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    Why is santa cruz so much more popular?

    I am a little curious as to why there is so much more info on Santa Cruz then on La Paz? You would think the capital would have a lot more information than other there a particular reason why?

    I am on my first trip to SA in a few (Cartagena) but would like to start getting info on other countries....less well travelled (so no Brazil or Argentina yet).


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    Santa Cruz

    Having been here for 3 months I can report that SC is a great place for mongering without cost! The woman here are exceptional ... beautiful, open minded and never create hassle .. if you say you just want fun they huff for a while than agree ... My experineces range form first arriving and calling girls form the local paper .. all very sweet and amazingly good value at $10-30 and hour (plus taxi at another $1 or $2)!! .. to the party zone of Equipetrol .. where fun is had till 6 or 7 in the morning In many visits there I have never not failed in getting at least 2 tel numbers of 7-9* girls. On 3 occiasions my phone has rung later in the evening(morning!) and the girl has agreed/ offered to come to my house .. each time resulting in wonderful sex.. usually bareback which is foolish but great fun! Remember these are all honest girls not pros.. they range from students, to secretaries to lawyers .. if you are a non-Bolivian you are a magnet for some v attractive women here! I can fully recommend Santa Cruz!

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    Hotels Price in Santa Cruz

    There are some nice 3 stars hotels near the main square (Copacabana is the name of one of them) and the price is around 16 to 18 US dollars per night breakfast included (Cable tv, hot water all day, etc).

    Regarding pussy, there a few nice places with nice girls for around 20 US dollars per hour. Of course there are expensive places where the price is around 80 to 100 dollars per hour.
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    I hear Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in SA. Anybody who has been there, what are the prices like for hotel, cost of living, buying a house, pussy, meals, etc.

    My uncle lived in Bolivia as a mish about 30 years ago.

    Is it worth a visit? I usually go to Colombia, but am open minded. Also, how are the women compared to Colombianas?

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    Manandboy...I am jealous

    You will find the girls (Cambas) of Santa Cruz absolutely beautiful.

    Check out The Montreal Pub across from the Los Tajibos (spelling?) hotel on the Equipetrol. I ended up taking one of the BTs home. Don't bring anything in there illegal...the US DEA detachment likes to happy hour there.

    Finding chickies is easy. Get a paper, I think "EL DIA" and go right to the center of the classifieds. A blind man couldn't miss their ads. Most chickies prefer to do outcalls (A/C isn't common in a lot of casas). I would suggest visiting a few casas and getting the digits from girls you want to spend time with. Please....Please....don't pay more than US$15/hour for outcall. Speaking Spanish is a definate advantage.

    One tactic I employ is to find an internet cafe near a university or any other locale where chickies hang out. I ask an attractive lady to help me out with the keyboard (they are very different in LA) and the conversation develops from there. I have about a 40% success rate with NP's this way....hell, if that was my batting average in the majors, I'd be in the Hall of Fame.

    Oh yeah...try casa Las Pinas. Cabbies should know it. Try casa Las Vegas as well.

    I envy your new job in VVI.


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    My first night in Santa Cruz

    After arriving I took a shower and asked a taxi to take me to a place with chicas. He took me to Ceasar's Palace. There were about 50 girls there in the 5 to nine range (mosts7 and 8's)

    I had one coke; paid about $4.00 and left, because the music there was louder than just about anywhere I've been in a long time. There are very few things that really bother me, but exceedingly loud music is one of them.

    I walked across the large street to a similar club. I don't remember the name, but it's the only other one in the area. It was about $2.50 to get in and that includes one free drink. The music was not as loud here, so I decided to stay.

    There were only about 30 girls here, and the beauty range here I'd say was slightly less than at Ceasar's Palace, but overall quite acceptable to me.

    Bottom line was a girl sits down next to me after about 5 minutes and I find her to be very nice. I give her my number and room at my hotel. She says she'll call me when she gets off at 6 AM. She does, and all goes as planned. She basically did everything and anything I asked her to do. I was very pleased. I did not negotiate beforehand the price.

    Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't. Tonight I had decided not to. I asked her how much and she responded whatever I wanted togive her was ok. I insisted she come up with a number, and she asked for 800 (one hundred dollars) I gave her 900 as I was very happy with her performance and I plan to see her at least once more.

    Yesterday I took her and her 18 year old sister and her three kids touring around the city for 4 hours. I really enjoyed their company. They also came back to my hotel and went swimming here. The management here is great. They gave me a special great deal on my room, and when she arrived at 6 AM they treated her great and didn't charge me a penny extra for having her here. The same was true for the use of all the facilities here. Many places similar to this will charge substantially more to use their facilities, of which there are many here; but they never asked me for even one penny extra. I highly recommend this place to everyonbe if they ever get to Santa Cruz in Bolivia! I'd say that this Hotel has given me the best value for my dollar more than any other location I have stayed at in South America; and believe me, I have stayed at many many different places.

    Anyway, I am headed out tonight to try some of the lower end places. I have some pics I'd share, but someone would have to tell me if and how pictures can be posted here.

