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Thread: San Juan

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    Great Report Tom

    Great report Tom, now you can understand why I prefer to spend my cash monguering in our neighbor country DR. Uber is now available in any part, you can take one from the airport. For mofongo I know a few places that make them great. My opinion about the colada you had is the same I have.

    About the recovery we have received less tnan 20% of the money we are entitled, most recovery efforts are from the private sector.

    Locanto has a source of girls advertised, some Tinder girls are into it too.

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    Swingers Clubs in San Juan?

    Hey guys,

    I know this may be off topic but I find myself traveling to San Juan with a female friend who enjoys the swinger club scene. Can anyone vouch for any swingers clubs in the San Juan area? We are not Spanish speaking BTW but don't generally have issues with communicating in Spanish speaking countries.

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    Blue Marlin

    Anybody been to Blue Marlin in Santurce on Calle Monserrate. I think it's called Blue now. Rooms are upstairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DCups  [View Original Post]
    Is there any place near the airport where a guy can have some chica fun? I will have a brief layover there. My apologies if this has already been covered in the forum.
    Puerto Rico is quite pricey in all respects. If you leave the airport, you will pay 20 or more for a taxi. The street girls in Santurce will be the lowest price option.

    Personally, I liked Frenchys. Really nice selection, but once again; pricey! $20 cover charge and $190 for 45 minutes in the room, which included drinks.

    Unless you want to blow some fast money, you might be better off hanging at the airport.

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    Airport Fun

    Is there any place near the airport where a guy can have some chica fun? I will have a brief layover there. My apologies if this has already been covered in the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TomJackin  [View Original Post]
    I guess me being hung like a hamster was a blessing for the little one. When all was done, I tipped her and we both took an Uber to drop her off and I was off to explore the Dollhouse.
    Thank you for the great report as always. That hamster part had me dying.

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    As someone who doesn't enjoy the strip club scene, are there any reliable agencies or place to find independent escorts that provide GFE?

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    RE: Four night romp in San Juan

    Quote Originally Posted by TomJackin  [View Original Post]
    I've never been, had some days off, and the airfare was favorable. Even more so, Puerto Rico was one of the final three Spanish speaking countries I have yet to visit / romp.
    Yet another superstar report from you, Tom. Time after time, you post great information in the forums that would help even Quasimodo get laid. Keep up the great work, especially since I know it takes 30 minutes to an hour to pound out the type of reports that you write.

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    Four night romp in San Juan

    I've never been, had some days off, and the airfare was favorable. Even more so, Puerto Rico was one of the final three Spanish speaking countries I have yet to visit / romp.

    Because prostitution is not legal in Puerto Rico, that makes it more of a challenge for P2 P opportunities. There were several clubs listed on WikiSexGuide, but it seems that site rarely gets updated and only one club that was listed was still operating.

    But as I researched the city through several other web sites and I gathered some decent information on San Juan. Thus, I just had to romp through the city!

    US Territory:

    Because Puerto Rico is a US territory, passports are not required for US citizens to enter the country. Also, the currency use of US dollars is convenient. One thing I learned, when I called Puerto Rico from California, it was not considered an international toll call.


    Round trip flights out of San Diego on United can be had for less than 500 USD. The flight was three hours to Houston, and then another four to San Juan.

    Airport transportation:

    My apartment host told me the taxis at the airport charged $20 to get to the apartment. I was also told Uber was not allowed to pick-up at the airport; but later I heard differently. I used Puerto Rico Green Transportation and paid $25, but that was with a discount from the apartment agency. I took Uber back to the airport for less than six bucks.

    Getting around town:

    Uber was available all over San Juan, but it was quite pricy at certain times throughout the day and night. My first night out, I was leaving my second club and I met a limo driver named Freddy. Older dude, dressed well, and he was looking for business. I hired him for the night, and also for the second night. He went in every club with me and I was never charged a cover for him to enter. He seemed to love the clubs, and especially the chicas. It appeared all the girls knew him. If you ever want to meet him, just look for the well dressed older gentleman handing out lollypops to the girls. I can highly recommend Freddy; just send me a PM for his contact information.


    I stayed in a two bedroom beach front apartment in Isla Verde. It was pricy, but for my peace of mind, it was well worth the cost. It was located in a great area and the staff was extremely friendly and helpful. Not sure if the apartment was "Girl friendly" because I did not try to bring a chica back to my place. The only issue I had was the agency that ran the apartment required me to obtain travel insurance. I paid $83 for a CSA travel protection plan.


    I have the North American T-Mobile plan, so calls, texts, and. Using internet were included. I used Google maps several times while walking around the city.


