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    Streetwalkers in Santa Cruz:

    When we would be out in Santa Cruz, there are two types of girls out. Professional girls that are out on the corners of the secondo anillo (second ring - a street that encircles 'downtown') and girls that are just out at the tiendas drinking.

    The corner girls range anywhere from heinously ugly to young and hot. You want to get out looking at around 11 pm to get the best girls, up until about 1-2 am. After that, quality goes down.

    All you have to do is walk up to a group of girls. My favorite spot was just across the street from the Hall of Justice Court building, the only tall-ish building in town, right at Ave. Las Americas, and just pick one and ask her if you can talk to her for a bit. You negotiate a price for an hour, usually around 100 BS ($12 right now), and go to your hotel. They are usually pretty willing to please, but if you drop 150 on them at the outset, they will go all out. I met 4 hotties this way and had GFE with all of them. They warm up to gringos a lot and if they think you might want them as a girlfriend, they will act accordingly.

    At night, everywhere you go the liquor stores set out tables and chairs and people sit and drink until they are wasted. Tienda girls are girls out drinking, dancing and carousing and can be easy targets. They are curious about you and will want to talk dance, etc. Buy them drinks and tell them that you think they are pretty and see where it goes. I had all sorts of success this way and they are all night deals where you can pay or not in the morning...if they hinted that they wanted money for a cab or something..then I would give them 50-100 depending. They were more than happy for this.

    Ha ha! There was one guy staying at the hotel with this woman that was constantly high on a LOT of cocaine, and despite what cocaince dealers will tell you, it is NOT good for sex. At least not a lot. I dablle, but this guy was Scarface. One night he is crashed and I am at the pool table getting tanked with Don Pepe, the owner of the hotel. She comes out of the room after the guy has finished one of his shouting spells and crashes on the bed. She sits and drinks a bit with us and after a while we decide to move to one of the tiendas around the corner. She came with us and we were dancing and she starts rubbing all up and down me. Pepe is shaking his head "this is not good" he says, but he is laughing his ass off because Scarface was such a prick to everybody.

    Long story short, after we are good and drunk we go back to the hotel and by this time the woman and I have been kissing quite a bit. Without thinking we head straight to my room, right next to hers, and go at it with her boyfriend \ husband \ whatever crashed out next door. After hammering for a good long time, someone starts pounding, pounding, pounding on the door. I have to run to the door buck naked and hard as a rock to prevent whoever it is from entering. They are sliding doors of frosted glass with curtains that can be drawn inside. I get to the door just as Scarface pokes his head through the curtain and I put my hand on his head and shove him back out the door, with him screaming now "where is she!" in spanish, of course. I tell him there is no one in the room with me except my wife and that if he doesn't move on soon I'm going to beat him up and throw him in the pool. He moves on and starts bangin on the next door down and yelling again. I shut the doors and almost clip my 'friend' in the process. Latch it this time to prevent unauthorized entry and go back to mi amiga in la cama.

    Ha, ha, I do miss south america. That stuff just doesn't happen here.

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    To close off the earlier report: Things were all good and the girls stayed all night. In the end, we were all wrapped up sleeping together and we went o have breakfast at a place downtown at around 11:30 a.m. One of the girls was really freaked about what she was going to tell her Mom about why she didn't come home.

    The next few days I spent heading out to some clubs and seeing the city. The clubs out in Equiopatrol are ok, this is the affluent neighborhood and everyone in these bars has a snotty attitude. They were ok with me, but I was with a few friends who were really good people, but from the wrong side of town and the rich people were pretty unkind to them. After about a few hours, we just left and went back to the center and went dancing. There is a place about 6 blocks away from the plaza that has an 'all you can drink' beer night from 8-12, you pay about $10 to enter. You can actually drink as much beer as you can hold, I did. They come by your table about every 10 minutes with fresh glasses. Everyone is plastered and everyone dances...great fun. Got some phone numbers here and danced with about 5 different chicas, a few were hot, the others were ok. Never ended up hooking up with any, but I'm pretty sure I could have. Didn't feel like putting in the time.

