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    Spent most of March in Aguas. Not my first time there but it was the first since joining the hobby. That said there really isn't much obvious places to find what you're looking for, unless you visit La Violetas and I never went there. Tried the serenity spa massage place reviewed below and met claudia. It was only her there as she said the other worker was off sick. She looked in her 30's with a decent face, kind of a gut stomach but had a big ass how I like it, but after roaming it felt too square-ish it was not fun to grab at all. Massage was just a simple rub down with lotion and on the flip she wanted to charge for everything. 400 pesos for HJ, 1000 pesos for CBJ and 1500 pesos for CFS. After seeing she wouldn't get talked down on some prices I just left, hell no was she worth any of those prices. After that I really didn't want to try more massage places. Afterwards I tried escorts from milo eroticos and that's how I hobbied for the rest of my stay. Definitely some drop dead gorgeous babes on there for decent prices, and few not some beauties but still worth the visit for lower prices. Some advice, use whatsapp if you can when reaching out and some might send you more pics and unblurred. Also make sure you text call to ask about incall or outcall options depending on where you stay. I stayed at a cousins house so I was limited to only visiting those who had incalls. I will be back in a few weeks though for the feria so if anyone has any places or hidden gems and don't mind sharing please let me know.

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    Best place to pop once or twice.

    I'll be visiting Aguascalientes for a few weeks and I'm looking where I can pop once or twice. Something like a MP or even a strip club. I read that "Las Violetas" is my place to go, any recommendations?

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    Better late than never. Massage in Aguascalientes.

    Very little activity here, so get ready for a long report on Aguascalientes. Unfortunately light on MPs, but I did what I could. If you are not interested in the culture or the people or getting and around and doing things, skip to the very bottom.

    I spent almost 3 weeks in Aguas visiting family. You would think that would be a lot of time, but I have a lot of family. Full disclosure, I am fluent in Spanish, but look unmistakably American. This was my fourth visit to the city, but the first with an eye on mongering.

    The City.

    Aguascalientes is an old, traditional town. The government palace is located in the geographic center of the city (Plaza de Patria) and development radiated outward over the last few decades. The city center is the cultural center and full of activities both public and private during the holidays. My first visit there 20 years ago, there was only the first anillo (ring) and they had started "improving" the 2nd anillo. Now, the 3rd anillo is pretty much done. I stayed in the Quality in (formerly Rio Grande Hotel) right in the center of the city between the main cathedral and the State government building. Good price, great location during the holiday season and free breakfast. I took a 4th floor room overlooking the plaza and would sometimes just stand there and watch everything going on. Unfortunately "going on" often continued into way late at night. If you value peace and quiet (think ginormous speakers systems competing with each other). Then get a room not facing the square.


    Outside of the Feria de San Marcos in the spring, there is not a lot of International Tourism in the city. That means it is unreasonable to assume that a lot of people will speak English. Most out of towners come from other places in Mexico. That doesn't mean there is nothing to do. Both in the Centro and the outside the city proper. I won't go into all of them, you can check TripAdvisor for that, but the highlights were definitely the Museum of Death, the Discovery Museum of Science, and just walking around the Central Square. Outside the city a visit to Tonala (2. 5 hours drive) for handicraft shopping is well worth it, as is a 3-for-1 trip to the Broken Christ Statue, San Pancho de las Carnitas for lunch and the Boca de Tunel for an excursion.

    The Vibe.

    Aguas is not located near any major North-South Corridor. It is WAY in the interior of the country. No beaches, no national borders, no Federal Government. I have often thought of it as the state that Mexico forgot. Despite that, it does have a Latin American Modern feel to it. The people are chill, friendly, and helpful. Not once walking, driving or being a passenger did I feel in ANY kind of danger. While I am sure there are drugs (where isn't there?) I saw no evidence of Narco activity or prevalence of gangs. State police WALK around or drive inside of cars, not the pickup trucks full of heavily armed Federales in Mexico City or armored cars in Chiappas. Oh, and this is the cleanest big city in Central America, hands down. Maybe in the Hemisphere. It's not that he common person is more civic minded and uses the innumerable trash bins and cans everywhere, it is because he government employs an army of people to pick up trash 24/7. You can see them almost everywhere, certainly within the first anillo and most of the second. Hidrocalidas (what they call themselves) take great pride in their city's cleanliness, even if they only do marginally more than other Mexicans to keep it that way.

    Aguascalientes seems at first glance to be a city with no central planning. You will see 3 story Spanish style houses adjacent to empty lots or brick-walled hovels.

    Getting around.

