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    Great report, looking forward to the rest. And I thought mine was detailed in the Sosua section, good stuff. Santiago is unchartered territory.


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    The chica who I hooked up with at club passion was short, blonde with green eyes and hot! We stayed at the Helios cabana and had a wonderful night, repeatedly. She wanted to take control, which I gladly complied.

    The next morning as I was reaching for my pants to cover her taxi ride home, I felt stiff and sore as if I rode a horse without a saddle. I said my goodbyes and went back to bed. Thoughout the night, there was a need for me to call on my bilingual friend Raphael, who worked at the cabana twenty four hours straight for 35 dollars US. After tipping him lovely upon check out, I somehow felt that he wanted to come and work for me on a full time basis.

    The next day started with a late lunch at a restaurant with a western theme, located directly across from the monument in santiago. The waiters spoke english and the food was good. Although I had the cravings for fried rice with chicken and pork (which wasn't listed on the menu), they were more than happy to create this dish for me with no problem.

    After lunch I wanted to visit another hot spot that I heard about via this forum, so we drove around until we came upon a carwash with a restaurant in front and a beauty salon across the driveway. Here I felt as if I died and gone to heaven. There was approximately 25 latin honies who were in and out of the salon, preparing themselves for the evening. My buddy who is jamaican had decided to go to the salon for a manicure and hang out with some of the chicas, while the rest of us stayed at the restaurant drinking Presidentes and Dewars. It wasn't long before I joined him along with another friend of mine. There had to have been 50 chicas who were parading in and out of this establishment all day. They were getting their hair done, adjusting their clothes in the mirror and applying tons of make up. I settled for a manicure and a 15 minute back rub by a young chica who worked there.

    After several hours of drinking, eating and fooling around with the chicas. We decided to check back in the cabanas to prepare for the evening with some of the ladies. The Helios cabana is probably the nicest place that you can go and get laid and feel that you are in paradise. We had decided to get four of the best rooms in the house, which my room alone (Presidential suite) cost six thousand pecos for one night. The cabana was about 1500 sq ft/ with two levels. The floors were made of marble and the walls and ceiling of mahogany. there was an aquirium with exotic fish and a jacuzzi for four down stairs. there was strobe lights for a disco near the jacuzzi and a walk around bar. Beneath the wide marbled staircase, I believe there is a waterfall that is out of order. As you climb the massive stairs, you cannot miss the large crystal chanderlair and six foot painting of a couple embrace with each other. The bed was kingsize that required a running start to get up on and the bathroom was magnificent with dual sinks and a table and chair to relax.

    After returning to the carwash, it was apparent that the many hours spent ther by the chicas had paid off. It was like a runway of latin models stampeding around attempting to gain your attention. There was also alot of guys hanging out trying to influence the chicas with little or no pecos. We grabbed a table outside and ordered dinner and was approached by six chicas who sat at our table and started in by stating how much they loved us and wanted to only be with us (hmm). There was a lot of beneath the table action as well as hugs and kisses(cheek only baby). I locked eyes onto one of the chicas that I met earlier at the salon, who only knows how to say "fuck you" in english. She was young, attractive and physically abusive. It started off with just a hit to the shoulder here and there and ended up with her teeth marks on my chest. It was unfortunate that she didn't understand english, because I called her every ***** in the book as well as reminding her that I keep my pimp hand strong! She had cocked block every chica that came my way, by way of eye stares and threatening words. She was fine, young and sassy. I would say she was around 19-20 yrs old. The nicest little ass that I've seen in a long time. My buddies decided enough was enough and it was time to blow the scene with the chicas. My chica (crazy girl) was my choice, but I had to wait until 12 o'clock for her to get off. Somehow due to lack of communication and too much Dewars, my buddies (and I use this word loosely) had took both cars and left me behind to await the mental queen. I jumped in a taxi and paid for me and my chica to get back to cabana.

    To Be Continued.

