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Thread: Foz de Iguacu / Iguazu Falls

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    Hiya Nibu --

    Well, I just drove through C. Del Este on the way to Foz, and it looked prety run down. Lotsa (lotsa) trash, people sleeping the parks, chaos, etc. It's not like El Salvador or Columbia though. It's not crazy with violence -- it's only sort of run-down with a old, beat-up, skid-row feel. I wouldn't worry too much.

    As for Foz, it's perfectly safe. Totally developed. It's nowhere near being a run-down Brasilian city you can find up in the north (Manaus, Belem). It's perfectly fine. Malls, enough tourists so you don't stand out, normal clubs (I didn't go to any -- spent ALL of my time punting), etc.

    Food and beer in Foz (I remember) are average. O.k. but not like some of the cuisine you can get on the coast.

    The girls were pretty white. I know what you mean by "latina rock and roll sluts", and saw a few that fit that description at Crystals. I tend to avoid the strip clubs/escort agencies -- but didn't see any of either (and I always look for everything) so if they're there, they'll be tough to find without a newspaper and knowledge of Portugese.

    The main street downtown (can't remember name, but it's easy to find) has plenty of cafes, cheap-but-clean hotels, etc. Down hill from here (toward Del Este) I think I remember seeing a few clubs.

    Foz is a fairly small town. Not too small, but easily explorable w/in a coupla hours. I had a good time there. I went to see the Falls -- and was surprised to find a healthy sex scene going on there.

    In all, I wouldn't worry a bit about going there. Have fun and enjoy the scene. It's pretty easy to navigate and the women were cute. Also, I bet it's the best scene for hundreds, if not thousands of miles.

    Did I forget anything? Lemme know.

    Happy Hunting,

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    Hi again JW so how bad is the crime in the Foz- Ciuadad Del Este Area??? I will try to be there in 10 days hopefully. I am now in Tacna Peru. Yes this whole trip will be on Bus.... A Direct ticket round trip from Lima to Ascunsion was damn expensive. Ok then on to other questions on Foz How is the food there??? And the woman more Black Brazilian or White??? I think more in that area of South Brazil more white type girls. How about escort services and strip clubs in Foz???? Oh to another subject what about amatuer action or going to a club to see a live Rock or metal band in Foz???? Many Concerts?? I love Rock N Roll Latin sluts. How many Gringo tourists visit Foz??? So Foz- Ciudad del Este is not that Dangerous??? I heard it kind of is. Lot of Illegal contraband in that area... Hey would you know about Pora Pora Brazil by the Paraguayan border??? How is the beer in Foz??? Any Cafes in the daytime in Foz for action??? Parks ???? Malls????? Any other areas??? Sorry Dude for asking you so much I just want to be really prepared at Foz. and in Paraguay. With Lula in Power now I am sure the crime is skyrocketing in Brazil... Oh concerning cheap hotels in that area with all the heat probably lot of Big Cockaroaches??? I had that problem in Nazca Peru. Ok anything else you can add like even more info on Crystal????? ThanXXX,Your Pal NIBU R..........

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    Wish I cold help you out, Nibu. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though. Have faith in the Brasilians to keep their town cool.


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    Hi I should be in Foz in two weeks. Can someone tell me more about Foz and the Triple Border??? I heard a lot of Terrorists in this area especially Ciudad Del Este. Man How Dangerous is it for US citizens like me????'' Alright man any updates on Crystal???' What is up with the strret***** scene in Foz??????? Can I stay overnight in Foz without a Visa??' Is there a Police Checkpoint on the way to Crystal???' What Brazialian Beer can I drink in Foz???? How about all the massage places in FOZ????

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    Hi can someone make a very in depth new reort on the sex scene of the tree cities on the falls? Foz. in Brazil and Argentina and of course Ciudad Del Este In Paraguay. Someone posted that there is a brothel going 15 minutes out of Foz. towards the Falls???? My Question on all this is I will be visiting Paraguay and Argentina in November but do not have a visa to go in to Brazil. Yes As A US citizen you need it. I know you can enter Foz in the day without a visa to go shopping but I was also wondering if there is a law where you can stay up to 24 hours in The Border cities of Brazil like Foz????????? Can some of you Brazil Mongers look in to this? Hey I was too confused like I said that one brothel going 15 minutes out of Foz any Passport Visa Type control Checkpoints? When I go to Paraguay on this trip it will also be great like I said to go for the nightlife in these Brazilan border cities. Ok On to another note to I think people have been saying now the dollar is like 4 to 1 to the real?????? SHIT So is Brazil a bargain now or still expensive like Chile? Ok Ok Back to Foz. How much is a very cheap hotel for two in Foz? Is Foz. more safer then Ciudad Del Este in Paraguay? How about an in depth report on the streetwalker scene in the Fozs of Brazil And Argentina and Ciudad del Este? ThanXXX You all for bearing with me<< NIBU.

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    Went to Crystal and was told that the place was closed because it was Sunday.

    The taxi driver told me that he knew a place called Vera and I could get garotas there. I agreed to try it out.

    Vera is a house in a residential area. Chicks line up and you choose one as soon as you walk in. Picked a pretty blonde and the taxi driver took us to a sex motel.

    Did the deed under a mirrored ceiling . She was obliging but it was not hot sex.

    After two hours the taxi driver was called and he took us back to the house then he took me to the place where I got in.


    45 us dollars girl
    15 us dollars cab
    15 us dollars motel

    Total 75 dollars

    Did I overpay? Maybe. Would I do it again? I prefer talking to the girl first.

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    (This report or mine is about 8 months old -- but the essentials should be well covered here.)


    This smaller town has a pretty good scene given its size. I think its importance as a tourist site has alot to do with the high quality of women here.

    There are basically two boites/whiskerias in town, a good brothel and a healthy street scene.

    The boites are "Crystal" (also called "Rodovia") and "El Cato"(I think that's the name -- it has a big red light in front of it, and neighbors another, much pooer, boite).

    Crystal is out on the highway toward the falls. Take a taxi (make sure they use the meter -- especially when you leave). On a good night there are about 50-75 young, well dressed and good looking girls here. Prices quoted started at 100 USD-- but of course that's subject to the standard negotiation reduction.

    There are plenty of sex-motels in the area. Take them there as there are no rooms at Crystal. Incidentally, there's about a 15 USD exit fee for the girls. Drinks are normally priced for everyone.

    El Cato is in Centro on a safe backstreet. Can't remember exactly; take a taxi for about 2 USD. On a good night, expect about 20-30 girls, many cute and young, though not quite as chic as there counter parts are Crystal.

    Prices quoted were about 30-40 USD, and I think there're dirty rooms on site for sex. I took mine out to a motel. There's a small 10 USD exit fee and drinks are reasonable.

    "Vera" is the name of the brothel. It's run by a woman on the outskirts of town. Totally safe. You sit in the entry room, and about 15 pretty fine girls are filed in at the same time for you to chose right there on the spot. I HATE THAT ARRANGEMENT!

    No drinks. No small talk. All the girls live there. Sex is (obviously) on-site. The price was a non-negoitable (set by the house) 100USD for two hours. Alot of the women were really good looking, though.

    The main street with all the action starts fairly far from the center of town. It'd be a long lonely walk. It's the street that the main bus station is on -- and just follow it out of town and girls in 2s and 3s will start appearing every other block or so.

    As with all of Brazil, the street scene is much better than just about anywhere else in the world. Lotsa young, fine, clean girls making a few bucks. But, as always, experiences will vary.

    Happy Hunting,

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    Foz de Iguacu - Iguazu Falls

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