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    My brief 2 day trip in Sep: Took a taxi(6 times more exp. than a bus from sosua), got violently sick half-way up the mountains, and didn't fully recover until i left the following day by caribe tour bus; much cheaper, only 1 hour 20 minute ride.....Didn't particularly like passions. Was exp. and most girls were lite-skinned, 6-6.5. I froze my ass off in the place, it was quite dark, and the guy waiters expected tips on top of the extra service tax they were already billing you for...Also went to a disco real late on tuesday called Boomerangs. mostly played merengue and Bachatta. A nice place. But unknowingly arrived for the start of the male burlesqe show which my female companion really liked; as soon as it ended all the women quickly dispersed. I stayed 1 nite in Santiago with my gal-friend from Sosua in a hotel called Consorcio Colonial de Luxe, C. por A. It was on Salavador Cucurullo No. 115. Phone:247-3122. Clean, ac, cable. Ask for top floor, nice view of city, and there's an open sun-deck by the roof. I paid including tax.. 476 pesos, not knowing it came with 2 beds(1 queen). But for just i queen bed with ac. it's 95 pesos less; and you'll get a room located where the ac supposedly won't turn off so often....Santiago was definitely a change from Sosua, as absolutely no girls approached me for money, not even in the strip club; and no-one else even asked me to come in their shops to buy anything!
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    For anyone that has been to both Remmington Palace in Santo Domingo and Passions in Santiago.

    I have been to RP in SD and luved it....I liked the club like atmoshpere and the selection of girls there was awesom....I personally like lighter skin and younger (18-25) girls.....that look like JLO, Penelope Cruz, get the picture.....

    My question is how does Passions compare to RP? I have heard there are like 100 beauties at Passion...which is more than RP. How is the quality of girls compared to RP? As far as looks and attitude and price?

    Any info would be addition what hotels in Santiago allows girls?

    Thanks for all the help!

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    2nd largest City:

    This is the second largest city in DR. It is about halfway between Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo.

    There are many clubs here. Passions and Casa Blanca are my 2 favorites.
    Caribe tours bus line runs between the 3 points. It costs around $2.50 one way. It takes about an hour and 40 minutes. You can take a taxi for 900 pesos.

    There is really nothing to do here but shop and visit the mentioned clubs. Most of the people living here are not poor and won't really bother with you, unless you speak Spanish. There is an area located by the monument, and there are many restaurants to choose from.

    The two nicest hotels here are Hodelpha Centro Plaza and Gran Arimante Hotel & Casino. I usually stay at these when I stay overnight.

    I must now add this, that I just discovered the Cabanas. Wow.
    There must be dozens of these hourly hotels in this City anone.
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