    The next day was when I met Maribella. There is an Irish Pub (called that) adjacent to the main square and I was sitting on their patio that overlooks the square and reading a book. Of course, I'm watching chicas as thay walk by below. I notice a girl sitting on one of the benches. She is really, really cute and I keep glancing at her. She looks like she is waiting for someone, so I am not really thinking anything at this point, but then I catch her eye and she smiles at me. So I keep looking her way and we keep catching eyes. A few guys try to sit down next to her and chat her up, but she blows them off and keeps looking my way. After about 20 minutes of this, she gets up, smiles at me and starts sauntering away. I slap down money for my tab and rush out of the bar, down the steps and out onto the street. I'm about 3 blocks behind her now, walking very fast.

    After a bit she turns around to see if I'm behind her, but continues to walk. Finally, I catch up to her and at first I am disappointed as she looks to be too young, like maybe 14 or 15. Damn. I decide to find out and I introduce myself and ask her if she has to be somewhere soon. She says no. She tells me her name is Maribella and we chat a bit. She tells me she is a student in university. As it is blazing hot out, humid and miserable. I ask her if she wants to go swimming at the pool in my hotel (Residencial Sands - top place, super cheap, great people and the owner, Don Pepe, is super funny and can hook you up with very nice women...girls come by and leave their number to call when extranjeros are staying there). She says yes. When I ask her how old she is, she says 17 and after asking her a few questions about what year she was born, etc., I'm inclined to believe her. She looks young, but she definitely carries herself and acts like someone who is older.

    Anyway, I give her some shorts and a t-shirt and we jump in the pool and are just kind of swimming around and talking...what do you study, where is good to go in the city, etc. etc. If you have ever been in Santa Cruz in late November, you know how miserable hot/humid it is and getting into a pool is like heaven. After about 30 mins we get out and walk to my room, they are all on a courtyard surrounding the pool.

    When we get inside, she doesn't make any immediate move to get changed, so I ask if she wanbts some beer. She says yes, so I call the desk and they bring a bottle. As we are drinking, I ask if she can stay a while. She says yes, but if I want to do anything, that I will have to give her some money.

    Keep in mind, I have been eyeing her up and down for a long time and am extremely interested in getting with her. We sort of talk about what I might want to naked, in bed...this that. As we speak, I am getting soo hard that my wet bathing suit is really uncomfortable and I dare not stand up. She asks "todo?" And I said definitely, if possible. She says maybe 100 BS for everything. She says it like it is a huge number, so I react accordingly, by looking a little shocked and thinking about it for a minute. I tell her I'm not sure, although I would probably have said yes to 500 BS...and I will have to see how well she kisses first. She gives me an amazingly passionate kiss and I just say 'yes, 100'.

    We went right at it and she was super eager, I had to stop to explain a few things, like 69-ing, etc, but she didn't hesitate a bit.

    She stayed all day. We got more beer and played in bed for about 4 hours until she had to get home. She gave me her sister's cell number and I called her the next day and she came over again, this time ALL day. I gave her 200 up front and she showed me her appreciation in spades.

    We hung out about 4 days that week and had a total blast. I left town to go to trekking in Amboro National Park for a week and when I got back and called, her sister kept telling me that she wasn't there. I called about 3 times before I realized that the sister was blocking me, so I gave up.

    Another excellent time in Santa Cruz.

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    Whooops...continued again.

    I think I left off here.....

    After they kissed they both clearly enjoyed it, but were also ashamed at the same time so I distracted them by saying that that was sooooo nice to see. Really beautiful. I asked them if it felt nice and they hesitantly both said 'yes'.

