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    Hello again from your big spending idiot. I have changed my reservations to the Marriot Casa Magna and was wondering who to ask about chicas available around the hotel. Would the bell hop be a source? Would sure like to be able to have it easy instead of having to travel all over for girls.

    Any suggestions of other places besides Juniors? Seems like I have the worst experience with that place but don't really know other places. Anyone with experience on the bar scene for "free" hookups with tourists (or locals for that matter). Also, how do you ask for "2 girl show" in mexico, have not had much luck getting 2 girls who are into each other (and me, also, of course). Thanks for your help, experienced people. I am in your debt. If anyone is going to be in PV the weekend of Feb 19-23 2004 and wants to hang out (especially if you know the scene) I could use a compadre (or cabejero!!)

    Thanks for any help.


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    I have stayed at the Westin Hotel and the club and have had no problem getting a chica into either one. They keep a little bit closer eye on guests at the Club Regina, but if the girl sticks close to you, it's not a problem. Another thng to keep in mind, wait for a male to be working at the concierge desk and ask if any of the maids or other staff are "available" to come to your room for a tip. One trip I took there, I found out from one of the guys at the concierge desk that one of the massage girls at the club spa would give "extras" for a tip. Another time I found a maid that was in play.

    On a related note, where is this Lucys place located. I am going in February and would like to give it a try.


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    Sorry about a previous indiscresion while in PV, hope it didn't mess anyone up. I think the matre' D at Juniors spotted me for an easy mark (more money than sense) and really stuck it to me for that girl. I have been reading everyone's posts and I am heading back to PV sadder but wiser, thanks for your input.

    I wonder if anyone knows about the Westin Beach Club hotel and their policy on visitors? I will be staying there for 2 nights and really hope to bring in some entertainment!

    I will definitely try hysteria this time and try to stay out of Juniors; also, I will keep my hand on my wallet!!!

    Any other advice is greatly appreciated!


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    Was in PV three weeks. Only mongered twice due to a tight budget and cheaper mongering in Guadalajara, plus I fucked a tourist for a couple of days. One night I drank nine beers and four shots of tequila and was walking over the bridge to clear my head and save 10 pesos on the taxi. I ran across a cabbie I had met on my previous visit. I even remembered his name which surprised him. We discussed his wife and family and how was work going and then he asked me about pussy and I said I was too fucked up right now but would be interested in a daytime session the next day or the day after. He said I was obviously quite drunk and should probably get some weed to help me sober up. I did this and we chatted. I said I didn't want to pay more than 500 pesos and he said that was tough and most girls wanted $60 US. I said fuck dollars, I don't have any dollars, and let's talk in pesos. He said he thought he could talk one girl he knew into 600 pesos for 2 hours if it was daytime. He wanted 80 pesos for setting it up and 50 for her cab fare. I said fuck that; if I give her 600 pesos she can pay her own cab fare home. So it cost me 80 + 600 + 25 = 705 pesos. She was a little inexperienced and unsure of herself but fun to talk to and affectionate.

    I still thought that was steep since I was paying 450 in Guadalajara although not for 2 hours. I made up my mind I would get it cheaper or wait til I was back in Guadalajara in a few more days. A few nights later I was in a bar and a guy I had met was setting up this Italian guy for the next day. He said he wanted to see her first so the Mexican guy brought her by the bar. I thought she was sexy so when the Italian guy left I told the Mexican guy I wanted her that night. So Italian guy ha ha I fucked her first. It was 400 for her plus 120 for a short term hotel in the neighborhood. He wanted 100 but I got him down to 70 on the grounds I had also bought some weed from him. So it was 590. She was a lot of fun in bed but I didn't really trust her and I would not have brought her to my hotel. She did bring up propina but I pled poverty and also lied and told her my other friend was hooking me up for 350. So no propina. But I did buy her a few 10 pesos drinks like maybe 3. Boy, they serve some fucking tequila in this bar (Cactus is the bar; on the main drag of Old Town corner of Lázaro Cárdenas I believe) for 10 pesos a shot and it is so fucking hot (this bar is not air conditioned) that it is like drinking lighter fluid. Stick to the 10 peso Dos Equis and Indio.

