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    I wonder,

    I went to trinidad before. People there notices things. For 100$usd you can marry the girls. Sure thing I was there before and they asked me if I wanted to marry a 15 year older. I chickened out right away.


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    sorry guys,
    I had plans to scout out the local action but family was always by my side.

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    Trinidad, Benni

    Hi Guys,
    I'm traveling to Trinidad in the state of Benni. What are the chances that someone on this site traveled there? Since I enjoy reading about other peoples mongering trips I plan to return the favor. If anyone one has any info to get me started of Trinidad, I would be very grateful!

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    COPACABANA, Bolivia

    Copacabana is the main access city for Lake Titicaca, the famous Isla del Sol and Puno, Peru. Small town, very pretty, lotsa tourists. But...

    Just in case any of you old pros were thinking that there might be action in this town, forget it. Nada. Go to a bar and hit on a gringa.

    But the place is awesome.

    Happy Hunting,

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    SUCRE, Bolivia

    O.k. guys, got some good info here on Sucre.

    I was here, unfortunately, on the Thurs. and Fri. of Easter week (which should be read as the "deader" and "deadest" days for sex outside of Christmas day). Anyway, I did my duty to the site and scrounged up some goods.

    There're about 7 or so clubs around town. The best is apparently Double Dos, charging around 150-200B (set by the girl). It was closed when I was there, but it looked like a "compound-type" of bar/bordel with everything available on site. It's off the main road that leads out of town going up.

    The rest of the clubs are along this same route. They are Escara Mucho, Corrales (I might have this club mixed up with Double Dos -- in other words Corrales might be the best club in town, set up like a compound, etc.; my notes are unclear and I can't remember), Tudi Pan, Night Club Budu, Mararu and Isla Noche. Most of these clubs are within a few blocks of each other.

    All of these clubs are low end, primarily Bolivianos only. They're cheap and safe enough not to raise any red flags.

    Sadly, there weren't any girls above a 5 in any of the clubs that were open. Perhaps it was due to Easter week. Dunno.

    As an aside, Versus is probably the best disco in town for non-pro pick-up action.

    If I were to go back (and this is what I recommend doing), check out Double Dos/Corrales and see if they're any good (and post it on the site!).

    Next, I'd get a taxi driver I trust, and have him give me a tour of the private houses in town (casas privados). I'm sure these are probably better bets than many of these seedy clubs. I'd have done it, but they were all closed.

    The local paper is always an awesome resource, but my Spanish is Tarzan, and it can be tough to negotiate on the phone for Tarzan sometimes. If nothing else, the paper will give addresses of houses/clubs.

    This should be a good start. As always, trust in your local trustworthy cabbies. Don't be afraid to ask!

    Happy Hunting,

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    ORURO, Bolivia

    Heya, guys. If you find yourself passing throught this town on the way to/from La Paz, there's some action to be had, albeit low-end. I went to the best club in town (there probably weren't that many more), named Laurent.

    There were about 15 girls hangin' out, surfing for drinks or sex. None of them were above a 5. Prices (which I didn't ask) I'm sure were low. The place, to its credit, was mellow and low-key. No security issues.

    Maybe it's best to keep it zipped up in Oruro.

    Happy Hunting,

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    sorry for the delay, some bad things happend on the trip.

    food is cochabamba is dirt cheap. about 3-5$ a meal at the best restuarants. beggers on the "prada" the rich area of town.

    the people are friendly but i was in a group so didn't get to adventur out much. i did hit a local "strip club" or maybe it was a brothel. down the street from the buger king. wasn't very sure as no girls were dancing. paid 550 bolvianos 68$ bucks for a "private dance" back room for 1 hour. girl was drunk or on something. i didn't do anything but let her dance more was offered but, well, i wouldnt' be surprised if she had something looked very druggy. it was great my spanish is terrible but i had fun acting like i did't speak it at all, owners/pimp was getting frustrated with me. ask for a propina (tip) after the dance. of course i acted like i didn't understand. bought the girl a beer talked to her for a bit she seemed to be intrested or something. gave me her number hinted she wanted to go out. then i sprang i had a girlfriend. dam she got pissed. i got soaked for 400 more bolvinos. 50$ becuase of the private dance by the pimp/owner. he was drunk and i really was just having fun screwing with them really so i paid up and left the joint. cost me about 100$ american or so for a dumb little adveturer but hey i had fun.

    so to sum up the trip. i am guessing the "barfine" should be about 300 bolivianos (35$) charge for the girl for the night same amount. the quality i saw was poor. but then again im sure i got bottom of the barrel.

    cops here were non existent to being used for directions. local told me any trouble give them 20 bolivinos and go on your way.

    there are no speed limits and cars have the right away over pedestrians. be careful crossing streets. internet is cheap little caffes charge 5 bolvianos a hour. long distance is expensive.

    everyone is gonna try soak you for money. i let a lot of stuff slide it being my first trip out of the states. of course speaking spanish would greatly reduce costs. they loved to switch the prices orginally from 20 bolivnos to 20 american dollars. i always got a kick out of that.

    fun experience wish i could be more help guys. good luck. excuse my spelling.

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    Miner Bob,

    Plenty of pussy available in Bolivia, I hope you speak spanish cause it will make things easier. Just look at any Bolivian newspapers plenty ads there.

    Or if you don't like to pay for it, dress real nice, smell good & go to any night club.

    As easy as 123.

    This part of the world is raw not touched by to many so girls are real wild.

    Best of luck

    Lover Boy

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    Greetings WSG members

    I will be going to cCchabamba tomarrow. As I am invovled I will not be doing any of this so called "mongering". But I am a active reader of your forums becuase I enjoy the Pictures and stories. So I will do my outmost to report anything I can find out. My first trip out of the states wish me luck.

    I don't know if this kinds of post is welcome I just thought I'd give some Bolivia readers something to look forward too.

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    I would like to move to Bolivia.

    I am senior level Unix & veritas Admin.

    Does anyone know about the job market out there in Bolivia?

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    Other Areas

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