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    The Wonders Of Chillan

    Hi guys,

    I'm returning to chillan for the first time in two years after spending a couple of months there before the earthquake. There are bseveral bars there that seem to provide, but for an englishman with little spanish its a bit hit and miss. Has anyone got any reliable info or tips for this town, I don't get to South America as often as I'd like and I'd hate to waste a trip.

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    Temuco, Chile

    I am currently in Temuco. I will hit up El Padrino tonight to see how it works out. I hope I will be able to sneak in my guest if I find someone decent.

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    Hi guys

    I'm new to this forum but no to visiting these awesome Latin chicas all over the continent.

    Now I'm in Chile and I happened to hear that a Colombian girl from Cali/Buenaventura who earlier on was working on Curacao (Campo) and Panama (Baro Boca Torena) now is in Punta Arena. Her name is Ana Sanchez and she must be 29 now.

    I had a tremendous time with her in Campo and as I will be able to visit Southern Chile I would like to know if any body of you know if Ana is there. PLEASE!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Tungurahua
    This place ROCKS! Goddamn, so THIS is where all the Chilenas are hiding out. I've spent the last five days here on the beach, soaking up the cancer rays and needing an extra pair of eyes to take in all the flesh-candy. I think I will stay here for another week and climb the lava-spewing volcano too.


    You are really discovering the whole south american scene we will be waiting on your full report on the chilean mongering scene.


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    Pucon (Lake Villarrica)

    This place ROCKS! Goddamn, so THIS is where all the Chilenas are hiding out. I've spent the last five days here on the beach, soaking up the cancer rays and needing an extra pair of eyes to take in all the flesh-candy. I think I will stay here for another week and climb the lava-spewing volcano too.


    PS: through a couple Santiago Uni students on here for school break, they have informed me Pucon is one of two destinations the richies of Chile take vacation in. Thus, the beach which is loaded with hot (non-pro) Chilenas are probably from well-to-do families.

    From the hours spent watching these incredible works of art I am getting a good tan. ;-)
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    Puerto Montt - Never stay at hotel Antupiren!!!!

    Hi Guys,

    couple of nights at Puerto Montt. Immediately made a beeline for Rock & Roll. Plenty nice girls (8-10), atmosphere is still great.

    If you are planning to drink, buy a bottle of whatever it is cheaper by far.

    Picked up this great brunnete, pay the fee to take her home and went to my hotel (antupiren). Walked in at 0330 went to my room with the girl. 5 min later the phone rings, the guy at reception wants the girl OUT of the hotel NOW. He would not accept a bribe, me paying extra for the room or registering the girl, NADA, just get the hell out of here NOW.

    Because we had allready started on the fun, the chica was all worked up, had a blow job there in mid street while we waited for the cab. Fascinating. Fortunatelly the cops were asleep at that time.

    Back to R&R, had to fork out more cash for the room, great sex.

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    Iquique, Chile

    Dear Bros,

    I am in Iquique, Chile in August 2005 for 4 days

    Any info about the life and nice ladies?

    Thanks in advance


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    San Pedro de Atacama

    Does anyone know if there's some action in San Pedro de Atacama?


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    Hello. I'd like to share with you some information about mongering in Antofagasta. I could spent only one night, and thus my experience is limited. I could not visit brothels outside the center of the city (I assume there are some!) as I had no car.

    Most of the action in the center seems to be around Condell street near the market square. Some streetwalkers which I did not approach, and some clubs. I got in the last one in the street, walking afar the square. It was nice inside, with a small bar desk in the ground floor and a first floor where the girls were dancing in turns. I picked up one of them after seeing her dancing (Luna was her name, slim and with long black hair). After inviting her to a drink we starting fondling and doing DFK. Then I arranged a one hour sessions, which was good. I'd repeat (if I could), but probably calling another girl to share the experience. Body 8/10, performance 7/10.

