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    Any updates for 2003???''

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    I was there once and screwed a hot young streetwalker this was back in 98 I also checked out some of the small brothels. I heard a lot of strip clubs south of Veracruz. Yeh I think the clubs were in Boca Del Rio........

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    Near the Holiday Inn in Boca Del Rio Veracruz there is Strip club named extravagances. The girls are beautiful, and for sale! An English speaking girl told me how the club works. For 100 Pesos you get a table dance where you are encouraged to touch. A BJ or sex cost more!

    Get the tourist guide to Veracruz at the tour desk in the hotel. It lists 3 or 4 clubs in town. Start looking there.

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    Could somebody please post some info about Veracruz?. Thanks in advance.

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