    Most places in the 1st anillo are accessible by walking from the centro. Lots of little hidden gems and street meat to sample along the way. Taxis are plentiful except when it is raining or during rush times, when you might wait for 15 minutes until you find an empty one. Then, they may not want to take you any place far away, and can try to cheat you, especially if they smell gringo. I opted for the very robust Uber option. Never had to wait more than a few minutes, and rarely paid more than $3-4 US. No judgements, no kick backs, no bad experiences.

    The search for a Happy Ending.

    First attempt was to a place recommended to me call Spags. They are on Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc. Benjamin de la Mora # 446 zona centro Call. This is a 100% legit spa. They SPs wear uniforms and surgical face masks and give memorized instructions. I was instructed to wear paper underpants over my boxers. That was a bit embarrassing as I have a pretty ghetto booty. Almost an LMT experience. Facility very nice, hot or cold tea afterwards. Call to make an appointment. Dirt Cheap. $600 pesos / hour (a little over $30) but you can get specials. They have a Jacuzzi, steam room, garden to relax in, lots of other services, all impeccably presented. The most notable thing, however is that they have a special. 18 hour "honeymoon special" that includes all of the above. What a great place to escape with a new friend. They do have some passable English speakers on staff. Atmosphere 10/10. Massage 7/10. Extras 0/10.

    Next one I didn't even go to. Was told by a trusted source it was very much the same model at Spags: Buccio Spa: República de Chile 607 Las Américas Cel. Also call ahead to book. Lots of information about them on line, all indications that 100% legit and same price point.

    So I found myself alone (finally) for an afternoon, and standing in the middle of the Plaza central. Decided to let Google Maps decide my fate! Closest place to the Centro was Sattvá Yug (Espacio de Bienestar).

    Calle Juan de Montoro 201. They are located about 4 blocks from the central plaza, upstairs, door just to the left of an OXXO. Unfortunately the door was locked and they never answered the phone. On to the next closest. "Date un break" in Avenida las Americas:

    Av. Las Américas #109 int 5 (Second Floor) Call. The door to go upstairs was closed and locked and no answer to the phone. Fortunately, close to them was Bella Kara. I will save the expense, they are closed, not in business.

    Had time to try one more place (and now I need a massage after all the walking, Serenity and Massage, about a half mile from my location. This time I call, and yes, they answer. "Appointment only" they say. But yes they can make an appointment for a half hour from now. Done deal, on my way.

    República de Brasil 621, Las Américas.

    I arrive and. Walk right past it. Again. And Again. Then I figure out, it is upstairs and the numbers on the street are not in numerical order. I go upstairs, knock. I enter what looks to be the living room of a private home. Met by "Sandra". Mid-30's, right around 5' tall, thick by MP standards, but with big see's pushing out her shirt. Now it becomes a unique experience for me at an MP.

    She asks me if I want to use the restroom to wash my hands or [CodeWord111]. No shit, she used the Spanish "Urinar". I smile, thinking well, we are going to be upfront and straightforward today. I clean up a little, then she takes me to a converted bedroom. Dim lights, very comfy massage table, and asks me to completely undress. A good sign. Up til now, she hasn't taken the house fee or even discussed it, so I figure what the hell, live dangerously. I lay, undraped, face down. She begins pushing on my muscles. I could not credibly call it a massage, but at least she has her hands on me and is moving them in a coordinated, pre-determined way. Used light, unscented oil. We chat, small talk. 30 minutes in, she asks me to go "boca arriba" Still uncovered. Her strokes become softer, slower and longer. She works from the head down to pelvis, skips over main event and spends a few minutes on the legs.

    Then she stops, comes over to my head and tells me "The therapeutic part of the massage is over. If you want me to continue, you will have to tip. " I assured her this would not be a problem. She took what seemed to be a handful of oil and just splatted it on my pelvis, then began to spread it over the twig and berries. She makes appreciative noises as little man gets in the game. I reach up for the double handful of chesticles, and she says "more tip. " once again I assure her no problem. Still haven't talked price yet, even for the "therapeutic" part of the massage. With a little coaxing and another "more tip" out come the twins in all their glory. Big, floppy and fun. In a few minutes little man expends himself, but she doesn't stop with the handiwork until he is completely drained and asleep. She finishes the time with a scalp massage. That was actually the most MT like part.

    She directs me to not tell the boss about the extra part, and leave the tip under the pillow. I finally ask about paying the house fee. She says you can give the $200 pesos to the boss. Yes, I heard right. About $10 for the hour. If only she were more trained. I leave another $200 for a tip (sorry locals if I over-tipped) and walk out happy. And a bit smug that I was able to find an he by myself!

