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    I find it quite pathetic that any tourist who could afford to visit Curacao would even attempt to seek a price reduction from the incredibly reasonable $30 dollar (or fifty guilders) flat fee charged by the ladies at Campo Alegre, one of the world's greatest bordellos. This flat fee, a fabulous bargain in my humble opinion, prevents these same ladies from asking absurd prices like $100 to $300 per 30-minute session so frequently demanded in Nevada's bespoiled brothels, and saves us gents from having to undergo this unseemly bargaining process. These girls are only allowed a three-month stay on the island and are mostly non-pros from troubled and/or poor areas in countries such as Columbia and the Dominican Republic, struggling to support their families or to put themselves through school.

    I STRONGLY suggest that anyone visiting Campo Alegre display some class and happily pay this $30 flat fee; the chances of having a GFE with a stunningly beautiful Latin lady will be greatly increased, and she will likely welcome you back if you decide to return. I have mostly found the ladies at Campo Alegre to be incredibly good-natured and fun to be with, and I don't hesitate to lay a $10 tip on them if satisfied, although this is hardly necessary.

    My message to Goga's friend: "Shame on you!"

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    Greetings from Goga again,

    This will sound strange and make no sense but here are the facts.

    I also always believed that it is a good idea to exchange money and pay in Florins, since most people would think that 50 Florins is $28 which is supposed to be less than a 30 dollar fee for "the experience".

    Last month my friend was "negotiating" the fee, but the girl would not go down a single florin, she insisted on 50(as most others would do).

    Then we asked how much in $$, she said $30, and then with no hesitation agreed to $20!

    After that we found out that while many girls would not bargain in florins, they would happily make you a dollar discount. For some reason they get very excited about dollars, so that the actual amount is not that important. I don't know and don't care either, what logic stands behind that.

    Old advice: do not show them more money than you wanna pay. Never open your wallet to count money in from of them.


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    A further confirmation that the Campo is still strong. $3 at the door, $30 for the experience. There's also a place to watch TV and play slot machines. A few things:

    1. If you go before the sun sets, the pickins are slim.

    2. Wear comfortable shoes, as the place is big and takes awhile to walk around.

    3. I think you save a small amount if you exchange your money. Not much, but a little (especially if you have Euros).

    Have fun!

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    Glad to hear Campo is rocking. I just made my plane reservations for February. I will post a detailed report when I return. I hit the DR in Nov and Curacao in Feb things are looking real good.

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    Hi all!

    Campo is rocking!

    It looks like overall quality of girls have increased compared to the last 2-4 years. There are much less disgusting girls in Campo as it used to be. And many hot ones! You can also find some girls during day time. We did this two hours before the plane on the way back - at 12 noon. Maybe I post more fun strories about campo later here or on my website.

    During day time we also checked LaTasco disco, there was a Poster - "Club For Sale", but I don't know if it was opened in the evening. Club Havana was working with several good looking girls inside, but we did not bother stay there, since campo is better. I'm attaching a foto of a colombian girl from LaTasco - it was 3 or 4 years ago. She said in Colombia she is working as a clothes designer.

    Goga Fung
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    Do not worry, Campo Alegre is alive and kicking! I am going back on October 30. I posted a couple of reports on WSA, I have no strength to repeat them, just remember - this is INCREDIBLE value, and the senoritas are HOT.

    As always, knowing a little Spanish helps immensely, as does being nice to the girls.

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    Hey JDR - sorry for the delay to answer. Name of the site is It helps to spell caribbean correctly! Click on the "Travel Packages" and it does all the work for you. Pretty slick site but there are probably a hundred others and I'm not promoting this one, just sharing experience.

    Only about 68 more days - I can't stand it!

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    Originally posted by Vagringo
    i heard the island is a poor mans aruba so what are basic girl prices at that famous ------house there
    The prices are basically one dollar per minute with a posted minimum of 20 $ or 20 minutes per turn. Many of the girls have this note posted on their bathroom door. I thought it was ridiculous to remind patrons of such a nominal charge until several girls told me that some "locals" (Curacao men) will ask to go 5 minutes for 5 bucks, or 8 minutes for 8 bucks!

    Yes, I have been to Aruba and I have to admit Curacao doesn't have the glitz or glamour and has a much higher percentage of "white-trash looking" Dutch travelers - but it also doesn't have the high price tag for most fun.

    To *******, I have read and enjoyed your posts from the D.R. for a long time - I hope we meet someday.

    If you are going to Curacao you should consider the Holiday Beach Hotel & Casino. Its website is

    It has its own beach (good-sized), a pool, a great beach bar, a casino, is right next to Denny's (Curacao's only 24 hour restaurant - also great inexpensive eats for chicas), has a dive site, very large comfortable rooms, is right across the street from Club Havana's (catch the show every night at 11:00PM), 10 minutes from Campo and is currently running a %20 off "Dutch Treat" special on its already reasonable price. I have seen ALL the hotels in curacao and $ for $ Holiday Beach hotel is the best for OUR activities.


    (And pass me the bottle of Jameson's and a little ice)


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    To luvdapuss,

    I have been to Curacao 3X and let's see if I can sum up my experiences for you. First time, I had a great time! Second time, I had a great-great time! Third time, I had a great-great-great time! In my opinion the odds are looking pretty good for you.

    Lion's Dive is a fairly small, but very comfortable Hotel with a reasonably good sized beach and stylish rooms, you will enjoy it. Its near a large diving center but a decent drive from Campo so drive safe those Suzuki's can be challenging to drive on curves and such.

    However, doing the "walk-around", as a hot Curacao evening turns into a baumy, breezy caribbean night and the sun sets and paints the sky orange over Campo-Allegre, and scores of gorgeous women "style for a date" in every corner and in every room of the complex is something every red-blooded male should experience before he dies! (Wow, that's Hemingwayesque)

    I would say that by about October 1st, you start counting down the time before your flight in hours and minutes you'll be so impatient.