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    Thank you WSG for the opportunity to share my personal experiences in the DR on this forum. This is my first posting to this site, but this is not my first time in the DR. I just returned to the states on March 23, after spending a wonderful weekend in the capital, santiago then Boca Chica. I arrived in the capital friday night and had a brief stop over at a friends house before heading up to santiago. Based upon the information that was posted here, I decided to hit some of the hot spots in santiago. I was accompanied by three other of my friends in two different cars. Our first stop was at club passion. Club passion is located down a side road east of the major highway, across from Helios cabanas (near power station). After taking parking lessons from a parking attendent who didn't speak or understand english, I was ready to get my party on. There was a brief security checkpoint at the front door checking for weapons and any other contraband. Once inside, I had realized that my 1700 mile trip was all worth what I was told it would be. There was approximately 30-40 women of all shapes, colors and sizes, who were all dress in formal gowns, short pants, or nothing at all. With the help of 100 pecos we were immediately directed to a table and chairs at the foot of the dance floor. Everyone on the dance floor was having a blast, dancing to the latin music and grinding bodies together as if there was no one else present. Out of the corner of my eye, I have noticed that there was alot of young chicas with older men, who I know wouldn't have a chance in their lives to be with if it wasn't for the old mighty dollar. We ordered 2 bottles of Dewars and had our waiter motion some of the attractions our way. although I don't speak spanish, it didn't require much talking for the chica to know what I was looking for. One thing that I have noticed between dominican and american women is that dominican women knows how to make her man feel as if he was a king. Most of them will cuddle you in public and feed you at restaurants, and at times compliment you in broken english on how nice you look today. You get bathe from head to toe, then wrapped in a towel before being guided to a bed for lotioning and grooming. After the full body massage and the happy ending, dinner will be waiting for you along with a pretty smile from across the table. This is just part of my first night and next day in the Santiago area. I will continue this at another time, since I do have a job to report to. But before I leave, I just want to say it gets much better than this.

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    Jet Blue will kill American!!!

    Jet blue gives you 24 points a RT to DR from NYC and 48 points from LA and requires 100 for a free trip. Goodby American Airlines. Taxi to Sosua, $20-$24. Seems there might be a few of us hanging around Santiago every week. Good thing there are only a few hotels so we can all car pool together.

    Its a great deal.

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    Just booked my ticket, $450.00 on Continental coming out of Newark on 3/17. I'll be at the Palace for a few and then I'm off to Santiago. Looking forward to a much needed vacation.

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    "Somebody please give me some info on chica friendly hotels in Santiago."


    Just got back from Santiago yesterday. Stayed at Hotel Aloha Sol for 1600 pesos. You have to call them (809) 583-0090 to book reservations. Very friendly staff, very helpful with passing along nightlife details, and telling the cabbies to look out for you. The area is very safe, was able to walk around at night in the dark streets without feeling any danger.

    Probably about a 3 star, by US standards, but well worth the stay. Has an on-site restaurant/bar. Located around the corner from Hotelpa Centro Plaza, which has a restaurant as well, but also a very happening-with-the-locals weekend discoteca.

    Santiago is loaded with beautiful regular chicas, and this hotel location has you two blocks away from ground central, esp. on a Santurday afternoon. It's in the local shopping district

    There's a cambio one block away. There's a Pizza Hut up the street to the right of the hotel one block away, and a McDonalds two blocks to the left in the shopping district. There are a couple of 24 hr ATMs within 2 blocks, each with armed guards for your protection, as well as the banks. Incredibly, Citibank, located two doors down from the hotel and in front of Hotelpa Centro Plaza, has no ATM available.

    Cab rides to Illusions and Casa Blanca were 100-150 pesos. Again, fairly priced. From one of these locations to Ambi One (regular merengue nightclub with loads of regular available chicas), taxi cost 150-200 pesos.

    Finally, very chica friendly. They may make the chica sign in, may not. I experienced both. Not a problem with the chicas at all, so long as she's reasonable dressed (meaning not bra and panties only), which is understandable since there is a business class as well as couples that stay here.

    Hope this helps.

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    Somebody please give me some info on chica friendly hotels in Santiago.

