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    I have read WSG for a good while now and find it to be entertaining, enlightening and damn good advice.

    I offer the following about Colombian women as girlfriends (not talking about the pros): they can be the most wonderful and beautiful creatures on the face of this earth, but this comes at a price. It's call a TEMPER. Also, what others have said is true. they are raised to think that the man works and the woman stays home. If you can afford this arrangement, then all is perfect. But, if you are looking for an mate that will pull her weight in the income department then you better look elsewhere. In fact this is a trait of all latin women, not just Colombians.

    I am a gringo with many Colombian friends here in Florida. I have traveled to Bogota several times with my friends and also had Colombian girlfriends here. For arm candy, they have no equal (my humble opinion), but they are very high maintenance.

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    That's been my general experience as well with Colombian women (ones living here; never been to Colombia yet). Assuming that you have a REAL relationship with one and aren't just hooking up with some hot b***ch, that's using you (which i think is pretty easy to tell), I can't imagine most of them turning into a femnized monster!

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    I'm kind of a bit reluctant to join in this thread, but here we go:

    Of the marriages I've seen fail, or failing, between Colombian girls and Western guys, it seems that the *guy*has a hell of a lot to answer for, in several cases considerably more than the girl who has stuck with them through totally unreasonable behaviour that any Western girl would have kicked their sorry arses to the kerb for long ago.

    And no, these girls are *not* sponging off them either -- they are out there working or studying their cute little arses off, wondering what the fuck they are doing with their lives and usually thinking of going back home where the living is harder but the macho menfolk actually treat them better.

    I'm now going to retreat into this bunker and wait for the incoming flak. :-)

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    Thats one the main reasons why I'm moving to Panama City, its much more easier to bring your beautiful girlfriends into panama than here in the states. I enjoy traveling to SA, I've met many females that I wish I could invited to my home but living here in the state a girl coming from colombia has few chances on aquiring a visa. But once while on vacation in panama for six weeks I inquired about sending for a girl in cali they told me as long as I pick her up at the airport and I vouched for her she could travel to panama.

    It makes me laugh when I talk to a american women its always the same, most of then asume that the women in latin america have no rights, they live in a different era, they have no power in society because latin men are machismos. No dout that most latin men are machismos but it doesn't make the females subservient in anyway. I usually tell my american girlfriends that a large majority of females girls in the states have grown up with the idea that femininity is a weakness, how wrong they are. Thats the major reason why the feminist movement has not caught on in latinamerican mosts latinas see their femininity as there strength and thats why I love latin women. I also tell them that the president of panama its a woman, what a big suprise a woman been at the top of a backwards country. well thats my two cents.... enjoy while you can guys.

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    if you allready see what kind of huge paperwork,euro's and other things a guy has to do BEFORE even to invite a NON-EU (female) member to his place for a holiday most guys just drop the case and don't even try.
    In most cases you have to pay up to 10.000-15.000 Euro's for the whole chebang. Language training in HER country (!!!!! jee what a GREAT idea...!!),visa costs (app. every year 500 Euro)paperwork translations (of. translators are EXPENSIVE as hell I tell you,for one lousy A4 paper you pay up to 150-200 Euro's depending on the language) and besides that many otehr costs like tickets,telephone calls etc.etc.


    For women right now this country (Netherlands;and i am sure also other western countries) is PARADISE!!
    Many women divorced with 2-3 kids even in thier late thirties/early forties STILL get a guy 5-10 years YOUNGER with EASE!!
    Most guys infact are happy that they even GET a wife and not have to spend their prime ages between 30-45 ALONE!!!
    Many dutch men (maybe also others?) are DESPERATE and willing to do nearly EVERYTHING just NOT to end up alone.
    Some men are so twisted that they end up with goldiggers and/or prostitutes and marry them. You all know what will follow after this. Divorce. And in most cases a severe financial pain for the guy.

    That makes me very sad.
    For some countries like Thailand,Philipines,Colombia,DR or Cuba is is NEARLY impossible to get a perm visa for the Netherlands.

