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Thread: Foz de Iguacu / Iguazu Falls

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    Iguacu. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

    I stayed in Iguacu for 3 nights and am leaving town tonight. After reading Gagoo's great posts, I found an Airbnb apartment next to Roda Viva shows. (about USD $30/ night).

    Foz de Iguacu is a small city (about 200,000 residents) at the corner of Brasil, Argentina and Paraguay. I met tourists from Israel, US, Europe and Eastern Asia visiting to see the world-famous waterfalls during my stay.


    I checked out Roda Viva shows. There are now 4 clubs all side by side, Seducao Drinks, Pimenta Doce, Roda Viva shows & one that doesn't have a clear sign in front. I looked inside of all 4 and talked to some of the doormen. There were very few girls working this night and the few that interviewed were too coy for my taste. I only found one Brazilian girl and she was 35+. No thanks. I went home empty-handed this night.

    - Ugly.


    I was tired from seeing the Argentina side of the falls in 100+ degree weather and did not make it out.


    Returned to the boite cluster around 11 pm and looked around outside. There was a hot little paraguayan spinner outside of Roda viva shows named Perla who was fun and friendly when I approached. I paid $R10 entrance and She quickly offered $R150 for an hour (room incl. Total cost $160). Seemed like a deal so I took her to the back. What followed was the worst experience I have ever had punting. This girl did nothing but complain. She complained that she wanted to turn the A / see on and off multiple times, complained about doing DFK and BBBJ (which we had already agreed on), and complained that her pussy hurt after 15 minutes of fucking. I was so disinterested that after 30 minutes I told her to get dressed and get the fuck out. For anyone reading this, do NOT program with a Paraguayan girl named Perla at any of these clubs.


    Feeling "down but not out" I wandered over to Seducao drinks, where I had seen a very cute blonde walk into earlier in the night. When I got in, the blonde was talking with some locals but a very tall & thick Brasilian brunette named Jessica came up to me and talked for a few minutes. She has a touch of baby fat, but that is overshadowed by her huge ass. She interviewed well, but I still had my eye on the blonde. After 20 minutes, the locals left the blond w / o paying for a program (this is no surprise to anyone familiar w locals at Brazilian boites) and I asked Jessica to call the Blonde over. It looked like my luck was changing as this blond girl was exactly my type in both looks and personality. Her name is Jo (Josiane) she's about 5"3', dyed-blond girl w thick thighs, tiny waist and natural be cups. They had fun trying to guess my nationality (I never say that I'm American until price is confirmed) and when I asked if they like each other, Jo said that she likes girls and wants a chance to eat out Jessica! Feeling hopeful and after some negotiation, I take both girls to the back for $R420. Once we get into the room, the best threesome of my young life ensues. Jo heads for a quick shower and Jessica pulls my cock out yelling to Jo how big it is. She starts the fun with a gagging deep-throat BBBJ. When Jo comes out, she's turned on seeing how hard Jessica is gagging on me and gives some DFK before I flip over for some DATO while Jessica is still gagging on me. Jo is getting turned on and after a couple minutes of DATO she takes my cock from Jessica and starts deep-throat / gagging while Jessica goes south to suck the balls. This goes on for the next 15 minutes with the girls trading between nursing my cock and balls. I even push Jessica down to lick my taint for a minute or so. The 2 girls start playfully arguing about which of them will eat the other's pussy first! After a minute. Jo lays Jessica down and starts munching away. Jessica is new to having a girl eat her pussy and she's squirming with pleasure. I get close to make-out with her and suck her tits while watching Jo give her great pleasure. Then, the girls switch and Jo instructs Jessica on how to eat her pussy. I make out w Jo while she's enjoying Jessica's work. Jo slaps a condom on me and starts riding cowgirl and I motion Jessica to sit on my face for some DATO. After a few minutes, I'm dying to see Jo's perfect ass in doggy so I take control and flip her over for a solid pounding on all 4's. By now, it's a small miracle that I have exploded (credit to the beers I drank at dinner! I see that Jessica is getting jealous from lack of attention and tell her to bend over doggy style. I continue to pound Jessica up to my as hard as I possibly can and she cums along the way! I must be more drunk that I thought, because I still haven't exploded. Jo switches my condom and gives me the beautiful view of reverse cowgirl until I'm about to blow. When I say I'm about to cum. She jumps off, both girls lay on the backs, side by side and tell me to cum on their tits. I oblige. After this session, my knees are so weak that I'm not even able to walk to the shower for 10 minutes. We used the full hour for our threesome and I'm still sweating hard after showering so I go back inside the club and buy some beers for me and the girls. The girls sit with me and give their stories of the lives so far over some beer. Jo is especially sweet after learning that I'm American and asks me all about life there and says she wants to visit one day. She asks when I'm going to come back to Iguacu. I take down her number and we plan for me to visit her apartment before I leave town the following night!