    Have fun,



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    If you are willing to settle for a subcompact, Budget offers the Yaris for $192 a week offseason and I think about $230 during peak times.

    Also, Curacao offers numerous "apartment" complexes that offer quality accommodation, local flavor, and full kitchens for prices much cheaper than the Marriot, Hilton, Lion's Dive, etc. ($45-60 per night).

    I have stayed at the Flamingo Park and Limestone Apartments and recommend them both. The Flamingo Park is somewhat isolated in the center of the island and offers bright, new, clean apartments surrounded by fabulous landscaping featuring tons of cactii and tropical birds, the occasional iguana, and a neat little swimming pool. It is five minutes away from two of the nicest beaches and dive areas on Curacao (Porto Marie and Cas Abou), and an easy fifteen minutes from Campo Alegre.

    The Limestone Apartments are located near the southern tip of the island right on the Spanish Water, offering free kayaking and close proximity to the famous Tugboat snorkeling/dive spot. Check out and for more info about these apartments and others.

    In my humble opinion, the major hotel chains are way over-priced, are often located in relatively unattractive settings, and provide no indication that you are actually in Curacao!

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    No matter where you stay, you need a rental car. A single trip from Hilton to Mirage can run you us$20~us$25. A decent rental car costs us$50~60 per day. Driving is easy and safe.


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    Originally posted by Ford286
    Don't be stupid, be safe! When in Curacao hit Campo like a drum, and whatever you do don't take a chance and "eat the yellow snow"...
    I got similar information from a local guy in Curacao. Be careful with other clubs, they maynot be safe, since they do not check girls as well as Campo does. I visited some other clubs a couple of years ago, Campo was always the best.

    Regarding hotels - I usually stay at LionsDive, they have good deals($90) at travelocity. Rent a car right at the airport. Never use a taxi - you'll pay almost as much as one day rental just to get somewhere.


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    i will be at the hilton in nov. other hotels i have stayed at have been 20 mins from town. the hilton is on the beach and similiar to the marriot. the hj is in town and not on the beach. more for use on business as opposed to the [CodeWord118]. both hotels about 15 minutes from mirage. enjoy our adult disneyland.

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    Strip Club scene is limited with Club Havana located across the street from the Holiday Beach Hotel and Casino, (Denny's) and Crazy Horse located in downtown Willemsted.

    Club Havana - all Dominican girls (not a Cuban in sight) girls can be had for 60-70$ all night but negotiating could be tough. Get there at 11:00 pm for first show, pay 3$ cover charge and your in. Make a selection (remember prostitution is legal) so be persistent for your price but I think the girls have to remain at work till about 2 am. Tips to the girls as they dance are pathetic so its hard to believe that they are working for any other reason but to exit with a client.

    Crazy Horse is not recommended as it is big $$$ with apparently some Eurotrash willing to pay it. I'd pass if I were you.

    The street scene is fairly active with girls hitting the pavement all around the downtown Willemsted area as early as 9:00 PM, all are Dominican or Colombian and I am sure that all can be had for reasonable $.

    I'll leave you however with one scary thought that was passed on to me by a local when I was last down there. Campo is the best game in town. It is legal, safe, clean, comfortable and offers a good volume of girls and customers to keep everyone happy. Why would any girl work anywhere else on the island??
    Answer: Every Monday the girls are given blood tests to screen for HIV and STD's. Any girl who fails her test is removed from Campo immediately! I got from a good source that many of these girls, who are broke and were prepared to work in Campo for their three month stint take crumby apartments in Willemsted and try to earn on the street! Don't be stupid, be safe! When in Curacao hit Campo like a drum, and whatever you do don't take a chance and "eat the yellow snow".

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    Having lived in the Reno, Nevada area for four years in the glorious early 1980s before virus scares put a damper on the scene, and having done some mongering in Indonesia, Amsterdam and Prague, I can honestly say that I have never encountered a better brothel than Curacao's Campo Alegre -- also known as The Mirage. You pay the equivalent of $3 U.S. to enter, and all the ladies charge a standard fee of approximately $30 for their services, which basically provide you up to a half-hour or so to get your rocks off. In my 30 to 40 visits to this club over my four visits to Curacao in the last two years, I have never felt rushed or timed. If you want, you can pay $80 for a full hour, or even take the lady back to your apartment or hotel for an overnighter costing $200. My usual pattern was to get laid twice every visit for an amazing price of $60!
    Campo Alegre is basically a huge, open-air, brick-paved courtyard anchored by a central bar area that features live nude dancing and sex shows a couple times a week. The ladies will either be hanging around this area or in their clean, private rooms. You frequently will have up to 60 or 70 ladies to chose from, all Spanish-speaking from Latin America or the Caribean. If you take a little time to check out the scene, you can almost always discover a breath-taking, unforgettable beauty. I once partied a few times with a lady from Columbia who closely resembled Penelope Cruz, only a little better-looking. I also spent quality time with another Columbian who I swear closely resembled Brigitte Bardot. What impresses me most about this establishment is how cheerful and good-natured the women almost always are; they seem truly happy and fortunate to have this opportunity to make some good money during their strictly-enforced three-month stay on the island. The women are medically tested before and during this period.

    Campo Alegre is located near the airport. I strongly recommend renting a car, as cab fare can cost as much as a visit with a lady. Curacao is a surprisingly interesting desert island with some quality dive sites, great bars and nightlife, and some nice, inexpensive apartments (circa $45-50 per night) featuring kitchenettes -- I recommend the Flamingo Park. Once again, I strongly recommend renting a car.

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