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    Hey Dellorto what's up.,

    I might go to campo later tonight to see who is new, last time the place was kinda empty. The girls were mostly uninterested or asking 75-100 guilders.

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    Finishing up this trip I slipped into Carolina's room this morning for some quality time before my flight. I contacted her yesterday to see if I could visit in the morning. Since they tend to work deep into the night they might not open the door if you arrive early in the morning unannounced. She gave me an OK so I checked out of the hotel early, dropped my carry on at the managing guard at the front desk at Campo and headed for room 104. She seemed happy to have to so me / mi dinero. Took our time to chat on the bed and had some fun taking off clothes. We both hit the shower and moved onto the bed. She put on some 'house clothes' and got comfortable with me under the sheets. I spent a solid three and a half hours with her, nutted three times, and had good relaxed talks in between. We had fun and got pretty personal, good way to finish this trip. I deliberately did not ask for her number. She had an errant to run in the afternoon and I dropped her off at her destination before heading to the airport. Called my local contact and arranged for him to come pick up the car, waited for him at the watch house that provides a view over the airport, on top of the hill in front of the airport.

    A tip for those who appreciate comfort and relative privacy: I used a service called Jet Centre at the airport that allows you to access a separate lounge which includes access to a shower, private quarters, snacks and drinks. Excellent option if you are looking to start your journey relaxed and refueled. I took my time to shower and fresh up after dropping off Carolina. This service will set you back 100 USD. They also check you in, screen you for customs and drive you to your plane.

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    Thanks for the update. #120 was pulling on me as well, didn't bite. I suspected that dress she was wearing was camouflaging a sub-par body. Also she wanted it all too much, slightly on the desperate side, not a good sign. Good thing I skipped her and saved my 20 minutes.

    Before I left yesterday I did a final sweep and found my gem. I have a serious interest in Asian looking girls and haven't had my share of Asian looking Colombianas since Camila, some of you may remember her. So this gem I found tolls with rolls with a group of girls in the 150's area. Short girl, perky tits, very long black hair who goes by the name of Carolina, her friends / colleagues call her China. Clean room, nice soft skin, she has a shampoo type scent, very nice and very unlike the strong sweet Victoria Secret scent some of he other ladies have. Her ass isn't all that when she bends over you'll be treated with a nice wide ass with a good mount of flesh to grab. Bigger than expected. She's all natural and seems to be less experienced, judging by the way she carries herself. In the room she took off her clothes slowly and asked for the cash up front: 60 guilders. Paid the lady and she started with nipple sucking and massaging my buddy. I managed to lick her neck and kiss her a few times. She was a bit uneasy about that so I didn't push it. Got rock hard in less than 5 seconds. Did missionary, doggy and laid her on her back at the edge of the bed and gave her a good deep pounding. Switched to missionary, again, she knows how to ride. Put on her back on her back again and folded her legs up all the way up, almost up to her ears, grabbed her by the neck and have choke. Worked her in this position for a while slowly and licked her face, she's gorgeous. Then switched to doggy again and finished while pulling on her long hair, nice and hard. There was some false moaning going on which was all good. No watching the clock, not a professional 'stiff' trato. She's great if you want a girl who you can do your thing with and be in the lead. Great fuck and really satisfied my 'asian' fetish. Carolina #140,60 guilders, all natural.

