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    (This report of mine is about 8 months old -- all the basics should still be good.)


    This town in the north of Brazil is a large but poor industry/fishing city. Its sex scene, while large, reflects this. I would categorically recommend taking a taxi wherever you go. However, as tourists are rare here, there's no "mugging-industry" per se as there is in Rio or Sao Paulo.

    O.k. There are basically two boites/whiskerias (sex night-clubs), a brothel and a smallish street scene in Belem. The price for services is low, as most of the customers are locals who don't have the kind of funds westerners have.

    The largest sex-club in town is "Locomotivo." It's about 15 mins. from Centro on the way to the airport. You'll probably see it to your left if you arrive via the air.

    Locomotivo has about 100 girls working on any night. Most are poor and fat from the country. There are some honeys, though, and the place is worth a look.

    There's a motel attached to the place. Girls generally asked about 30 USD/2hours, and a nice room was about 8USD. Pretty cheap.

    "O Lapino" is a sex-disco in some rough suburbs in the other direction of town. The two nights I was there were pretty miserable in terms of women. Maybe something like 20 young, unattractive garotas.

    I never got a price -- but expect it to bew low. There are no bed-facilities here.

    The brothel is named "Veronica." It's about 25 mins. to the south. I showed up at midnight and it was basically closed (though they sleepily re-opened it for me). Weird, though friendly, place. It's located in a big gated compound, with women living on-site.

    Never got a price (but expect it to be low) as most of the women were below-par for me. They do the standard "file-them-out-individually" routine, w/ the customer making his decision on an individual basis -- an arrangement which I hate.

    The street scene centers around the main square in the center of town. Many of the girls you see here in the early evening will show up at O Lapina later that night. Prices were about 30USD/2 hours. There are a few sex-motels in the area. The girls will know them.

    Happy hunting,

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