99 324529 or 22 99 328659

    As far as the hobby goes, the best lookers were two at the corner of Zaragoza and Morales (maybe Serdan) , just around the corner and S of my hotel. They wanted some crazy price, maybe $50US, but I had been spoiled by prices and selection in the DF and in Puebla. After I had left and returned later they negotiated and I ended up with the young, pretty one for 300MN including her short-time hotel room on that pedestrian diagonal walkway between Serdan and Molina. These might have been the same two MongerX reports on below, I took the dark haired one that spoke no English although the blonde had done the sales job. Another attractive but very garish blonde on 6-inch tacones on Zaragoza near Molina wanted $1000MN...crazy..I didn't even try to negotiate. Five or six girls were working at and near the Bar Los Portales but none appealed and I didn't date.

    Hardly any girls were working around the Parque Zamora and none in the daytime. I did find several daytime girls working outside of a hotel on Abosalo near the corner of Gonzálo Pagues and two attractive ones outside of a hotel at Galvan and Tepito. This area, South and Southwest of Parque Zamora, is pretty rough and even I wouldn't venture there alone at night. Prices daytime were very cheap but I don't recall exactly as I didn't date there.

    I love this city but cannot recommend it as a hobby destination.

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    Roadtrip planned - up to date info please!!

    First time to this area

    Plan to get there around mid feb

    Can anyone advise me on

    The current situation



    Reasonable motel to stay at


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    Veracruz Update July 2009

    Spent two nights in this beautiful city both at the Holiday Inn Centro Historico on Calle Morelos. This hotel is about 2 blocks from the Malecon. Just past the Malecon the name changes to Zaragosa. Unfortunately, Transilvania was not open either night I was there. I proceeded to "troll the streets" and was not disappointed by the number and quality of the ladies plying their trade. There were two really good spots for action that I saw on both nights; one was the corner of Zaragosa and Serdan. Theres a convenience store on the corner where I met Joanna. Joanna was a blonde with with surgically enhanced chichis. She spoke perfect English and quoted 450 pesos for her and 50 for the room just down the street. We chatted on the way and she told me she has worked in the bars in Tijuana as well. The usual CBJ followed by mish. She did seem to put some effort into it so it was much better than what I was expecting from a SG.

    Next there was a lot of workers at a park one block from the above intersection, Zaragoza and Calle Mario Morena. It was a cool park; live band playing with everyone who feels like dancing just joining in. The ladies are on the edge of the park.

    I expected Friday night to be much busier but to my surprise it wasnt. The vendors near the zocalo still seemed to close up shop by 10: 30 PM. Nothing at the park caught my eye but when I was headed back to my hotel I encountered Monica. She was just hanging out with her amigas outside one of the bars on Calle Morelos less than a block from my hotel. She said Hi as I walked by and I stopped to chat. She said she liked my eyes and asked if we could go across the street to the park to talk. Why not? She said she was 28 years old, cute face. Braces. Nice curves but not BBW by any means.

    We ended up shooting the breeze for about 45 minutes (and NO FICHAS! LOL). Ended up negotiating 500 pesos for 2 hours back in my room (plus 50 pesos to the night guy at the hotel not to see anything as the front door was locked and he had to open it).

    Total GFE. Multi positions plus a nice massage for which I gladly returned the favor. That seemed to surprise her (in a good way) to the point that she initiated a "round 2" which was hotter than the first round. We ended up going over the 2 hours but neither one of us cared. When she finally said she had to go I offered to pay for her cab. She declined saying she had her car parked around the corner. She happily accepted my offer to walk her to her car at which time she told me to let her know the next time I was in town.

    Got a couple more hours sleep and headed to breakfast at Gran Cafe de la Parroquia where they have an excellent coffee drink called "lechero". Its basically cappuccino. But much bigger. I would also recommend the Huevos Veracruzana. Total damage was about 9 bucks including tip.

    Veracruz is a beautiful city and I'm already looking forward to my next trip back!
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    Will be in Veracruz next Thurs/Fri night (7/16-17). Any recent intel on the P4P street scene down there?

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    Going back to Veracruz in a week. Anything new? I have been to a few of the Casa de citas on previous trips but as of last October, they are starting to get pricey. Also heard one of the good one of the good ones got shut down? Anyone know of a escort or local paper for independents?

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    Massage in Veracruz

    Will be in Veracruz for 5 days. Anyone has good recommendations with respect to a good massage, meaning solid massage and the option of a happy ending?


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    Vera Cruz--Historico Centrico

    Was in VC a few weeks ago and met "Danielle" at "Transylvania" a couple blocks towards the port from the Holiday Inn. She and I spent a wonderful, fun filled night together. In the morning I insured that she could get back to her home OK by giving her $500 pesos for the taxi cab.

    Suzanna, who also hangs around the central historical district is a good lady. She is perhaps to the calloused eye, not the beauty that some of the women working in the clubs are, but she is a very sweet woman with a fantastic work ethic. $400 to $500 pesos for the taxi cab is very helpful for her.

    Had such a good time in VC that I am going back next week. Love that town!

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