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    La Razon

    There's plenty of ads in this newspaper, largest number of ads on Fri and Sat.

    Do Not go to El Alto.

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    Hey All,

    I'm making a swing through Chile, Peru and Bolivia. Can any one recommend a reliable escort site in La Paz?


    La Larry

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    My friend Brenda told me she is now going to Anaconda, big bar near Cap. Ravelo, just across the Puente de las Americas (I think is a place with a large "Table Dance " sign. Stayed in the Alcala apart hotel, nice apt. two bedrooms, 45 US $ no problem with the girls as long as they register. I keep liking La Paz and the Kollas or Cholitas.
    A tip: try to get the free newspaper The Llama Express in English, good La Paz guide and news from the nightlife

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    Thank you for the excellent and informative report, and also for the PM information. I’m adding La Paz to my list for 2004. The only thing that puts me off is the medical issues… I too am chronologically and gravitationally challenged!

    Thanks again.



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    Hi Bare, thanks for your comments. Didn't check the Radisson, but is close to the Cap. Ravelo Clubs (DEja Vu and the Table dances) in the central area.

    The altitude really sucks for the first days, then it gets better. I'm also chronologically and gravitationally challenged (50 + and 30 lbs. over my ideal) and I felt difficult to breath after a block or so uphill. The first day was terrible, not only because of the shortness of air (O2 is half of the sea level) but because of ear buzzing and headache. They told me that is a kind of intracellular oedema, that is caused by the loss of pressure, so there is a intracraneal oedema, that translates into buzzing, headaches and nausea.
    They give you a "soroche pill" (paracetamol+ caffeine) and coca tea. In my case was of little effect. But time was excellent and in 24 hrs I was nearly well. A good 20 minutes in the whirlpool was also excelllent for the headache and dizziness. The lack of air stayed the same all the trip.

    Can be the onset of any kind of cardiac condition (is an external ischemia of all the muscles, including the heart) and there are some coworkers that cannot go to La Paz because they cannot overcome the soroche.
    But I think that the hardest part are the difficulties for walking and the awful climate, very cold, humid with violent rains in "summer" and inclement nights in the rest of the year, always below the freezing point. The houses and the clubs don't have the logistics to cope well with that, and I presume that the vast majority of regular houses either.
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    Best report on La Paz I have found anywhere. Thank you for your details.

    What about the Radisson - anything going in the hotel bar or lobby?

    Is it located anywhere near the action spots you mentioned?

    Does this place really suck as badly as you indicate. I will have to spend a couple of days there. The altitude seems to be twice that of Denver. How difficult is it to move around for someone on the far side of 50 with about 30 extra pounds on his frame?


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    Thank you for the informative report. It was a pleasure to read.


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    La Paz

    A quick note on the city: the location in a fractured valley at 11.000 feet makes strolling a nearly impossible way for going from A to B, not only because there are not straight streets, but because of the soroche (height sickness derived of lack of oxygen). Don’t panic: taxis are reliable, abundant and cheap, you can move around for $4 the hour and a typical trip is less than a dollar. Take note of Radio taxis phone number and you are set (you will need your Spanish, though). There is a central area (Centro/Sopocachi/Miraflores) and a residential area, 1500 feets below, called Obrajes/Calacoto, where the weather is warmer and more pleasant. But the catch is that going from Calacoto to Centro can take an hour or so in bad days (rain, accidents). So you have to make a trade off between living in a nice surrounding and spending two hours in a nightmare road or just living the whole day in the not nice central area, cold, humid and soroche-prone. I stayed at the Europa Hotel (90/day) in the central area, with two assets: a nice indoor swimming pool and good food in two restaurants ranging from US$5-6 in the Café to 10-12 in the posh piano-Gourmet Restaurant. GF visits policy is charging US20 per visit, which seemed excessive to me. Next time I’ll try the apart hotel, Camino Real in Cap. Ravelo that gives more room and the same perks for less money ($60/day) and is more GFriendly if you take the precaution of registering as double (same price). Another option is the Alcazar apart hotel in Plaza España Sopocachi that I feel more adequate in the unfortunate circumstance that you have to stay longer periods.