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    Welcome back Dellorto good to hear you back at it. We might have been there the same time. Campo population is still between 60 to 70 girls but a lot of pretty girls this time. I am one of those that prefer a plain jane over a pretty girl always but this time I decided I was going to a try one for a change. This girl from room #120 been harassing me for quiet some time in the bar so yesterday I decided to try her out. Pretty spinner from Colombia we went to her room once inside she made me take my clothes of quick and then change the price to 75 guilders I said hell no! 50 is the norm for 30 min and there is a bunch of women out here willing to take it. I was about to leave but she insisted for me to stay. To be honest she has a nice body so I couldn't resist not to try her but it was waist of my fucking 20 min one of the lousiest fuck I had. No more business for her. I met a Dominicana from #223 later in the restaurant we chit chat and I decided to take her to the room which ended in a way better session but she was a little shy at first but gave me a nice BBBJ, missionary, and finished with her on top. Monday I went with #242 MILF from Medellin was good session. Room #223 change her room I need to get the new number and ill post later. There is still new girls coming in this week I hope they send me my next door type in between those pretty dolls you all can have them. LOL I wanted to try #101 but she look like all business I'm happy Delortto manage to have a good time. I might try her later I also did Dominican from #234 she's not that pretty and very mechanical I won't repeat. Room #243 or 246 I don't remember but it's in front of #250 (which is also a thick Dominican nice body gave good service) this one is a spinner not that pretty but nice body she can take some pounding. And I will definitely repeat. I happened to know both from my trips to DR and that helped also. LOL this weekend I'm planning to take down 4 new rooms so I'll keep you posted.

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    Bumped into a familiar face residing in 152. Her name is Mary, soft touch, big natural assed MILF, caramel color, she takes care of you very well. Sampled her two years ago, but my energy level is too low at the moment to take her for a good spin. Leaving her for tomorrow. She comes high recommended if you like big asses and most importantly: a very personal half hour with a woman that will make sure your desires are properly addressed and your expectations are met.

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    What's good guys. Good to see this thread is still alive. Will follow up on some recent tips here. I have a short two day window to visit Campo. Went tonight and jumped in bed with 160, Colombian MILF, in good shape with a nice flat stomach. Should have read the signs though. Bad service, she didn't let me fuck her like I wanted. Kissing for an extra and she had somewhat of an attitude once the door closed. Based on this single visit I did I would advice not trying her. Very professional and far from a GFE. Finished in about 15 minutes with a rough doggy, she wasn't happy but I got what I came for, paid 75 guilders (up front) and left.

    Walked around a bit waiting for 129 to surface, occupied light has been on ever since I arrived, but unfortunately no luck. Will circle back tomorrow.

    Went for round two at 101, another Colombiana, ok body, not the prettiest but her Hello, and welcoming words signaled a high probability of a 'bien trato'. Instinct proved right, settled on 60 guilders for full service. Took her to shower with me as I wanted to go down on her and I went to Campo straight from a day at the beach. She sucks slow and deep when asked, good stuff. Let me handle her a bit rough but still as respectful as I could be. Nutted twice and left after about 40 minutes. French kissing and pussy eating included. Good experience.

    For tomorrow I'll be in the lookout for that fabled 123 you guys are talking about. Also hope to see who's in 129, anyone knows?

    Oye Cursnoop y Torso!

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    Any recent updates?

    Is it still a slow season at Campo or there has been more girls added to the mix. Like 60-80 plus range.

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    Just a PSA or sorts. You can take the Campo girls out overnight but it is not worth it IMO. The cost will be several times their normal fee and quite likely when you are between rounds, she will want to spend your cash in some other way. These girls are light years away from the GFE or GFs you will encounter in the Philippines. I don't WhatsApp Campo girls when I'm home much less have them on my Facebook. Filpinas? All day long.

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    Would be nice to hear more from you.

    Hey Poolguy,

    Tried to PM you, but guess you're too new a member to receive messages. Anyway, what struck me about your post is the statement that you're in Aruba a lot, and yet we've heard nothing about your exploits. If you stay clear of San Nicolas, that's fine. But if you do venture down to that part of the island, please feel free to share just basic intel. I for one don't need to read a Penthouse Forum post, LOL, but it's always helpful to know how strong the lineup is, who is not to be missed, and who is to definitely be avoided, as well as what might be nice in between. Also, bars that rock, bars to avoid, scams, safety, city updates, anything that would be beneficial to the fellow traveler. I'm in Aruba a little and post a lot. You're in Aruba a lot. Let's hear about it!

