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Thread: Foz de Iguacu / Iguazu Falls

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    Thank you so much for the info! I thought Internacional was expensive (US$100) but someone on the board here said they got it for much less on Travelocity - I found it actually to be more on Travelocity. For the price it seems the Del Rey is the best bet. Thanks again! By the way, I'm scheduled to be there two nights and 1 1/2 days, is that enough to see both sides of the falls? And is the garota action all on the Brazil side?

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    @ DocBill,

    i stayed at Del Rey: 35R$ a night, no girlfriend extracharge, competent tourguides, friendly staff, near everything

    International: i don't know, but on the price level it must be amongst the top 5 hotels in Foz

    Tropical das Cataratas: way off all the action, gotta take a taxi for everything, expensive, they are the only hotel that organizes a full-moon waterfall-tour (of course only when fullmoon is!) cuz circulation by car is prohibited in the Park after 6 or 7 pm. Maybe a great place to spend a few days with your garota and make her dream of a life with the charming prince!

    don't forget your waterproof camera!


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    Hey guys, any recommendations on a good hotel & prices in Iguazu? There is brief mention here of Internacional and Del Rey, and I've also heard about Tropical das Cataratas, right on the falls. Any recommendations/preferences, please? Thanks!

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    Thanks much, JWadd!

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    Asuncion (if I remember correctly) is about 4 hours away by bus. Maybe six. Either way, it's an easy trip and the border crossing is no problem. Asuncion has an o.k. low-bottom scene -- lotsa SWs and low-rent clubs. The city itself isn't very much fun.

    I think 3 days ought to be enough in Foz. Those falls are amazing -- almost as good as the petite blondes.

    Happy Hunting,

    P.S. I've posted fairly long descriptions of both cities on this site. I'm not sure where they are (i.e. in the archives or forum sections). Look and you'll find them.

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    I will be visiting Iguacu during my trip to Brazil in September, and I'm wondering what is a good length of time to stay there? Sounds like the mongering is pretty good and I love petite blondes! It also sounds like going to Paraguay (CDE) is a waste of time? What about Asuncion, how far away is it? Thanks guys for all your help!

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    Thanks dude,

    I have been to the Falls already so I'm gonna do only the Argentinean side of it. I´ll post my Vera´s experience as soon as possible.


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    weather was quite nice when i was there (3 days sunshine out of 3) i don't know.

    Del Rey was (is?) girlfriendly for my experience; they didn't charge for bringing her in. As i said, they have a good tour organizer (luis), and one of the guides is just like a sunshine (Natalia from Venezuela). one tip: do both sides of the falls and garganta del diablo in the late afternoon (sorry to the readers for this boring non-sexual information...)

    have fun!

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    Hey Paolino:

    Thanks for the info, I'm gonna be there in about 10 days. how was the weather? is the Del Rey girl friendly? BTW the waterfalls are great but whoring (in Brazil) is seconday to nothing LOL


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    was in Foz 1 week ago, and Surfer's report is still up to date.

    who is on a budget can go to Hotel Del Rey. It's nicely situted i block from Av.Kubitschek and 1 minute walk from Buffalo Branco Churrascaria.

    Went to Vera's one night and although i was kinda prepared mentally to the situation, i must say that it's really horrible situation. You get in and the girls come walking out all in a bunch. It's like 2 dozens of them and they all stare at you so you better be cool and make a quick choice if you feel unwell in this situation. Well like surfer i followed the first impression which unfortunately turned out to be the bad choice. Petite blonde, nice body and smiling but she wasn't as special as her first impression made me think. 170Rs plus the 20Rs taxi for getting there. Luckily the hotel is stayed in didn't charge the extra guest.

    SW were very few, there were half a dozen on Av.Brasil sitting on the other side of the crossing of that Lanchonete Brasil. Physically not that good, beerbelly. Some were sitting in the dark on the upper part of Av. Kubitschek. Couldn't see if they were worth it physically, but i think not. Saw some cuties during the earlier part of the night but didn't see them again afterwards. Expect that the cutest have had at least a client before you if you go late at night for a SW.

    If you go to Foz and you are on a budget but you still want a decent hotel with a good bed go to Hotel del Rey. For 35Rs you get buffet breakfast, good location, clean rooms, and a very good tour guide that organizes the trips to the falls (Luis) which are in my opinion the real reason to go there, whoring at night is only secundary.

