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    Weekend Arrangements?

    I was wondering if anyone has information about placing classifieds ads in Veracruz where some willing and available chicas may see them. I am interested in finding two or three gals for and entire three to four day trip. How would I go about trying to secure such arrangements? Any info appreciated.

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    Photos from Veracruz trip report by $Bill

    see photos.

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails girl1a.jpg‎   girl2b.jpg‎   casas.jpg‎   girl1b.jpg‎   girl2c.jpg‎  

    girl1c.jpg‎   girl2d.jpg‎   girl2a.jpg‎  

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    Veracruz trip report

    I was there for 3 days the during Semana Santa. I did a little mongering while I was there and below is where I found action.

    Strip Clubs – There are some good ones in Veracruz (and Boca del Rio). I visited 3 of them.

    The first one was near my hotel (Delfines), and it was called New Fantasy. $50 pesos entrance and the guy at the door told me there was a $168 peso minimum. That was about 4 drinks and since I was on vacation, I knew I would drink my share. This also included a few table dance. Private dances were $150 MN. I did many of dances with various chicas during the night. I covered my minimum and told them that I needed to go back to my hotel and get more money and that I wanted to return that night without the entrance fee or drink minimum. No problem.

    I took my car and looked for Top Gold. I asked directions and the directions given to me took me to Extravagance (or something like that). Cover charge was $60 pesos (or there abouts) and when I first entered, the girls looked MUCH better than the first place. This place was a little more upscale. I think the table dances were $150 MN and ladies drink was $200 pesos. When I first sat down, a girl came and sat down. I bought her one drink and 1 dance. She would not kiss in the private so when we got back to the table, I held on to the 2nd private dance ticket that I had. She was nice but I could tell that she was just working the room. Behind me was a HOT blond that I wanted but she was busy with some guy. She had to dance so I told the ticket guy that I wanted a private dance with her when she was finished. She finished and I was taken back to private dance area. She was HOT. DFK, hands down pants, and DATY. She said that FS was 20 tickets (3000 pesos). I passed on that, but I did buy 4 dances from her. I had my pants down and was behind her giving it to her doggie style but without entering her pussy. Just rubbing it between her pussy lips. I got off and cleaned up my mess (they had toilet paper in the room). She went back to the table and I made it back to my. I left shortly after and gave her a wink as I left.

    I finally got good directions to Top Gold. I basically just looked in to see the action. Most girls were nice but also occupied. I left after a look in. (the door guy let me look in). On the way out, a taxista told me he would take me to a casa. I followed him in my car to a casa (see next section).

    Casas de Citas (houses) - see attached because I did a photo of a taxista’s book that shows the approximate addresses.

    He took me to a house on Alconcer. I had been by this house but I was exploring so I did not go in on my first visit. This time I did and picked up a cutie. (photos attached). I only had $400 pesos on me and the rest was back in my room. The mamasan asked for the $400 (which was her cut) and told me to give the other $600 to the girl. I did and we had a great time. Hotel Delfines did not charge me extra for my guest.

    I also had girl from another place mentioned on the board already. Pictures are attached also.

    Street Walkers – there are girls on the street near los Portles (as reported already). I had one that was cute but scared me when I saw how thin she was. Anorexic looking. She told me $300 MN + 100 to the taxista. I told the taxista $100 but that included the ride to the motel (named Tunnel). (another $100 pesos for the room ST). She was friendly but when we got to the room she said that she charges $500 but the taxista only knows that she charges $300. I gave her the extra $200 and got it on. It was good but she wanted extra for this and that. I got her doggie style and finished off nicely. She wanted more money for taxi and I said NO. She had more money at that point than I did.

    Overall – Veracruz is a fun city with lots of P4P action. Just ask any taxista. When the taxista was close to a house but did not know the exact address, he would ask a person on the street. The people are very helpful in finding casas.

    This report is continued in the East Coast (other areas) section. (for info on Xalapa)


    PS - Looks like my photos are too large. I will attach to new report.

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    I am waiting.

    Thank you dollar Bill.

    I leave in April, so that will be great reading your message.

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    Heading there next weekend - will report back before end of March.

    Quote Originally Posted by Voyageur00
    Helo ! I plan to visit VERACRUZ this spring. Will be my first trip there.

    Cn you give me informations about the night action?

    Streetwalkers are the chicas I prefer. Are they, and where can be found?

    I will be visiting there next weekend for a few days. I will make a report with the current situation before the end of March (when I get back home).

    When are you going?


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    Looking For Infos About Veracruz

    Helo ! I plan to visit VERACRUZ this spring. Will be my first trip there.

    Cn you give me informations about the night action?

    Streetwalkers are the chicas I prefer. Are they, and where can be found?


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    Thanks for the info.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pradel
    What new in VERACRUZ? Last stay January.

    Good time in Veracruz.

    Thanks for the info and no problem about your English. My Spanish is not all that great either.

    I understand the points you are making and I will keep my eyes out for the young women that are sitting around trying to make eye contact.

    A few years ago, I thought about the putas that I have met since moving down to Mexico 8 years ago, and most of them would always tell me they were from Veracruz.

    Are there many casas or strip joint to go to also?