    At this point I changed the subject, so to speak, and began to kiss the darker one along the inside of the leg going higher and higher until I was nuzzling her button through her panties and teasing it very softly with my tongue...this evoked more giggles and they forgot what had just transpired and began watching me. I was touching her with tiny flicks of my tongue on her button and then working up along the panty line in long strokes, sometimes 'accidentally' sneaking it a bit under and moving them a little more to the side. She would gasp a bit and giggle nervously.

    Keep in mind that latin men here hardly ever go down on women and if they do, I'm told, it is only a short and unskilled foray for the purpose of turning themselves on with the act...not at all in consideration of her. It is highly likely, being 19-20 (that is what they said anyway...they certainly weren't any older) they had never had someone go down on them before, most certainly not anyone with much thought to how it felt for them. Judging from their reaction, I'm fairly sure this was the case.

    The one I was kissing closed her eyes and put her hands on the back of my head and began pulling it toward her...she let out a big sigh as I gave her the first long, firm stroke up the middle finishing with a bit of a suck on her button..still through panties. At this point I took the opportunity to lay her her back on the bed and to give the other, steadfastedly watching, a long deep kiss on the mouth. Partly to let her know she was not forgotten and that she would son be getting the same treatment, but also to get her used to being close to her friend's pussy. She didn't resist my kiss, even though now I had a bit of a scent on my face.

    I put their hands together and laid the lighter girl down next to her friend and asked her to kiss her frreind softly around the neck while I returned below.

    When I got back down to there, she was wet through her panties...I teased her a bit and only gave her soft touches, but then moved the panties aside and began going at it directly, slowly working the tip of my tongue up the cleft to her clit and then flecking it. I would then take it gently in my lips and apply light suction to it which made her moan and writhe a bit. This continued gradually increasing pressure and firmness until she was pushing down as much as she cold and I was buried in her with her muff pressing below my nose. I would sometimes stop and back off a bit and tease her and then continue on with full-on pressure.

    Up top, they were kissing each other affectionately. Not full on, but around the mouth and neck.

    When the darker one shuddered and came. I pulled back and licked her slowly up and down until she was still, at which point I turned my attention to the other. She was turned on.

    I laid her down on her stomach and began the same process as before, only from behind. She rolled on her side and put one leg up in the air to give me better access. I went back and forth on her slit, paying particular attention to her button and sometimes heading way south and getting a little close to her anus. She would squirm when I nibbled on that little space in between.

    Once she came I was about ready to go off myself after not even putting it somewhere, so I backed off a bit and pulled up to lay down between them and pull them close to me and kiss them alternately.

    Again, these girls are not used to a slow approach and were greatly appreciative of not being subjected to another 'stick it in and wiggle it around' experience. Truth was, it had been a few weeks as I had been out in the jungle on a horsepacking, hiking and canoeing excursion trip if I had gone straight in, I would have lasted about 10 seconds max.

    Side note here. Bolivia has the best unspoiled outdoor activities I have ever experienced. Whether it is the jungle trips outside Rurrenebaque or in the mountains near La Paz. There are lots of very cool backpacker packages, but if you have time to get to know some people in the can usually meet someone that can refer you to someone that can take you waaay off the beaten track and somewhere that isn't in any guide books. Be careful and ask a lot of questions though, many times when there is money involved, people will pretend to be very knowledgeable and don't have a clue and that can lead to a crap trip at best, and be very dangerous at worst.

    So I lay with these girls for a good half hour and kissed and stroked them lightly with my fingers and they kissed me all over and returned my caresses...with genuine affectionate, at least I like to think. I alternated making out with each of them and they were both amazing kissers, really passionate and sweet. By now they were occasionaly kissing each other without my prompting, lots of nuzzling and stuff too. I couldn't get them to fully go down on each other, but did get them to kiss each other at the same time on the muff which elicited a lot of laughter and giggling.