    As I leave, I pay the boss, Claudia the house fee. She is about the same age, a little thinner, and prettier and even flirtier. She assures me they can speak English well enough for non-Spanish speakers and gives me a card. I ask if I come back if she will provide the massage and she is all smiles and agrees. Pity I didn't have another opportunity to escape. Uber ride back to the Centro and my experience ends.

    Happy mongering!

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    La Violetas.

    What's a trip without some fun. Well I came to Aguascalientes to check out the fair, turns out there is a small red light district called Las Violetas and has like a small street full of bars with some FS action. I forgot the name of the bars I went, but the one I went to had some chick in slingshot bikini and I tipped her 20 mxn as soon as I saw her on stage. Well I wasn't being pressured into getting a dance but on stage there was this other cutie and I wanted to tip her but she didn't get the cue. Well the dancer with the slingshot bikini came to me and told me where I'm from and whatever but I cut to the chase. It was 2000 mxn for everything including the room (50 extra for condom). She was good, pounded her every way I could. The room had a wall mirror so it was nice seeing her in doggystyle since she had a nice soft butt. I ended up finishing myself but she hovered her breast on my face so I was sucking them good. I would probably come back but I'm not usually here in Aguascalientes.

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    Any action here.

    Will be here this upcoming Friday for La Feria, I suppose there would be some type of action since there are so many people coming all over Mexico, if so please let me know thanks.

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    Christmas in Aguas

    Any advice on Massages with extras or the like in Aguas? Going to spend Christmas there and don't want to get too lonely. Se Habla Espanol.



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    Any info on the red light district called "Las Violetas"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mou7189  [View Original Post]
    DET. Not related to AGU but probably of interest to you.

    Mongering in the Detroit area today. Stopped at LaChambre today. Not much happening there. About 6 girls working and all but one fat. Had a coke for $3. 50 with no cover. Stayed about 5 minutes and split.

    Headed down to Bogurts on Michigan Ave. $5 cover and the coke cost $6. 5. Tons of girls working. Not bad at all for a MONDAY at lunch. Mix was 50/50 between good looking and fat girls. Chased away about 5 girls before Danielle came over. Nice looking leggy curly blond with stockings on. Took her up on the VIP dance. $10 just to get into the VIP section. She started dancing and I asked right away if she would split with me to a hotel. My luck has been 50/50 with this at local clubs. She stated that she could not because the club has been running a special since Memorial day for the girls. Work that day and each consectutive day after that is only $10 for the girls instead of $80. Once you stop the cost goes back to $80 a day. This is probably why so many girls.

    Anyway, she stated we could have some fun right there. Asked if I was a cop and asked me to rub her pussy to prove I was not. I obviously complied. She stated she would give me BJ for $100 as long as it did not take more than 3 songs, this was including the cost of the songs ($20 per song). I said hell ya and she started right away. 30 seconds into the first song I exploded and she took every drop of it. Cleaned me up with a nampkin and back to work I went. She wanted my # to get together later in the week but I split when she went to the restroom knowing that I am headed to Lousville tomorrw (Tuesday) and then back to AGU on Wed. Plus, I don't want to give my, I would rather get their # and call when I want to.

    Perhaps we could me sometime at this club during the day and monger together pulling two chicks out of there and working a deal to swap afterwards thus getting to bang two for the price of one.
    $100.00 for a blowjob and you shot your wad in 30 seconds? That is hilarious. Reminds me of a stripper I know very well from Mexicali. Said a Japanese guy paid her $300. 00 to go to his hotel. She said she went to the batroom and took her clothes off. Came out, and she went to put a rubber on him using her teeth and he came before she could even get it over his cock. She walked out with $300. 00 for 5-minutes.

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    Anyone have any recent intel?

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    Been away for bit busy with work and all. I am headed back to Aguas. arrive on the evening of the 22nd and leave in the AM on the 24. Will have at least one night to myself and possibly both nights.
    Surprised that there has been no action on this site since I left 4 months ago.
    Does anyone have any reports on the mongering?

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    i totally understand not wanting to monger in the states. i got married last year but i do not live in the detroit area and the wife never even comes close to visiting this area. i usually only hit a club during my lunch breaks.

    funny thing about your japanese co-worker - i work for the japs as well. i think i know who you visit in guad. and my guess is that you have a mfg plant in agu.
    on thing about the cabbies in mexico that i have found is that they are not helpful at all, despite what people report on here. i have found all of them to not be willing to help. only when they realize that you are not on your first trip do they come around. when i found 1125 the cabbie tried to drive me around in a circle and i busted him. it was only then that he came around.

