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Thread: Santiago

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    Does anyone have any updates on the Santiago scene?

    Does anyone have information on how the recent earthquake may have affected various venues in that city? Apparently a number of buildings were damaged and I am curious if that has resulted in the closing of any of Santiago's clubs, bars, etc.?

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    Hi all. I will be in DR for the last 2 weeks in Oct. Does anyone here know any areas in this particular town where older street women can be found during the day? Also, are there any safe rooms that charge by the hour?



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    I spend most of my time in Santiago and the only hotel I know of with a pool is the Gran Almirante 580-1992. Only problem is its going to cost you around 100.00 a night

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    Any suggestions about places in Santiago with better chances of picking up normal, good class women?
    Please share the info and experience who has it.
    Regards to all

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    Originally posted by Mirco
    Any moderately priced hotel in Santiago with a swimming pool?
    Will appreciate an info.
    No pools unless you pay $100 per night

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    How to ask in Spanish if the hotel permits guests?

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    Any moderately priced hotel in Santiago with a swimming pool?
    Will appreciate an info.

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    Do you have a contact info for Hotel Puerto Rico?
    I did not find it in the book?

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    One of the best places to stay in Santiago is the Hotel Colonial. The people are wonderful there and the accomodations range from basic to luxury. Ask for Lazaro and tell him that Dan from California says hello.

    I made a web page for them that you can find at:

    Another good choice for a very inexpensive place is the Hotel Puerto Rico. Again tell the manager (Tony Reyes) that Dan sent you and give him my greetings.

    Santiago is great if you want to see the real DR without the influence of tourists. It's a great place for girlfriend action.

    Enjoy the chicas of Santiago!

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    With respect to getting a driver and a car for a 2-week period, it will probably be prohibitively expensive. You might do best to rent your own car and find a reliable person to accompany you. Otherwise, you might consider hiring a motorconcho (motorcycle) which will be much less expensive.

    In Sosua/Puerto Plata, they tend to take advantage of foreigners, so you might inquire in Santiago where the people tend to be less dependent on the tourist trade.

    I used to live in Santiago and found the people to be quite honest and reliable as compared to the capital.

    Good luck and let us all know about your adventures.


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    Any ideas how much it may cost to have a driver with a car on permanent basis for two-week period? And where to hire one?

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    Leaving from JFK in 13 days and then -

    almost three weeks of !@#$%&____ F R E E D O M !!!!!!!!!!


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    Can anybody recommend a local person in Sosua-PP-Santiago area who could be a reliable guide and ideally also a driver to show local action?

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    Chica friendly!!!!


    I started this new group for nature. I posted pictures of Camp David Hotel in Santiago which is about $27 per night and very chica friendly. 10-15 minutes from The Casino and all the clubs.

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    Was in Santiago passing thru. Hit Passions and Casa Blanca.
    Didn't like Passions at all ... chicas not so bonita and very aggressive ... waiters very aggressive too.
    Casa Blanca was just the opposite ... some nice chicas and no one was real aggressive. There was the occassional hard sell chica but most were cool.
    One chica at Casa Blanca tried to over-charge me for a session. The cost is 1500 pesos normal and she told me I had to pay an additional 500 for the room. The guys behind the bar who take the money all played up to it too.
    Luckily, I had made friends with one of the managers earlier that night and he raised the BS flag. I dumped this chica and got another ... I like to tip and take care of chicas who do a nice job but i hate cheats.
    By the way, say Hi to Reyes at Casa Blanca. He's the manager who help me out. He's a great guy and good to know.
    Casa Blanca is a good place especially on the weekend after about 11pm, but beware of the scam.

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