    Some other local guys I met also told me they thought it was tough to get anything for 500 pesos so I think these prices are pretty legit. I'd say they were both 7s although very different 7s as one was slender and in her 20s and the other was buxom and in her 30s. Maybe 6.5s.

    I think Chicas is closed.

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    I was in PV from June 11th-18th. I went out late on Friday to BayWatch Girls. No cover, nice looking women, and a great private lapdance for $30. Sunday Night I went to Hysteria, I agree with Darkside, $10 entrance, and the other prices seemed the same. Over all, I liked Baywatch cause it didn't have a cover, and it was 5 minutes from my hotel. I didn't bring enough cash to splurge on a two hour visit, but next visit I will make a point to bring extra cash.

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    Okay, here is my report from my recent visit to P.V. First, me and my buddy, on the advice from this board, went to the cheap red-light district where Mi Tren and Cadillac are located. As our taxi drew near, my buddy begged me to cancel our mission and turn around because the taxi driver kept sternly warning us that we were entering a very dangerous area. But, I insisted we go because I had to see this place for myself, especially since it was going to be the cheapest place where we could find girls. As we pulled up, the place was very seedy looking. .I'd been to Tijuana before several times, so I'm not a stranger to seedy Mexican neighborhoods. Anyways, we walked into the bars, and it was HORRIBLE! I didn't see even one good looking girl there. There was a fat girl dancing on the stage and, well, I took one quick look around the place and told my buddy, "Let's go." We briefly looked at Mi Tren and Cadillac, and both were the same, AWFULL! Okay, then we went to Junior's. Very classy and nice atmosphere, but I'm very picky and I didn't really like the girls there, not to mention it's a long taxi ride to get there, located in the middle of nowhere.
    Next, then, we went to HYSTERIA on the recommendation of our taxi driver. Let me tell you, this place was AWESOME! I couldn't tell you where it was, but just ask any taxi driver. It's about a 5 minute drive from Queros if that helps any. Okay, so back to Hysteria. The girls where abolutely amazing and I enjoyed just sitting there watching them dance. Unfortunately the prices are a little high. In US dollars, it cost $10 bucks to get in the door, $15 bucks to sit with a girl for 15 minutes. $30 bucks for a lap dance. And $175 bucks to take a girl to your hotel for 2 hours. I couldn't afford it, but my friend whipped out his credit card and he took one girl back to our hotel room. She was very pretty and very sweet.....probably 19 or 20 years old. Anyways, she slept the night at our hotel and my friend paid her taxi home in the morning (plus a $20 dollar tip for the girl). He was extremely happy with her performance since he had sex with her both extensively in the evening and again in the morning. So, Yes it was very expensive, but there was really no alternative since the cheaper "Red Light" district was so nasty. Hysteria was top dollar, but also top quality.

    I would highly recommend that you at least have a drink at HYSTERIA just to see how Hot the Mexican girls are.

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    AcapulcoHeat; I have stayed at the Marriott in Puerto Vallarta and had no troubles with bringing home locals. In fact, a few of the workers went to the clubs with me one night. The hotel is on the beach and very friendly. I also stayed at the Sheraton. They were also very guest friendly and on the beach. However, I don't think that hotel is in business any more.

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    Thanks Slash for answering me. But I have been travelling to many parts of Mex for many years, and International Hotel Chains like the Marriott are not guest friendly.. (In my experience)..

    I would like some info on a nice hotel close to the beach. Guest friendly, Clean rooms, great prices, etc....

    Also, any info on places that a monger can go (quintas, bars, etc) would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Enjoy Gentleman!!



    Hay una persona que puede darme informacion desde Puerto Vallarta??? Espero que si.. Y muchas gracias! Chao a Todos!!!


