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Thread: Anguilla

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    New Service to Anguilla

    American Airlines to begin service to Anguilla:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler04  [View Original Post]
    I appreciate the information and will post my findings.
    Surely, 7 months is enough time to assemble some intel to share?

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    RE: Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler04  [View Original Post]
    I appreciate the information and will post my findings.
    Please do. We will all appreciate what you discover.

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    I appreciate the information and will post my findings.

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    RE: A little help please.

    Quote Originally Posted by Traveler04  [View Original Post]
    Since the last post on this thread was a couple of years ago I am assuming it is dead? I will be moving there for work and could use a little assistance / direction.
    What's funny (and sad at the same time) is that I was the one who wrote that last post two years ago.

    You're moving to Anguilla for work? How long will you be on the island? Regardless, my advice to you is to make friends with as many people as you can, which won't be difficult since I found the people of Anguilla to be very warm and friendly. Once you have a basic relationship established, ask where on the island you can find relaxation with beautiful girls from Colombia or the other islands. Folks (especially taxi drivers) will gladly point you in the right direction. As you can see from my last post in this forum, I befriended a taxi driver and after several short chats over a few days, he happily gave me the information that I was seeking because he saw an opportunity to take me to those locations.

    Just keep in mind that I visited Anguilla a year before the devastating hurricane, so I don't know to what extent it damaged the mongering spots and if they're even still open after it. And since you're going to Anguilla for work, you have the very real opportunity to breathe some life into this forum, which is sadly silent more often than not. So please let us all know what you encounter on the island.

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    A little help please.

    Since the last post on this thread was a couple of years ago I am assuming it is dead? I will be moving there for work and could use a little assistance / direction.

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    Anguilla: 31 May - 4 June 2016

    Just got back from spending a few days on Anguilla. A taxi driver I befriended and used for several trips around the island told me about a mongering spot called Polka Planks located on the road to Cove Bay. He said it had been in business for 4 or 5 years and that the girls there were from Colombia. He couldn't tell me about prices and I didn't get a chance to go over there, either. Might be a spot for a monger heading to Anguilla to check out.

    Also, I had a bartender in Sandy Ground tell me about another mongering spot called Boca Chica, located near the Blowing Point ferry terminal on the island. Again, prices were unknown but apparently the girls there were also from Colombia. Didn't get a chance to check that one out, either.

    Happy mongering!

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    Small Island

    Anguilla is a small island and everyone knows everyone so I am going to keep this very general:

    Any "Spanish bar" is going to have Dominican pros in it. The best ones are in the blowing point area but really any "Spanish bar" will either have them or the bartender can quickly procure them.

    You can get an Anguillian girl through the bartenders at the popular tourist bars in Sandy Ground.

    Dominican girls are dominican girls. It's the same everywhere.

    When dealing with the Anguillian girls you have to bear in mind that it is a small island and they are proud. Everything has to be discrete and you can't just treat them like dirty colombian working girls. This would include when talking to a bartender to arrange it. This isn't Tijuana or or Bogota.

    Most of the Anguillian girls are not full time pros and so don't want to be treated as such and don't dress the part.

    The larger point here though is that if you hang around the island enough that you are perceived as somewhat local it is not hard at all to just pick girls up at the bar as they are hoping that there is a shot at a long term thing with you. If you are just a drunk guy here on vacation then picking up local girls is very difficult.

    Prices for pros are anywhere between 60 and 200, depending on the quality, how likeable they find you, and how rich they perceive you to be.

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    Get a car in Marigot

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasjohnny  [View Original Post]
    Mmm. Does not sound very encouraging.
    Do some research. The ferry from Anguilla to Marigot leaves quite a few times a day I believe. Also, I think you can rent a car in Marigot. Again. Check the net. Then head north from Marigot, through Grand Case and enjoy a tour of the island. You'll hit Casa Blanca, Sunset Retreat (may not be open depending on the time of the day). Defiance, El Capitan / Seamans. Should be enough for you. And you'll be coming in from the French side. Should be less traffic. I'd come over from Anguilla in the afternoon, well rested, and pull the proverbial all-nighter! Retrace your path back to Marigot from the casas. If it's 3 or 4 a. M. Pull over in the rest area / observation tower park for the water reserve park on the French side and crash for a couple of hours. Just make sure your car doors are locked! Let us know if you find anything to your liking in Anguilla!

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    Mmm. Does not sound very encouraging.

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    British Island

    Quote Originally Posted by Rasjohnny  [View Original Post]
    Will be in Anguilla for a week, any action here?
    Sorry to inform you. Anguilla is great for couples but to my knowledge, nothing going on for a single guy. Unless you plan on hanging out at the hotel bar. Take the ferry over to Marigot. Not sure about how you might be able to rent a car in Marigot, since most of the car rentals occur at the airport. Search the net though. You may find something. Then head over to the Dutch side. That would be my game plan for a day / all nighter!

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    Any Action Here

    Will be in Anguilla for a week, any action here?

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    a first

    Anguillla is the british island next to sxm. prostitution is illegal and if it existed in the past, was well hidden. today I was visiting anguilla and saw my first obvious working girl. as i came off the ferry, the first building on the left is a 1 story apt block, with a small restaurant/bar in the middle. about 2 doors down from the ferry terminal, i saw a tall dominicana hugging and talking spanish to black guy, probably a dominicano. there are a lot of foreign workers in anguilla right now, many from the d.r.

    as I passed, I stared at the woman, who was nice looking, tall, and just a bit heavy, typical dominicana. she smiled and waved back at me from her open doorway, even though she was hugging another man at the time! progress in anguilla.


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