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    Paraguayan blonde

    That Paraguayan blonde is seriously hot, attractive and fun. Makes me want to go.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    For you other questions, I had the prices in the report. And now someone else gave the price of Roda Vida. Those clubs don't really get started until about 11 PM. I showed up early and wished I came in later. I'll PM you a link to a Video with the blonde driving me around.

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    Visa for Paraguay

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]
    Did not know US citizens need visa to enter Paraguay.

    Brazil made a big deal out of requiring visas with high fees for US.
    I think I could have snuck in to Paraguay no problem, but I had plans to fly out of Asuncion to Argentina, then they would have caught me. I seen other stories about this on the internet. If you just want to go to Ciudad Del Este I would maybe just play dumb and say you just went shopping. Buy you a bottle of liquor or something. It's cheap there. Sadly the Paraguayan consulate set a rate of 3. 8 Reais = $1 dollar. So for my $160 USD visa I had to pay 160 x 3. 8 Reais for my visa. I got ripped off big time on that. I can say there was no line or anybody else wanting to apply for a visa LOL. The boss lady let me sit at her desk and she filled out most of the papers. Now in my passport there is a full page taken up with a Paraguayan 10 year multiple entry visa. It actually looks quite fancy and tough to forge. A few weeks ago I needed to pay $160 to enter Bolivia also. They took up a full page with a 10 year multiple entry visa also. But it is more like a plain sticker that was just printed.

    For you other questions, I had the prices in the report. And now someone else gave the price of Roda Vida. Those clubs don't really get started until about 11 PM. I showed up early and wished I came in later. I'll PM you a link to a Video with the blonde driving me around.

