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    There is a new disco/bar, called Mambo in Ponta Negra, located about 2 blocks from Baraonda. Many of the garotas and gringos are now gavitating towards Mambo as it is open 7 days a week.

    There is a R$5 entrance fee and the drinks are cheap and will run anywhere between R$2 to R$5. The music is mainly techno with live Brasilian bands playing at times.

    It is a decent enough club and has a good atmosphere, with a view overlooking the beach and the night barrahcas down on the street below. Many of the same garotas from Baraonda, Cucaracha and Chaplins (Thursdays) are there.

    With regards to Chaplins, Saturdays is not a good mongering night as I found out. It seems the ladies must pay R$16 entrance/consumption fee. Hence there wasn't too many garotas that I could see. Thursday night still remains the night for mongering at Chaplins as this is ladies night and "gratis" for them.


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    Hey Guys!

    How can a "gringo" like myself, get an apartment in Natal, Brazil? What do I need? In order to get a apartment? Also, when I arrive in Brazil, How can I set up a Checking account? I gonna need money to trick in Brazil.

    Thanks guys


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    It sounds like you will be staying in no mans land.

    I would advise you to take a cab to the restaurants discos/nightclubs Ponta Negra or Chaplins at Artistas Beach depending on the night (refer to other reports).


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    I'm going to Natal and staying at the Piramide Palace at Parque das Dunas.

    Is there any action on those beaches or is there a good club nearby?

    Please post any recent findings in this area in Natal, approximately 6km away from Ponte Negra (which has been talked about in earlier trip reports).

    I only speak English and was hoping there was something nearby.

    Thanks and I will post a report on my return.

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    I have just finished my trip to South America, and this is the first of my reports and intend to post on other cities and countries round South America.

    I spent about 4 days in Ponta Negra, around second week of October, and generally agree with what JWadd and Italy on the Road have to say on the subject.

    Generally nothing starts till after 11 PM. Sunday night, Cucacaracha was the place to be, while Moday night was Baroanda. Nothing much seemed to be happening on the Disco scene on Tuesday nights and a Cabbie took me to a strip club (with ladies available) called Sensua (I think). This seemed to be much closer to the city of Natal (definetly not a walk).

    Early in my stay I got picked up by a 26 y.o. garota (who I purposely have not named) in a restaurant called 'Tropicana', I think (Sorry for being vague). I will refer to this Mulatta garota as Garota No 1. She had stared at me like I was from Mars, and I was dazzled by her smile and the fact that she seemed to speak a little English, which is extremely rare north of Salvador Bahia. She told me I was very beautiful (I hope she meant handsome, but then I seem to hear this throughout Brazil) It seemed like the GFE!!! We ended up at the disco downstairs at Cucacaracha (Monday night)where there were plenty of garotas for the taking. I stayed with the garota no1 however, and paid for all drinks etc.

    The garota came back to my hotel for the night and rejoined me later the next day. Money was not discussed, and I was thinking this was the GFE so did not raise it as an issue (a big mistake).

    During dinner I came to the conclusion that what was happening was a mistake on my part and that I did not want to go further with this charade, and wanted to go to the disco that night Baronda solo. I gave her ID back to her (she had insisted on giving it to me,as she had done the previous night claiming she had nowhere to hold it (Newbies, beware this ploy) and advised her that we were fim (finished).

    Let me tell you, this was no happy camper. All of a sudden money was demanded (something in the order of 600 real). Out of principle I refused to pay her anything, she followed me and tried to get me to take her to the disco, but I refused, she then threatened to make trouble for me. I should have known then that I should have secured all valuables in my hotels saftey box and I nearly went back to my hotel but didn't.

    I carried on to Baroanda where there were dozens of hot young and not so young) girls. I got picked up by a hot little blonde latina with attitude (and a thirst for expensive drinks). By the end she and her enterarge(sic) had left me with quite a bar tab.

    The hottie didn't speak English but her (not so hot) sister did, and she offered herself as double with her hot sister. I declined this offer but resolved to take the hottie back to my hotel. I also assured the hottie that I had finished with Garotta No 1 (she had seen me with Garotta No 1 at Cucharaca the previous night).

    When I arrived back at my hotel after 4 PM the place seemed closed which seemed strange. Eventually I found a way in and discovered that my key was not at the front desk (Immediately I knew this could only mean that someone was in my room and I could guess who that someone was)!

    The concierge had appeared/arisen by this time and I quickly explained to him what the situation was and went upstairs and knocked on the door of my room and entered (the door was unlocked). Sure enough there was garota no 1(I never did find out the circumstances under which she obtained the key) on my bed stark naked. I asked her to leave and she claimed it was her hotel room and seemed surprised when I told her that I had another girl with me. This merely sent her into demanding to speak to the other girl. She then got dressed and went downstairs where I had hoped she would get escorted off the premises by the concierge. However after much raised voices I went down to find out what had happend to poor hottie.

    A 'taxi' driver had shown up and hottie was being shown to the taxi, I went down and apologised to her for what Garota number 1 was doing (and she replied in tears that Garota No 1 wasn't the problem but the concierge did not like the taxi driver). She and the cabbie left. The concierge (who was the son of the owner) said that the taxi driver had been to prison and had previously caused great trouble at the hotel and that any assosiate of his (including hottie) must be avoided for my own good. Meanwhile Garota 1 tried to take credit for steering me away from hotie.

    I then went back to my hotel room and Garota No 1 finally left the premises sometime later (I could hear her for sometime after).

