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    Yes, Manaus has beautiful girls, especially if you look for perfect bodies, you cant find the girls better else where, and they really enjoys sex, especially with gringoes. Compared to Fortaleza, I personally prefer Manaus by far. Fortaleza has in my opinion a scene, not very atractive compared to general brasilian levels (but its cheap, and the weather is nice, which helps alot).

    Another thing, Manaus has 80% female population.


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    Hi pedrosuizo

    The floating place you mention was Flutuante Paulista, but it closed. Where is another one nearby, but by far not the same level as Paulista. On a sunday afternoon you could be luckly, but I wouldn't spend the time on it.

    The other places are still

    1) Bar Lanranja on Ponta Negra, plenty of girls from 20.00 to midnight.

    2) Caracao Blue on Mondays and Wednesdays.
    3) Tucanus on Fridays

    Both are near Ponta Negra

    Two other clubs are good on Thursdays, one is Clube do Forro and another one on the other side of the street, but I cant remember the name of the place (however it was very good). They are located near the industrial district, and quite far away from Ponta Negra.

    Also Studio Tropical (the disco at Tropical hotel) has plenty of girls.

    Hotel Tropical does not allow girls into the rooms.

    The motels are excelent (Eros, Aphrodite ...).

    The best places in Manaus changes all the time. I will recommend to start your 'tours' visiting Bar Lanranja at Ponta Negra, many of the girls starts there. Just ask the girls, they will know the best place for the particular day.


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    Update on Manaus

    Streetwalkers are mostly available, even around the opera. Boates are mostly on the street to Ponta Negra and in the center on Rua Lobo D'almada. A girl there cost you about R50.

    In Ponta Negra you get probalo a girl at bar laranja or on the way to the city disco coracao blue.

    Motels are mostly in direction airport. There are about 4 together like Isis, Aphrodite, Playboy... The Taxi drivers will know.

    That's all for today


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    Floating *****houses

    I heard a story of floating hooker-places on the Rio Negro in the vicinity of Manaus. I do not know if it is true. Has anyone some experience with those "Flutuantes" ?

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    Thanks Max I will be visiting Manaus shortly depending on work schedules etc but hope to spend 2 weeks and stay with the same girl if possible for GFE and maybe a take away to England.

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    Just found a new outdoor Forró disco in Manaus :

    Its located in Cidade Nova, and its called 'Cia do Forró'. Open on Tuesdays. Plenty of girls.

    LukeSkyWanker :

    I staid at Best Western in downtown. They charge around 120R$/night, and additionally 30R$ for the girl, but no problems to get in with the girls.


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    Any info on cheap girl friendly hotels or appartments which are of a reasonable standard would be appreciated I have never visited Manaus before and will be flying from Caracas with Aeropostal. I am English and have worked in South America many times so I know what to expect regarding action I prefer the GFE rather than one night stands and if the right girl is found who knows.

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    Few year back the road (BR174) from Manaus to Caracas (via Boa Vista) opened for trafic all year. Its mainly used for goods transport from Zona Franca in Manaus. The road has only one lane in each direction, however now with asfalt all the way. The distance Manaus to Caracas is approx 2200km, just Manaus-Boa Vista is around 650km. There is a bus service from Manaus to Boa Vista (8 hours), I dont know if you can go further up, I belive at least to the border of Venezuela it should be possible.

    I would definetly recommend to go by plane :-)

    Regarding the scene in Manaus check my posting in the old Forum its still 90% valid. I will make an update shortly, as I will be in Manaus one of the first weeks of June.


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    I would like to visit Manaus I have read about it in the old forum can anybody offer travel advice in getting there from Caracas. I know Aeropostal fly daily but is there an overland route EG coach service. I prefer GFE when I am working overseas and Manaus sounds like the place.

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