    Quote Originally Posted by ThePoolGuy22  [View Original Post]
    Where on Instagram did you find pictures of the girls at Campo? Their official Instagram has been updated in awhile. I'm in Aruba a lot and going to plan a trip to Curacao in the near future. Thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Easian1234  [View Original Post]
    Went to campo alegre on Saturday 23rd from 11:30-2:30. Not many ladies there about 30. But the quality was very, very high. I saw 7-9's. I spent time with 3 ladies, but I don't remember the room numbers. Prices ranged from $40-$60. I spent much of the time by the bar and many of them came by to say Hello,. When it's slow like this they come to you so it's not worth it walking throughout the whole campus because you can miss someone you want to see. Drinks that night were cheap.

    Look on instagram. That is what I mean by quality.
    Where on Instagram did you find pictures of the girls at Campo? Their official Instagram has been updated in awhile. I'm in Aruba a lot and going to plan a trip to Curacao in the near future. Thanks.

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    Campo trip report Feb / March 2019

    This was my 2nd trip to Campo and went with couple of buddies. There was a good talent to choose from this time. Was there for a week and would come to Campo every night around 10-11 pm and stay for few hrs. I usually go after younger, pretier girls and looks are very important to me, so you can understand better my perspective in reviews.

    IMO key to finding a hot or 'good service' girl is to understand they won't hang around outside for long as they get scooped by someone before you can blink. Those girls are usually busy as guys find out room # and wait by the door, take their wassaup # and arrange things ahead to come directly to room, take a girl for multiple session and stay in room for hours or worse case scenario is somone takes her out of Campo TLN until the morning. If you don't approach or take a girl at first chance you get, she'll probably be gone by the time you decide and she might not be available for remainder of night.

    Room 101 (Colombian Lisette from Cali) - great experience. She might be the hottest girl there now but I was pleasently surprised when we got to the room. She was all about pleasing and ensuring I was happy. Not a clock watcher at all. She gave me a whatsup # to reach out to her if I want. I had 2 sessions with her and 2nd one was even better. She's pricer than other girls and goes for 100 guilders but definitely worth it.

    Room 120 (forgot her name) she pretty cute and saw her hanging out in her room most of the days with door open. I was surprised why she didn't go by bar / benches area to chill and get customers like other girls. I decided to give it a try after few days and regret it after few minutes. I totally would NOT recommend her. Total clock watcher (she told me I only have 30 minutes to come and showed me on her watch what time is finished) and after 10 mins started asking for leche. After I was done, she had guts to ask for propina. Damage: 50 guilders.

    Room 123 (paisa) this is the girl fellow member Torso8 recommended. First few nights the light was off in her room 121 the entire time bc someone has taken her out for few days. I found out she changed her room from 121 to 123. She's probably the sweetest girl in Campo. I had a great time and would recommend her. Damage: 75 guilders.

    Room 150 (forgot her name) not a pleasant experiene and IMO this type of girl should not be working in Campo. Once we got to the room, this girl wastes no time not much talk, straight to action, get done, next. Very transactional feeling where I got a feeling if you stay in room for more than 15 minutes, she gets impatient and makes you feel like you are wasting her time. Damage: 50 USD.

    Room 122 (Daniella) very pretty shorty with great natural body. This girl is one of the busiest in Campo and you barely going to see her hanging out outside for more than few minutes. She's very sweet and accomdating. She would make you feel very comforatable in the room and not to make it seem like business transaction. Hence some customers take her for mulitple sessions at once. Highly recommended. Damage: 50 USD per 30 min.

    Room 169 (forgot her name) adorable face with matching body but don't let the face fool you. She has a big tattoo on her ass. Great experience and she's very accommodating. Coming to a room, she's put porno on tv LOL and do all to please. I would defintely recommend her. She's also very busy at Campo. Damage: $50.