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    !st time in Foz

    Before Gagoo made his excellent post about Foz, I had made reservations hoping there would be more information about the city. After making my reservations, I would look at gpguia but almost all the reports were about escorts or Crystals. The pousada was somewhat near the bus terminal, to make it easy to take the bus to the falls. After reading Gagoos post, I was happy to learn my pousada wasn't too far from the places he wrote about. I arrived at the pousada around 18:00 so there wasn't much to do except scout the area where the bars were. It was about 4 or 5 blocks from my hotel. I got there around 19:00 but everything was closed so not sure when they open but I was thinking around 21:00. Time to go eat and come back and hopefully they would be open. There were actually 4 bars in a row but only two open when I got back at around 22:00. Rodavia show and the one that starts with a P were open. Elite and I can't remember the name of the other one was closed. Outside both places were some not so attractive ladies. I flipped a coin and went into Rodavia show figuring since I have two night here, tomorrow I would try next door. Once inside there were maybe 4 girls and just so so looking. I was the only guy in the joint. I think the bartender said the entrance was are $10.00 but it was hard to understand her. After a while a girl sits by me and we start to talk. We spoke in Spanish and she said she was from Paraguay. I asked her if there were any Brazilians working at this club. She said she knew of only one but wasn't there that night. Everyone else was from Paraguay. She ask me to buy her a drink so I reply by saying only if its a beer would I buy her a drink. She said she didn't want a beer and took off. I later learned that the higher price drinks for the girls was are $80.00. I got a coke for myself and I think that was are $20.00. Finally a girl half decent looking comes down the stairs. I call her over and converse with her in Spanish. Seems to be going okay so I said vamos. Her name was Fabiana and to take her up was are $150.00 and the room was an additional are $80.00. Room was decent nothing great nothing bad. So we start making out in the room and everything is going good until she tried to give me a CBJ. I'm thinking, okay this will be my first dud of the trip. Before she puts the cover on I asked her to do it without the rubber and she said she needs to do it with the rubber. I said just a little bit. Then she tells me I'll just lick you balls without the condom. I said okay but the funny thing is, after sucking my balls, she starts to lick up and down my shaft. Then before you know it, she is giving me a BBBJ, and a pretty good one at that. So I return the favor by trying to DATY on her. When I get close to the why she puts her hands in the way. I asked what's up and she said she didn't like to be licked there. So again I said, just a few licks. She said okay and again a strange thing happens. She was enjoying it so much, I went at it for a while and then she really got into it. It was just as good as any of the Brazilians sessions that I had. Here I thought this would be a major dud, turns out to be one incredible session. Left the place very satisfied. Next day, went to the falls, which I recommend to anyone who hasn't been, its pretty awesome. Not sure if it was heat stroke or dehydration but after returning from the falls I didn't feel to good. So once I got back to the pousada, I ended up staying there till the next day to fly out. Didn't get to session a second time so don't know how good or bad the other club was. Good news is, flying to Porto Alegre to catch up on the miss opportunity I had here.

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    Foz do Iguazu and Puerto Iguazu

    Some elements to complete excellent post of Gagoo on Foz.

    The 3 bars / clearly dedicated as pick up places with touts in front of it: Roda Viva, Pimente Dolce are located av Mal Deodoro quite in front of Rafain hotel he mentions.

    As I spent two nights and only one day to visit cataratas, I did not experienced the place where I just walked in front, as it was already 11 pm and was tired of my day. No strength to initiate talks with girls and bring one in my bed. Moreover, those in front of the door where too old and with too much makeup for my taste.

    As far as Puerto Iguazu is concerned, I confirm and complete other reports on this city. Same for me: just two nights and one day dedicated to cataratas, so no strength to initiate deals. There is a night club Cuba Libre just at the corner of Paraguay and San Martin street, in an area (part of San Martin street) full of bars and restaurants. There is another night club called Casanova, when you follow the street on the other side of the junction, in front of San martin, but no more called San Martin. But I went there around 11 pm on a Thursday night: nobody in the clubs: it seems they are active not before 2 am so difficult to combine with cararatas trails if you stay too short. However girls and boys in their 20's 30's were together in a bar where playing pools with loud music, in the middle of Paraguay street. It seems the meeting point before night clubbing. Girls looked much more fresh than in Foz, and if you are in that age bracket and speak fluently Spanish, I am sure you will have connection.

    So I also conclude (without having had true experience that staying in Puerto Iguasu for mongering looks better than in Foz.

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    My taxi driver drove me across the bridge from Foz to Cuidad del'Este and back. Nobody asked for my passport or visa. They probably assumed I was a local going shopping like the other hundreds.

    The Paraguyan chicas look seriously hot in the pics. Lifeisabeach may be right. How much are ST and LT there? Have to try them soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gagoo  [View Original Post]
    If you were to make a day trip to Paraguay, honestly nobody is going to stop you when leaving, or entering in to Paraguay. I didn't return back to Brazil from Paraguay. I think if you took a public bus across the border you will have no problems. Traffic flows over the bridge pretty fast. If you want to enter Paraguay legally, right before you get to the bridge, there is a place to park you car on the right to get your stamp out. Then you cross the bridge and there will be a building on the right to get your passport stamped in. For some reason the Paraguayan immigration wasn't friendly at all. I had a visa which uses a full page in your passport. It looks like they did a good job of making it counterfeit resistant. The immigration guy stared and looked at my visa in multiple angles for 30 seconds. I was thinking to myself - 'seriously? You think I might have made a fake visa to Paraguay?..

