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    Thank you fantasy for your information, this forum is really a great help!

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    Hi everybody,
    I will be in boca chica in august at the dominican bay resort, I know it is not guest friendly (but I got a really good deal), it would be very nice if someone in this forum could give me a cheap solution to solve this little problem : unexpensive rooms to rent for a short time or for the entire night if the chica deserves it : some kind of motels or cheap hotels/bungalows....
    Thank you in advance for your answer!

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    Let me start by saying i am a long time reader here, but no posts in this forum. I have posted a bit in the Rhode Island forum. Reason I posted here today, just to offer what info I can for those going down there. I live in Boca Chica/Andres for 5 months a year. The remaining 7 months i am here in the states. I work not far outside of Boca at a resort, but live in Andres. If there are any questions i can try and help you with, i will do my best. I am fluent in Spanish, English, and French so I am able to communicate with most very easily while down there. I came back from BC March 14th, and just went down for 4 days last weekend.

    I am speaking for you all in any prices, because things differ GREATLY for those who live down there and have continous contact with them. You should never pay more than $600 pesos for an allnighter. Short time should be in the $300-$400 price range. Let you understand that if you opt for the allnighter, quite often that 600 will be pushed further with probable price of drinks, food, fun, etc... There are some hidden gems down there, dont believe all the talk about the talent level dropping, they are still there, but maybe not as many as before. Alot more of them are out in the daytime, on the beach and in the cafes, then there was before, say 5 years ago. I have been going there, working there for about 8 years now. Well, any further help I will try my best.

    The most important tips i can give you,

    Learn their language as much as you can.
    Treat them with respect, just like you would a regular girlfriend here, hold that, better than a regular girlfriend you have here.
    The littleist things go a long way down there, take that as you may.
    Do not buy a drink for everyone who asks you, because a red S will be seen on your forehead, and thats not to signify Superman or Spiderman.
    The girls network very well. Not all are friendly towards each other, but when it comes to gringo or dominicana, you lose. Word spreads fast. That works both ways, good and bad.
    Most importantly, feel comfortable to venture off the main drag into the town itself, there lies the fun and the REAL hidden gems. I guess it would work better if you knew some spanish, but if not, show some effort and have some common sense, you will be ok.

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    BC Hotels:

    There are a lot of guest friendly hotels here. Two of the favorites are Hotel Europa and Costalunga, at $35 per night.

    Stay away from the all inclusive Hamaca. It is not guest friendly.

    Santo Domingo is only a 25 minute taxi ride. Check out Remington Palace while there. The girls go for 1,500 pesos per night.

    The Europa:
    Economy Rooms $25 with no A/C
    Standard Rooms $35 with A/C
    Superior Rooms $45 with A/C and Cable
    Seaview Rooms $55 with A/C, Cable and a Balcony
    (Telephone # 809-523-5721)
    (Fax # 809-523-6994)

    All rooms have safes.

    Listing of many hotels:

    I have to agee with Mr Pgapro, from above,the more you go the better the prices become.
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    I am now posting in new forum. I leave for DR in 5 days and have reservations in BC. I understand quantity and quality of girls is down. What are current prices for all nighters with bar/club/beach girls? If anyone has any recent info about BC please post, this will be my 1st trip to the DR.

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    Boca Chica

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