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    Quote Originally Posted by Loafinger  [View Original Post]
    Hi Alan,

    I will be in a hire car so any directions would be good.

    I'm staying in the south of the island so its a long taxi drive up and back.
    Stables is in Cassada Gardens. You make the turn off Old Parham Road next to the car dealership (Hadeed) and go straight down, then take a left I think. Somewhere around that road, I'd suggest maybe quietly asking one of the Jamaicans who hang out at the brightly coloured red jerk shack on the opposite side.

    Bruces is at the end of Grays Farm, on the road to Five Islands. You take the main road at the corner of the football field and go straight down for some time (about 5-10 minutes) and it will be on your left.

    Personally I'd suggest the taxi idea at least at first, as these two places might be a bit difficult to find unless you know where you're going. At least once you've gotten the layout, it will be much easier to navigate by car. If you don't want to pay too much taxi fare, then you can simply drive up into St. John's (preferably a lighted, safe place like the bus station) and take a taxi there.

    Another good place is VIP, which is a on the same road as Bruces's, but a couple minutes before that. Pretty nice.

    You could also check out Jam Dung (if it's still open) which is on Nevis Street pretty close to Redcliffe Quay. Not 100% sure if its open, as they had arrested the manager on human ttrafficking charges a couple months ago. Wendy's is also in town, at the end of Popeshead Street.

    Whoops, just saw that you would have been here last weekend? Hopefully this helps for the mongers who visit in the future.

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    Hi Alan,

    I will be in a hire car so any directions would be good.

    I'm staying in the south of the island so its a long taxi drive up and back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Loafinger  [View Original Post]

    Does anyone have any new info on the clubs?

    Will be visiting this weekend and would like to see what the local action is like.

    Has anyone got adresses of the clubs, will post reports if I can find the clubs.
    Ask any cab driver for Bruces or the Stables and they will get you there. Please post your reviews because I have to go that way again soon.

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    Does anyone have any new info on the clubs?

    Will be visiting this weekend and would like to see what the local action is like.

    Has anyone got adresses of the clubs, will post reports if I can find the clubs.

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    Anyone have a map?

    Will be visiting in the new year.

    Does anyone have a map showing where the strip clubs are located?

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    Personally, I think the strip clubs are a LOT better than the brothels in Antigua. At both Bruces and Stables, you find a lot of out of shape, uninterested and sometimes older women who work there. At least in the strip club, they are usually better looking, have better bodies and know that they have to show interest in order to make some money

    The strip clubs that I know of are Blue Diamond, Jam Dung and Club VIP. There was also one called Titi bar, but that seems to have closed down some months now.

    Blue Diamond is definitely one of the "upscale" clubs. It is pretty lavishly decorated, nice couches, a big bar, pool table, plus a "pit" area with chairs located around the dancers, as well as fully functioning ac. All in all, its pretty first class.

    The only problem is, the prices are first class too. The only thing I've bought there are drinks, which are about twice anywhere else. Same thing for lap dances and sex, as far as I know

    Club VIp isn't far from Bruces, and is better to me, in that its at least cheaper. Girls arent quite as moneygrabbing/

    And theres Jam dung (which is a name for Jamaica). Similar to VIP, but not quite as good, as in the girls push for money a lot harder, which can be annoying. Also, there are no actual rooms, but only little cubicles with a chair and bench, which makes sex a little bit difficult.

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    Strip bars

    Hey there,

    Does anyone know about the action at strip clubs like Blue Diamond?

    What about picking up non pros are there any good discos?


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    3rd time in antigua recently, here are my thoughts on what i came across. one thing to note was 40 usd or 100 ec is generally a standard here, i've never been asked more for st.

    wendy's: i love this place, on weekends there is a 10ec cover charge (4usd), but there is always girls dancing on the bar in varying states of undress, in about 15 minute sessions, so don't have to wait to long to see them once they finish. contrary to reports here, i found 6 or 7 to be the average, with a few 8 or 9s in every time i've been there. many jamaican and guyanese. loads of guys standing around, all locals and look like american gangster rappers, looking moody and threatening. most of these guys just there for walldances and a bit of bump and grind, which is available for a tip from the girls. in fact most girls will ask for a tip if they spend more than 5 mins with you and you don't take the to a room, but its all friendly and no real hussle. one guyanese took me back for 35 usd, and suck and fuck, all covered, with light fake moaning, but it did the job for me. rooms are small, and some girls live there, so all their bags and possesions are there, which can be a bit diconcerting. another jamaican charged 40usd and only gave cbj, wanted more for fs, another 40, so i declined, then the cover came off for finish to bj, she then comlained that local guys arent freaky enough for her, and no one does anal! the girls at wendys are all pros, and intimacy is minimal in my experience, but thats ok, because its kind of a fast and furious place anyway, perfect for an couple hours out in st johns, thats if your ears can last that long from the volume of the music!

    bruces: miles from anywhere, a bit of a dump, this place had possibilities but the girls let it down. about 10 girls on, all looking very disinterested, sitting around. me and 3 friends were the only guys there, but they acted like the place was empty! not even attempts at eye contact, literally nothing. only one girl came up the whole time, a fat trini girl, about a 3, seemed fun, but i just didn't have the spirit to indulge. porn on tvs behind the bar not even enough to liven the place up.