    So IF a guy should want to " get" a forreign wife here he shoulc think this over 135 times before doing so.
    Sure many agencies or marriage brokers don't tell you all this.
    They only want to make $$$$$$$$$.


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    I'm glad I'm not alone with my findings, or maybe I should say I'm sorry for things to be genuinely as bad for us men as I make them out to be. I'd much rather my pessimism were proved wrong to some extent.

    Johan007 also touches on a further complication that makes our predicament even worse, namely the fact that our governments have made it impossible for men with normal income to invite a girl on a tourist visa. Fifteen years ago, this was easy.

    I always get mocked by male friends of mine whenever I try to bring home to them that there's a feminist conspiracy going on, yet this is just what it is. Until the late 80s, more European women than European men engaged in relationships with non-European partners, and this was not perceived as a problem.

    As soon as the figures reversed ( more European men than European women interested in non-European partners), European women cried wolf and no excuse was spared to prevent European men from having girl-friends over on vacation.

    Same in the US of course, probaly even worse. "We're in this together with the US" is a favourite motto of bootlicking politicians over here. In it together indeed, in feminist shit's creek without a paddle.

    Know what? The muslims are not such fools after all.

    Last edited by XXL; 06-03-03 at 16:47.

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    I've been reading the posts and I think xxl is correct.
    The problem is not (if you have $$$ or 's ofcourse) living together with your latin queen in Colombia (should you want this) or in whatever SA country.
    The troubles will start when coming HOME to US or Europe.
    I know some guys that are married to Russians,Colombians and Brazilians.
    Most of them are divorced,separated or in whatever lousy situation.
    It's NOT sir.
    It's a combination of factors that is cousing most forreign marriages to fail.
    Different mentality (try explaining a latina wife that women here share their part in living costs IF they have a job..!!).
    Climate factor; If you live in Spain,Italy of in Florida you are lucky.....but if uyou live in Holland,Denmark of Alaska...well......;-)
    In most West-European countries there are more MEN then women.
    Besides that (IMHO) most women here are not half as pretty as your average Russian/Latin queen.
    So if you like it or not,your Latin queen must stand firm NOT to fall for other male temtations which there are MANY here. And I assume you have NOT taken a goldigger from there,because in that case you can WAIT when troubles start;-)
    There is always a guy that is making MORE $$$$,looking better and/or younger....or just having the better raps.....then you are.
    Lets not fool ourselves guys. The MAIN reason for those women to migrate is $$$$$ and/or a BETTER live status.
    It seldomly has anything to do with REAL LOVE!!!imho

    If I COULD I would prefer to live in SA.
    But on this moment that's just impossible for me.
    Untill that day I just go twice a year on a fuck holiday for 3 weeks and "enjoy" my live here with an average 39 yo duch woman with 3 kids that looks like shit and has demands like if she were the queen herself!!!
    Dutch immigration rules are getting more strict each year. Right now it's nearly impossible to live together with a latina in Holland if you NOT earn a HUGE salary (yes my friends here we have income demands!!!) and are willing to pay many 's for visa,langauge trainings etc.etc.etc.
    Besides that our glorious dutch government (bunch of wankers) is getting real paranoid:-(



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    I am familiar with bars in smaller towns like Ibague and Neiva. Local WOMEN and just as good service. Interested in others who have experienced these places.

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    point taken I understand

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    VAGRINGO--I don't want to be patronizing, but I don't think you're paying attention to the conversation....please read it over. We're talking about the problem of holding on to one of these hot girls you bring back from colombia. I wasn't telling a woe is me story or asking for sympathy. I was just trying to convey my feeling that whether you can maintain a relationship or not is mostly based on your attitude/personality.

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    to nervous you have not been sexed to you been done by a columbiana .maybe you need to think we all have that problem but when you leave all that sappy shit out you can be a ***** hound like the rest of us . if ya can dance ok or speak some spanish than you will get laid but please save the poor me stuff for other boards

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    I'm decent looking, but without much money. I have a difficult time meeting women and tend to get a lot of flat-out rejections. Yet, when I finally do bag a chick(usually pretty good looking ones), I own her....she loves me. I think this is because I have an incredible passion that comes from truly loving myself and living. Those kinds of qualities are magnetic and if you can offer somebody that you never have to even fret with worries about them straying.