    Down to business: Following master Nibu, in my arrival day I checked several daytime options, brothels that you can easily find in the main newspapapers, La Razon and others. Went to Deja-vu in Cap. Ravelo, close to the Camino Real and Radisson, and searched for a few WHouses in Ecuador St.and Belizario Salinas that are referenced in this Forum (couldn’t find them, you have to go stopping in a steep crowded street, looking for street numbers). But checking Déjà vu and other in Busch Ave. Miraflores (cabbies know them well), was enough to see that if you like the brothel scene, you can find mid-quality (5-6) girls for $10-20 with the occasional diamond in the rough. (In)famous night club Kassandra, ½ block off Busch Ave. in Miraflores has changed names to “Variete” and is the upper level of night life commanding $30 incall and 50-60 outcall, with drink prices in the $5 each. The girls and the house prefer incalls and it is better to arrange outcalls as a private business for the next day. There is also a big “Table Dance” in the corner of Cap. Ravelo and the bridge. Bottom line for the first day: not a bad prospect, cheap prices, abundant stock, quality low to medium.
    The next day the soroche was far better and the La Paz motto (caminar despacito, comer poquito, dormir solito, -walk slowly, eat a little, sleep alone-) could be put aside, so I tried the night clubs enclave in Loayza 800, 4 clubs that open at 9 pm. in the central area, near the Parliament House. Here the real motion for locals begins at midnight, but you can have good choices earlier, you’ll be the only customer and have all the attention for yourself. Seems to be a dangerous place, but I was assured that (as nearly everywhere in La Paz) it was pretty safe. No cover charged, beer prices are $1.5 or less and girls drinks are $3 to $3.5. The girls’ cut is $1.5, so you’re better off inviting one drink and giving her a tip to avoid pressure for more drinks. They have some “reservados” small rooms with couches for FS for $6 plus your girl price that is usually around $25. Hot Pamela in “Encantada Club” asked $50 to leave, but then gave me her number 223 0815 to arrange an off duty meeting for a dinner and discuss further actions, probably for less money. I didn´t went for it, but she is really worth of trying, seemed classy, and with a nice rack, a surprise in La Paz. Then I visited “Maipo” Club, where I hook up with sweet Brenda, typical Chola face, but a quite nice and proportioned body, B/C cups, firm, 25Y.O. w/o children. This entire package is wrapped in a sweet and very intelligent personality, quite good English and knowledge of Bolivia history and politics. Click!! I went with her to the reservado that night and found that she is also very oral oriented, likes different positions, and is very strict about condoms (which I have come to appreciate), without losing her erotism. OK, Ok, I was nearly in love with her. Next two days we went dinner, helped her to open an email account and went to a nice motel “Kandy” in Sopocachi, where we spent two hours in the whirlpool suite for $12, very clean and nice, and of course there are other cheaper options. Brenda allowed me to post her cel.# 725 28400. You can metion Gato as a reference, but treat her right guys!!

    Final thoughts:
    La Paz is probably a not nice place to stay; the height and the soroche take a considerable toll that can be worst if you have a cardiac or respiratory condition. The climate is terrible, as my beloved Brenda said: there are just two “stations” in La Paz (“estaciones” in Spanish is the same word for Stations and Seasons): Winter and Rail Station.
    The social climate is still unrestful, and I think that is difficult to have a nice lifestyle even with money. Girls –from my little experience- are not Western beauties, but you can find nice and affectionate and they will treat you right, at very low prices, the supply is abundant and they know it. The Bolivian man is usually sex chauvinist, and the girls appreciate the differences. The safety of the city is pretty good, and low key honesty seems to be a trademark for Bolivians (taxis, hotel workers, Club bartenders). There is a kind of sadness in the people’s way of living, something like the inverse of the Cariocas, but is compensated with sweetness and honesty.

    Compared with Lima (another case of Andean culture), La Paz is a lot more homogeneus, more hardships in terms of climate and geography, and less commodities and entertainment opportunities. For those (e.g.:me) that enjoy warm climates, Lima is bad and La Paz is horrible. But the safety in La Paz is much better and I have the idea –to be confirmed- that La Paz ladies tend to be more for real and not so commercial as in Lima. Big cities like Lima or BA tend to harden the girls, even though, as always, you have to find the right person that is surely there, waiting for you. Prices in La Paz tend to be cheaper, but of course in Lima you have women from 2 soles and up, if you are brave enough.

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    Dear all,

    Travelled to Platynum Solid (Top Platynum) a few nights back. It does not open until 12.30am and the taxi driver suggested another place called Barra Americana which is also in Miraflores and about 5 minutes from Top Platynum. Did not hook up but there are about 25 girls there of different types and nationalities - Brazilian, Argentinian and Bolivian. Some 7 or 8. The price is 50 US$ per hour in house and the consumption is 30 Bolivianos. This price sounded a little high for Bolivia so perhaps it can be lower.