    One of the reasons I went to Puerto Rico was to practice my Spanish with the locals. Well, it seemed like most of the locals in the city spoke English and wanted to practice their English with me. But I was able to communicate in Spanish, but damn they speak fast in that country. Thus, sometimes I had to ask them to repeat or slow down please!


    I went to some restaurants and they were a hit and miss. I read so much about that damn mofongo and tried it twice, once with beef and once with crab; both were just OK. Here is where I went and what I ate:

    Punto de Vista. Beef mofongo with garlic sauce; nothing special.
    Pizza City. Open 24 hours and close to my apartment; pizza sucked.
    El Sabor de Reina. Crab mofongo; nothing special.
    La Factoria. Big popular bar / club with food; nachos sucked!
    Hotties. Another late night place. Had two empanadas; no hotties were working there!
    Donde Olga. One of two of my favorite places to eat! It was a short ride to Pinones and the restaurant was consumed by locals. Lots of excellent food; loved the place.
    Chocobar Cortes. My other favorite place. I had the grilled cheese and chocolate sandwich; that was one hell of a sandwich!
    Barrachina. They say that this was the place that created the original Pina Colada. Hopefully the one they created was better than the one I had; skip that tourist trap.

    The mongering scene:

    Strip / table dance clubs:

    In each club, I asked several questions and did my best to write the answers on my trusty note pad. The fichas were various prices; I am quoting the lowest ficha price. Many clubs offered fichas drinks that were the same price as the clients.

    All the strip clubs I went to offered sex in the clubs. Using the VIP rooms seemed to be the norm. In all the clubs, there were different prices and time options available. Thus, I'm just reporting on what I can remember and what I wrote down on my trusty note pad. All quoted prices are in US dollars.

    If I'm wrong with any of the pricing in any of the clubs, please correct me. That will help the next monger that visits the clubs.

    WARNING: All the clubs are pricy and almost all of them charge either 20 or 30 bucks just to enter the damn place. Just a few clubs offered a free drink included in the cover price. All the lap dances were around the same price; 30 bucks for one song.

    Club: Dreamer.
    Cover: 10.
    Ficha: Varies on drink choice.
    Sex: 150 for 30 minutes.
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: Told 10, saw 3.
    Quality of chicas: OK to good.
    Night / Time: Friday at 10:00.
    Comments: This is a small low end worn down club. I chatted and drank with an older blonde; she was worn down as well.

    Club: Frenchy's.
    Cover: 20.
    Ficha: Varies on drink choice.
    Sex: 190 for 45 minutes (room includes 2 free drinks or one bottle of champagne).
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: 15+.
    Quality of chicas: Good to pretty damn good.
    Night / Time: Friday at 11.
    Comments: I really liked this club. I went there three different nights. I ended up taking one of the chicas upstairs in one of the VIP rooms my last night in town. BTW, I met two smoking hot chicas from Brazil. I was hoping one or both would be there when I went on Monday, but they weren't. By the time I returned downstairs, the blonde Brazilian hottie finally came to work; I missed out.

    Club: the Girls.
    Cover: 20.
    Ficha: Varies on drink choice.
    Sex: 300 for 40 minutes.
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: 15+.
    Quality of chicas: Good to very good.
    Night / Time: Friday at 12:30.
    Comments: From 9 to 12 pm, drinks are from 2 to 4 bucks. From 9 to 11 pm, there is no cover charge. I was told that after 4 am, many customers will roll in the place because the other clubs closed. There was a beautiful chica dancing on the stage and she was positioned on her hands and knees, and with her great ass waving in the air like a beautiful Puerto Rican flag. I proceeded to tip her a buck and then lightly kissed her ass. That is when she proceeded to kick me in the head; I guess she really liked me!

    Club: Lips.
    Cover: 30.
    Ficha: Varies on drink choice.
    Sex: Yes, 350 for 40 minutes (room includes one bottle of champagne).
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: 20+.
    Quality of chicas: Good to pretty damn hot!
    Night / Time: Friday at 1:30.
    Comments: Beautiful club with lots of beautiful and friendly chicas, but the prices were quite expensive! I went there a couple of times during my romp because I fell in love at least 10+ times!

    Club: District.
    Cover: 30.
    Ficha: 15.
    Sex: 290 for 60 minutes (room includes one bottle of champagne).
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: 20+.
    Quality of chicas: Good to very damn good!
    Night / Time: Friday at 2:30.
    Comments: The biggest and best looking of all the clubs. Unlike the other clubs, the girls did not really approach the customers, yes, some did, but the majority didn't. Also, this club had many regular (male / female) couples throughout the club. Again, great club, but those damn prices.

    Club: Dollhouse.
    Cover: 20 (includes one beer).
    Ficha: Varies on drink choice.
    Sex: 180/200 for 1 hour (depends on which girl).
    On site: Yes.
    Number of chicas: Around 10.
    Quality of chicas: OK to Good; one young hottie in the mix.
    Night / Time: Sunday at 9:30.
    Comments: Nice club; worth checking out. This place does close at midnight or before; something to be aware of.

