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    Hi Cherubino

    I know it as " La Yeguita " used as a term of endearment.

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    Hi Chicago13

    You sound like you might know, is it La Yegua or La Yeguita? We hear it both ways, and of course you know there is no sign on the door for us to check the spelling against.

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    Cherubino & Prokofiev

    I think you will find La Yeguita to your satisfaction. I have been
    to La Yeguita a long time ago (about 5-7years ago). My cousin
    used to study at el Tec de Monterrey so we used to go on a weekly basis. The women tend to vary depending on what you like but you"ll see a lot of 7-8-9's. Queretaro is growing quite fast
    a lot of businesses and people are moving from el D.F so I would think that the quality of women is better now. I met a few of these women on the outside (monday used to be their day off)
    I will be in Mexico for a few months and I do plan on visiting
    Morelia- Lazaro Cardenas- Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. I know
    Puerto Vallarta isn't that great but Mazatlan should make up for it.
    At a future time I will post my notes on Queretaro- Lazaro Cardenas- Puerto Vallarta and Mazatlan. Also the posting from
    Miller2k is pretty much correct. Women in Mexico tend to get
    married fairly young so if you find a 30+ women unattached she's
    either divorced with kids - a single mom with kids or something is
    wrong with her (that's the way we mexicans tend to think- not all
    of course).

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    cherubino also plans to make his next appearance at la yegua around the first week in august, budget permitting. as the date grows closer we should compare itineraries.

    it seems a lot of people are saying single women over 30 are very rare in mexico and it might just be true. that is explainable as a cultural thing. in the male-dominated latin society, women do in fact have fewer career options than in the us and so it stands to reason more of them do marry and stay married.

    of course it is equally possible that neither you nor i have figured out the best places to go looking for them. let's keep trying.

    you noted your perception to be that most women in the street are either very young, slim and attractive or quite old looking and overweight. i do not buy into the argument that women age more quickly in mexico because a mexican clock ticks at the same speed as does ours. the phenomena we are observing here is something i have noted in other races, particularly orientals. it is more likely what we see is not a matter of female physiology but of our caucasian male perception of it.

    even if we are reasonably good at meeting women once there, spending only a few days per trip there does present challenges. while sometimes that means that by the time we can set-up a date it is already time to leave; other times the señorita realizes the now-or-never situation and moves at breathtaking speed. the sword cuts two ways.

    here is a curious note about using one now-defunct mexican web site. the site was a for-pay singles message board, but i accidentally discovered that when that same pay-site was browsed with a computer using the spanish language version of windows that same site suddenly became free! it was then blatantly obvious they were identifying the language of the internet browser and using that piece of information to soak the gringos. caveat emptor.

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    Thanks for all the good ideas and your previous info on La Yegua. I will be there 1st week in August and will report my experiences.
    I checked out and it looks promising. Thanks. I have been told by many others that single women over 30 are VERY rare in Mexico. But there are many divorciadas con hijos- although many of them are quite young as well. It also seems to me that most women I see in the street are either very young, slim and attractive (15-22) or quite old-looking and large. Where are the middle-age women? Or do they age quickly in Mexico - as I've also been told? I'm reasonable good at meeting women once I'm down there, but since I only spend 3-8 days in each city. time is of the essence. By the time I can set-up a date, I'm ready to leave.
    Keep us informed. - P

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    How to meet Mexican women in the 30-45 y/o range for dating? If you find a good answer to that one I hope you will let ME know. I lived in Mexico back in the 80s and have been going back regularly ever since and so am somewhat familiar with the territory yet the answer to your question continues to elude me too.

    It seems to me that there is a much more powerful social dynamic in Mexican society against women staying single and in that 30+ age group there do really seem to be fewer of them there than in the US.

    As to how to meet them before you go, I have had some small success with dub dub dub americansingles dot com. I set up some dates in Monterrey, DF and Queretero which were well worth the effort though nothing long-term has come of it yet. The Mexican singles sites seem to have a short half-life, but the best one this year seems to be dub dub dub yupi dot com which seems to be a Microsoft outlet.

    On the ground, many towns and cities in Mexico have an English language school, public library or University which hosts a public conversation hour. English speakers are much in demand and these gatherings can be good places to meet the locals.

    Next I have found the best place to be in the retail establishments and malls. The Liverpool department store in Queretero and the one in Leon are both first rate. Forget Wall-Mart. If I can keep a conversation with a señorita going more than 60 seconds that is a good sign. I then will just come right out and ask her where are the places the nice girls like to hang out. I tell her the "doorman at the hotel sent me to La Yegua last night…" pause for her to blush and watch whether or not she does…"but that is not what I was looking for". Over the years that line has gotten me a couple of dates with that señorita in a nice restaurant, but I never really did get an answer to the question as to where they hang out.

    Overall, Mexico is heaven on earth for Cherubino, my mongering dark side; but has proved to be a much more difficult place to meet nice women.

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    Does anyone have any recommendations on how to meet Mexican women for dating? I travel to Mexico 3-4 times a year and would like to correspond and meet with Mexicanas in the 30-45 y/o range. Most of the escorts, dancers, discos and estetica workers are 18-25 (although certainly not all...) and I want to date older women. Does anyone have experience with personal ads, dating web-sites or other means of contacting women here from the US before I arrive in a city? I speak reasonable Spanish and I'm not just looking to get laid. I want to set up dates for dinner or a movie and meet the locals. I travel to Morelia, Guadalajara, Puebla and Mexico City. Any leads or ideas would be appreciated! Also where is a good place to meet women once in Mexico? Most discos and clubs are for a younger set. Any ideas on where to pick-up older women in any of the above cities?

    Thanks, -P

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