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    they closed down both Catana´s and Anaconda in Cap. Ravelo


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    Anyone seen that new place Nefertitties?

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    I was in La Paz and Sta. Cruz ealier this year and had the opportunity to check out the scene for a few months. The best starting point is La Razon ads that come in the classified section. Friday's edition has the most number of ads. In Sta. Cruz is El Deber. I've been told that there is a nightlife magazine, but I was not able to find one. Cabbies are also a good source, but their taste was mostly different than mine, so in my case we would end up driving around the city. For some reason the clerks at the sex shops would get upset if you asked anything about this topic.

    My recommendations. Shanghai at 341 Belisario Salinas, was the best. On weekend nights, there are from 6-12 girls to choose from. Some are cambas (girls from the tropics) blonde, light skinned and thin. They charge Bs. 150 incall, 200 outcall, both full service. Besides them there is another place on Capitan Ravelo (the name is posted somewhere else) with the same prices, but not as many girls. There are quite a few places in Miraflores, and I would recommend Top Platinum on Av. Bush. I did not hook up over there, but I saw a nice cambitas in schoolgirl outfits there, the crowd that night was drunk Korean guys I did not care to fight with them for attention. The night clubs around Plaza del Estudiante are not really worthwhile, but you might find a diamond in the rough. Streetwalkers can be found on 20 de Octubre. There you can also find some TG/TVs but they are pickpocketers, so beware. In this area of town and in El Alto I would not touch the girls.

    In Sta. Cruz I called Bombagira, they had a 2 girl special for Bs100. The girls were ok, but no lesbian action at all. This was also true in La Paz. You can get as many girls at once as you like, but they won't touch each other, nevermind kiss or anything else. I also had a cabbie drive me around, and I eventually ended up on a bar on the "radial" that goes by the "expocruz feria." Plenty of girls, some very friendly and ok looking, but the recommendation here is to go there during the week and make a date for the weekend. The cabbie told me that this is a very common practice. Guys spot a girl and pay her around $us100 for the whole weekend. So my pickings were thin. One caveat is the motels and cabbies. Just for driving into the motel there is a Bs50 charge and the motels suck compare to La Paz. You are better off just having the cabbie drop you off on the sidewalk and walk into the motel or just going to your hotel.

    In La Paz the Motels are great. I recommend Kandy's. I would also recommend going during the week and getting the girl's digits. Not only will they charge you even less than the house, but there is not time limit when you make a date outside the place. I eventually became a "boyfriend" to a couple of girls and they would charge me Bs100 for the whole afternoon. If one was busy, I would call the other one. Eventually one of the girls ended up not charging me at all...but I am better looking and better fit than most.

    The final twist of with this last girl happened in NYC. She ended up marrying some american guy and moved there. One morning I was walking up Broadway and saw her. Her husband was quite embarrassed (she was well known in LP for her 'excellent' work) but she was nice gave me her e-mail. What do you all think about doing what he did? She was a definate 8.5-9, but I don't think I could marry a pro no matter how good at it she was.

    I'll be back in LP later this year...I'll try to write more. I blew about $us6K on girls (at about $20 per girl) so I have plenty more to share

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    My experinece in La-Paz.

    Took a local busuness newspaper, I think it was called La Razon and look for the ads section. There is a colum where the excorts/massage places are advertised.

    Called a place that had the biggest advert "Oasis Sauna". Took there address and took a taxi to the place. The place was dingy, dark and smelly. Five girls were introduced to me. Picked one and we went in the private room. I did not riked to have sex, or BJ just a hand job as I was not sure about hygine standards in this country and the place was definetely dirty. Paid about US20 for the experience.

    Next, day tried another place. Very similar experience, but the place was even more dirty and chicas fatter and uglier. Did not go even for a HJ this time. Payed US10 for the girl to strip dance for me, but I am not sure I got value for money here.

    Bottom line, yes there is a prostitution in La-Paz but the women I found are "ingeginous", i.e. not exatly beauty queens and a bit smelly.

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    There is not tread pertaining to La Paz at the moment and as I will be passing through this town, I would be grateful if anyone could post any usful information.

    I suspect that there La Paz is indeed a vable hunting ground - this famous gold town must have attracted many opportunitists such as those engaged in the business of vice.

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    La Paz

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