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    Caxias do Sul and Floras the Cunha

    So I know the Boate scene in Caxias is pretty lame, having been last year. I've been doing more research and found a Boate called SusiNight in an adjacent town. It looks pretty credible but you just never know. And it's a 25 minute drive. But I rather like the idea of an adventure into the mountainous countryside.

    So off I Uber to SusiNight. I ask the driver in Português which is better Boate Ilha where I've been before or this new one. He says the new one is much better so that is promising. But expectations are still low. I mean we are in The middle of nowhere.

    When I arrive it certainly seems credible -- three or four security guys. One gives me a card, marks the R30 entry fee on it and sends me in. This being lower brow they use physical pink cards to track your consumption. Drinks are R70 each ($17) so this is where you will rack up your bill if you are not careful or don't care (looking at you Steve! They put a little x on your card for each drink you order for yourself or a girl.

    There are probably about 15-20 girls and 5 or 6 guys when I arrive around 11. I get a neutral table and survey. Mostly a 5-7 type lineup. Not Bomboa, but will do for a country-living experience.

    The waitress / concierge asks what I want to drink and brings Jack and Coke, marking my pink card. A few minutes later she brings a girl. She is quite cute but not quite my type with Ruby red lips and deep blue eyes.

    It is pretty awkward because I am stone cold sober and even though my hooker Portuguese has gotten pretty good it's quite loud and it's hard to deal with a foreign language.

    The waitress comes back and asks if I want to order the lady a drink. I want to be nice but I know if I do she will stay. And she is not my type even though she is a solid 9 amongst the 6-7's. So I decline and a few moments later she takes the hint and moves off, looking a little sad. Boo. I hate doing that!!

    Meanwhile I have spotted a cutie in some torn Daisy Dukes across the way. She's sitting by herself and very much my type -- slim and darker with deep brown eyes and full lips. So I go over to chat her up. Again not a single word of English. Up close she is a shade less pretty. Banging body (solid 9) but totally fucked teeth. Made be think of Lisa DCups in Shanghai. Much slimmer but the teeth. Somehow tho it's kind of appealing.

    I bring her back to the table and buy her a drink in what turns out to be the beginning of a very long party that is a fucking blast. We find a table where we can sit and the chairs are bar height -- which turns out to be important later.

    The first half hour is a bit awkward. I am doing my best in Português but the awkwardness fades with each round of drinks though. I get my girl dancing and she is showing me the 1 left 2 right variation -- I had done this with Scandallo Josy so I was getting the hang of it.

    A song comes on with a great latin vibe and the guy at the table next to me indicates his and my girl should dance together. I don't think they know each other but they are both liquored up now and they get into a tight embrace like you would for tango and they tear up the floor. It is the most beautiful and sexy thing you can imagine. I want to jack off right then! And they have a blast. I LOVE it when club girls are truly enjoying themselves and not pretending. And this was that.

    When my girl returns she is all worked up and there is more cuddling and hands on as things have loosened up. Now when something with a strong latin beat comes on she starts twerking for her man. Booty backed up against my growing cock I know Joana can feel it and she likes it.

    Despite some great sex later, this booty shaking grinding lesi-dancing and just general partying is the best part. A top notch time. And 2+ hours of this. The time flew by.

    When Joana was taking a break from booty shaking she would just back up to me in the chair and sway. Eventually she put my hands on her tits. Giving a good squeeze, I could feel that despite the thick bustier she had a nice set of be naturals. Having been invited, I take to squeezing her tits often. Super nice.

    After a couple hours of this I am thinking we need to get to the room soon. It's maybe 1:30 but its so fun it is hard to stop. Still I need to fuck this girl soon because I will burst otherwise.

    So she suggests a smoke break and we go on the back patio. She doesn't have enough cigarettes so we share one. It's rather sexy.

    I talk to Joana and ask "blowjob sem camisa" -- she pulls out Google translate and says "if you are hygienic". I assure her I am. And no CIM which is ok. She offers R400 and I counter R300 (US $75) and she readily accepts. She says she really really likes me. Awesome.

    For R100 we go to a cabin which are rooms with leather benches on the second floor but they are open on one side to the dance floor below which is interesting.

    By now my girl has had three drinks in her tiny 90 lb frame and is wildly into me and the moment. Passionate kissing. Then she gets her top off and I get to feel those beauties up close and personal. Not only great firm handsize tits but nipples that are super erect and a solid 15-20 mm tall and 12 mm in diameter. I mean really first class.

    She bends over the bench and does more ass shaking now in her thong. Then fully naked does a grinding lapdance on me first in my jeans and then in my underwear. Soon the clothes are off and she's doing a nice BBBJ as agreed. Nothing earth shattering but very nice.

    Now it's her turn and I go down on her working her clit strongly. She is squirming and moaning. At one point the music pauses just as she lets out a big moan. LOL. I love that she it getting very wet. As I take my tongue into her slit from time to time it's wet with that perfect girl smell. I work my left index finger up inside and curl it back on her gspot. Jackpot! Working mouth and fingers together she really gets off. And I work my own shaft with my right hand the whole time. Very sexy stuff.