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    The list.

    Quote Originally Posted by HarleyQuinn  [View Original Post]
    Is there a list or something with the clubs in Foz de Iguazu?

    Name and street en cost?

    The list has to be extracted from all of the reports. The more reports that you read, the bigger your list will become. There are not a lot of places in Foz. If you read just one or two pages you would see just about everything you need to know.

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    Sexclubs in Foz?

    Is there a list or something with the clubs in Foz de Iguazu?

    Name and street en cost?


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    Hotel Refain Centro and other points.

    I stayed there 8 nights. And I brought a woman in twice. I wanted to make sure they didn't charge me when I checked out before writing about the hotel. They never charged me for taking the girls in, but they never seemed to notice me with the girl. Maybe I had good timing. The internet was good, and the location is pretty good too. They have a pool, and it looked good, but I never used it. You can walk to the Paraguayan Consulate to apply for a Paraguayan visa in about 3 minutes. Walking to places like Roda Viva Shows about 7 minutes. There is also a taxi stand across the street. There is almost always some taxis in front. If you rent a car you can just park in on the street, or they will park your car in a parking lot about half a block away (free).

    A cool restaurant to hang out, but I never seen any street girls is at Capito Bar, and a restaurant about 1 block away called Rafain Chopp. I noticed that there are a lot of places called Rafain. The driver that drove me to Paraguay told me that Rafain is a very rich family. As mentioned in other posts here the average typical woman her is very good looking. I only seen this percentage of head turners in Medellin, Colombia. But at least in Foz the women aren't all siliconed up and don't try to be all fancy or wear lots of make-up. They are just natural beauties in Foz. As far as friendliness of the locals they just seemed to be like average people. Nobody was excessively friendly, or unfriendly.

    I decided to stay 8 days instead of just 3, so I must have liked the place. I drove around many times looking for streetwalkers and I walked around at night also. I even drove around the bus station. I only seen streetwalkers in one area, and they were ladyboys. They are about 1 block away from a club called Boate Scorpion.

    If you want to go see the Argentinean side of the water falls; I paid a tour company about $50 USD to pick me up at the hotel at 8 AM, then they stop by a few other hotels, then they take to to Argentina. They will stop at the borders and do all of the passport stuff for you. Oddly, when coming back in to Brazil, I was the only reason the bus had to stop. You will need to buy an entrance ticket in Argentina. It is only about $20 USD. But you will need to pay in Argentinean cash. So the bus first takes you to a tourist trap place before leaving Brazil where you can change currency and they hope you buy stuff. The currency exchange place is a big rip off if changing USD to Argentinian pesos. Those fuckers only gave me 12 pesos per dollar. When I was inside the park a restaurant gave me 14.5 pesos per dollar. You will kind of get guided through the park, but people just disappeared and break-up. When it is all said and done you will be back to your hotel about 5 PM. I could have driven my rental car to Argentina, but I didn't want any hassles, or extra fees, or try to figure shit out.

    If you were to make a day trip to Paraguay, honestly nobody is going to stop you when leaving, or entering in to Paraguay. I didn't return back to Brazil from Paraguay. I think if you took a public bus across the border you will have no problems. Traffic flows over the bridge pretty fast. If you want to enter Paraguay legally, right before you get to the bridge, there is a place to park you car on the right to get your stamp out. Then you cross the bridge and there will be a building on the right to get your passport stamped in. For some reason the Paraguayan immigration wasn't friendly at all. I had a visa which uses a full page in your passport. It looks like they did a good job of making it counterfeit resistant. The immigration guy stared and looked at my visa in multiple angles for 30 seconds. I was thinking to myself - 'seriously? You think I might have made a fake visa to Paraguay?

