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Thread: Belo Horizonte

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    First, let me thank you for your site. Unlike many others it is very professional and truely a good source of information.

    Belo Horizonte is one of the biggest cities in Brazil. It is not a tourist city per say, but it is very modern compared to the rest of the third world. From Miami it is about a nine hour flight with one stop in Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. (try flying TAM airlines, excellent service). The best neighborhood to find a hotel in is called Savassi. Savassi is a thriving part of town with the best shoppings, discos, restaurants, bars and of course the "boites". Boite (also referred as cabarets and casas de espectaculos) are nothing but what we call here in the states as strip joints with one great exception. There is no problem whatsoever in taking a lady out for the night to your hotel room.

    The best boites (pronounced boiches) are New Sagitarius night club (any name in english and you know it is very expensive, geared toward wealthy crowd which I am not), Crystal night club (somewhat expensive around $200 + yes dollars) (screw that), Boite Skorpius New (very clean somewhere in the middle kind of club. Beautiful women 7 to 10's. the price for the whole night is not more than $100 dollars), and my favorite is the Sayonara. Boy I loved that place.

    Piece of advise for any traveler seeking a good time and more for your buck, always go where the locals go. And who knows best but the taxi drivers. The Sayonara is like a punani buffet. The girls are about a 6 to a 9 (in Brazil a 6 is like a 9 in the states). Between the cover fee, my beer and her drink (must be a gentleman first) I must have spent about $20. The girls are very frindly and accessible. This is a local joint so there is not much English spoken, but I am sure there is someone to help in the staff. Guys be smart and learn Spanish or Portuguese. Money well spent.

    I got me this beautiful mulata with awsome tits and an ass that would not quit. She was very friendly and wow she could also hold a decent conversation. After fucking of course. The great thing about brazilian women is that they honestly love to fuck. Hell she took great pride in her work. It was one of the best nights I have had with a non-relationship woman. Shoot I went back for seconds a few days later. The whole night with her cost me $60. I gave her $20 tip (she was very happy about that) and always give them money for the taxi, about $5 . We both were happy, she got a good tip and I did not over spend. Fair trade.

    Last piece of advice "treat a lady like a ***** and a ***** like a lady". Pussy will always be near if you follow that advice.

    Will travel back to Belo Horizonte. Will look her up and her friend. Did I forget to mention she has a lesbian lover that for $120 I can fuck them both for the whole night. Stay tuned boys and girls, a follow up report is coming in about a month. ATE LOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Heya -- I just read a report on the competitor's site (not really a competitor -- nowhere near the same class as this site) that the street action in Belo Horizonte is out of hand. I'm talking crazy-good. The poster mentioned Afonso Pena Ave. as being groung-zero. Anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance.


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    Hi Why Can no answer Rastaman on his answers on Armageddon? Someone must have more info on this club??? I would like to know about this place too. I heard the street scene is one of the best in Belo Horizonte with hundreds of woman and good cheap prices I think like no more then 30 dollars. I guess too lot of Love Motels in Belo Horizonte. Ok Does any one have info on the massage parlors and strip clubs in Belo Horizonte? How is The Amateur action at discotecas for girls? What about malls,Parks and cafes??????? Oh on to another subject Any good porno Sex shops in Belo Horizonte??? Any Porn Burlesque houses??? How many foreigners visit Belo I mean mainly US Gringos? Where are the most cheapest places compared to the most expensive places???? What about races of girls in Belo??? Typical Mestiza,Black,White,Asian Other?????? With the Sitation with Lula now too How is the real affecting the dollar??? How safe or dangerous is Belo???? How do the Police treat Prostitution in Belo??????? Sorry For all thse questions but Belo Horizonte is one of the biggest cities in Brazil and I was wondering Why There really is not many more posts here??? J WADD??????? Octatron????? Johan???? Someone??? Rastaman What is your opinion of all this??????

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    Armageddon is located Avenida Otacilio Negroa de Lima 14700 Tel. (031) 34911710 there is a cover fee of R$10.00 the girls are on average R$ 80.00 depends on the time and how long you will go with her, important nobody there speaks english

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    Try "Armageddon", it's in the Pampulha area. Big place, in a well healed area. You have to call before you go. Big outdoor area with swimming pool, well equipped and discrete.

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    Hello! Anyone home? I'll be visiting Belo Horizonte soon and would love to hear from anyone familiar with the hobbying scene there. Like a good boy scout, I want to always be prepared! Please post.


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    Belo Horizonte

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