    We do some doggie and some very nice RCG. Not usually a fan of that because it bends me the wrong way in bed but sitting on a bench it totally works. And with her flowing black hair to her butt it's mighty sexy.

    Finally we turn to Mish and it is really great. Great pussy feel and with one leg on the bench and one foot firmly planted on the floor I can pound away. She seems to REALLY enjoy this too, alternating legs wide open and clamped around me. Finally we end up with me on my back her standing bent over blowing me and me with my finger in her pussy. I really love to finger wet pussy while being blown so sure enough -- boom boom go boom.

    The winddown from here is rather comedic. First my girl tells me how much she likes me and wants to go again and what a nice and gentle person I am and please don't leave. She is just about sobbing for like 20 minutes as I attempt to extricate myself from the club. The good news is she keeps kissing me super passionately as she begs me to stay so it's not time wasted. Actually really great wet kissing.

    Well Uber totally fails me and cannot find a driver at 2:30 AM. And they say there is no taxi either. So me and the handler girl agree that "some guy" will take me in a little bit for R50. Well it turns out the guy is a young dude who is running the food truck. And we have two hookers hitching a ride as well. So the sandwich guy is blasting through the mountains at 50 mph in this tiny car with hooker1 up front and hooker2 in the back with me. Priceless shit!

    I arrive home safely! My final bill at the club was R880. So those drinks really add up. But still over 3 hours with a beautiful girl and 4-5 rounds of drinks for $200 is unbelievable. I LOVE Brasil.

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    Germano 123,

    I am much interested in going with you to Brazil, sharing cost is plus. Money not really a issue but I don't speak Brazilian. PM if you are still looking for a travel buddy.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Germano123  [View Original Post]
    And here one more nice girl I met my last day in Natal. Took some photos in the room.
    Thanks for the photos Germano. I'm guessing the last Brasileira has a fantastic Brazilian ass. Please tell me you took a photo of her ass.

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    Body Writing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Germano123  [View Original Post]
    And here one more nice girl I met my last day in Natal. Took some photos in the room.
    Can't quite make out the writing on her body but I think it says: Sperto estava aqui.

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    Natal girl.

    And here one more nice girl I met my last day in Natal. Took some photos in the room.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 000_3399 Sofia Gesicht klein.jpg‎   000_3359 Sofia i Spiegel klein.jpg‎   000_3358 Sofia i Spiegel klein.jpg‎   000_3315 Sofia i Wozi klein.jpg‎   000_3339 sofia i spiege kleín.jpg‎  

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    Some girls in Natal.

    Here are some more girls I met in Natal. This time my weeks in Natal were the best I ever had. At the end I had more girls that wanted to have photos and stay with me than I had days. I was soooo sad that I had to return to my country. I hope I can travel again in September and October. Anyone interested in coming? The girls are waiting for us. I want to rent that house with that nice pool and a whirlpool in the garden. There we can party like we want. Its near the beach and there are all the places near like restaurants.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 000_0058 Micarla i Dusche klein.jpg‎   000_0195 REbe vor Brüstung nass klein.jpg‎   000_0334 Rebeka hockt v hinten a Terrasse klein.jpg‎   000_0262 rebe Arme hoch Zunge raus Ausschn klein.jpg‎   000_0801 Br kniet ausschn klein.jpg‎  

    000_0981 Br kniet Arme hoch schon dunkel klein.jpg‎   000_1984 schicken klein.jpg‎   000_9899 Micarla f COVER kniet dunkel toll klein.jpg‎  

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    Girls in Natal.

    Here some of the sweet girls in Natal.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 000_5065 Ka liegt o Ges ISG superklein.jpg‎   000_7962 Lu o Gesicht superklein ISG.jpg‎   000_8128 Ke auf Rücken Bett klein o gesicht ISG.jpg‎   000_8404 strand vor Wolke klein ISG ohne Gesicht.jpg‎   000_9576 Mai kniet o GEsicht klein ISG.jpg‎  

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    The house in Natal.

    Here some photos of the house to rent in Ponta Negra near the beach. Perfect. But too expensive for me alone. Who wants to share?
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails P1090468 Pool u Whirlpool Agenc Igleasias  klein.jpg‎   P1090462 Wohnzi Panorama klein.jpg‎  

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    I am in Natal. Have found a nice house to rent with pool.

    I am in Natal, Ponta Negra, since the end of April and will stay until day 28th of may.

    I have found the perfect house for us to rent! Its very near to the beach in Ponta Negra and has a wall around the garden. There we have a pool and a jacuzzi outside. Perfect for taking photos without anybody can see us. But its too expensive for me alone. If there is somebody here that is interested, it would be great to share the cost. My idea is, to rent the house and organize parties with the girls and photo-shootings. I have several girls here interested in these things. I post some photos of the house. I am now in an apartment that I always rent. I would like to rent the house as a test on the last days of my holiday. Maybe from the day 22th of may for some days or until my leaving on the 28th. Anybody interested to share? I have so many girls I have to meet and to try, so that I have to meet two or three on one day, so I can know them all. Rua de Salsa are girls, but few tourists, so its the best situation for us.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 000_7039 L liegt Ges unscharf kleiner f ISG.jpg‎   000_7064 Ls Muschi klein f ISG.jpg‎   000_8772 Rebe Dusche klein.jpg‎   000_8404 strand vor Wolke klein.jpg‎  

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    Morro de São Paulo, update.