    I met some girls in Roda Viva Shows that I reported earlier, they are from Ciudad Del Este. I met her in Paraguay, but that is a different story for Ciudad Del Este for me to write.

    Attached are 3 pictures of two girls that work in Ciudad Del Este, at Roda Viva Shows. I took the pictures of the blonde named Andrea, and her friend is named I think Veronica. I had to take the picture of Veronica from her Facebook. I later had a threesome with them in Ciudad Del Este. But that is a different place and story. The blonde has a car, I think the brunette has one also.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Andrea.jpg‎   Veronica.jpg‎   Andrea2.jpg‎  

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    Pimenta Doce

    I went there two nights ago. I didn't go anywhere last night. I just went to Ciudad Del Este today. I'll write about that later.

    Next to Roda Viva Shows are some other clubs. I already wrote about those except Pimenta Doce. On the outside of the club, the sign says P Menta Doce. I don't know if there is an error with the sign, or if they spelt it like that on purpose. Inside the club, the bar tab says Pimenta Doce. I went on a Thursday night (Friday 1 AM). I drove by earlier and there were girls sitting outside. But when it gets cold they will go inside. I think some are forced to at least be in the doorway to advertise the club.

    No entrance fee was charged. A very small beer, 269 ML, was 10 Reals. A girls drink is 40 Reals. Prices quoted for sex was 200 for the girl, 50 for the club, for 1 hour. After I pretty much let her know I am not going with a girl, she said 200 Reals total price for an hour. I still declined. When I walked in they realized someone needs to speak English to me, so they found the girl in the club that can speak some English. She isn't very good looking. I seen about 10 girls total. And the best two were maybe a 7 if they are having a good night. The rest would not be able to get me hard. The girls were lazy though, they all played on their phones. This is a big no no for a club like this. The other clubs near it didn't have their women playing on phones.

    The place looks somewhat modern inside, has at least one pool table in the back with some guys playing pool. There is an upper area with more private seating. And a few stools at the bar, and some regular couches in the main area. The club itself was decent. But those lazy ass bitches playing on their phones is a big no no. Maybe they will act different when more guys are in there. I asked the lady why there are not many customers and she said locals like to party in Argentina, then come here later. The girl was local, so she knows what she is talking about. She said the Argentinian side has at least 3 very nice disco type clubs. And as we all know the music in Brasil pretty much sucks. Many Brazilians told me their music sucks, and this girl told me the same. When they go to the Argentinian side they can listen to better music, and be in nice clubs. Locals do not have issues with crossing in to Paraguay or Argentina.

    I tried the 3 clubs in the area of Roda Viva Shows, and also Bem Estar and Scorpion Club. My best time and value was at Roda Viva Shows. But, it depends on the luck you have with your girl. I had an awesome time with one of them, and a boring time with another one. But the price is pretty good, and they have a few decent looking girls there. I never got to see the place called Casa De Vera. Nobody gave an address. I think it is either 222 or 233 Rua Diamantina. 222 has signs for massage and stuff like that. It looks like a shabby place. Across the street at house 233 looks like a new house, that almost looks like it is built like a fortress. It had many cars outside. Looks like that might be the Casa de Vera.

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    Paraguyan girls working in BS As

    You can tell Paraguayan girls from Argentinian: They are usually thinner, skankier with darker skin and Indian facial features.

    Not sure if Argentina requires entry visa for Paraguayans, Uruguayans and Brazilians. The Foz de Iquazzu area is supposed to be confluent for residents of all 3 countries. Everyday hundreds of Paraguayans carry huge loads of tax-free cigarette cartons on their heads, crossing the bridges to deliver or to sell to buyers in Argentina and Brazil. Some threw their loads a couple hundred feet down into waiting parties on the river banks rather than going through customs.

    Many Paraguayan girls work in Argentina and Brazil so their families and friends don't know what they do for a living. I found Paraguayan girls rough, rude, more mercenary, and less attractive than Argentinians and Brazilians.

