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Thread: Links to Reports of Distinction

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    Short and Succinct

    Axel Heyst gets straight to the point on how to play the game. Stick with the top sites where you get what you bargained for, and even better yet, go out and mix and mingle and totally eliminate the possibility of "bait and swtich"!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    Back from the dead.
    Very interesting post that I missed somehow. Thanks.

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    Classic PA post from the past

    Back from the dead. 😂

    Quote Originally Posted by Rovnaks  [View Original Post]
    Haha, now the fun stuff. First off, did you try to filter the list by the ones that already have positive TDs? That is my first and strongest recommendation:
    Quote Originally Posted by BigBossMan  [View Original Post]
    Rovnak teaches how to decode classifieds in PhotoAcompanhantes
    Quote Originally Posted by Arkayel  [View Original Post]
    Thank you so much Rovnak for taking the time to provide me with some great info. ...
    Quote Originally Posted by Steve9696  [View Original Post]
    Rovnaks photoaconpanhantes advice is spot on. He really helped me score a winner....

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    Opposing View

    Another view on why not to use PA but other more reliable, trustworthy sites instead (where what you see is what you get with no bait and switch ever):

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    How to use PA.

    Quote Originally Posted by Eszpresszo  [View Original Post]
    ...I have been using PA along with GP Guia since I first visited Brazil in 2019. ...

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    Update: Casarao American Bar

    Bearsi pens a very useful and promising post-pandemic report on a new and improved Casarao:

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    Onde Anda VC?

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearsi  [View Original Post]
    Went to Brazil in September and finally got around to writing up a report. It's a long one but will have lots of intel and info.

    This is my 5th time in Brazil and will be back in March for the Lollapalooza Fest besides other things.....

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    Comparing Scandallo to Cafe Photo (new) and other high end boates

    This should be here.

    Quote Originally Posted by SocratesNY  [View Original Post]
    Comparing Scandallo to Cafe Photo (new) and other high end boates

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    Crime Stories

    The topics of crime and safety in Brazil are often discussed in these pages. Here is an excellent post from Bearsi on how to approach it all:

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    Fisha Rosa Score

    HiddenEye scores a unicorn, one of the mythical Fisha Rosa clan. Sometimes you have to play the long game and I know it's expensive for Brazil but he has all those great photos for memories.

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    [Deleted by Admin]

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This report was deleted because the content of the report was pointless, unproductive drama. Please read the Forum FAQ and the Forum's Posting Guidelines for more information. Thank You!

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    Realengo report really really valuable!

    Quote Originally Posted by Nounce  [View Original Post]
    Near Rio.


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    Near Rio.

    Quote Originally Posted by GoneFishin  [View Original Post]
    ...Day trip to Realengo (Das Flores)....

    Quote Originally Posted by GoneFishin  [View Original Post]
    Fazendinha. Clube Tarde (Afternoon Club)

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    Rio report by DrAxxx

    Excellent first report.

    Quote Originally Posted by DrAxxx  [View Original Post]
    First message, report of my first and second trip to Rio de Janeiro. Sorry for any mistakes, but English is not my native language.

    I would like to give useful information especially to those who have never been to Rio de Janeiro and want to take a low cost pussy holiday. LOL.

    Copacabana vs Cento


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    SocratesNY SP Reports

    Two standout Reports of Distinction by SocratesNY that give a real good picture of what SP has on the menu at the present time.

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