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    Quote Originally Posted by SamuRay  [View Original Post]
    Has anyone been to Bolivia lately? Is it possible to find decent looking, nice ass girls down there? I'll appreciate any help!
    In Bolivia, prostitution is legal and regulated. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 prostitutes in Bolivia. I Don't know why you are in trouble?

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    Visiting Bolivia.

    Has anyone been to Bolivia lately? Is it possible to find decent looking, nice ass girls down there? I'll appreciate any help!

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    I would be interested on any info regarding the current laws on prostitution and marriage in Bolivia.

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    Wisa for longh time in Bolivia?

    For some countries is good only that it is better to be familiar with the specific laws of each country also because over time things change I'd like to know the experience of someone who has been for a long time as a tourist in Bolivia. And both with European passport. I'm Italian.

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    After your current visa is up, just take a visa run; cross the border of any near by country and go back in. Easy!

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    Wisa for longh time in Bolivia?

    Wanting to live a period of more than 6 months in bolivia I'm looking for information on how you can make ideal would be to find those who already had this kind of experience I've already contacted the consulate and they told me that you can only 3 months in a year I have an Italian passport.

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    Santa Cruz

    Quote Originally Posted by Artisttyp  [View Original Post]
    I've never been to Bolivia mainly because of altitude issues. Are the lowlands in itself worth a 1 month visit? Would there be mongering outside of SC?

    I would consider starting in Santa Cruz but is there enough to do in the surrounding areas for one month?

    How would you suggest I get there from NYC? I DO NOT want to pass through La Paz.

    Copa airlines flies to Santa Cruz without first going to La Paz.

    Although I have had better times in Santa Cruz years past, its still worth the trip. I go once or twice a year.

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    Please Help

    I've never been to Bolivia mainly because of altitude issues. Are the lowlands in itself worth a 1 month visit? Would there be mongering outside of SC?

    I would consider starting in Santa Cruz but is there enough to do in the surrounding areas for one month?

    How would you suggest I get there from NYC? I DO NOT want to pass through La Paz.


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    General Info

    I really enjoyed my visit to Bolivia. I was in Santa Cruz, Sucre, and LaPaz.

    To reiterate what everyone has said on the board, altitude and coca are the two things you need to know about.

    At 2,500 meters, Sucre isn't that bad, you get a little winded, but in LaPaz, 3,500 meters on average, it's a lot worse. Take it slow, don't drink a lot of alcohol, and sleep alone, as they say. At least the first two. Do drink a lot of water. There is all this stuff about altitude sickness, the soroche: I wouldn't worry too much about it, you might get a slight headache at times.

    Coca: you can buy a bag for 10 or 15 Bolivianos that will last you a good while. It comes with a little bag of powder that you add to the leaves when you get them soft with saliva. The locals will show you how it's done. The coca really makes dealing with the altitude a lot easier.

    Bolivia: nice people, beautiful mountain scenery, cheap: in short a great place to travel. Note: it only costs about 50 US dollars to fly from any Bolivian city to another. Although the distances are short as the crow flies, if you take a bus a lot of your travel will be up and down mountains via switchbacks. Someone also told me that if you take a bus be careful: sleep with one eye open, in other words.

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    Airport Check Point: Drugs

    La Paz International has a check point for drug search including coca leaves.

    Currently the leaves are in the Class 1 drug catagory.

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    Tips on Travel to Bolivia


    If you decide to travel to Bolivia I highly recommend Santa Cruz over La Paz. I was there for only one night, plane was delayed out of La Paz and had to stay in Santa Cruz until a morning flight. We did not get to venture out due it being so late. Stayed at a hotel named Yutan or something like that, it's where American Airlines put us up due to missed flight. On the way from airport to hotel I saw streetwalkers, and about 5 or 6 clubs/strip joints along the way.