    Have a super evening.


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    Bolivia beats Peru

    Quote Originally Posted by Long Stroker
    Tell me, after spending approx 3 weeks in Peru, will my personal mongering horizon be broadened that much by crossing the border in Bolivia? What are the main differences in appearance between Peruanas and Bolivianas? Anybody have any pics they'd like to share?

    Ask Peruvians and thy will tell you that Bolivianas are ugly, ask Bolivianas and they will tell you Peruvians are dogs.

    Personally, I prefer Bolivianas, from the Santa Cruz and Beni areas. I went on a jungle tour that started in Rurrenebaque and while waiting for our boat there, I went to some kind of village celebration with a big dance show with girls from Rurrenebaque on one team and girls from Benni on the other. I honestly thought they had flown them in from somewhere until I got the scoop and it took a long time to convince me otherwise. Best part is, the guys in that area are slovenly and drunken and the soldiers kicked 90% of them out after a knife fight and that left me and two friends to the spoils. We thought we were all set and were drinking and dancing with them and even got some smoochies out on the deck overlooking the river, but the whole village was in attendance and the girls were all escorted home by moms/aunts/grandmas, etc. ended up hooking up with a pretty cute girl that worked at one of the travel agencies who was waaay on the cool side.

    That said, there were some pretty good Peruvian girls too, especially in Cusco. Don't fall for the ones that flirt with you and get you to buy them drinks, not going anywhere. I pulled a pissing drunk German guy off one of them (he was bit frustrated at going home alone after emptying his pockets to buy about a million Crown Royals over 2 nights) and sent him on his way. Frida was very appreciative and over the next few nights gave me the scoop on the deal; they get paid to get gringos to buy more drinks and more expensive drinks and when they ask for Crown royal they get 90% coke, 10% CR. Some will also source customers for Tita, who is a very large supplier of white powder and get a cut of their first purchase (very rarely their last). I hung with them for about 6 week actually and every day I tried to get up early enough, leave the den of sin in which they lived on the outskirts of town and get my ass on a bus to meet my friends who had left in disgust at my debauchery. Hey it was free.

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    Las Vegas

    Sorry, I do not have with me right now the actual address of Las Vegas brothel. It is a stones throw from the Mercado Mutualista. Cool typical market where locals shop.Everything from cow brains to internet to used kitchen faucets. Cab drivers around the market should know where it is. My taxi driver Jimmy knows where it is. Good luck and watch that tipping! ok??

    Latina Addict

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    Yep, Sol Ardiente is closed...

    Sorry to Stinger and others, but I failed to respond a couple of weeks ago when I found a family living in the house previously occupied by this great brothel. Well, it limits my choices by just a few any way.

    I have found that I created a monster with quite a few of my fellow workers. It seems that Las Vegas puta house is quite the destination now. When I went there last, all the girls aked me if I knew so and so, and so and so. Just listen fellow gringos, keep the price down..ok? 110 Bīs is just right for an hour of sweet Bolivian tang.
    Also have found now that Cafe Alexandre is also quite the place to meet Bolivianas that want some gringo dick. Just remember that the "free pussy" is hardly ever that.

    Latina Addict

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    Luna Negra

    OK I finally found the place using the ad in the local paper. The address was not easy to find, since the maps of Santa Cruz are incomplete at best. First, it is way on the other side of town from Los Tajibos. If you get on the third ring, it is on the south side of that on the south side of town (just barely on the maps). Get off the third ring at Santos Dumont and go South. Go down to the first circle and then go east on the road out of the circle. You will see Calle 7c on your right maybe a little more than one quarter mile down. Go to the building with the 33 on the outside wall. Ring the buzzer above head level and they will come let you in. It is a 2 story house with the reception area downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs. The reception area has big couches and a TV with porn playing and is dark. You get a lineup of the chicas. The first day, there were 5 and the second day there were 10, both at around 5 in the afternoon. They advertise open 24 hours, however, when I came down the second day there were 3 kids lying on the couches!

    The first day I selected a 19 year old, Cristina, who was as cute as a button and very innocent. She had small tits but was in very good shape. She was awesome in bed, but let me lead. Whatever I suggested, she did great. She was definitely like a GFE. The second time, I chose Pamela, who claimed to be 21 but was older I think. She had a better body and tits, but she kept hurrying things along and I could tell she was not really into it. She spoke a little English, whereas Cristina did not. Both girls had hairy bushes which I love and which most Bolivian women seem to possess.

    I like the place and will go back, but not do Pamela. They have drinks and if you find the right one, it can be an unhurried great experience.

    By the way, the first day, I went to the Sol Ardiente address from the ads and it was not there. I think next time, I will also try to find Las Vegas, which a friend of mine says is great, and cheap. Also, the area down by the courthouse still has a lot of SW, some cute. Sting em all!

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    Latina Addict

    Interesting. Do you know for sure that they read this or is that an educated guess? Not good if they do. Also, I am trying to change the email address that is registered to this site, so you can't reach me right now via the email function. Sorry.