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    What's up guys,

    Hey Vladimir, you're right, those are the best places to pick up female Riverside. Iluciones Night club, Casablanca and Passion are the best. Go If you are going to be visiting Santiago you have to go this places. Santiago has the most beutifull girls
    in the Dominican Rep, or you can go to San Fransisco, which is right next to Santiago, and go to Caribe Night Club. Oh god, pretty girl there.

    That is my hang out spot in Santiago and San Fransisco.

    EDITOR's NOTE: This report was edited for clarity.

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    Prologue - Chapter 4 of this report are posted in the Sosua section.

    Chapter 5 is posted in the Puerto Plata section.

    I have maps for Sosua, Puerto Plata, and Santiago. Send me a private message if you want them, they are too large to upload to WSG without distorting them.

    The Vladimir Chronicles - Dominican Republic
    Chapter 06: Santa Came Early (Or So She Said)

    I packed up my stuff in the morning then walked outside to make sure my driver from Sosua didn't come to wait for me. He wasn't around so I called Jonny who had offered to take me back to Sosua for 600 pesos, 200 pesos less than the standard charge of the Costambar drivers. Jonny said he'd be over in 20 minutes, so I grabbed my stuff and went to check out.

    I waited at the front desk while the bartender went to get someone from the office. One of the cuter but slightly heavier ladies was playing pool with a gentleman she had been with since I arrived. She had been checking me out a lot and came to tell me she was sorry to see me go while her date was in the restroom. I ended up having to wait for a while to get checked out, I don't know what took so long, but it was slightly annoying. Another driver had arrived and was waiting in the meantime, when I finally got checked out he mentioned that Jonny had sent him because he went to Santo Domingo.

    We were already in the car when I thought I should double check on the price. Of course I was being charged the standard 800, but at this point it wasn't cost nor time effective to find another ride. During the ride, I had mentioned that I would be going to Santiago later in the day. The driver handed me his business card and offered to take me for the "special" price of only 1200 pesos. Twenty five minutes later, I paid the driver and carried my backpack into the Voramar.

    I headed to the Palace around 2pm to see if anyone was around. Nigel was there, and had his bags packed up to go to Santiago. He was taking the Caribe Tours bus which was only 70 pesos, less than $2 US while the other driver wanted $33 and the standard price was $35 US or more. I was initially concerned about the comfort and quality of the bus ride, but Nigel said the bus was very nice, so I decided to go that route. Nigel didn't expect the taxi for another 40 minutes to an hour, so I told him I'd go with him if he wanted to wait while I ran a few quick errands. He said he wanted to be in Santiago before 5pm, but if I was back in less than an hour he'd probably still be there. I then went to change some money and use the Internet, but he was already gone when I returned about 45 minutes later. John was there and gave me a few tips on Santiago. Nigel had written down the name of a place called Helios where he was planning to stay, but John told me that was a short time Cabana that sold time in blocks of four hours, nice but expensive to use as a 24 hour hotel room. He recommended a place called Hotel Hodelpa. He asked if I knew where to go, so I mentioned that I knew of Casa Blanca and Pasion. He recommended Ilusion as one of the better places.

    I wasn't in a rush now, so I walked over to get tacos again at La Roca. I then headed over to the cheap taxi stand to get a ride back to the Voramar to grab my bags, then on to Caribe Tours. The buses leave every hour, and I arrived 10 minutes before the next bus was ready to leave. I just finished paying when they announced that the bus was boarding. We all walked outside and to the left where a large, air conditioned bus was waiting.

    I was impressed by the quality of the bus. The seats were larger and more comfortable than I had expected, and they had two mounted televisions connected to a video source to play movies. They also supposedly had a bathroom, but I never needed to use it so I didn't check it out. We were off on our way soon, so I sat back and watched the movie that was in progress.

