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    Anything New

    Anything new in Arica? Are the bars by the casino still open?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fantasy
    by bus 8 hours if you make it. By plane, about 45 minutes into the New airport just North of Arica............
    This place looks interesting. Hope you can post a report with a few chica pix. I wouln't worry too much about monger hoards. It looks too far off the beaten path.

    Thanks in advance, Schwmm

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    what method!

    by bus 8 hours if you make it. By plane, about 45 minutes into the New airport just North of Arica............

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    Arica directions

    Hey, anyone know how far is province in Santiago to Arica?


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    one of many night spots!
    a nice place to visit in Arica , located next to the casino!

    About an hour by Taxi is a huge brothel in Tacna (Las Cucardas). This is in Tacna, Peru and involves crossing the border, but not a big deal in a reputable Taxi. How does $10-$15 u.s. for an hour with a 19 year old 8.5 sound to you? i really did not see a 9 or 10 here.

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    Be A King In Paradise!

    A bit of a challenge to get too, but well worth the struggle. This tranquill beach town really "wakes up" after dark! I wanted a place where I was the only gringo, and where they didn't know that the u.s. dollar was in the toilet. How does three girls for a week (24/7) @ 75.00 each sound! Send me a pm if you want to know more about my $22.00 a night ( for the four of us) beach bungalow! Pictures available soon!
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    Quaint seaside town

    I understand why there are no reports here as there is not much going on in this pretty beachtown. Although there are a few chongas and a discotheque called Sunset, not much else. If you ask a Chilean were there is a good restuarant, Bar or Chica's they all say go to Tacna,Peru which is about a hour away, due to having to pass thru customs. As it is a 28 hour bus ride from Santiago and much like any other beach town I would not recomend it.

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    There is a place called Madonna's across the street from Club Sophecles. Busty happy girl there that speaks some english, and some petite morenas. I think its 30bucks USD to go to the "champagne room" which is pretty nasty. Me and my buddy bagged a couple, and by closing time they wanted to go home with us. He gave them $40 worth in Pesos cuz we were leaving that morning. Sophecles is a "eye-candy" bar, lots of cute girl bartenders but they arent for the taking.

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