    Quote Originally Posted by TheCane  [View Original Post]
    I found many Paraguayan girls working in Buenos Aires the first time I visited that city, and I gave a pretty one a good, hard fucking on the bed. So unless things have changed, you can find some good ones working in Argentina too.

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    Visa into Paraguay for US Citizen?

    Did not know US citizens need visa to enter Paraguay.

    Brazil made a big deal out of requiring visas with high fees for US.

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    On my 4th and 6th day

    So far I have done my touristy things here, and I applied for a visa to Paraguay, which was easy, but they charge in Reals and use a very bad exchange rate. They set the USD to BRL at 3. 8. I had to pay 608 Reals in cash for the Paraguayan visa. What a damn rip off.

    Anyways, I looked at the area with Roda Viva Shows, and it doesn't look like it did when Google made the street views there in 2011. There are at least 4 bars there now. There is Elite's Bar which I don't know if I seen it open yet, maybe it is only open on busy nights. The next place is P Menta Doce. That is the club that has girls sitting on chairs outside the club. Then there is Roda Viva Shows, and there is a place that I think is called Casa De Shows. The sign didn't make it clear what the name of that bar is. So it could be named Casa De Shows. In between them are places that look like you might rent a room, or just go to fuck these girls.

    I went in the Casa De Shows to have a look, and I felt a bit uncomfortable there. I walked in and there were no customers, and about 8 girls. They were all fairly young and cute, but the club is small and the tables were like stand up tables with no chairs. As soon as I got in a cute lady asked me to pick a woman. I looked and looked, and I felt odd. Two guys working there seemed to be like 18 or something. There is an entrance fee, but I just left with not having to pay anything. It had cute young ladies, but going in there alone felt odd. So I didn't learn much more about that place.

    I then walked in to Roda Viva Shows and didn't see some of the girls I seen the first time. I went about 1:15 AM. There were about 10-12 ladies working. I'd only do about 1/3 of them. The girl that I took before looked at me, but I let her know I wasn't interested again. One lady quickly approached me, she was probably 30, and was only a 5. Her jacket wreaked of cigarettes. She smelled nasty. I was thinking about telling her that. But luckily she left after a couple minutes. I seen two cuties sitting on the next couch. I wanted to sit with them, and luckily a cute blonde waved at me, so I sat in the middle of them. Both said they were 22 YO and from Ciudad Del Este. But later the blonde tells me the truth, she is 24. She said there are only two Brazilian ladies working there. So most of them are from Paraguay. They all seem to have their own work schedule, but they all seem to work on Friday night. So, Friday night must be a good night there. I kept joking about make a sandwich and they said yes, make a sandwich in bed. But I later told them I only want to fuck one now, and the other the next night. But I didn't do anything last night.

    The girls were cool, they said don't buy us a drink, just go fuck us. Sometimes I played stupid on the price of things or the bill and they are honest and didn't try to cheat me, so I have to admire that. They give you one of those cards with the prices and they keep you tab on that. My charges for the night were 10 entry, 15 for a beer, and 220 for room and girl for 1 hour. The girl looked like Christina Aguilera when she was young and not fat. I thought she was a little too eager in the bar, but I chose her anyways, and said I'd fuck the other one the next night. When we got to the room she quickly stripped down to bra and thong and I was very impressed. She has small boobs, but the ass was nice. She undressed me, and she pulled down my pants, she got on her knees while I was standing and had me wondering if she was going to do BBBJ. Yes, score! I've had 4 girls in Foz (another one today) and she was the only one to BBBJ. Her name in Andrea if you are taking notes. She was the blondest girl in there. She was really having fun. But some of the fun was in a playful way. We were fucking then she would look at the mirror on the ceiling to see how her ass looked and she would change her position some to change how her ass looked. She liked watching herself in the mirror. She gave me plenty of attention though and we didn't do a lot of kissing, but we did some DFK one in awhile. When we changed to doggy I was very satisfied with her ass and how she positions her ass. I think she probably practices that. When she was giving me the BJ I kept playing with her ass and she started twerking. So, I know she must practice that kind of stuff. She was awesome. I got her number so I can see her in Ciudad Del Este. I wouldn't mind banging her again before I leave, but I need to fuck her friend who also looked great, but was more shy. I think she made my top 3 list of performances that I have had in Brazil during my current 5th week here. After we were done she just wanted to lay in the bed and talk and talk and talk, and talk more. We were speaking in Spanish. My Spanish is poor, but I know how to answer any questions that hookers might ask me. I didn't mind just talking because she looked great laying there and I could let my hands wander and kiss her when I wanted to. She told me something interesting. She has a 10 year of daughter, so that is why she told me she is 24, not 22. She had a baby very young. I would not have know she had a baby if she didn't tell me, she had an unusually tight pussy. We finally got our notice of our time is up. This happened to me before. The management here will not forget about you and will come let you know time is up.