    We stopped in Puerto Plata to pick up more passengers. A few cute ladies boarded, taking the seats behind me and across from me. When we continued on, the ones behind me patted my head. Soon the one across asked if she could sit next to me, of course I obliged. We talked off and on during the ride. She was very pretty, better looking than most of the ladies I spent time with, but unfortunately they were headed to Santo Domingo, so I bid them farewell when we arrived in Santiago about 75 minutes later. I grabbed a cab outside the station to the Hodelpa Centro Plaza for 80 pesos.

    Hodelpa Centro Plaza is located in El Centro, and the streets were very busy at this time. I checked in at the rate of $50 US per night and went upstairs in the only functioning elevator, which in fact was only partially functional because the doors would not open from the first floor without inserting a firm piece of laminated paper between the cracks of the door to activate the sensor. I put my stuff away, then returned downstairs and outside to check out the immediate surroundings while there was still some light out.

    A Citibank branch is directly across from the Hodelpa, but they didn't have an ATM, but there were a number of ATMs around the corner and on nearby streets. A Pizza Hut was a block away, and a McDonalds and fast food chicken restaurant a block away in the other direction. An Internet Cafe and money exchange place was also around the corner. Besides the three restaurants I mentioned, there weren't many places to eat nearby except for hole-in-the-wall type joints, I found that surprising. I ate some chicken and used the Internet for a while before returning to the room for a nap.

    I got back up at 9pm and walked downstairs to see mostly dark and lifeless streets, a stark contrast from when I arrived. Nothing appeared open except for the Internet Cafe around the corner, so I returned to my room to get ready for the evening, then found a cab to take me to Casa Blanca. We passed Ilusion on the left while driving down Juan Pablo Duarte, and less than a minute later turned left onto a small street at a Casa Blanca sign, then made another left into a large parking lot.

    Casa Blanca was open, but virtually dead at 10:30pm. A cute but slightly heavy lady sat by the entrance, and two older ladies were sitting with another gentleman at one of the tables. There was a small bar to the immediate right past the entrance. Past the bar were double doors that led to the main building. To the left of the entrance were a couple small semi-private gazebos, with a large gazebo past that. Straight ahead past most of the tables was a food counter with a small bathroom to the left of it and a short-time room next to that. A pathway to the left led up some stairs to a building which appeared to be residences for some of the ladies.

    On the inside there were raised platforms leading to seating on both sides. Staight ahead was a dance floor after some tables, with some space available for a band and a DJ booth past that. A path to the left of the dance floor led to staffed restrooms and the inside bar.

    More people started to show up around 11:30, but it wasn't until 12 or 12:30 that it really seemed to pick up.

    As the crowd built I already confirmed that the lineup of ladies appeared better than what I had seen in Sosua and Puerto Plata. The first lady that really caught my eye had a beautiful face, but she had a slight stomach and didn't return a smile. I spoke with a petite lady that seemed to be checking me out, but her personality cooled over a beer for some reason, so I let her go. My third option was a lady named Barbie, she was darker with a fantastic body, but the 2500 pesos she quoted was higher than I expected, so I said I'd get back to her later.

    Uncertain of the standard pricing at Casa Blanca, I soon struck up a conversation with a Dominican gentleman that I had heard speaking English earlier. His name was Roberto and he was very friendly. I asked him about pricing, but he didn't seem to understand exactly what I was looking for, or maybe he did. He told me to just come to him and he'd work out the best deal for me instead of giving me a standard pricing range to shoot for.

    I saw a few other ladies that struck my fancy, but they were either occupied or didn't seem very interested in working, then I met Sonya. I recalled the name Sonya written on the piece of paper that Nigel had and concluded that she was probably a recommendation from John. She was attractive, fit, and friendly enough, so I decided she would be the one.

    While we were talking and drinking near the bar, Roberto was passing by so I said hi. I mentioned that I finally found a lady in Sonya, which he must have took as his cue because he started brokering our deal. That wasn't my intention but it worked out and I had her short time for 1500 pesos. Roberto left, so I walked with Sonya to the outside bar to pay the fee, then we walked to the short-time room by the kitchen.

    The room was nice, large, and comfortable but slightly chilly. Sonya turned on the TV and put it on the Cartoon Network. A Pokemon show was on and I could see her mouthing the words.