    The last two clubs were a bit out of the way and even Freddy did not want to venture out to explore them, but I persisted and we found the two clubs, and they were right next to each other. I was told a few times that the clubs were a tad dangerous, but I had to experience and report on them anyway!

    Once inside the two clubs, I had the worst time getting any straight pricing. I will do my best to explain:

    Club: St. Topez.
    Cover: 10 (included one drink).
    Ficha: 10.
    Sex: Could not get a straight answer.
    On site: Yes (I think).
    Number of chicas: 6 to 7.
    Quality of chicas: OK to good.
    Night / Time: Saturday at 11:30.
    Comments: I started chatting with the best looking girl in the place. She told me she does not speak Spanish and she is from New York. When I asked her about services, she told me she does not have sex in the club, and that included lap dances. So, I asked her how does she make money? She told me she only dances on stage for tips. I replied, "You can't be fucking serious! It's Saturday night and I'm the only customer in the place! You just might want to consider other money making ideas. " BTW, the club is a dump; skip the place!

    Club: Lust.
    Cover: 10 (included one drink).
    Ficha: 12.
    Sex: Could not get a straight answer.
    On site: Yes (I think).
    Number of chicas: 10 to 12.
    Quality of chicas: OK to very good.
    Night / Time: Saturday at 12:30.
    Comments: This is a great looking club that has potential! But once again, getting straight answers on pricing was like pulling teeth. I chatted to another English speaking chica and we discussed pricing. She offered 30 minutes for 300 bucks in the VIP. BUT, I was allowed to touch her everywhere, EXCEPT her lower private parts! WTF! Thus, I still have incomplete pricing information on those two damn clubs!

    Street girls:

    Because of the recent posts from JohnnieBravo and BoricuaOnline, I was optimistic that I could find some street girls in the area. Even though I was in and out of the Santurce area a few times, I only went looking for SGs on one night.

    So, Saturday night, around 9:30, I was walking around with my GPS looking for that damn Walgreens. First off, why are there so many fucking Walgreens in San Juan? Either way, I found the one in question. I saw this chunky dark skin girl standing next to Walgreens on Av. Manuel Fernandez Juncos. Well, she was more than chunky; she was very pregnant! She offered up 1-2 hours for 60 bucks. I asked her when is the baby coming and she told me next week! I replied, "Jesus tap-dancing Christ, we must move quickly!

    I went directly into the "Why in the hell not?" mode. I agreed and told her we better hurry the fuck up before the baby decides to show up in the world early. She led me to Calle Candado, next to the Walgreens parking lot, and led me through an open fence and headed towards some shed / shack. I asked her where we were headed and she told me the shed / shack was like a hotel, but kind of different!

    I said fuck that and asked if there was a short-time hotel nearby. She said yes, but it was a short bus ride down Av. Manuel Fernandez Juncos. Take a bus? Fuck that too! We took an Uber to Hotel Moderno, which was about a 3 buck fare. Prices varied for time in the room. I chose the cheapest and shortest time frame; 25 bucks for 3 hours.

    She was a real champ in the room; very pleasing and not a clock watcher. Personally, I was a bit worried about her water breaking and having a monger disaster on my hands. I also didn't want to poke the kid in the head during our sexual romp, especially during Doggy. But, I guess me being hung like a hamster was a blessing for the little one. When all was done, I tipped her and we both took an Uber to drop her off and I was off to explore the Dollhouse.

    Casas / massage places:

    I did not look for or visit any casas / massage places.


    Some of the chicas are posting in the "rants and raves" section. I called at least three, but never received a response.


    I did not look for or visit any ruins.

    Castles and museums:

    I did not look for or visit any castles or museums.


    No luck whatsoever.


    Some hits, but neither I nor the girls never followed up for a date.

    Overall thoughts on San Juan:


    I was all over the city and usually, I did not get back to my apartment until 3-5 am. I never once felt threatened and the staff in the clubs / restaurants treated me with the upmost respect.


    As you travel though different areas, you can still see some of the effects of the two hurricanes. On the other hand, many of the areas I saw were thriving with tourists. Some days there were three cruise ships in and around Old San Juan. I am far from an expert concerning recovery efforts, but it appears Puerto Rico is slowly recovering from the hurricanes from the help from the tourists and multiple cruise ship visits.

    Even though the trip was rather pricey, I still enjoyed what this city had to offer. Yes, mongering was expensive and the food was nothing special, but I enjoyed my time in country. The weather was hot during the day, but it cool down a bit during the evenings. I had a great time exploring and documenting stuff for our community; no regrets whatsoever!