    I also went to a couple of "cafés con piernas" ("coffees with legs"): small coffee shopes where the waitresses wear only underwear or bikini. They are supposed to approach you very sensually and talk very close to you, etc (and serve you the coffee or drink or whatever you order, of course). One of these shops had a very small room where a waitress would dance for you while you do "whatever you want but touching the dancer". Did not ask for that, as the girls were at most a 6 (to be said: that was in the afternoon; probably siesta time for everyone else!).

    All in all the experience was quite positive, and I would not mind going back and trying more places and ladies.


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    In Puerto Montt, the 2 largest and best-know places are Copacabana and Rock and Roll. Both are typical Chilean boites with a bar downstairs and rooms upstairs where the girls live and do business. Each are located within range of a cheap taxi ride from the city center. All the cabbies know where they are.

    In my experience, Rock and Roll has a better selection of girls and seems to be more active and fun, with better music and more of a disco club-like atmosphere, especially on weekends.
    The girls will ask you to buy them drinks, for which they receive a commission.

    As is typical for most boites, action starts late in the day - around 10pm, and goes on until the early morning hours.

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    Main action in town is a boite called Doble Impacto, just outside the city center.

    Not much happening here until at least 10:00 pm, when disc music starts and a few girls straggle down from their apartments upstairs. Music, dancing, and drinks are served until 5-6 am on weekends.

    Quality of girls is not high, but an occasional gem shows up from Argentina, Santiago, or Temuco. They'll expect you to buy high-priced drinks, and you can make a deal to go upstairs with them.

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    Tia Olga's is always worth a visit. (only after 00:30. (Ongolmo corner of Bulnes, little driveway with a light on a pole).

    Drive your car in, park on the right hand side. It will be looked after.

    Walk into the big room on the right hand side, must be 20m x 10m bid. Large fireplace, lotsa tables and chair huge bar. Plenty chicas.

    Chicas score from a lousy 2 to a nice 8 for Javiera (Brunnete) and Barbie (Blond).

    Cant remember the price of the drinks (+- $3500) but i always go for the whisky.

    Chicas will come to you/table, take your pick, once you have one at your table the rest will avoid you.

    Ok, once you like one, take her to her room for $50.000, and $5.000 for the house, one hours service.

    Depending on your chica, the service will be very complete "...... i have been told ....!!!"

    good luck


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    back to temuco last week.
    called 09-8732815 but a guy answered ... hmm maybe they changed the phone

    had a look at il padrino again. cover charge is still $7.000. drinks $5000.

    same crowd there a couple of new gals (must be university students) all in all 5-8. alas, my little piece of tail never turned up.

    puerto montt
    rock & roll still rocks. avoid the place beside the hotel presidente (cant remember the name) lousy .

    castro / chiloe
    wiskeria 2000. if you are going to go in winter it is fucking cold i mean it, use warm clothes and several layers, so that u can peel them off. the roof has no insulation. make a beeline for the wood stoves, and make a space for yourself between the birds.
    i cant remember the price of the drinks or cover charge, but i spent a lot. u can take the girls to a "privado" but the damm place has no heating and your privates are gonna feel cold watch out for frostbite !!!!!.

    pretty woman or something of the sort close to downtown. bad very bad. sit at a table and chat with a mutant chica.

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    Puerto Montt,

    try Rock and Roll, plenty meat to go arround. 80% of them are arround 5=6 grade, couple 7-8.

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    Temuco :
    for an excellent b.job call :09-8732815. Girls there are 28+ of age, so so in looks but GOOD service. Best i've had in ages.

    night clubs :
    Mundo : Girls are 5-6 on a 10 scale. drink like fish, and you have to pay a fortune to take them out

    el padrino : girls are 6-9 on a 10 scale. to take them out will cost you +-US30-50 depending on the time. Girl will ask for US$130. Some of the girls are deffinitively worth it.

    avoid other clubs, they are dogs

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