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    quote : "even if you know that you'll be single and lonely for months without her, you gotta create the illusion that she is completely disposable".

    again, i have nothing to object to that as a tactical principle, but how long can you sustain the illusion in europe or the us? one year, a few months? are you so good-looking that you could earn a living in motion pictures if you wanted to? are you a millionaire? are you an influential member of your community or a high-ranking government official?

    neither am i. if i were, i would probably not be peddling my cock in far-off, malaria and crime-ridden countries. i would have my pick of the best local girls and take them on holiday on a gorgeous beach somewhere. the fact is, i am average-looking, averagely well-off, a non-person to good-looking girls at home. outlooked, outearned, outperformed ten times over, that's what i am in my own country.

    and this, even an illiterate girl from the congo jungle is going to notice sooner or later, even sooner than it takes her to get fluent in english or french or german. and then she'll go, taking half of my wages along as pocket money, courtesy of the divorce judge.

    gi'me the same girl in an islamic country or in a country where the average annual wage is 100 us dollars, and i'll twist her around my little finger and scrape the floor with her and with dozens of her sisters and she'll only thank me for it. not that i would enjoy doing that, but maybe neither does she enjoy ruining me over here, she just does so because everyone, man or woman, simply go for the best deal.

    think about it.

    Last edited by XXL; 05-06-03 at 12:20.

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    I disagree. It sounds like you guys don't really have a problem meeting women, but in maintaining a relationship. The opposite problem is true for me. I get very anxiety stricken upon meeting new people especially women, but find them incredibly needy, cumbersome, tedious, and borring once involved. Of course, the more I hint at my frustration with them the more dedicated they become, thus worsening the situation and usually leading to a break-up.

    Not that you want to emulate my unhealthy relationships, but if you want to keep a woman loyal to you i think it's mostly about your attitude and approach to them, regardless of whether they are American or Latin.

    First of all, you guys all sound pretty sensitive, which is a plus, b/c to truly woo and win the woman of your dreams you must show her a secret magical world called reality, which she being a petty woman has probably neglected. hahah! Second, you must be strict with her and show her she can't get away with anything. The minute she shows disrespect, that's when you gotta slap the pimp hand down and tell her to leave. Even if you know that you'll be single and lonely for months without her, you gotta create the illusion that she is completely disposable. She'll never leave and beg you not to get rid of her or throw a fit attacking you or something. Women are looking to worship somebody with strength and pride!

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    Originally posted by xxl
    quote : "..marrry a normal, grown up sane woman"

    The principle is sound enough but raises the question "how normal, how grown up and sane does she have to be"? In other words, how far down are we supposed to lower our expectations before we hit safety?

    If it means going for average-looking women, I'd rather forget it. Fucking 8s and 9s and marrying a 5 or a 6 is simply too depressing. Better stay single and travel down from time to time to poke as many 8s and 9s as you can. Let alone that even a plain woman CAN get nasty all the same, even if she's less likely to do so that a looker.

    The key observation in this discussion is that expats (white men who actually live and work in a pussy country) marry TOP girls and get away with it. I know it all too well from my African trips. Those lucky bastards actually marry girls that would get an immediate contract for playboy magazine, AND THE GIRL STAYS PUT, FUCKS AND COOKS FOR THEM.

    You know why? Simple: she has nowhere else to go and there's no better deal around. And this brings me to a principle that is worth repeating: it is not the girl that matter, but the Society into which you parachute her.

    Keep her in a backward enough country, and even Miss Universe will be your lapdog.

    Take her to the US of the EU, and even an average-looking brat will be too hot to handle.

    It pisses me off, but that's the way it is.

    xxl... Wow! That's some hard-hitting stuff, man!! But I totally concur with everything you said. Thanks for keeping things real on this page.

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