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    Quote Originally Posted by Igor54  [View Original Post]

    Who can say anything on Plastic surgery in Bogota? Thanks.
    I wouldn't have anything like that done in Colombia.

    Espec something like liposuction.

    They can botch it, and you will die!

    I wouldn't even have dental implants done, the risks of life threatening complications, IE bleeding, infection etc.

    Just not worth it, but its your life YOLO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamPeter71  [View Original Post]
    I have t mobile service and I get slower data and text free. I will be staying in Bogota for a week. Is it better to get local sim? Get at airport or in / around Santa fe area?
    Normal T-mobile has worked fine for years. If you need more speed than is provided then you can go on and pay $5 per day. Local SIM would come out cheaper than paying the extra though.

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    Perla in Chapinero

    Someone PMed me asking for Perla's contact info. I replied but accidentally hit "delete" instead send. I don't have her contact information but I think this could be her new ad.

    It's very close to what I remember. Boy do I miss Colombia.

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    Plastic surgery in Bogota


    Who can say anything on Plastic surgery in Bogota? Thanks.

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    T Mobile service

    I have t mobile service and I get slower data and text free. I will be staying in Bogota for a week. Is it better to get local sim? Get at airport or in / around Santa fe area?

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    Calle 109 has one of my favorite

    Quote Originally Posted by Lugnut  [View Original Post]
    Hey NIO, thanks for your detailed report and especially for the maps links. Noted. Are there any restaurants in the Parque Calle 106 area, that you enjoyed?
    Restaurants. My favorite is Jacques. Call before to be sure of the hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamPeter71  [View Original Post]
    Thank you Woodman. Any other other suggestions / area in chapinero or north?
    I think Sunday is not good for casas-- SF is best bet for action.

    I meant to say at in my previous answer that there are usually 1-2+ clubs that are happening on Sunday. YMMV.

    And there are some hot Streetie Sweeties too. -- See recent Sunday SF posts.

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    Make Bogota Great Again: November 2021 Trip Report

    I enjoyed my fourth visit to Bogota for the last week of November 2021, despite the well-known downsides of the Santa Fe red light district, its clear decline from pre-pandemic levels, and a few other developments that could be cause for concern. As I had intended, Santa Fe's cheap in-person mongering provided a welcome change of pace from and a refreshing alternative to the widespread flakery, price inflation, and other problems that have been wreaking havoc on Medellin's once-excellent Facebook scene. I have continued to identify "diamonds in the rough" in Santa Fe, to the point that I have begun repeating with solid performers more frequently and developing a pool of regulars for future visits. This trip also marked a decisive turning point in my preference for Santa Fe's street girls over club girls. Please see my previous three Bogota reports for a baseline and for more context and background.

    The continued deterioration of the Medellin Facebook scene, as I experienced in my July and October 2021 trips, led me to look for alternatives. Bogota's Santa Fe district was the obvious answer. In-person mongering, with sessions on the spot and the ability to scope out candidates in person before agreeing to a session, seemed like the obvious solution to the skyrocketing cita flakery, lateness, double-booking, and other Internet-based problems that the Medellin scene has been experiencing. The rampant price inflation in Medellin, resulting from a large influx of often ill-advised newbies with little or no price sensitivity, also made the low cost of a Santa Fe-focused Bogota trip even more appealing. As in pre-pandemic times, the Santa Fe talent pool also offers greater diversity in terms of body types, ethnic and regional backgrounds, and skin / hair / eye colors than the relative homogeneity of paisa girls.

    Indeed, it seems that more than a few other mongers have also identified Santa Fe as a solution for whatever has gone wrong with their usual spots elsewhere. I saw more gringos in Santa Fe during this week than I heard or saw in my previous three trips combined. On previous trips, I might have seen two or three other gringos or groups of gringos over the course of a whole week, and they were usually young black guys. On this trip, I might have seen that many other gringos or groups thereof each day, and more of them were white and / or older. These numbers are still tiny but were nonetheless a major change from previous trips, even as recently as December 2020. This trip was also the first time that anyone in Santa Fe, including a few girls and annoying club touts, addressed me in English. It only happened a few times, but it was still a big change from my prior experience, E. G. In 2018, a girl refused to believe that Americans would come to Santa Fe until I showed her a photo of my passport on my phone. I doubt that Santa Fe is at any risk of turning into a Parque Lleras-like gringo circus, simply because it is so ghetto. It would nonetheless appear that gringos are becoming a more noticeable, but still small, feature of Santa Fe. I met up with fellow ISG members from the USA And Germany briefly one night to compare notes. I also met up with a virtual Facebook wingman of mine, who needed a change of environment on his way home to the USA From Medellin during a long layover in Bogota.