    Sex with Sonya was relaxed and enjoyable and up to par with most of my others thus far with kissing and BBBJ included, but the temperature of the room was a slight detraction. I was hungry after we finished, so afterwards I took another brief look around the place before walking back to the food counter to order some fried chicken. They didn't have menus, I had to ask what they had and tell them after hearing what they said was available.

    Sonya came over to hang with me a little while longer while I was eating and brought me a coke. I thought of heading over to Ilusion, so I asked Sonya if it was a long walk and she said it wasn't. After finishing my meal, I walked around one last time, saying hi to an attractive lady named Paloma. I left the lot and turned right onto the very poorly lit Juan Pablo Duarte.

    As I was walking, I thought to myself that assuming I made it back OK, I should recommend in my writeup that other gentlemen do not partake in this walk. While the walk itself was only about 15 minutes, the road is very poorly lit at night and there are no sidewalks. Brush and bushes also offered many places for unsavory types to hide.

    There are gates on both sides of a guard room at Ilusion. Both were closed, so I had to get the attention of the security guard to open one up for me. He motioned me over to the left side gate where I entered once it opened. I walked past the large lot to the entrance where they had a number of guard/attendants and a metal screener. After checking me for weapons, they allowed me into the club.

    Ilusion is a much larger club than Casa Blanca. Just past the front doors is a small lobby room. A second set of doors leads to the main room with a dance floor in the center. Lots of seating form a circle around the dance floor. Parts of the floor were slightly lowered, so you need to watch your step while walking through the place. Directly back from the entrance is a doorway leading to a restaurant outside. The restrooms are to the left of the door and a DJ booth and the bar are to the right.

    There weren't a large number of ladies around, especially given the size of the place, but those that were there looked really cute in sexy little Santa outfits they were wearing. There weren't really a lot of options, so I smiled to an attractive blond that was standing close and bought her a beer. She was friendly and well within my range and quoted a good price of 1500 pesos to come with me to my hotel, but she was older than I had thought once I saw her close up and she didn't make much of a close to try to get me to take her out. On top of that, a young redhead appeared. She was much more attractive in terms of face and body and succeeded in distracting me. I spent a little more time with the older blond to give her a chance to close the deal, but she didn't, so I excused myself.

    I walked outside to check out the restaurant. The door led to a very small room with an entrance to the DJ booth on the right. Another set of doors led outside. A dining area was directly ahead after walking outside with a small window near the back while was apparently for the kitchen, but I never did see anyone that appeared to be working. A path to the left of the doors led to short-time rooms and I believe residences for the ladies.

    I walked back in and approached the redhead who introduced herself as Chandra. She was a little on the skinny side and had only average sized breasts, but her petite body was otherwise well shaped and her face was very attractive. She looked much more like an upperclass mallrat from the US than a Dominican prostitute. It didn't take much conversation for me to determine she was a princess that was stuck on herself. I considered going with her for a trophy session, but decided against it with her attitude and 2500 quote for a short time session. She was obviously displeased when I turned her down, but still asked me to give her money for her to eat and fix her hair the next day. She seemed more upset and surprised when I turned that down. I found it amusing that she expected so much from out 10 minutes together.

    Afterwards, I spoke with a pretty young blond named Natalie. She seemed interested but got shy when I approached. Since she wasn't talking much nor selling herself, I walked back outside. I saw a very attractive dark lady with an exquisite body. She looked very much like what Cindy Crawford would look like if she were black. Unfortunately, this Cindy seemed to be moody and uninterested in talking to anyone, so I returned inside.

    The older blond was now occupied and Natalie still looked shy. Chandra was avaiable and tempting with her looks, but the attitude kept me away, so I walked back outside to check out the tall dark lady again.

    A small crowd was now gathered around a gentleman holding up a lady that appeared to be on drugs. Within moments, she suddenly screamed and flailed away from the man, falling over chairs to the ground. She was quickly grabbed and assisted by two other ladies and others that came closer to help. I wasn't able to see much as the circle of people tightened, but she didn't appear to hurt by the fall, but still completely out of it for some unknown reason. They got her to a chair where they held her down. She looked like she was on some kind of bad acid trip.