    Girls at Campo set their own prices and rule of 50 guilders /30 min is not really being followed. Hotter girls are always asking for more, and usually double of. Not suprisingly, 'gringos' from USA are usually seen as easy target for these girls for jacking up prices and lowering expectations. I would not recommend mentioning USA, unless really necessary, as you'll probably get normal pricing and much better experience.

    For those fellow members that are debating of going to either St. Marteen or Campo I've been to both multiple time and its totally differnt setup between the two, and its matter of preference.

    Campo is open large space where you need to put in a lot of work of chasing, tracking and going after girls. Bottom line, you need to put good amount effort if you want to have a good experience.

    St. Marteen is setup where girls usually are in enclosed bar / space where you can pretty much see all once you walk in, unless they are in their room. Girls usually approach you if you make eye connection, or you can approach them if you choose. Great thing about St. Mareen is if you don't like the place you are in, there are 5+ places like it close by and you can change.

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    She was actually out for few days but I tracked her down.

    She switched her room from 121 to 123.

    Quote Originally Posted by Torso8  [View Original Post]
    Yeah I heard a wealthy Chinese man is holding her hostage almost everyday. I was there yesterday and there is more girls now than last weekend you should definitely give it another try.

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    Thursday night at the camp.

    Went yesterday night around 12 there were a lot more girls in the joint not many johns around so I took my time before making my move. It was dark and thick night for me so I picked a Dominican #234 Vanessa she gave me nice time with multiple positions before I nutted. Went back to the bar to power up then took a stroll around the 100 numbers room side and found this super thick negrita from Cali Colombia she named Daniela #166 all I am going to say is she fucked me silly and she has a very nice personality I will probably go back tonight for a repeat. All in campo is starting to grow in girls number so its going to be business as usual.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Camps Vanesa234.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cursnoop  [View Original Post]
    That is is another girl the one that was in 236 is the one in the pictures I posted on here.

    I just left Campo, I have been visiting a Venezuelan chica in a bar in downtown the last 3 weeks but she is leaving the island she is legal here but a rich dutch guy wants her to be his mistress, the guy is married but is tired of the wife and for some strange legal / financial reasons they cannot divorce and told this chica he will get her a apartment so he could visit her anytime she wants. It looks like I won't be seeing her anymore. One of my closest friend for many years who lives in Europe came yesterday to the island since we went to party and was tired we did not go to campo last night we decided to go today. So we are here in the compound the right-side of the compound is almost dead a couple of old or out of shape chicas maybe 1 or 2 that I would want to fuck a 6 and a 5.9. But on the 100 side I saw a couple of 8 and 7 they might ask you premium price but campo is quiet so it is easier to negotiate deals that works in your favor somehow my friend has not nutted in a while and wants to fuck them all LOL he is here for 2 weeks and carry a fat wallet and want to make porn movies with this some of them so we have been talking to several chicas 169 120 122 121 110 101 115 146 I might messed up some room-numbers. Most of them will say no first but my friends takes out his wallet and show them LOL and now they having second thoughts. The funny thing is we were talking to 169 and she said no first my friend took out his wallet and she said she will think about it (most did the same thing) we gave her my friends number and we went to the bar..
    The porno videoshoot did not continue. Most of the good looking girls did not want to be on camera with their face on example 129, 110, others like 121 122 were too busy they had some international clients who paid a lot of money so they could be available each day for them. 121 was about to do it but on a date were we went to a carnival event known as jump in. I guess we needed more time to built trust and then probably they would accept our proposal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alz55  [View Original Post]
    Went last night around 11 pm and quite slim lineup. Last year around this time was more girls Might have just been slow night.

    I looked for girl at #121. Light in her room was off entire time. Will try again tn.
    Yeah I heard a wealthy Chinese man is holding her hostage almost everyday. I was there yesterday and there is more girls now than last weekend you should definitely give it another try.

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