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    Thanks for getting things moving here. Antigua is great for paid service because the place is small and safe.

    Anal is not very much available though and you have to do lots of hunting in order to get it. For some reason the Hispanic ladies are not very much into it, so you probably end up with a fat butt Jamaican or Guyanese girl.

    If you did in fact get anal from the Dominican girl let me know her contact information.


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    Well guys,

    Antigua is not the craziest of Islands when your are mongering, as the last report says, there is a lot of Biiiig girls from Jamaica, trinidad etc, but when I was last at Stables a month ago there were some passable girls from the dom rep, but the place is a dive and the girls rooms aren't too great so a take away is the best option, I took out a tasty Dom Rep chick for a $100 for the night and she was keen for repeat busniness.
    We need to get these posting going again, its getting real slow.

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    - Went to Antigua on vacation from Dec. 22 - Dec. 30, 2002 and decided to sample the three bars/*****houses on the island that the previous review mentioned about. I visitied Bruce's Sports Bar, Stables and Wendy's. By far, Bruce's is the best because of the selection of girls he has there. Bruce owns the place and he is a really nice guy to talk to.
    As for the action at Bruce's, the girls there are 90% Dominican and the other 10% consisted of girls from Trinidad and Jamaica. I went to Bruce's on three different nights and the selection was the same each night. There were about 10 Dominican girls there and I would say that 3 or 4 out of the 10 were really cute. The rest were overweight and not that good-looking. But, to each his own I guess.

    The standard price is $40 for about 15 minutes of sucking and fucking. You can probably get them down to $30, but $40 is really nothing when you compare it to U.S. prices. The best thing to do is to pay Bruce the $100 EC ($35 U.S.) to take a girl from the bar for the night back to your hotel or resort. This is what I did. Then, you pay the girl anywhere from $100 - $150 for her services for the night. I had to pay $150 for the girl I took back to my resort because she was the hottest chick there. We had sex three times during the night.

    I had to take her back in the morning by taxi to Bruce's, so plan on spending another $15 for that. But, it was all worth it because this chick knew how to suck and fuck and it was the total "girlfriend" sex experience. I could tell you her name, but you'll have to go to Bruce's yourself and sample some of the girls to find out who is the best one there.

    Say hello to Bruce for me when you go there. Bring him a copy of this review so that he can add it to his collection.

    Finally, as for Stables and Wendy's, I went there on slow nights and I was not impressed by what I saw. I have been told that Stables is supposed to be far superior to Bruce's when it comes to selection, but on the night I was there, only three Dominican girls were available. Wendy's was not any better either. Wendy's is extremely small and the selection is mostly girls from Trinidad and Jamaica.

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    Antigua & Barbuda

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