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    FYI, the Hyatt--which is probably the best hotel in town--is chica friendly.

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    I have been reading these boards on trying to decide my trip of 12 between Santiago and Buenos Aires.

    You guys have been all throwing around upwards of US$200+, damn I arn't travelling all the way south of the Equator to part with so much for pussy. In Rio I had some great pussy for $50 to 70$ in Help.

    It almost makes me feel that my trip is going to turn out to be a bummer. if I wanted 200$ pussy I can get here in New York without having to spend on airfare down the.

    Is there really no decent pussy places around the 100$?

    I thought about the Radisson, now it looks like they may have turned chica - un friendly damn!

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    Hi folks. Earlier this week I was back in Chile. The cold was a welcome relief from the heat and humidity of New York.

    Santiago is not at all my favoite place for mongering, although there are enough nice looking women. I again made use of The good news is that the pictures are legitimate. The bad news is that the service and cost varies widely.

    I first spent some time with Nadia. Her fee is 70,000 pesos (over $100) for an hour at your hotel. She has an awesome body and a good face, but the personality was lacking somewhat. Definitely not a GFE experience, pro all the way.

    My other date was Isis. She is half the cost of Nadia but nowhere as good looking. On the other hand it was a GFE-type experience, including a quality BBBJ, several pops per session, quality massage, etc.


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    This is my last report from Santiago.

    If anyone thought that spending US$455 for a wonderful girl and a great evening was a waste of money (see my post below) this will make you think twice.

    I found this girl called "Ma. Carolina" in the "Mujeres Gold" section in

    She agreed to meet me at her place (an Apart Hotel at Hotel Neruda). I paid her US$100.

    She didn't talk much. She told me she had her agency:

    She wasn't friendly, she didn't even help at all. Missionary position was all she'd do and she wanted me out of there as far as possible (she didn't kiss either... which was kind of good since the studio pics in the website favor her greatly).

    Right from the start she started moaning as if she was having an orgasm and I could swear she was watching TV while doing that. I just concentrated and finished off and was out of there in 20 mins w/o tip (US$100 would buy you an hour and a half with her).

    Guys, please avoid at all costs. This is really throwing your money away.

    I would gladly give all of the US$455 to the girl I met in Platinum Club. That's how good she was. She was a keeper. If I can'tfind her again I will not go lower than "Mujeres Platinum" and I will probably stick to the club scene since you can really get to know the girls beforehand.

    Good luck!


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    Hello guys,

    Please ignore my post. I did not account for the time delay. I am already on my way out.

    I did get to visit Platinum last Tuesday. The club and the shows were amazing. Much better than Bahamas in Sao Paulo. Had a great time.

    It IS expensive as many of you had reported before, but I had the greatest of times.

    Entry Fee US$30 (CLP$18,000 - Included a drink)

    Girls on that night averaged a 6 or 7. It was already late (around midnight and a girl told me that between 10 an 11 it had been packed and most girls had already left).

    I had good luck though and met a cute chilean girl (an 8). Had a pleasant conversation. She was well educated and fun.

    She did tell me that she'd rather not go to Radisson since they had been giving girls problems as of late (although another girl told a friend that it was ok for her to go to Radisson).

    I didn't want to go to a motel on my own, so I arranged with the club the transportation and the room in a nearby motel they had an arrangement with. This, of course, pushed my total cost over the roof, but what the heck. I was having a great time with this girl and didn't want to risk anything.

    In the end I paid CLP$123,000 to the club (US$205) which included the girl's drink, the take-out fee of US$100, the transportation to and from the motel, and the motel room (which included 2 redbulls and a bag of M&M's, he he he)

    The girl's fee was US$200 for as long as I wanted up to 4:00am (she told me that even if I had come at 10pm to the club and met her, she would still have charged me the same fee and stayed until 4am).

    Now, please understand that this was only my 2nd time in this (my 1st was in Sao Paulo). I believe I should have negotiated the fee. I am sure a lesser fee was possible, but, again, I was out to have a wonderful time, and, boy, did I.

    Total cost then: US$ 455 (I gave the girl $20 extra)

    We spent some wonderful hours together, total GFE, talk, etc. I got her # and e-mail.

    I hope to go out with her tonight and have some dinner if I can get ahold of her. If not, I think I will try either Fiorella's or one of the girls in relaxchile... I will let you know how that goes...

    Thanks to everyone who posts here.

    Best regards,


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    Hello guys,

    I am arriving at Santiago this Tuesday. I have read this board and picked-up your tips to have a great stay, however, any updated tips will be much appreciated.

    I was recently in Sao Paulo and had a marvellous experience at the Bahamas club. Is there anything similar in Santiago?

    I really prefer this to personal ads because you never know what will come to your door, be it a different girl or LE (By the way... what's the status of LE in Santiago?)

    If you have a phone you fully trust I would appreciate that too.

    I hope to come back and post a review for you guys and will do the same for the SP board too now that I have been granted access by the Mod (Thanx!).

    Many thanks to all in advance and to all who have already posted.



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    Carrera closed down this year. Review the past emails, plenty data about hotels and chicas.


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    I am planning a 12 day Trip to BA and Santiago. I did not have any intention of going to Santiago however the furthest city that Delta can fly you on frequent flier was Santiago. So decide to spend 4 days in Santiago. Also the flights from Santiago to BA are fairly cheap ( Cheaper than Sao paulo). Also I have mongered 2 weeks in Rio in 2002.

