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    Hi Guys!

    Thanks to the posts on here, I am pleased to report that I have had a successful visit to Antigua last week!

    I had a few hours free in the afternoon, so spent some time wandering around St Johns looking for Wendys bar. Very easy to find as it happens; I walked from the town;- round about 10-15 mins in fact and I was there.

    Wendys is a very "tumbledown" shack of a bar. Pretty dark and dingy. Beer there (Carib) was $2US a pop. When I got there (3pm ish) there were perhaps 10 local men, and 3 working girls. Only one available for me was a girl called Samantha. Wouldn't have been my 1st choice to be honest; there was also a girl called Lisa there; a little younger and perter, but of course when your dick is hard.

    After payment (100 EC$; I gave her 40 US), she lead me out the back, (which was actually outside in the open air!) across the yard and into the rooms. Again, these were not very nice. An electric fan was the only form of A/C. Samantha was very busty, and started me off with a BBBJ/breast relief "combo". Pretty good really. After a few mins, she put the rubber on me, and got her self on the bed, ass pointing pretty seductively towards me. Well I couldn't refuse could I!! I got the feeling that Samantha was reasonably new to the game. She went with all my requests in a way that was almost naive; quite alluring really.

    After the event back outside for a beer. She had a juice, and I took a pic on my Cell phone, even though I am still struggling with uploading them!! Will keep on trying though guys!

    To sum up, I was reasonably pleased with the visit. Always thought that Antigua was a bit of a loss for us hobbyists! There are apparently 20 girls that work there; would like to have a look at some more. Will let you guys know if I do!!

    Cheers Fellas,


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    Spent a couple days in Antigua last month. Stables was all run down and untidy, but I found a Guyanese (I think) lady who asked me if I was into "freaky" stuff. I duly offered to pay her for a taste of her bubble butt. Total $75 american.

    Ass was loose but had trouble accommodating the entire length. Then when she was in pain I pulled out and had to wash some fudge off the condom before taking out my frustrations on her for another ten to fifteen minutes. Fucked that ass hard even after she bent forward for me to take it out. For 75 bucks you don't get your monies worth until the sphincter squeezes every ounce of juice out.

    Ask for Lisa. Young thin black girl with a nice ass.

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    Thanks for the info


    Thank you very much for the info. Sounds like bargaining is the order of the day. I was in St. Martin in March this year. The short FS session was about $44USD, plus nominal room charge at Casa Blanca. (See my post in St. Martin thread). I better keep in mind the different currency when discussing with the girls. This was not an issue in St. Martin.

    Thanks again....and, check your PM.


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    Places in Antigua

    I moved to Antigua a few months back. There are at least three clubs on the island: Bruce's, Stables, and Wendy's. I have been to Bruce's and Stables over the past couple of months. Haven't made it to Wendy's yet. Bruce's Night Club is the most renowned by not necessarily the best. The light in that place is rather dim, so you can't really see much of the girls. I got there a few times during the week, when business is slow and the girls are bored. Things heat up on weekends though. If you go before 11 pm, things will be rather slow. The selection of girls is okay, most of them from the DR or Colombia, some are from Trinidad. Most of them in there early 20s and were a 5 or 6. During my first time at Bruce's I had a girl from Trinidad, she had just arrived. Nice looking blonde with mocha skin color. Her service was okay, not excellent, but her room was a dump (not her fault though). On another occasion I had a girl from the DR, and her room was okay.

    Stables was described in an earlier post as a dive. I cannot confirm that. The place reminded me of a regular pub and is rather busy after 11 pm on all days. However, you see more locals at Stables than Bruce's. The selection at Stable's is not much different from the one you find at Bruce's. I have not seen any of those Big women. Some of the girls are a bit more chubby than others and others are really skinny, so I guess everybody's taste is served in one way or another. The girls' rooms are good with a large bed and well illuminated so you can see everything.

    Be aware that, like almost everything else on this island, the price for service is high. If you are white, the girls will try to double, triple, or even quadrouple the price that they would ask from a local with a different skin color. The reason for this is that most of the local population is black or Indian, so any white person is naturally considered a rich American tourist. When you are approached, the girl will ask for $100 for a 15 minute F+S. Do NOT ask if she means US dollar. If you do she will of course want $100 US. I recommend that you have a couple of 100 EC dollars (the local currency) on you. Offer her 100 EC$ (about $40 US) and see how she reacts. Service depends on the girl. The one I had from Trinidad was a real pro. She offered full service (anal, fuck, several positions, and uncovered BJ) for $200 US. Take out is also possible, the lady from Trindad was asking for $400 US for taking her to the hotel for the night, Bruce's fee not included.