    I started with the darker one again and slowly began rubbing along her outside until she began rubbing back and invited me to go further. I know I should put on a condom at this point, but I didn't want to spoil anything, so I slowly worked my way in and began to slowly work it around inside her, all the while kissing her deeply and caressing her breasts and ass, sometimes taking a break and kissing her friend.

    When I was about to come, I pulled out and took a break and moved over to kiss her friend a bit and let it subside a bit before taking the same approach with her.

    Sublime, both of them. I alternated as much as I could back and forth.

    Damn, have to run. I will wrap this up tonight and post of my experiences with Marabella as well.

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    Kissing was awesome, with the darker one nuzzling both of us as we kissed and then sort of realizing what she was doing and pulling back a bit, but then doing it again. We moved and sat on the edge of the bed and I knelt before the two of them and kissed their stomachs and the top of their legs continually and asked them if they liked it, which they did and I could feel them shake a bit as I moved along and kissed their pelvis at the edge of their panties.

    They were a bit apprehensive at this point as I think they were wondering how things would proceed. I asked if they would kiss each other and they indicated that they had never done that, however they did not say no. We talked about it some and I told them that no one but them would ever know and asked 'why not, don't you think she is pretty?' Yes. They pecked once and I smiled and told them that wasn't a kiss, could they try one softly and a bit longer.

    I took a chance here, we had definitely gone beyond a strictly business type relationship and I did not want to re-introduce the money factor, but I felt like they wanted to try this (keep in mind I had taught them a few drinking games and we are all pretty drunk) and that they just needed an excuse so that they could tell themselves that they didn't do it becuase they wanted to. Without mentioning specific numbers I indicated that I could be much more generous depending on 'how nice they were with each other'.

    That did the trick. They looked at each other for a few seconds and the darker one leaned over and gave her freind a long lingering kiss and the other responded after being a bit rigid for about the first three seconda

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    Disagree that street scene is bad in SCZ. I was there for several months last year and it was sweet, you just have to know where and when to look and with the right approach it isn't even like business.

    Also, you can easily hook up with non-pros if you play your cards right.

    Went to a bar with pros the first night in town and being American and not too hard on the eyes we pretty much had our pick. To play the game, you talk with the girls watch them dance, flirt and whatnot, but don't indicate you want to take them home or buy them drinks. Varies somewhat according to the bar, but in general their drinks are priced at a premium and you will have to pay the house a lot (in Bolivia anyway) to leave with them. If you stay a while and indicate to the managers that you don't want to leave with a girl, but tell the girls that you do but don't want to pay the house, they will often make other arrangements to meet you outside in 30 minutes, etc.

    I got friendly with two girls, about 19-20 yrs. old and they sort of got competitive about who I would pick...not wanting to decide I told them that I wanted them the same time and that I would pay a lot more than their going rate if they came with me for the whole night and left their inhibitions aside. They sort of giggled and thought I was joking...but in the end they sort of went with me on a dare and continued to kind of one-up the other and they were excited in a nervous, giggly kind of way.

    We took a taxi to one of the hourly hotels and we worked out a price for them to stay with me all night, about $50 total, which is way over market, but I was into trying to make the experience something different and not at all into saving a few bucks.

    Bolivia is a country that is very machista and guys can pretty much do whatever they want and they have no idea how to treat women. Romance and foreplay are almost non-existant and a woman considers herself lucky if they end up with someone who fools around discreetly and doesn't hit them. Bolivian men are not god in bed, mostly providing drunken selfish sort of relief for themselves and not considering the women at all.

    We sent out for drinks and began drinking, chatting, listening to music and dancing, basically having a good time and forgot all about any business arrangement. I continually complemented them and told them how beautiful they were and how lucky I was and they were all into it.

    One was somewhat better looking than the other and I paid a bit more attention to her which fostered the competition thing way more. I think she was used to being second fiddle to the other and definitely appreciated this and showed her appreciation by becoming extremely affectionate, which of course spurred the other one to act in kind.