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    Cool Surfer yeh been to all those cities in Peru of course. Hey Man Anything else that you forgot to mention on Foz? You never did check out the massage parlors of Foz? So Man like over 50 streetwalkers at night in Foz? Sounds fun was only in Foz for the afternoon Found the streets to be very modern. I think someone made a post on Foz saying there are some good malls for amatuear action in the day. What about cafes? Tell us more on the Discotecas and Rock Clubs? I got to Go,, all info on Foz is appreciated,,,,, ThanXXX,,,,,,,, NIBU R......

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    Saw no streetwalkers during the day (market is busy so would look bad I think). Never heard of other clubs like Crystal or casa like Veras. I think the Avenida Schimmelpfeg restaurants near Capitao offer better potential for high quality independents that Avenida Brasil, but it takes some patience (and care to not proposition the non-pros in an offensive manner).

    Was in Lima, Trujillo & Cuzco back in 89. Loved the consistent & uncrowded surf (and Macchu Pichu) , but Brasil is a WAY more fun place to hang out IMHO and you cannot even compare the girls.

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    Yeh Sure Man Great Report surfer. Alright it is now the new year 2003. I hope we will here more updates on the City OF Foz. Hey so is like Crystals and Veras the only two real famous clubs to go too? Are there any others out there? Yeh Brazil brazil but that is more like a normal type bar with some freelance workers. Hey Surfer How many streetworkers did you see out there when you were there? Are there Any streetwalkers working in the day time? I would love a great update on the massage parlor scene which seems to have lack of reports here. JW What massage places did you check out when you were there? JW or others what is listed in the yellow pages of FOz? Where are the dangerous parts to stay away from in FOZ? Yeh I have heard Rock and Metal places exist in FOZ..... Are there such things as coffee shops to find girls like in BA Argentina? What about shopping malls? Where are all the cheapest hotels at? I think in centro or by the bus station???? RIGHT???? Yeh I hope to make it back in to Brazil in 2003 maybe Foz or maybe even Rio in april. Shit Man Alright you probably all have seen my famous reports in Peru. SO JW You should be in Lima Peru in November??? Yeh Like I said I am trying for Brazil in april or Santiago and Valparaiso Chile. AH SA Rules,,,,,,,,, BYE Ya all,,,, Yours Trully NIBU R.....

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    ...Thanks for the update, Surfer -- I can't wait to go back.

    Happy Hunting,

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    I stayed at Hotel Internacional (, tel. 5545-523-1414), nominally a 5 star and the best place IN TOWN. There is a great bakery/restaurant/market open until at least midnight right next door to the hotel which is very convenient for drinks or snacks. The hotel has a nice restaurant & pool area. I booked the hotel on for just under $50 (half of what Tiny paid in June of 2001) . Solid 4 star property in a great location-my only gripe is the R50 entertainment charge for bringing back a garota (up from R30 listed in Tiny’s report).

    Mabu ( & Bourbon Resort (, adjacent to the Crystal night club about halfway to Las Cataratas are the top places in the whole area, but removed from the city too much for my preference.

    For the impecunious, there are many other cheaper hotels, both out near Mabu/Crystal & in town. By ALL accounts, there is no reason to make the dangerous excursion to Ciudad del Este, Paraguay, city of thieves & crooked cops.


    There is an upscale & touristy churrascaria (all you can eat buffet/BBQ) called Raifin right next to Crystal that has mulatta shows from 9 to 11pm. Crystal starts happening between 11 & midnight so you could do dinner & show then wander next door.

    The oldest & most established churrascaria is Bufalo Branco (White Buffalo) on Ave. Reboucas 1 block past Ave JK towards the river (the area closer to the river is Foz’ favela and is reputedly unsafe though I walked all the way to Ave Beira Rio (the last street) in daylight hours and thought it reasonably secure. The waiters wear tuxes and the food is sublime (saw qeijo churrasco-BBQd cheese for the first time here) ; they often described the dishes in English despite limited conversational ability. Overall, not a lot of English spoken around FOZ or Las Cataratas, but Spanish proficiency will go FAR to make YOU understood (understanding THEM is a different matter-more difficult). I STUFFED myself silly for a total cost of under $6, with many types of beef, pork, chicken as well as the salad/desert buffet. Other patrons were middle & upper middle class Brasilians-saw VERY few foreigners at any time in Foz do Iguacu.