    I have an acquaintance (former Federally) who's brother is in charge of a police division in Veracruz. He was just there for Carnival and promised to come back with more info for me. I will report what he tells me once I am back from my trip (so I can verify the info before reporting it).

    Thanks again!


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    Reply to Budok

    Yes, that is right. I visit VERACRUZ 3 times a year, and always the same can be seen.

    Only in one bar along Los Portales : the first one side Zaragosa.

    2, 3 ou 4 young girls together, or/and 2 matures (I always saw them here on Friday and Saturday nights), or another single often here called Suzana. The waiters know them, and allow them here, as if they are called by males customers, they will pay drinks. Of course all this very friendly, and no extra charge.

    If nothing interesting for them, they go to check who could be in others bars along Zaragoza, and come back.

    Trust me, I generally pick here!

    Sorry for my bad english. My spanish is better.

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    Hey Pradel,

    Uh, I don't understand your post at all. Are you saying you pick up 2-5 prostitutes in the zócalo a night? And that you can tell which are prostitutes because they aren't drinking? I've noticed nothing of the sort in Veracruz. Heck, I've usually found it hard to find a free table for myself in the zócalo in the evening, and you're saying there are chicas sitting around not ordering anything? I don't think so.

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    News From Veracruz


    I will be heading to Veracruz in March. It has been about 10 months since there was any info.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had anything new to report. If so, please let us know. Mongering minds want to know.


    What new in VERACRUZ? Last stay January.

    I never visit clubs in Veracruz; my pleasure is walking around historic center at night. I can find nice girls or young women, sometimes coming from villages situated 3 hours or more from Veracruz (especially Friday and Saturday).

    If not, sitting for a dring at the Portales: terrasse of 1st Café on row, side Zaragoza street. Of course you know.

    Every evening 2 to 5 girls. Easy to know who they are and what they want: they are sitting, but do not dring. As they do not have money for the drink. If they are not here, will come, but never do the first step.

    300 to 400 pesos, 500 all night.

    Some will be as your girlfriend, and you will meet them next!

    Good time in Veracruz.

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    Any new info???

    Hi all you dirty mongers, ;-)

    I will be heading to Veracruz in March. It has been about 10 months since there was any info.

    Just wanted to see if anyone had anything new to report. If so, please let us know. Mongering minds want to know.

    Thanks in advance and enjoy the life!


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    Sorry, some serious messed up peso calculations:

    35 pesos for the beers
    70 pesos for chica drinks
    50 pesos for ride in suv to hotel
    30 pesos for 2 condoms

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    Question for Ardy

    You report paying 350 pesos for a beer and 700 pesos for a ladie's drink. I suspect that it was 35 and 70, as the prices quoted would be 30 plus dollars and 60 plus, respectively, ridiculously high.

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    Went back to Veracruz in early February. What a safe and friendly city!! Back to Maquillajes. I think this is one of my favorite places in Mexico. It's a rare place in that the chicas, nor waiters, will try and suck your wallet dry with buying chica drinks. The price is 1000 pesos for 1 hour in one of the 2 rooms on campus, or 1000 pesos for 2 hours off campus at your hotel. Lorena, la morena (no negra), I chose explained they want to keep the availability of the 2 rooms open for the Mexican guys who go there since they know Gringos are staying at hotels. This is the 1st place I have seen in my extensive Latin American travels that the Gringo is actually at a price/time ADVANTAGE!

    Anyway, this place has about 8 girls working and range from 5-9 in looks. Like I said I chose Lorena both nights I was there. A solid 7+ (22 years old) in looks with a solid 10++ in service providing. 69, bbbj with ball sucking, doggie, prostate massage w/bare tongue and finger. Actually ended up staying 3 hours in my hotel , Delfines, the second night after we fell asleep for half an hour. She never asked for a tip both nights. I gave her a twenty dollar bill the second night for her excellent services.

    The beers are 350 pesos and 700 pesos for a ladies drink. But like I say gentlemen they never, ever bother you there, chicas nor waiters. Lorena never asked me to buy her a drink. I did buy her some drinks and I tell you, they are not pussy drinks. They must put a couple shots into the glass with a couple splashes of Coca Cola. The staff will give you a ride to your hotel in a nice Honda SUV for 500 pesos. Also, if you go please tip the waiter (Don Roberto, something like that) well. He's a great guy who lived on the southside of Chicago for a couple years. He likes to practice his English. Tell him and Lorena el gringo de chicago "les saluda." The only tip monger there is Gigio, a husky voiced husky bodied, guy who sells the condoms 2 for 300 pesos outside. He'll keep his hand held out after you pay him for the condoms (give him a us dollar and he'll be your best friend. Peace gentlemen.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I certainly hope that the author or somebody else will post a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ardy1473
    Maybe you guys can help me out a little. In this a place you can sit down, have a few beers, and chat with some girls before choosing? Thank you for your excellent reports. I'm planning to go back to Veracuz in January.

    Veracruz is very good for mongering, there are many casas, maybe 6-10, ask the taxidrivers.

    You cant have a beer at the casas, just a short chat before choosing the girl.
    I always felt very safe in Veracruz and the people were very friendly, even the Street Walkers were good.

    I can recommend Hotel Mar Y Tierra, very good location and price, some streetwalkers on the backside after 22.PM But i dont know if it is girlfriendly

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