    What is a good hotel in Santiago, I saw some nice places called carrera and not sure if that Chica friendly.

    Most definitly I would like to tase some Chilian and Peruian chics - variety is a spice of life isn't it.

    Radisson and few others seems to be Cica friendly.

    Maybe I should try the Escort services.

    My trip is in Oct '04.

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    I just returned from a 6 day trip from Chile. Santiago and Vina del Mar. While the country is beautiful and the people are friendly I have to say that I won't be rushing back anytime soon. I was with my girlfriend who is a knock out so obviously everyone was starring at her. The girls in Chile are simply NOT good looking overall. I maybe saw one stunning girl and most were average or mediocre at best. This is based on spending time taking the metros everyday, taxi's, in restaurants, in clubs, in all parts of the city.

    Restaurants for the most part were overpriced and the food quality wasn't good. We tried several different types of restaurants and the food was very bland to bad. Obviously their economy is strong there as some items were as expensive as in the USA. Taxi's could add up if you're going across town. One taxi across town was almost $16 US and another $13 back to Providencia. Although most taxi fares were around 4,000 pesos or so from Providencia to wherever we were going.

    Vina del Mar IS a gorgeous town and very romantic. It has a European flavor to it. We had a 4 bedroom apartment on the cliff overlooking the ocean. It was gorgeous. I can't imagine hobbying in this country though as like I said most of the girls aren't beautiful. It was very surprising to me.

    The $100 entry fee was a pain as I already stated but nothing you can do about it. Keep in mind the fee covers the life of your passport so it's not too bad if you have a lot of years left in your passport. But unfortunate if you only have a year or two like me. As someone else mentioned, most airlines cover the exit tax in the ticket. I flew on American so it was included already.

    One thing that was surprising is how clean the city is. Also, there are barely any beggers in the streets. I think I only saw 2 the entire time I was there.

    I doubt I'll be running back to Chile anytime soon. Brazil and Argentina have it beat hands down for all of the reasons listed above.


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    I visited Santiago with some frequency in '01 and '02. It is a terrific place. Not as elegant as B.A., but safer at the moment and the people are significantly more friendly, by and large.

    While nothing compares favorably to the "termas," Club Help, or the beach stroll on Copa Cabana, there are some very nice experiences to be had in Chile.

    770 Seminario, I think (working from memory) was a very pleasant house. Nice girls, safe atmosphere. One at a time cattle call.

    The flats option is very cool. $40-$60 incall, essentially. Back that up with a legitimate massage for around $13/hour, and you WILL be king for a day.

    There is a fairly healthy street scene along one of the restaurant rows. It is just off the main drag, and is the semi-circle street where a bunch of outdoor cafe's and nightclubs is located. Sometimes, they have festivals and parades there. Several pimps (entertainment consultants) work there, and treated us very, very nicely. Basically, we had our own cattle call at the outdoor cafe', as one after another came and sat with us for a few minutes. Price around $70 to accompany us to our rooms, an additional $13 to stay all night, which always sounds better than it is.

    All three of us ended up with stellar evenings.

    Sexuality is openly expressed in Santiago at all of the clubs, which makes the atmosphere enticing. The commercial element is not as transparent as Brazil, but that sort of adds to the fun.

    All that said, I'M RETURNING TO SANTIAGO (and Sao Palo) on a regular basis beginning in October, so any fresh insights are welcome here or back channel!

    Can't Wait...

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    About Visas:

    You pay US$100 (I am Canadian and pay US$55) for the life of your passport and then the tourist card is free ( it is just a piece of paper they hand out on the plane).

    So for me a 5-year passport means the cost is US$11 a year. Since I go to the DR a lot ( like 6-8 times a year) and pay US$10 for a tourist card, I am paying 6 times more than Chile asks for. And if you fly on AA anyway, the departure tax is in the ticket. Most countries are jacking you for this tax whether you pay cash or not. The DR is US$20 as well.

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    Oliver + place next door on Mac Iver Street.

    have dropped by on the last 3 weeks several times. Olivers was closed (cops caught a guy in the nude in the privado BUSTED).

    All girls are next door.

    If you want a excellent session, ask for Valeria. Tall, thin, long black hair, GREAT SEX i was told.

    you'll have to pay for our drink + 2 drinks for the gal + 20.000 fees for the local + 40.000 for the girl. She'll take you round the corner to the motel, an extra 10.000.

    well worth it.


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    El huevon, you are probably speaking of pussycats and ...... which is right infront.

    nice nick !!!!


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    Any mongers know of cheapest flights from Boston to Santiago for early August? Saint are you saying $100 USD to enter an $35 USD to exit? Just want to be prepared. Do you have to have a visa from Chile in advance? Thanks PM me

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    On three separate occasions in 2000, 2001, and 2002, I had a lot of fun at a couple strip clubs in downtown Santiago. They were located downstairs in a business / commercial galeria on Av. Merced, near the corner of Av. San Antonio.

    The two clubs were small, dimly lit, grungy places. In typical strip-club fashion, there was a dance floor were girls would dance one at a time. Other girls would work the crowd, soliciting lap dances, which were an excellent value at about $3 US per dance. And there was a back room where you could get even more - I negotiated quickie BJ's and FS with some real cuties.

    Can anyone provide help me with the names of these places? Do they still exist and provide the same level of service?

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