    I know of 5 Options (more exist, but it was enough) and will briefly describe each:

    1. Crystal Niteclub-THE upscale nightclub in the area, has nice decor, strip shows and a fair number of lookers. R70 minimum consumption, R50 saida (exit fee for garota) & mildly overpriced drinks but a fun place with many plusahly padded booths and semi-private rooms. There are no actual “Private” rooms on the premises, however. Upon entry you get a ticket with a barcode used to bill all your drinks so you pay as you leave. Lose the ticket, pay R1000 (suggestion, get drinks at bar so you don’t forget to get your ticket back from waiter). Took a tall, flat, mulatta named Barbara from Parana with a very pretty face and friendly demeanor. Had been spying a couple of others, and had been solicited by a couple, but did not get down here until almost 2 and thought I’d better just grab one and go (it IS Brasil, after all, land of high batting averages).

    Barbara asked R250 for all night, I countered with R150 which she promptly accepted. She was affectionate in the cab (an important sign IMHO). An OK time, but the least spectacular of the trip (I went here my first night & was SO exhausted from the travel & hike up the falls that it surely contributed to the lack of fireworks) . Even my trusty steed (the G2 AKA pocket rocket) could not get her to buck like a bronco. I began to doze just after the deed and sent her on her way (so no pictures) so I could get a good night’s sleep. Taxi cost about same as up to Vera’s, but going in the opposite direction from town so visiting both on one taxi ride is not really viable.

    2. On my second night I went to Vera’s Casa (about 12R taxi ride North of town); this average looking house is a typical casa setup where I was presented a lineup of approx. 12 garotas ranging from about 6 to 9 on the infamously subjective scale of appeal. R150 for 2 hours at your place (no onsite rooms), with time limit not strictly enforced (yet allnighters appeared difficult, though I did not push the issue). I HATE having to choose without having interaction to determine chemistry, but I followed my instincts which say that “attitude is everything” (it was my mantra BEFORE Andre Agassi & Canon). Translated out of surferese, this means never take the best looking, take the one that gives the most smiles/eye contact. I picked M, a 21 YO local girl who was very trim & playful. A very good session by any standard with no complaints whatsover. Taxi driver Jose says Vera’s is the best option around (and he gets no kickback).

    3. In Room Delivery Service-get a few candidates brought to your room for inspection; call 527-5260 or 527-1632 or ask hotel staff. Good reviews by WSG posters, but did not have sufficient time/energy to verify (Next time!).

    4. Streetwalkers-fairly plentiful, but surprisingly corpulent for Brasil IMHO. Cost is reputedly as low as R10 (by the river in the favela) up to perhaps R80. NO English spoken. Primary streets are Ave Brasil (the main drag, 1 block towards the river from Hotel Internacional) and Avenida Juscelino Kubitschek (“JK”), 1 block past Avenida Brasil towards the river. Security seemed fine in downtown area even after midnight, particularly on Ave. Brasil which is CONSTANTLY patrolled by slow cruising Guarda Municipal vehicles. Many Sws congregate just outside an open air dance place called Brasil Brasil on Ave. Brasil & Rua Reboucas (2 blocks from Hotel-look for sign “Las Vegas Bingo” & you are there). Tiny reported many freelancers inside (I saw only a couple). On Ave Reboucas just past Avenida Brasil, saw two apparent travestis (TVs).

    During the daytime, on the same block as Brasil Brasil, there is a GREAT & cheap market for souvenirs & handicrafts called Feira Iguacu. Highly recommended.

    5. Avenida Schimmelpfeng Bars/Restaurants-About 1 km South of the hotel (I walked it around midnight without concern), there are several happening bars/restaurants which have a combination of pros & locals out seeing & being seen. Capitao Bar is ground zero, but there are several others like the Biergarten Choppereria a few blocks East that are MUCH livelier and more active than the SW area up by Brasil Brasil. With some Portugese ability (which I developed MUCH quicker than I expected thanks to knowledge of Spanish) and a week or so in town, this would be the place to find a namorada (GF). Saw many interesting candiadtes and got “the look” from several. Good food & drinks here (try Brasil’s national drink the caipirinha (sugarcane liquer-cachaca-with some limes & citrus juice. Very nice IMHO. A GREAT place for people watching in the evenings.

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