    A cursory check did not reveal anything amiss, but a more thorough check of my hotel room followed the next day after I went to take a photo only to discover that the nearly finished film had been removed from my camera! Some $US175 was also missing (half of the $US that I was carying). It could have been a lot worse but this did mess the rest of my time in Ponta Negra, which I cut short (which I guess is what vindictive Garota No 1 set out to achieve). I lost some great photos.

    I have purposely not named the Garota or the hotel where this occurred (Do make use of the saftey deposit box if you are going to be absent from your room) but hope that Mongers will take note that while many of these girls seem fresh that business is business not the GFE you wishfully think you are getting.


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    Natal has a pretty easy scene to navigate. I'm sure most of you could figure out everything I'm going to say here in about 1 hour.

    The place to stay is definitely Ponta Negra. Don't stay in Centro or in Praia dos Artistes. The former is boring and the latter is dead (or has been replaced (killed) by Ponta Negra).

    Ponta Negra is a little strip of beach about 25 minutes via taxi from the bus station. Don't know about the airport.

    There are basically two clubs in Ponta Negra that the garotas rotate between on odd-even nights. The first, "Cucarracha," is happening on Mon., Weds., etc. The seconda, "Baraonda," is alternatively busy on Tues., etc.

    These guidelines are not hard and fast, though. Praia dos Artistes only real dance club, "Chaplin," becomes the hang-out of choice for all the girls two nights a week. I know Thursday is definitely one of those night. I think Sat. is the other. Not sure. Just ask a taxi driver, etc.

    Cucarracha is a little ways down the main street just above the Ponta Negra strip. Baraonda is on the stip itself. Chaplin, as I've said, is about 15 min. via taxi in Praia dos Artistes.

    None of these places are sex venues. They're clubs where the girls go to dance and score. Take them back to your hotel, or to Ponta Negra's only quick-time motel, "Oklahoma."

    During the day, many of the girls (though not as many as you might think) can be found hanging out along the beach or in the many bars that front it. Just go up and talk to them.

    Prices were around the 50-100R range. Everything's negotiable. I found the attitude and service here to generally quite good. Everyhing's pretty relaxed and many of the girls are quite good looking -- there's certainly no shortage of talent.

    Regarding Ilha do Fantasia, I didn't go. Sorry. Didn't find it necessary. It can be found, however, on top of the hill that first leads down to Ponta Negra. Can't miss it. 5 minute (though very steep) walk from the beach strip.

    I'm sure there's more action in a city the size of Natal. Centro, for instance, must have a few clubs. But the action in Ponta Negra is so good, I never found a reason to go searching for alternatives.

    Happy Hunting (and thanks to ItalyOnTheRoad for his excellent primer),

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    Natal / Ponta Negra extract from my full report, in the General info board (

    Place: Ponta Negra - Natal (RN)
    Pousada: Bella Napoli Praia Hotel
    Address: Av. Erivan Franca, 3188 - Ponta Negra (Natal)
    Phone: (0xx84) 219.2666
    Girl friendly? Yes
    Price: r$60 (double room, AC, Frigo)
    Day 1: It was a Monday, and the action in Ponta Negra was at the Baraonda Disco Bar. Entrance was r$10, inside you could find tons of pro and semi-pro girls, from 5 to 9, with even some true stunners! You need some (really basic) approaching skills, eg. dance (even bad) with the girl, chatting or something like that. Almost every girl there is availabe for sex, price is around r$150, easy negotiable. Maybe stunners ask more.
    Day 2: Tuesday. Baraonda closed. Action in Ponta Negra was at Cucaracha Disco. Same Baraonda girls, same prices. Easy to lower price to 100r$ TLN, at the end of the night you can lower the price up to 70r$ for a good looking (a 7) girl. Went to the Taberna, too, near to Baraonda. No action at all, there, strictly enforced. R$20 entrance, don't give them if you are looking for action.
    Day 3: Wednesday. Baraonda was open, Cucaracha closed down. I went to the "Ilha de Fantasia" nigt club, you can't miss it, is near Taberna e Cucaracha, not on the praia. Ask any cab, if you're in Ponta Negra it cost max r$5 to get there.
    Entrance was r$20, only if you don't go with a girls. 30-40 Girls, 6 to 9. Good shows. Lady drink was r$20. Not a rip-off. They have clean room inside, you can have one room for r$40, or you can "barfine" the girl, it will cost r$50.
    A morena offered herself to me for r$100 outside, but she was a 6, and I spotted so many better ones. Another girl, a loira rated at least 8, as soon as she finished her show offered herself to me for r$100 inside, r$200 outside. I opted for the "in club" option. Good experience. If you are in Ponta Negra, and was not able to catch one of the stunners at Baraonda or Cucaracha, go there.

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    Hey any new updates on Natal??? How is the streetwlker scene here???? How about Massage Parlors and strip clubs?? Love Motels??? Amatuer Action??????

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    Well, the Hotel "3 Magos" at the praia do artistas is the best hotel for men like us, last time (2 yrs. ago) they did not mention how many girls you take with you. In front of the hotel there were crowds of garotas.
    On the other beaches there is silence and expensive hotels!
    Maybe I return this dec., so let me know is somethings has changed.

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    i'm planning to go to Brasil next November. I'm thinking about Natal then moving to Recife.
    Have someone any information about Natal??? Girls??? Hotels???
    The differences between Praia dos Artistas-do Meio and Ponta Negra??? Prices of all?

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