    We were dead tired from spending about 9 hours at the La Paz airport, we just wanted to take a shower and hit the sack. As I was tipping the bellhop he asked me if I wanted a chica (compania). I said, yes and he told me in about 20 minutes. I knew better and figured it would be more like 30 mins. I took a quick shower and waited for the chica to arrive. She arrived about 30 minutes as I had predicted. When you been to Central or South America you get to know local time means 10-15 minutes later and that's early. Anyways, she was a tall 5'7", slender built, cute face, big 34D tits and a nice ass. Her name was Maira from Paraguay. Spent 90 minutes (massage, full service), total cost $60.00 US, plus $20.00 tip. Found out in the morning that the hotel had charged me $15.00 extra guest fee. Guess that's how they make a little money.

    Sorry for rambling, but yes I would go to Santa Cruz if I was to go back to Bolivia.

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    Am about to go to Bolivia next month. How is it?? Are the women good looking?? Easy to meet regular girls at the discotecha or parks and ect.?? Do they have good strip clubs?? I speak spanish so that is not a problem. Just dont want to go if people are unfriendly.

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    Well here's the story guys. I'm a 40 year old guy who's finishing up college for the 2nd time. I've been given an opportunity, by a company interested in hiring me when I leave college, to spend up to 10 weeks in a Spanish speaking country learning to speak the language. I'm moving into petroleum production, and they have a lot of interests in South America and would like to have me understanding some Spanish when I get there.

    So here's the requirements. I need to present them with a proposal as to how much a 10 week stay would cost. Of course I have secondary motives for wanting to spend an extended period in an exotic land, and so I come to you.

    I need to find out why you think Columbia is the place to go to spend time with the chicas. Really what I'd like is more semi or non pro action, particularly since I'll be there a while. I'd prefer to stay in a city away from the gringo occupied areas. I am supposed to be learning Spanish remember, so if everyone speaks English, I'll not make much progress. I'd also like any input you might have on how much a small house or apartment might cost for the 10 weeks.

    Really I'm interested in any insight you might think would be useful to someone in my position. Incidentally, I do speak a small amount of Spanish already. I'm a middle class, average looking, middle aged white guy, who doesn't mind leaving suburban America to live in less the US standard accommodations.

    I hope Jackson doesn't mind, but I'm thinking of posting this in quite a few different forums to get responses from each, but feel free to offer advice on any other countries you might think appropriate as well.

    Hopefully come June of next year I'll be running a blog on how things are going, and chasing as much tail as I was during my fist stint in college. In the meantime, I hope to hear from all of you as to where I should spend my 10 week mid life crisis.

    Oh. And learn Spanish too. Really.

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    Cochabamba- Bolivia

    I just came back from Cochabamba, Bolivia (planning on going back in December) had a wonderful time, I'm still a little sore LOL, if you want good cheap action go to aroma st. Near the airport (sorry really bad with crossing streets), there are about 5 houses almost side by side with 20-40 girls in each house, 30Bs (about $4.5) per 15min. If you want better quality then check the local news papers in the classified ads, I spent too much money on those girls, and towards the end of my trip I found these houses (not in a safe area), they do have security at the door. If you go there hire a radio taxi (not your regular taxi, I heard they can be dangerous) the whole night for about 100bs (about $14), you can request for a radio taxi at your hotel.

    Enjoy your trip,


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    Take viagra if you're playing footie guys . . . ;)

    viagra treatment for footballers (from bbc news website)

    viagra is not on the list of drugs players are banned from using
    a bolivian football team's former physiotherapist says he gave players the sex drug viagra to help them play at high altitude in the main city.

    rodrigo figueroa told la prensa newspaper he had prescribed viagra, which oxygenates the blood, to at least nine players in his team, blooming.

    the team from santa cruz, 400m (1,300ft) above sea level, were playing at more than 3,500m in la paz.

    players were unaware of what they were taking, the physiotherapist said.

    he stressed that viagra was not on the list of banned drugs.

    "we prescribed it for several players, especially those who suffered most from altitude," said mr figueroa.

    he had, he explained, administered the product by mixing it with fruit juice.

    asked about his former side's results using the product, figueroa, who is now with bolivar in la paz, replied:

    "at altitude you win, you draw, you lose. the best results came when the team relied on strong tactical nous."

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