    I went back inside where the already small number of guests and staff appeared to be dying down, so I decided to take another stab at Natalie. Her quote was 1800 pesos for short time, and only 2000 to leave with me. Taking her to my room seemed the obvious better deal, but as I thought, she would have to change and I really wanted pics of her in the adorable Santa outfit. I decided that I'd sleep better anyways, so we paid the money at the bar and walked to a short time room from the outside.

    I mentioned the lady that appeared to be on drugs to Natalie. She told me that it was a possession by an evil spirit. I wasn't really sure how to respond to that.

    Natalie was a natural model once the camera came out, effortlessly moving it various poses that showed off her body. In truth her body wasn't as nice as it appeared once the clothes came off. She was nicely shaved, but her breasts were sagging and she had many stretch marks from the pregnancy.

    The session was excellent, she was one of the more passionate kissers with lots of DFK and gave one of the best blowjobs which was unfortunately too short. I probably should have asked for more of that, but instead I just went with her flow. When we started the sex, she was a little cold at first, but eventually I heated her up and we ended up having a passionate go. We showered up afterward and I gave her a kiss goodbye.

    There were very few people left when I returned from the short time room. Chandra was still there but had no customer to go home with. I walked outside to find a cab to take me back to the hotel. I gave him 100 pesos which he was happy with.

    There was no one in the lobby when I got back. I knocked on a door to ask about using a computer outside, but there was no answer. I thought it was unusual and risky as I appeared to have easy access to the desk and anything I could find back there if I wanted. I went to take the elevator upstairs and ended up having to use the laminated sheet to trigger the sensor.

    Up in my room I cleaned up thinking I would probably spend the rest of my stay in Santiago.


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    I'll be returning to DR to visit the south coast, but will be spending my first and last nights in Santiago.

    On my previous trip, I visited the following places:

    Hodelpa Centro Plaza

    Casa Blanca

    I'll likely checkout Porky's(Riverside) and Diversion this time. Any suggestions on other places to visit in Santiago?

    If you have private contacts to share that you don't want posted publicly, please send me a private message.

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    My night in Santiago!

    Got bumped in POP. Was shipped to Santiago, plus paid $400, taxi,
    meals and hit Passions, Illusions and Casa Blanca. JJ and I got 2
    chicas for 3,000 pesos each. 55 pictures to follow

    Well we got a taxi and paid him 400 pesos and went from Illusions to Casa Blanca to Passions back to Illusions then Casa Blanca then to Illusions. Two chicas wanted 3500 but settled on 3000. At Casa Blanca they wanted 2500.

    Well my chica, we shot 55 pictures, started in the tub where she blew me then around 6am I woke her for a doggie bang bang then 7am a good bye blow. She was a Spinner!!!!
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    Hello fellow men,

    I will be in La Vega, about 20 min from Santiago from December 24th-January 8th. I am from California flying outa San Fran, I have a few cousins out there and they are always up for meeting new people, I'm bilingual so if anyone wants to hang out and maybe get some action in and around those dates contact me and we can go from there.

    Please contact me via a private message using the WSG Forum's Private Message service.

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    Thanks for the info gents. I'll scroll back and read up again. Any info on tour guides?


    J Stem

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    J Stem: Scotch wasn't speaking for everyone! Myself and others have posted here before about the disappointing times at Passions. Scroll back and you'll see.
    Last edited by Gpiper; 11-15-03 at 02:18.

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    I was in Sosua in OCT 2003 and flew in to Santiago. I only stayed there for a short time to eat. The ride from Sosua is 1 and a half hours costing 30 to 40us by cab. Everyone says that club passions and the carwashes are hot and loaded with chicas. I hope this help. BTW I will be in your mongering town of curacao on Jan 9 to 12. Then in DR on jan 16 to 19 at the sosua palace stop by and ask for blue.

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