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    Hey Everyone ,

    Thanks for the information!

    Does "La casa" have set visiting hours? What time does it open? Morning? Afternoon? I would like to visit during the day when there might be fewer guys hogging the chicas? Any info/

    Thanks - P

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    visitors to queretaro will find that as of the date of this posting that la yegua is open for business. everything in jackson's post of 7-7-01 on the old forum is still accurate, so this will serve as an update and cherubino will try to include some of the specifics cherubino would want to know the first time.

    jackson says la yegua is the finest brothel in central mexico and cherubino thinks it could be the best anywhere. it is housed in a purpose-built structure located on calle heriberto allera about a hundred feet south of the intersection with avenida constituyentes. the building has no street number but all the cab drivers know the place. the front door faces the well lighted pemex station on the corner, across the street and one long block west of the hotel flamingo.

    from the outside la yegua would appear to be a nondescript windowless warehouse taking up most of the block, but enter the large wooden garage door under the large amber wall lamps and you find yourself inside a motel-like building with dozens of rooms facing the inside paved courtyard where there is parking for several dozen cars. you can drive inside la yegua to park, but cherubino has seen the doorman direct one-occupant cars to park on the street. however you arrive, just knock to be checked out through the peephole then admitted.

    once inside, keep to your left to enter the "showroom" which is a windowless low-ceiling room about 30x40 feet with an exotic dancer pole on a little stage in the middle and a wet bar against one wall. the north and south walls are lined with chairs and there are low chairs and tables filling the rest of the room. the furniture is so darned low it makes it appear everyone is squatting as around a campfire.

    some of the girls do striptease and dance on the center stage. the white-haired lady sometimes found behind the bar is the duena (owner). don't order at the bar because you will not be served there; from the time you walk in one of the waiters will follow you around until you take a seat then he will take your drink order and bring it to you along with one of their short footstool tables. the obligatory first drink is $100 pesos and the girls' drinks $50 pesos.

    there are some 60 girls who live on the premesis. among the girls are several high-mileage old pros, but most of the girls are under 30 and most of those 7-10s! there seem to always be a few stunning latinas at la yegua who will take your breath away. cherubino has found it a chalenge to get close to any of these, besides it is hard to talk with your breath taken from you.

    cherubino likes to roam around and not be tied down to a table, but the layout at la yegua makes that kind of difficult. the waiters seem to always seat cherubino next to some #3 high-mileage girl who is hard to shake. all cherubino can say is to be polite but firm about who you want to meet. cherubino has had good success letting the girls come to him although it is difficult to handle a conversation with a #8 latina with a #3 already seated beside you kneading your crotch.

    cherubino has never done the private-room thing and would appreciate anyone who could tell more about how that works.

    you will need some spanish language skills to get along at la yegua because this far south of the border gringos are the exception and not the rule.

    the clientele at la yegua is smartly dressed and apparently well heeled young mexican executives. the girl/guy ratio looks pretty unpromising when you first go in, but when cherubino visited, enough of the girls were curious about the lone gringo to come over for a chat. there is no dancing, just conversation and bargaining.

    asking prices seem to be about $1000 pesos for an hour in the girls' room, cherubino bargained down to $750 pesos last thursday. the price quoted by the girl is inclusive of the room but don't forget to ask. as soon as your price is agreed, your latina will lead you out of the "showroom" to the courtyard where she will ask you to pay up front then she will disappear for a minute to go bank her money.

    watch out for the "extra drink" scam, this is after the price is negotiated and then the girl wants an extra $50-$100 pesos for a drink to take to the room but then comes back empty handed counting on you to be destracted with thoughts of something warmer and softer than a drink soon to be in your hand. you need to have a cute answer like "but you'll spill tequila all over your bed" ready to use to avoid paying the extra $50-$100.

    cherubino likes the gfe and la yegua has yet to let him down. la yegua must have a no-kissing rule in effect because the girls won't give out samples, but in the room it is gfe all the way with french kissing included. as always, it pays to be damned specific about what you expect to get, but cherubino has not been disappointed at la yegua yet.

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    La Yegua is located on Heriberto Allera street (not to be confused with a similarly named Heriberto street in another part of town). Buy a good map and look in the index under "A" for Allera. La Yegua apparently has no street number, but is on the west side about a hundred feet south of Avenida Constituyentes. Like Zaber said, look for the two big amber lights on the wall above a garage door. The door faces the Pemex station on the corner and is the only door in that block.

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    Want to go to la casa? easy ways to find it:

    1) Ask any cab driver for "la yegua"(la ye-wa).

    2) If you are in your car, ask for the "Hotel Flamingo" or "la Parrilla leonesa" both of them are less of a street of the place.

    If tou are in the corner of the Flamingo Hotel you'll see at at your right and at the other side of the street a Pemex Station, in the other corner it's a tire shop (Good year), the street betwen both it's very visible and you'll see a black door at your right with two lamps (The wall it's very high).

    Just knock the door, they open and let you in.

    You had to take a drink meanwhile you are inside, and the women are around, some of them will ask directly if you are interested asking:"¿Quieres ir al cuarto?"

    They are privates room for the drink with the girls, but you have to buy a bottle.

    if you want a more personalized service, don't go in weekends or near payday, they got their hands full. (they don't "work" in Sunday)

    Good luck and get fun!

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    Will be in Queretaro this summer for several days and I hope to visit "La Casa" which was listed in the old forum - back in September. Any updated info? An address? Do you need to buy drinks for the girls or can you just choose and go to a room? Prices? Other options in Queretaro? Any additional tips and info is appreciated. Thanks, -P

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    Queretaro City

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