    stables: despite some negative reports here, i love this place! has an indoor bar area, and an outside courtyard, to chat if the music gets too loud. a bit off the beaten track, but not so far so. when wendys is far too busy, this is the remedy. friendly locals too, you can just come here and drink if thats what you want. mix of girls, mainly latino, rep001tered english, mostly 5 and 6s, but the odd 7 or 8. i met one girl here, a dominican shakira lookalike with a body to die for. very proactive in the room, and a sweet girl, with genuine affection showed. next visit a few days later, as soon as she saw me she went crazy for me, took me to the room and spent 20 mins telling me about her day, what she had for lunch etc, then the next 20 mins deep french kissing and hugging. i had to initiate the sex, as i couldn't hold on much longer, and that was brilliant. so a little tenderness goes a long way. her face lit up when talking and giving her genuine compliments. i never understood all the guys on here talking about falling for these girls, but now i understand why! we spoke on phone a few times and had lunch, and i'll definately try to see her again next time i'm in antigua. my friends all had good experiences here too, picking up cute little hispanic girls.

    one thing i would end report with is: late night, as a white guy, stables and bruces both felt fully safe, but around wendys after midnight, i wouldn't really venture there myself without someone to look out for each other. lot of drug dealers around wendys (which had its advantages), but definately not the place to let it be known your by yourself.

    editor's note: i would suggest that the author or another forum member consider posting a link to this report in the reports of distinction thread. please click here for more information.

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    Made an earlier stop in Antigua than expected. It is an interesting place for hobbyists. I will provide a brief description of the places that I have visited.

    The first place I visited was Wendy's which is located on Popeshead St. Quite a popular hangout with the locals it seems. I did not sample here. It had a mostly Jamaican line-up that was far from impressive. Had a couple drinks and checked out a few of the other bars next door. The girls at wendys were mainly 5's with one or two that may have been a 6. Quite honestly...disappointing.

    The other spot that I checked out was Stables. If the line-up at Wendy's was unimpressive it makes it difficult to find an adjective to describe the lineup at Stables, though it could have been related to the time I visted, which was at about 2 am in the morning. There were about 5 girls of varying sizes, a few spanish speakers some Guyanese and Jamaican. Let me also say that the place in itself is a hole, with nor running water in or out of the rooms, cockroaches in the bathrooms and jsut a general look of disrepair. At this point I was so horny, I sucked it up and dove in, great effort on the part of the girl but just couldn't complete. Complements to the girl though, she was a sweetheart with a great sense of humour.

    At both of these places the going rate was 100 ECD / 40 USD for 30 Mins.

    A great alternative to these two brothels though is some of the Strip Clubs, where action was in no way limited. Some of those that I can remember the names of are, VIP, and Blue Diamond though Blue Diamond has the prices of a regular strip club about 25 ECD per drink compared to the average 7 ECD at the others.

    At one of these clubs I was able to take out one of the girls for 150 ECD/ 55 USD for the night. She was a tall slim Jamaican, an 8, with the tightest pussy ever. Had a great time. In the morning I gave her Cab fare and another 100 EC which amounted to a total of 300 EC 111 USD for a great night.

    All in all in Antigua the brothels for the most part are not worth it. My approach would be to hit up the strip clubs, you get a better quality girl though if you are not interested in take out you might have to resort to the private dance rooms.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I would suggest that the author or another Forum Member consider posting a link to this report in the Reports of Distinction thread. Please Click Here for more information.

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    I am off to Antigua in March. I am looking for an update on the establishments there. Unfortunately will have to be on the discreet side as I am meeting up with some friends who are not down for my kind of action.

    Do any of the houses provide takeout to hotels?

    Are there any of the establishments where you find less locals. My friends are local and I do not want any questions raised.

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    Antigua Report

    Bruce's was pretty pitiful. i went midweek during the day so that didn't help. There were 5 or 6 girls wandering around all 4's at best. One Dominican in her 30s was a 5 so I tried her out. Decent body, nice rack, didn'y talk much, no rush, $40USD. On the way back into town my driver suggested Wendy's. You walk into the bar and get stared at like a tourist walking into a local brothel should. You have to walk through the door at the opposite end to get to the small thatch rooms that the girls stay in. It's a little scary at first. Narrow walkway, a few stoned locals wanting to sell you something. Then I spotted Apple. Holy Cow, this 18 or 19 year old local girl had a 10 body. I mean flawless. Perfect big C/ Small D natural rack and an ass worthy of Penthouse. Decent face but honestly she could have had a friggin goatee and it would have been well worth the $35 USD I gave her. Not the most enthusiastic girl but she did what I told her to do and that was plenty.

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    Little action

    Friends. Things have definitely gone downhill in Antigua. Bruces is pitiful and Stables is pathetic. A few uninterested Guyanese and Dominican chicas. Found a fat dominicana who allowed me to fuck the ass but she was so uninterested. Prices still in the 40 bucks category.

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    Plan to be in Antigua for race week en of April to first week in May.

    Can anybody give an update of the action.

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    Has anyone come across a chick from Trinidad who used to be a "carib" girl? A chinese mixed girl.

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    Antigua Bruces

    Hi Guys,

    Just so that you don't forget Antigua is still in the picture with some fine chicas. Just came back from a short stay. Went to Bruce's and met Annie from D.R. Did Annie like anal? Not really. Did Annie do anal. Yes. Did I fuck Annie in the ass for 40 bucks? Yes. Was it good? YES!


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