    1125 is located where the fair was. i remember seeing the carnival rides across the street. not sure if this helps but perhaps a local could provide more.

    in agu i stay at the los trojes hotel. not a good place to monger and secruity is very tight if you call a chic from the yellow pages. please see my report on security at this place. i stay there because it is close to my plant. not the main road, but the road the actual entrance to the hotel is lcoated on has a good spot to gather information. about 1 mile down the road on the opposite side there is a bar called la catina. ask the large waiter, he was a great source for information.

    in guad. i always stay downtown at the holiday inn. i like to get out and walk and look around as well and this place is close to alot in the downtown area. i have not visited [CodeWord123] but i did visit a place that is across from the mission carleton hotel, located next to wal-mart. nice selection of girls there and the cost was only 400 peso.

    travelling bascially sucks and making arrangements to meet up would be difficult as it sounds like we would both have to ditch clients/co-workers. not hard to do but for both of us to ditch them at the same time may be a bit of a task.

    editor's note: i would suggest that the author or another forum member consider posting a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    just returned from 2 days in aguascalientes and part of one day in guadalajara.

    first day, arrived in gdl later at night. too late to visit [CodeWord123] (or any other estetica). when i arrive to my hotel, i check in and go out to dinner with a client. on the way too and back from dinner i see many streetwalkers on plaza de sol.

    when my client drops me off at my hotel room, i decide to take a walk. big waste of time. it seems that many of the streetwalkers are actually guys (broad shoulders and deeper voices were a dead giveaway). anyhow there were a couple that i am. um. 70% sure were girls, however, between all of the cops patrolling the area and the thought of making a mistake and taking someone of the wrong gender back to the hotel, i decided to just go back to my hotel room alone and sleep.

    next day i travel to aguascalientes in the afternoon. i have no luck in this town either (always the case). anyhow, at night, i tried to get several cabbies to take me to the 1125 that mou mentioned. it seemed that none of them had any idea what i was talking about. even when i kept asking about finding chicas they all just shake their heads like they don't know. finally, i got so pissed off that i made a hand gesture with my 2 fingers and told the cabbie i want to find a chica. no use. i might as well have been talking to myself. no pussy on the first night.

    next night i go out and walk away from the plaza near my hotel. i forget the name of the road, but it is the main road that actually goes under the plaza near fiesta americana hotel. anyhow, i walk up the road about 1km and i actually see a streetwalker (first time ever in agua). anyway, to make a long story short, because i couldn't speak spanish, i had no luck with her (turned down by a hooker is not something i'm proud of). near that road are also many bars. when i walked by one bar, some lady with no teeth approached me outside, however, i was not interested (not to mention, i couldn't communicate with her if i wanted).

    my flight to leave agua was very early in the morning (before daylight). during the taxi ride to the airport, i also saw yet another streetwalker (very obvious). this was also not too far from my hotel.

    i will be back in about 2 weeks. then i will have time to explore some more.

    mou, yeah i know which detroit club your talking about. a coworker of mine from japan (speaks no english) once spent $400 in that place for only a lap dance (no bj. nothing). i normally don't monger much in the usa anymore since i got married. however, i would be open to visiting a club if i could do some discrete mongering there.

    b. t. w. i am not sure which hotel you stay at, but if you stay at the intercontinental, [CodeWord123] is not too far away. there is also another estetica that is even closer than [CodeWord123] (forget the name).

    editor's note: i would suggest that the author or another forum member consider posting a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    Just returned from AGU...not a pleasant trip. Won't bore everyone with the details. I did not get a chance to monger on this one. Was too busy with work. But I did stay at the Los Trejos hotel as it is close to my plant. Had a plant guy with me and we headed down to the La Cantina for a few beers. Talked to the waiter there and got a good new tip...providing it turns out to be accurate.

    First he told me that the 1125 club that I mentioned in previous posts becomes a dangerous place from Wednesday to Saturday. He recommended that I not monger there alone on those days.

    He also mentioned a place called the Blue Cat that is close to Hotel Americana. I will have to check it out on the next trip. Anyone else care to comment?

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    Headed to AGU this afternoon arriving at 8PM tonight. Plane leaves to come home tomorrow at 11:45AM. How is that for a fast trip with a customer visit to my plant in there as well. Probably won't have time to hit the 1125 again. Will be home in DET all next week.

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    Hey. Thanks for the info. Yeah I think I know which club your talking about in Detroit. I didn't know they had P4P there though. I am headed down to Guad on Wednsday. Thursday I will be in Aguascalientes. Maybe Thursday we should check that club out in Agua if your around.


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