    As to locations: Bruce's is located between St. John's and the Royal Antiguan Hotel in the Five Islands area. Stable's is located east of St. John's off Old Parham Road near the Nissan dealership, and Wendy's is located on Popeshead Street in St. John's.

    If anyone wants more info, PM me

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    In Anigua Dec. 3,4 and 5

    OK. Bruce's appears to be the best place....but where is it. Internet search brings up Lower Union Road. Is this near the St. John's area? I will be near Nelson's Dockyard in the south part of the Island.

    What time does the place "HEAT UP?"

    Any info is greatly appreciated.

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    I was in Antigua in August 2004. What was interesting to me was my in laws acceptance of the existence of Prostitution. They knew that most of the girls are from Santo Domingo, because of the hard life there. Chief.

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    Antigua is still one of the better Caribbean destinations for affordable services. Bruces is the best place with the most chicks and acceptable environment. There is also Wendy's if you are interested in the locals. Stables is not very active.

    Anal continues to be hard to come by. The Dominicans are not into it as they are reputed to be. The furthest most of them would reach would be a finger job. But no more.

    Expect to pay about $40 for full service for about half an hour. The locals are just as good and have better personalities I think.


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    Details about Antigua.

    I stayed at the Royal Antiguan...not in the best shape as far as hotel goes, however, Brit tourist packages are inexpensive at this hotel, therefore, the hotel has many Brit women on holiday traveling in groups of 2 or more.

    Bruces is not the only place, there is Wendy's also. However, the proximity of Bruces to the hotel is about 5 minutes by cab.

    Everyone knows what Bruces is for...the hotel security, the front desk, the cabbies....everyone. The hotel people expect male tourists to visit Bruces and have no problem with being up front.

    The first night I arrived, I got in at 130am and was hungry, the only thing open for food was Bruces, so the front desk suggested taking a cab there and back. I never tried getting a women up to my room from there, but I don't think anyone would care.

    Lastly, the Brit women like a guy going down on them. I am not sure if the Brit women experience oral all that much. When I first met one girl, at the pool at 10pm as she was sitting their drinking with a girlfriend, I just went up and started talking, asked one of them to dance and while dancing whispered into her ear that I would like to go down on her. She laughed, but back at the pool with her girlfriend watching and with clothes on, I went down on her teasing her. Her head went back and she groaned. Bottom line is that within 30min, she was feeling it for real.

    Best of luck. I am going back the end of August. To check if there are going to be alot of Brits at the resort, call the hotel and ask.

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    Any info on where to pick up non-pro british girls on Antigua?


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    What hotel were you staying at in Antigua?

    I was there in February.

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    It's apparently the only place for action.

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    Is Bruce the Place to go for chica action in Antigua?

    El Cubanito

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    Was in Antigua, the week of the May 9th. I went to Bruce's and found the selection wanting. However, I did get a girl, not sure what her name is but she was from South America somewhere. She did a pretty good CBJ and we did all the positions. Nice and friendly and $$. I would have tried again, but the hotel I was staying at had several women down on holiday from Britian. The Brit women were horny and so I played with the tourists. Nothing better than getting it on with a women who is on holiday and wants to f*** her brains out. I rotated with 2 different women. Both women drank until silly and could hold their liquor better than I could, after that it was up to the room for action, which lasted until 4am . Ok som advise for picking up Brit tourists-ask them to dance at the nightly get together in the hotel.

    Other than that, I found Antigua to be dead this time of year, no night life except at Bruce's and the hotel. Love Brits on holidays.

    B safe

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    Hey guys,

    I'll be in Antigua for a few days next week. Which place has the best selection of Trinidad/Guyana/Jamaica girls? I personally prefer them to the Dom Rep girls (to each his own) Any personal favourites?

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    I am in Antigua for a few weeks each year on business. Last Jan. hooked up with a very hot girl from Guyana at Bruce's. She was Indian and had an incredible body. Took her out twice and also saw her at the bar. Spent a few days (during the day) at the beach with her without charge. I have never seen much to brag about at Wendy's or Stables, but like everything else, I'm sure it is hit or miss.

    I have personally found it very easy to hook up with women tourists there at the resorts. They are everywhere and on vacation.

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