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    Punta Arenas

    My last post on this town.

    Went back to Punta Arenas on a Wednesday night.

    In my other posts I mentioned that I usually went to “Mon Cheri” or “Temptation”. Now both these boites are generally the same. Never more than ten girls, at least seven of them would be trash. Now sometimes we could get lucky with a very good looking chica, but it was very hit and miss. I always paid USD $40.00 or $50.00, which was for two hours.

    There was one other boite that I had passed by in the past, but it was usually to early, so we always just popped our heads in and left. Now in hindsight that was the stupidest thing we ever did.

    The other night we got there around 12:30 AM. It had at least twenty-five girls. At least half of them were incredible. There was talent here that could be compared to Buenos Aires possibly. This place actually reminded me a little of Madahos in Buenos Aires. But there were some dogs there too.

    Since the bar and the girls knew this was the best place in town, it was a little more pricy. Drinks were 5000 peso, USD $7.00. Drinks for the girls were 9000 peso, USD $12.00. Bar fine was 25000 peso, USD $34.00. We fought like hell for them to lower the bar fine or remove it, but the management would not. They also had rooms upstairs, but I always prefer taking the girls away to a hotel.

    For the Girls, for three hours the best I could go down in price was USD $70.00. I broke my rule of never paying over USD $50.00. But she was worth it.

    The Boite is called Nano Club, if you get to Punta Arenas, only go there!

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    Puerto Montt

    Been to this town a few times.

    Not allot here for the Monger. No street walkers. I understand there are one or two apartments, but never tried any of them.

    Went to a boite called Copacabana. Has rooms upstairs, where the girls live.

    The first time at night, there were about six or seven girls there all ugly. Except for one. So I got her really drunk off tequila and banged her. She almost passed out. So next time I'll be sure not have the girls nurse feed off a tequila bottle.

    The next time I got there around 2:00 PM, woke up the mamasan, she brought down one girl. As they all live there upstairs. Not the best looking thing, but I was horny. So we went upstairs for an hour or so.

    Both times I think I paid around 30,000 pesos which is about USD $40.00 bucks.

    Hope this helps.

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    Punta Arenas

    Made a return to Punta Arenas last Friday and Saturday, Friday night we went to Kamikaze Disco. Kamikaze is the most popular disco in Punta Arenas. It’s all normal girls, no pros. But the girls love sailors and foreigners so it really east to score there. I was getting bites everywhere, but my friends forced me to join them to a few Whiskerias.

    So we had the Taxi driver drive us around to all the Whiskerias. Went to Nano club, dead, only a few girls. Mon Cheri, about a dozen girls, with a few hotties. and Temptation. Temptation had mostly dogs, but I decided to stay at Temptation anyway. I had a girl for two hours for USD $50.00. At Temptation they have little fuck shacks in the back of the property. The whole time she was bitching that she usually got USD $100.00. But I had my price set!

    On Saturday night we started at Kamikaze again, but this time the girls at the disco were not really paying attention to us sailors, so we decided to go to a few Whiskerias. I believe Friday nights are much better for picking up regular girls at Kamikaze, IMHO.

    We went back to Temptation, and there was an incredible Peruvian chick who I just had to have. But she would not take anything less than USD $100.00. So I then picked a Chilean girl, but now she would only accept USD $100.00. So I went screw this, and I went to Mon Cheri. At this time it was getting late, almost 4:30 AM, since I had to work at 7:00 AM, I had to pick something fast. Picked a little hottie for USD $40.00, very nice. Can’t remember her name either.

    Mon Cheri has rooms in the back of the building, and you usually get one to two hours.

    I am boycotting Temptation Club forever.

    I’ve decided that Mon Cheri has the best selection of girls available. But it's still hit and miss.

    In most of the Whiskerias there are many ugly, fat dogs, with small selections of hotties. So it’s nothing like Rio, BA, or Peru.

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    I'll be there next Fri/Sat. I think I'll fish for the non pros in the disco, Kamikaze.

    SW's, I don't think so. It's all in the hooker bar format I believe.

    Well my travels are due to that I'm a sailor man.

    Nibu, it's time for you to spell your beans. How come you do so much traveling?

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    Hey Nibu...if you get a chance, can u check (or call) the casino in Vina del Mar and find out if they play 7-card stud poker and at what dollar limits? also check out the "nibu in buenos aires" forum and see my post...

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    Sorry don't know about Valparaiso. Surely there are some prive apartments and what not?

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    Punta Arenas:

    Punta Arenas is in very southern Chile, and is a port for a few ships and is also a gateway for Antarctica.

    It probably has about ten or so hooker bars. I was there on a Sunday, and a holiday on top of that. We had a Taxi drive us around to research the hooker bars, it turns out we only found like three hooker bars open. So based on the talent we decided to go with “Mon Cheri”. It’s at Balmaceda 422, and the number is 221931. Most of the girls were dogs, with perhaps three girls who passed my criteria. From what I remember when I was in Punta Arenas two years ago, there are a few bars much better than “Mon Cheri”.

    I chose a girl named Connie, a blond who usually lives in Valparaiso. Young, cute, and sexy, and a nice tongue. Anyways she was extremely passionate in the bar, as long as I bought her a few beers. The room was 16 dollars, and she asked for $80.00 USD. I laughed and told her $50.00 USD. She tried her best to negotiate to a middle price, but I would not pay over $50.00 USD. However once we got in the room, her incredible passion turned into a little on the mechanical side. She wanted to do CBD, so as a stupid gringo I paid her a $10.00 USD tip for BBBJ. But in the heat of passion, and with a few Cuba Libre’s in your system, what is a monger to do?

    So if you are planning to visit one city in South America for a mongering vacation? Go for Rio or Buenos Aires before you pick Punta Arenas, Chile. However if you are in the area, at least there is something available.

    I’ll be back in a couple weeks on a Friday and Saturday so if I don’t score at the main disco, Kamikaze, I’ll venture for more research.

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    Can anyone give me the address of the Bar Hotel Louisiana?

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    Other Areas

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