    They were initially a bit surprised that I didn't order them to strip and get in bed with each other 3 minutes after we got inside and for the first hour or so we just had a blast. I asked them a ton of questions about themsleves and got to them a little on a personal level and we had some private jokes and nicknames going when I asked them if I could see them dance together. They giggled and shrugged their shoulders and went at it. Was nice to see and they clearly enjoyed it before jumping on the bed with me at the end of the song laughing.

    A little bit later I was complementing them again and asked if I could please see them both in their under wear. They giggled and obliged, getting undressed a bit self-consciously but at the same time excited and a bit shameful that they were liking this. They aren't realy used to being asked nicely and at this point it was a lot more like they were doing it because they wanted to not due to any financial obligation. Without any prompting they started dancing together again, a bit more slowly than before. Excellent.

    I made sure that my appreciation for this registered with them by basically just sitting there with my jaw wide open and my eyes locked on them. Indeed they were a site. They both had extremely fit bodies and long, straight brown darker brown and the other lighter with blonde highlights. The one with lighter hair had honey-toned skin and the other was darker and more like a mocha color. Both had thin waists and accented hourglass figures with medium breasts and curvy hips. And man could they dance.

    I took this opportunity to slowly approach them from behind the darker one and began to kiss her slowly on the back of the neck and put my hands on her waist and caressed softly down the front of her pelvis and down her thighs, breathing warm air behind her ear and along her shoulder. I could feel her quiver at this and the lighter one was watching me closely the whole time.

    I went very slowly, not pushy at all. Gradually I reached over and put my arms around the lighter one and puled her closer so that she was pressing more fully against her friend. She was a bit uncomfortable with that at first but I started to softly kiss her lips and nuzzle her cheek and she got distracted.


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    hey Nibu my SP wing man

    im in SCZ right now, just came back from a mongering session at:

    Andres Ibanez 60 (close to el Arenal park and to the justice palace) parallel to the firstring (Anillo)
    US$30 for an hour , US$20 for a single fuck
    5-6 gitrl ranging from 6 to 8
    i went for the 30 deal with a nice Beniana, Clara, nice firm body, very fit , repeat

    I also went to Vaca Diez 59 3300290 two blocks away, baaaaaaaaaaad
    0ne 5 and on 6 only at the time Tu 9 pm)

    will report more later


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    Fellow mongers,

    Out last night with a good friend to sample the SCZ sceen on Wednesday night.... with kinda of mixed results.

    Went to my personal watering hole Flavias on Ave Virgen De Cotoca where we spent 4 hours drinking and playing with the chicas. I met up with a girl whom I have pulled from there on several occasions and had good time drinking and dancing with a short trip to the back room for a quicky (100B) Had fun gettin all the reasonable chicas to dance on the table naked. One of my favorit dancers was turning 19 and so we kind of through an impromtu party for her. Nice thing about this place is that drinks are not overpriced and no extra cost for the girls drinks. My friend fell for a real looker with a nice tight body, but in the end she would not leave the place with him for any reason. He pulled her in the back room for a "private dance" where the mistery was reveal as she was at a bas time of the month. So we bailed on Flavias to check out the street scene. We had passed the Plaza de Estudiantes on the way to the club at around 11:00 and had some prospects that looked doable but at 3:00AM the selection had fallen to low levels. Price was the same as usual 100b per hour with clock starting when you get them to the room. As my friend was leaving the next day for a night in Rio, the decision was made to leave the leftovers behind and save his virtue for the hot chicas of Brazil.

    In short club sceen stil has a good selection of doable chicas, but I hate to pay the multa for the casa and make arrangements for a meet the next day. Crazy system, you have to pay to take them out of the club if you find themn there, but if they skip going to the club to be with you on the next night thereis no problem.

    Fines for pulling a girl range from 10 to 50 $US so be sure to ask before making any arrangements.

    Street sceen is OK but don't leave it to late as the pickings get slim.

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    Santa Cruz de la Sierra

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