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    In Dcember I go to Brazil and I am thinking about combining it with a stay in Colombia. The advantage in Clombia would be that I speak spanish. My main reason of going to Clombia are the chicas but I want to do some other things too. I want to travel around by bus and my targets are Bogota, edellin, ali and the north coast. How are the women compared to Bazilians? Are there any cheap fucking options because I am on a small budget?

    Thanks for helping a first timer in Colombia!



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    Try Bogota. You will not find any English, but the chicas are very light-skinned. In a city of 7 million, you ought to be able to find a party at any time.

    Cartagena is your best chance for English, but there isn't much. This resort town parties 24/7. Chicas from CTG are generally darker but there are some lighter ones and chicas come here from all over Colombia looking to hook-up with a non-Colombian.

    Actually you only really find many darker-skinned chicas along the Caribbean coast.

    For your first visit, I would strongly suggest CTG. I live there about 6 months a year and had no trouble with limited Spanish skills when I first came.

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    Travelmen: Does not exist. Suggest you try Argentina.

    Leif Erickson: You have OBVIOUSLY never dealt witrh the INS. Technically, it would be ilegal but if the fiancee never notified INS I SUPPOSE you might be able to pull it off. And YOU would not get in trouble, SHE would be permanently barred from the US and the fiancee would possible get billed for cost of deporting her (ifd that happened).

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    Please can some one tell me the best city in Columbia for:

    The lighter skinned Columbians, a good party city with plenty of nightlife, and if possible a more English speaking city.

    I am looking to add Columbia to Caracas and Buenos Aires for my next vacation.

    Also thinking about Sao Paulo. Any comments there?


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    That is a good question. I don't have the answer. But in general I think it is quite tacky that she would try this. Chances are the first guy will be cancelling it before she even leaves, unless she has set him up, and it so, I would question her integrity. Either way, she only has six months to use it after it is issued. A sticky issue!

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    Can women from Columbia travel to the U.S. on a visa that is not a fiance visa? In other words, if she already has a fiance visa, that she has not used; can she visit someone other than the fiance?


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    Bill12: Your friend is better off going to Brasil where festinhas are quite normal & accepted. That kind of thing will be MUCH less viable in Colombia IMHO.

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    A friend asked me to post this. He is looking for a villa or something in Colombia. For a week. With a pool. He wants to get a few guys together and monger together. In fact, he wants to take a few guys down there, rent some pros for a week and one big fest! Swing and swap! Sounds like heaven to me. Anyone have any ideas on finding a villa or some such accommodatoins?

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    Hi NYC,

    Thanks for the post. Chances are your girl is a non-pro, as you say. I hope so. But it does bring up another subject. You said she is now asking for money. I have been there so many times and have found even the non-pros tend to work the guys a lot. There is such a tendency for them to think we are all rich! I taught english there and even the kids think we are all made of money!

    The thing I always wonder about is "do they really like me or is it out of desperation", the same desperation that drives many to the pro profession.

    A good friend of mine one told me "all women are *****s, just in different degrees"! In other words, we all pay, one way or the other, whether we rent them or marry them! In fact, he said, it's better to rent 'em!

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    We all have our experiences from the past. The best thing to do is let the past rest. If the both of you are happy in your present lives, the past doesn't matter (hopefully not drugs or criminal).

    I too have met someone. We did not meet in a bar or nightclub, therefore I would hope and prefer to think she is a non-pro. There was no exchange of money, however after 1 months of emails she requested financial help since she lost her job. She has children.

    I think about my novia all the time. I've thought about her previous relationships before me and what she is doing since I last saw her. I can honestly say I do not want to know. Our future is more important. I will see her next week for 14 days.

    Regarding mongering, you shouldn't feel used. She is providing a service you both agreed upon. It's mostly women whom feel used. So drop any guilt and go for your GF before you'll regret it. Good Luck.

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    Rex's post really made me think. I first went to Colombia to meet good girls. It was easy to do, but still had to meet 50 of them to find one I really liked, but at least in Colombia there are 50 to meet, cause I can't meet that many here in the U.S. in ten years!!

    As far as bad girls go, I have often thought about what their lot in life is. I mean, don't they need love too I sometimes think. Or have they given up that emotion for the almighty dollar?

    I know for me that I like mongering, but always feel a bit empty afterwards, sometimes a bit used. And also have those same crazy thoughts that she is going to be with some other guy the next day, or that same night!

    So I gravitate back to the good girls, but end up with that same problem Rex has. The green grass theory. I think though I finally found someone I maybe could settle down with. It's taken forever. But she is such a good girl that I almost feel dirty to be with her! After all, I too have a past!

    Sometimes I feel like moving to a foreign country and just "keeping" a woman there. or two!

    Hell, I'm just as screwed up as Rex is! Not sure if I want to take the big jump into what all my friends have done. i.e., marrying good girls.

    And then there is my best friend about now to marry a bad girl he met in Bogota, and I introduced them!

    What a world!

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    Re cybercupido, free members limited to 2 emails per day 20 plus viewing of 20 pictures. Also, you can only email girls if you are within their preferred range of ages. Finally, a fair number of chicas have their fotos designated as "private" and/or only receive messages from Gold Members.

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    Cypercupido is free to join, free to use, view, write to profiles and respond to messages. However, a paid membership gives advantages f.ex. unlimited daily message replies.

    Most of the women on the site are also free members. Many are very attractive. Very few are actually GOLD members.

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    Dick4brains: has a Latin American version which has a translator (English to Spanish of course). Cybercupido has its strength and weaknesses (like only 1 SMALL -no more than 50kb- photo versus 5 larger format pictures on other sites like ( is 3 I think). Let's face it, the pictures are the most important thing as you can learn way more about personality from talking on phone than reading a written profile, MANY of which tell you almost nothing about her.

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    Dick for brains,

    Also try NOT A MONGER SITE. You will need to know spanish though. Post your picture and they will come to you! There are 20,000 Columbianas on their web site. VEIW THE PICS. I used this site prior to visiting Peru and it got me real GFE's. There are many Columbianas who contact me regularly 2-3 a week unsolicited. I highly recomend this site, although it requires payment to join. But worth every penny.

    Buena suerte!

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