    Would I ever return to Puerto Rico? No, lately I have this "been there, done that" mentality. And I still have two more Spanish speaking countries to explore. Also I have many places left to explore in Mexico.

    As always, just my dos pinche pesos of course!
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    Rio Mar

    Anyone know of a girl that would travel to Rio Mar?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnieBravo  [View Original Post]
    The bottom line is I am happy to report that the scene in San Juan is not totally dead.
    Thank you for the updated reports.

    I'm headed there later this year and will check things out as well.

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    At about 6:45 pm Or so I picked up a HSW in Santurce near Dreams or Dreamers (forget the name now) on calle Candado. She said her name was Hattie, she reported to be 33 years old which looked plausible with 3 kids. She didn't speak much English and I not much Spanish so communication was difficult. She said that everything was 50 which seemed reasonable enough to me, plus she looked ok, not a knock out but certainly had a passable body with nice see cups and was dressed ok which I liked because I did not wish to attract attention walking through the hotel lobby. She had caramel colored skin which was quite nice. She said we could go back to her place, but I declined and decided to take her to my hotel. The whole time to my hotel and in my hotel, she acted reasonably and did not attempt to steal anything. I locked up my valuables in the room safe while she was in the bathroom. She provided a pretty good BBJ and would've allowed CIM but I stopped it and went for the straight up action. She seemed to enjoy the action. Did some DATY but was careful to stay up top. She would've let me ride bareback but I never think that a very good idea with SWs. She was very accommodating in putting on the condom for me and even typing my shoes when we got dressed. She told me she was hungry and asked if I could buy her fast food and drive her home; again, since she has been so nice I did not have an objection to doing these things. After we got her fast food she began eating while she was directing me where to drive. She drove me into the projects east of the candado area (in the direction of the airport) which I wasn't crazy about. She asked if I could wait for her for 5 minutes which I agreed to do. Five minutes turned into 15 when she finally emerged from between two project buildings. She got in and then took me around in a big loop around these entire projects. I don't understand spanish that well, but the stuff she was saying was not making sense. Then we pulled back to the place where I had dropped her the first time and some woman comes up to the car window and hands her something. After the woman left I complained to her that I did not wish to be involved in a drug deal. She denied it, but I am certain that that is what it was. I told her I really had to go back so where did she want me to drop her off. She then took me in another loop around the whole project complex after which she just had me pull over and I let her out. Could have done without the last part, but other than that she was pleasant enough and provided good FS. I thought about asking for her digits but I didn't because I didn't wish to be involved with the other BS. Total damage with the fast food was about 70 (I gave her 10 extra because I thought she provided pretty good FS) The bottom line is I am happy to report that the scene in San Juan is not totally dead.

    Stay Safe,


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    Ok. Now I finally have something solid for my fellow Mongers. Some SWs to be had (not too many but some). On Calle San Juan between Ave. Candado and Juncos. Saw 6 SWs between 9 and 10:30 pm this evening 4 of the 6 were BSWs (typically not my thing so I didn't stop, but to each his own). They were older and more worn out looking. One was reasonably young and ok looking. Was talking to me while I waited at a light and she did so in perfect English which made me have questions about the possibility of her being LEO. The only HSW I saw was dress very flash and when I spoke to "her" "her" voice was pretty low, so I was suspecious that "she" was a tranny. I think there is definitely action to be had around the strip clubs in Santurce but be careful cruising as some of those streets are in horrible condition.

    Stay Safe,


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    Thanks for the info.

    From what I have been able to tell, the last poster's info appear to be good. Have seen a couple in the Santurce area around Walgreens (would not say it was filled with street girls though actually). Only had one hit at one of the hotel bars mentioned, declined because she wanted $150 for 1/2 hour but she easily in her 50's, maybe older and pretty weathered looking. I will look into the bar tender tip. Thanks for the info. Glad at least one fellow punter has stepped up.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Kcrl01  [View Original Post]
    Is the Black Angus or Lucky 7 still open?
    Black Angus was closed 21 years ago. The old Lucky Seven too. Lucky 7 opened in a nearby place and I believe they are still open but I am not sure. Streetgirls can be found mostly by Fernandez Juncos and Ponce de Leon Avenue and its side streets in Santurce area. Look for Walgreens Santurce and its surroundings areas are full of streetgirls. Hotel lobbys have girls too but it is not easy to distinguish from a regular girl as they all dress to impress. How to find them? Ask any bartender from the hotels. Some are connected and have phone numbers but almost everyone knows who is who there. Hotel La Concha and Marriot are the hottest spots in Condado. Craiglist girls I have read prices from $60 but most are from $100 to $200 one hour. Do not ask me for the girls, I do not know any of them, never tried or called one.

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