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    Well I was in PV last week staying at the outpost know as the Hotel Mizmaloya. Pretty enjoyable hotel/resort could not check out any local action due to the wife. I did notice that there is a little village next to the hotel and did see girls by the side of the road when I went for a walk around the grounds. The hotel property is fenced in with only one entrance/exit and is manned 24/7. One could probably get a chica in via cab at night if she was with you. Anyway moving right along....

    I was able to break away and obtain a massage at LUCY on a Monday evening at 6:00pm. When I arrived a tall decent looking Mex gal with long black hair named Mony greeted me. She spoke very little english and escorted me to my room. I noticed we were the only ones there and she was wearing jeans (Usually always a bad sign.) I showered and made sure there was no towel covering my butt to begin the massage. She proceeded to give a firm excellent masssage but no extras whatsoever at the end, bummer. Cost 350 pesos and tipped her $10 US which she seemed not to pleased with. It would have been more had she at least given me a HJ. Her loss! Don't know when I'll be down next but will scout out other MPs.

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    AcapulcoHeat; I had good luck with the Marriott. They never seem to bother you in any Mexican city.

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    I'm going to PV soon. Can you give me more info on where to find Lucy's or other massage places that give bbbjtc?

    I once was on my way to meet an American girl I met on the beach for drinks & I was waiting for a taxi on Conchas Chinas & a taxi came by that had a nice looking chica in the front seat. I got in the back & the driver was a male so I didn't think she was a SW but I was kind of hoping. There were no words mentioned & they dropped me off at the girls hotel & as I shut the door the chica gave me a sexy look so I just stood by the hotel & was smoking the cigarette & she kept looking at me & then she waived & I waived back & so I went over to the taxi & then the driver started to ask me if I "wanted her". I said yes & got back in the taxi & he dropped me & the chica off at my friend's condo & I took her into the excercise room & got bbbj & covered fs in the mirrors & even gave her a facial which she tried to take but got really sour if you know what i mean. she had a great body & i had negotiated $100 for 2 pops but then i just wanted to leave after my 1st pop cuz i then wanted the american girl who was black that i met that day. I know I overpaid her but I guess it caught me by surprise since I hadn't seen any SW activity at all in PV. Hope you like this story.


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    Evening Gentlemen,

    I will be in PV, for the first time late June and over the fourth of July Weekend. And I would appreciate any info on nice hotels that are "Guest" Friendly.

    Also, some info on the best beach area would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks all


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    Thanks for the update! Good advice this is one of the few times I am glad the wife is not a sports fan. She does, however, know that I am not a big NBA fan but of course I might realy want to catch that A's vs Yanks game...Go A's!! Cool I'll try to check it out. My only other problem is that we are going to have another couple with us. The wifeys will let us go drink in town one night because they know my buddy is not a big drinker so we could not posibly get into too much trouble lol.

    I will try to escape for a relaxing massage since the hotel massage will be to much of a rip off, ya that's the ticket! Hellooo Looocee (Think Ricky Ricardo) here I cum!

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    I will be in PV from June 11th on. I like to dive, and the guy I dive with is across the street from the bull ring. That said, where are a few good spots for a nice quickie after a day of diving nearby, or a good massage with a BJ finish?

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    I was in PV in Early March, and I believe Lucy's was still in bizness. At least I saw signs for her place and an ad in the yellow pages. Was not able to taste the local flavor as my wife had herself surgically implanted on my hip. Oh Well...

    As for getting downtown without the S.O. perhaps you should tell her you want to go into town to watch some sporting event at one of the "sports bars." No Name Cafe has a bunch of TV's, just pick out a game she won't wanna watch. During mid-May the NBA playoffs should be about to the conference finals, go watch the game, grab a quick BJ, and stop by one of the many Sergio Bustamante jewelry shops for a special present. If she gets nosy, just tell her you wanted to surprise her, and this was the only way you go shopping without her.

    Damn! I shoulda thought of that a month ago. And its all yours for free!

    Good Luck, and let us know how it goes...


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