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    Vvi Action

    Me too Stinger, May at least one time at the Tajibos. Give me your dates and maybe we can TT and monger together. Hope you get my code.
    Jimmy does not have to be an all day ordeal either, he also knows about my favorite little afternoon place called Las Vegas, 110B's per hour, with movies. Also La Rose, another gem for 150 B's. See what you guys miss when you don't take Latina Addict's recommendations? HHMMM, let this be a lesson to all know it all mongers..haha..

    Latina addict

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    Luna Negra

    Latina Addict,

    So the papers will have the address of Luna Negra? I prefer to go there myself and not have to ride around for hours with your friend (nothing against him, I just don't want to spend all day riding around). I will be at Los Tajibos several times in May and I will look for the ads and see if I can find the address.

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    Call my Taxi driver guys...

    Before any serious monger doubts the existance of any reported locations, take my leads and my tours that I have set up. Please refer to my 8-14-04 post, leading you to a taxi driver named Jimmy. He knows all the local places including the Luna Negra you apparentny seem to doubt. Luna Negra is also owned by the same chick that owns Sol Ardiente. Pretty close to the Los Tajibos hotel.
    Also, for every body else. Gordito is getting pretty fucking weird, used to be pretty cool, but now, greedy and possibly dangerous, o it goes on the street any way. Latina Addict recommends staying away from him for your own safety, and go where the locals go, re. mine and others reports.
    PS, local papers even have Luna Negra ads in the classifieds.
    Guys, learn Spanish, ask around, and keep your eyes open. Santa cruz is not Brazil, but it is a blast any way.

    Latina Addict
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    Santa Cruz Low-down

    I've been going through the various reports on Bolivia, and find that this country needs some help on this site. It's a little disjointed and spare. I'll do what I can.

    First, though, let me whine a bit. Coming from Brasil is always a tough act to follow. It's a little over-priced here, and the girls are a little timid. But, that aside, everyone seems to be pretty nice and there's sex to be had (if only o.k.). I haven't been to La Paz yet. Maybe that will change my attitude.

    Santa Cruz:

    I really scoured this place to find the good deals. There're many lower-end clubs (generally called "whiskerias," I think) all over the city. I went to about 5 of them on a Tues. night. They were all pretty dead.

    Prices for these clubs seem to be in the 100-150B range. All seemingly had facilities on site. No sercurity issues.

    Names for these clubs include (and I'm sure there're many, many more): Flavias, Chopp Show/Sex Club (not 100% on this name), Caramelo, Executivo, Paceņa and Cupidos. There are two others mentioned on this site, Luna Negra and Playboy Club, but no taxi drivers had heard of them. Dunno. The Chopp-something club might be the best -- but none of them seemed that great.

    Moving on, there's another club that looks like a whiskeria, but was about 3 times the size and featured constant stripping. It's called Show Club. This might be the best bet in town.

    On the night I was there, there were about 30-40 girls working. Most were 5-6, but there were at least ten solid 7+ girls. The one I got with was a definite 8, but wouldn't me take a picture. Sigh.

    Prices here are high-ish, and seemingly set by the house and non-negotiable. 40USD for sex; on-site room 30B; drinks are 25B each (girls get 10B, so watch out for drink sharks); and 20USD to exit with the girl for all night.

    There are two high-end clubs in S.C. that I wouldn't recommend all that much. They are Ceasar's Palace and Curvy's. Sex is set by the house at 100USD at each place. 100B for rooms on site, or 50USD for take out. All drinks are 60B at Ceasar's, and the 20B entrance fee at Curvy's gets you a free drink. About 30-40 girls at each place. Lotsa 7s -- but come on, for that much money, I want a whole lot more.

    I did run into El Gordo (seemingly the town pimp). He hangs out on the diagonal corner opposite the front-side of the Pl. de Estudiantes. Stand with it to your back and look to your 10 o'clock. You'll see him and a few girls across the street.

    His girls were alright (7s), but I guess pimping is illegal so everthing was done with a "drug deal" feeling to it.

    Here's what happened: He, I and a girl got into a taxi and drove to a sex motel on the way to the airport. He pocketed 300B for the girl (not sure how much she got), and then he and the taxi driver waited in the motel garage right next to the room during the session. Weird.

    The room was 45B, then I had to pay the taxi driver 50B for his time, and Gordo wanted another 50B for his time. WTF! Then, he insisted on droping me off at my hotel. He's a little gruff, but I guess more-or-less trustworthy. He wanted to take me to a bordel, I think, for the second night. A place he claimed had many, many fine girls. Dunno. Didn't go.

    One last thing: I checked out the Montreal Pub next to Los Tajibos hotel. It's hard to find. If you stand in front of the hotel, the pub's about 300 feet down the small side-road to your left. It was totally dead when I got there (about 11:30 on a Weds. night).

    O.k., that's all I found out. I was in S.C. during Semana Santa (Easter week), so things are probably more lively during another time.

    Happy Hunting,

    P.S. Another site mentions Cartegna Club as potentially good. Dunno.

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