    Next girl: (today).

    I was looking on the Brazilian site and they mostly talk about internet girls and sometimes Crystal, or the Estar Bem, or a massage place called Clinic Rua Almirante Barroso, address Rua Alm. Barroso, 1833 - Centro apartment 06. One of the girls they talked about got me interested in this girl . She is half Japanese. I sent her a message and she said 300 for an hour or whatever time I need. She has a nice Brazilian lady type body, but her face isn't really good looking. Maybe just average looking at best. In the reviews online many guys talked about her beautiful face. They must be fake reviews or the locals are loco.

    She arrived only a few minutes late, what a surprise. I was disappointed when I seen her face. But we went to my room with no problems. I was hoping the cute tour sales lady wouldn't see us, and good thing she didn't. This girl didn't ask me to pay up front which is cool, she actually didn't ask at all, I just gave her the money at the end. She was pretty much all business though. I could tell she has a set routine and she was going through her routine leite extraction process. She wasted no time and took no pleasure on making my man milk come out. She was about as cold as a hardened Colombian street walker from the ghetto. CBJ, and she would not put her face anywhere near mine. I know I brushed my teeth and I'm not ugly dammit. She had that nice big Brazilian body if that is what you like, but she wanted to change things up too often and when I felt like I was getting close to cumming she would make the fake noises which I don't like any acting. I was getting tired of this. I asked her to get on top, normal style, and she got on top and rested all of her weight on me with her head turned. She isn't fat, but she must weigh about 150 pounds or something. She just laid flat on me and I felt like I was having sex with a big sack of potatoes on my chest. She didn't move at all. I was starting to feel guilty for cheating on the wonderful blonde cutie at Roda Viva Shows. Wondering why am I wasting money and leite on this girl for. Besides me feeling almost choked out, my little buddy lost his motivation, I just didn't care to go on anymore. But, I guess since I didn't pay this woman yet she wanted to make sure my milk came out. She started digging through her tool bag to find the proper tools to get the mission done. She decided on CBJ again, but it wasn't working very well, so she gave me a HJ without a condom for awhile, then I was ready for doggy again. Luckily I finished. She then took an exceedingly long hot shower, maybe she doesn't have one, then I paid her and she left. I didn't even get a kiss on the cheeks. I felt like I just paid a hitman to do a dirty job. She got the job done, but I'd rather do the job by myself than do it with her again.

    I once again decided to stay 2 more nights. It seems like I am going to just stick to fucking different Roda Viva Show girls until I leave. I'll have a look inside the other bars next to it though. I think I'll have a beer, but not buy any damn girl drinks or take a girl tonight.

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    The German looks

    The civie girls in Foz do look German, very light skin, blonde hair, blue eyes.

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    Paraguayan chicas

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    Paraguay is a poor land-locked country, so naturally many girls will try to earn money in Brazil.
    I found many Paraguayan girls working in Buenos Aires the first time I visited that city, and I gave a pretty one a good, hard fucking on the bed. So unless things have changed, you can find some good ones working in Argentina too.

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