    Morro de São Paulo, a short update:

    * Even less brazilian tourists than it used to be. Mainly torusits from Argentina and Chile. Just a few gringos.
    * Pousada prices have become very expensive in high season. A pousada that cost R$50 five years ago cost R$250 today.
    * Boat from Salvador cost R$85-100 in high season.
    * Beautiful beaches .
    * Party: Different places depending on the day of the week. Beach party at 2:nd beach, beach party at Funny, party at Teatro, Toca or Pulsar. Unfortunately less beach parties than there used to be. The beach parties were goldmines for meeting girls you could f*ck on the beaches.

    1. Local girls, non-pro's. Plenty of beautiful girls. Really hot local black girls.
    2. Brazilian tourist girls. Very few of them.
    3. Foreign girls. Mostly hard-flirted argentinians girls.
    4. Pro's. Fewer than it used to be. On the boat to the island were two 18-year old GPs. Both were incredibly hot. The true definition of 10 points girls. Just coming for a weekend-trip to earn easy cash. I noted both of them went up to the captains cabin during the boat-trip. Propably their first customer.

    Morro is good for beaches, party and non-pro's, but it's not a good monger destination.

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    Pipa is good, but Natal is better.

    I was also in Pipa last year, a great nightlife, but hard to find some GDP s. I was the whole December in natal, in Ponta Negra, where all the hotels are and the RUA the SALSA with the bars with girls. This time again the four weeks were not enough time to meet all the girls I got to know and made contact in the internet. I want to go back in March to see the Carnaval again, I was there two times for Carneval and want to see it again, it is soooo great, they can make party like no one can in my country. Somebody interested to come? I offer my help with Portuguese and my knowledge of the apartments you can rent where you don't have problems to come with the girls. And my contact with the girls and her girlfriends that are always searching for a little income. They are sooo hot and charge really cheap prices (in the moment we are lucky, the exchange course is very good for us. I go to the massage for example, two times per week: one hour for 19 Euros. And I love it so, that I always think: don't stop, don't stop. In many hotels you cannot take your girls. I am dreaming of selling everything and go to Natal to live the next years. I always have the best time of my life there. But of course I have to do something. It would be too boring doing nothing in life. My idea is to rent a house with pool and several rooms, so you can come and we can have a lot of fun with all the girls.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 000_5682 Tal steht Busen frei klein f ISG.jpg‎   000_5425 talita Haut heller kleiner Ges unscharf.jpg‎   000_5525 Hautton besser kleiner f ISG.jpg‎  

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    Praia da Pipa.

    Praia da Pipa, Rio Grande do Norte. Definitely worth visiting because of the beaches.
    The nightlife on weekends are good with party on the main street. Lots of beautiful touristgirls, from Brazil, Argentina and Chile.

    There are also some working girls which are quite easy to spot.

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    The edited word code 109 below is the yellow stuff that comes out of a man's fire hose. LOL.

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    When I'm on a keto diet, everything down there smells. My penis, [CodeWord109], etc.

    What I've noticed is that my energy level in bed lags if I've been sitting at a desk all day. My energy works better if I can go to the club do some cardio and lift some weights. I really don't know if that makes sense. Perhaps it's just me and working long hours or perhaps their is a science to getting the protein energy to kick into your system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WyattEarp  [View Original Post]
    Very interesting report. I am curious. Do you mind me asking if tourism brings you to the Pantanal? Is there a draw?

    Lastly, what do you mean "I am not at my best"? I personally find that the early stages of a low carb diet change sex for me and really not for the better.
    I go there to fish. I am the only gringo that goes. This year there were only two other fisherman that could speak English there. This is total immersion and a great way to practice.

    Anyway, I notice that the keto diet makes my [CodeWord109] smell like I have been eating asparagus all day. Oh, I believe that I can perform better on the diet, that's for sure and I have lost 20 Lbs so I look a hell of a lot more appetizing but I notice some odors with my penis that needs masking. A trick I have used in the past is the lotion that they put in most hotel rooms in the US. A good washing with the sabonete and a wash clothe followed by a little scented lotion.

    A little bit about Corumba...the girls are there for the fishermen. This is a hidden draw for these types of trips. I wrote at length about the game here but it is buried in the Sampa reports. The girls are beautiful and all the Balcony Bar in Rio De Janeiro on Copacabana beach/Atlantica ave used to be...except there are an equal number of families there. The escorts look like college girls on a night out with other college girls. They are all freelancers but they seem to collude with the taxistas somehow. It is really a cool place. The service is hit and miss here. 3-years ago I went to a party at a small farm (chokra) and the third girl I was with was the best service there or anywhere. Debra licked my asshole which was a first. I have had taint lickers but this was a first!

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