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    I have recently been in Acuna and had a great time. It was a Sunday evening and not a great selection of girls but then I was one of maybe 5 guys in the entire Boystown.

    Club Rio- 5 or 6 girls and three of them would easily rate 7/8 on the 10 scale. Picked one, 30 for her 22 for the room. Great BBBJ and then a great titty fuck,shower afterwards and then she helped me get dress 30/45 minutes of a great time.

    Hunters Club- 25 for the room 60 for the girl BBBJ and a great fuck from a 9 who looked like she should have been in a teen modeling magazine. This was probably the single best looking
    girl I've seen in Acuna the 40 years Ive been going there.

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    Was in Piedras Negras and heard about BT in Nava Coah. approx. 30 mi. in. A local told me it was nice. & had an entrance fee of 100 pesos per veh. / anybody been there??

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    Hey E Mail kid I did tried that last April but only got as far as Piedras Negras. Nuevo Laredo is still the best.

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    I second that.

    I'm planning a compare / contrast journey of boystowns along the Rio Grande starting (probably) in Reynosa. Not sure if I'll go all the way to Acuna.....but if info warrants it, it would be a great way to spend Thanksgiving weekend.


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    Hi Puzzylicker any new updates on Acuna Never been there would love to have another update on that city Keep us posted if you can. Any other cool small border city updtes would be great too,,, ThanXXX,,,, NIBU R......

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    For more information & pictures related to the *****houses in Acuna,Mexico visit these two websites at Http:// or Http://

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    I highly recommend the *****houses in Acuna,Mexico.I was just there last weekend and it was my fourth time since last year.At the Hunter's Ranch,the ladies charge about $70 or more and the rooms are now $25 for 30 minutes of pure pleasure with an attractive dancer.The Rio,next door,has improved a little bit since I've been there last time in their selection of ladies.

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    Other Areas

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