    An increase in gringo traffic raises concerns about price increases. Some prices for higher-end girls at top-tier night clubs like Fiebre or Troya have gone up slightly since my last trip a year ago. Such girls that might have accepted 80 k before now want 100 k, although some of the less competitive night club girls might still accept 80 k. Street prices have remained more stable, with most of them still quoting typical base rates of 40 k-60 k, excluding any extras. If there has been any increase in street prices at all, it has been in surcharges for extras like BBBJ, E. G. Some want as much as 40 k-50 k extra just for a BBBJ add-on (if they are willing to do it at all, that is). Some street girls will nonetheless still accept as little as 10 k-20 k extra for BBBJ. These slight increases are nonetheless small potatoes compared to the rampant price inflation among Medellin Facebook girls, and I saw no solid proof that these slight increases had any connection to the more noticeable gringo presence. Santa Fe remains highly cost-competitive if one is OK with the "hit-it-and-quit-it" style of service and the ghetto environment.

    This trip marked a decisive turning point in my preference for street girls over club girls. When I first came to Santa Fe, I focused almost exclusively on the club girls and only came to see the value of the street girls toward the end of my trip. I have come to focus on street girls more and more over time, to the point that they have now become the main attraction for me. In the future, I will only resort to the club girls as a backup, if and when I cannot find what I want on the street first. The street girls seem to provide more consistent quality of service (including a greater willingness to provide BBBJ at a reasonable markup) and are less likely to display the unpleasant attitudes that some of the club girls have. They are also more cost-competitive and generally have nicer rooms in their short-time hotels than those in the clubs. I also wonder if and how much their personalities influence their choice of the street over the clubs as a workplace, and if the type of girls that choose the street over the social environment of the clubs are a better fit for me and my personal tastes. The street scene is also more active during the daytime and in the early evenings, which are preferable from a security perspective.

    The other factor pushing me increasingly toward the street and away from the clubs on this trip was the marked post-pandemic decline of Paisas as a night club and the rather disappointing reopening of Atunes as a daytime / happy hour club. Paisas used to be one of the three top-tier night clubs, along with Fiebre and Troya, but it is no longer anywhere near in that league. I saw its decline on my last trip a year ago, and now it is even worse. Whenever I checked it out, there were only 5-10 rather unappealing girls in there, and a similarly small number of customers. I only did one session there on this trip, with a girl with an enormous ass that I personally found appealing for just that reason. The reason for Paisas' post-pandemic decline is unclear to me, as it is still quite a nice facility, and neighboring Fiebre and Troya seem to have recovered quite well. I also had high hopes for this trip due to the reopening of Atunes, which had yielded some of my best experiences on my first two trips. It seemed to attract a different crowd of less hardened "girl next door" or "MILF next door" types that I appreciated as a contrast to the rest of the more hardcore Santa Fe talent pool. I repeatedly visited the reopened Atunes during this trip and was disappointed to see much smaller numbers of girls and customers than in the past. More importantly, it seemed to have much the same talent pool day after day, with little change in the lineup. The girls also seemed to be just the daytime counterparts of the type of girls one would encounter in the night clubs, rather than the qualitatively different "girl next door" types of the past.

    This trip came shortly after the beginning of Colombia's requirement for proof of vaccination to enter night clubs and many other public venues. The Santa Fe clubs appeared to be disregarding this requirement until the police entered Fiebre on a busy night for an inspection. They separated the girls to inspect their identification for age and immigration status and also their vaccination cards. They spoke to a few male customers as well but did not appear to be questioning them in any systematic way. The word was that this inspection was retaliation for Fiebre's failure to pay police shakedowns. The police found one girl who did not have a vaccination card and thus found a pretext to shut Fiebre down for the night. I went to neighboring Troya, where they later closed the doors and pretended to be closed. Fiebre resumed normal operations the next night and still did not ask for proof of vaccination after the shutdown. The bouncer at Troya did, however, ask for proof of vaccination the following night. I showed him my vaccination record in the clear app, which was evidently unfamiliar to him beyond the use of the word "Pfizer," but he accepted it anyway. Troya bouncers did not ask me for proof of vaccination on subsequent nights, however. I should also note that none of the restaurants where I ate (all of which were outside Santa Fe and more upscale) asked for proof of vaccination either.

    This trip also taught me the value of repeating with regulars that I know to be strong performers. I should note that all of these regulars with great service were street girls; none of them were club girls. There is one girl with whom I have had sessions on each of my four trips thus far, and I did three sessions with one new girl on this trip. I have started to make more of a point of getting their contact information for future visits and perhaps for off-site sessions at my own lodging. I had been wary of taking Santa Fe girls to my own lodging for security reasons, but I now feel comfortable enough with at least a few of them to take that next step. All but one girl was comfortable sharing her phone number, but Santa Fe girls remain largely hostile to requests for photos.

    This enjoyable trip provided a much-needed change from Medellin, with a more convenient, cost-competitive, and diversified source of paid pussy than overpriced Facebook flakes, many of whom look more or less the same. Santa Fe remains relatively free of gringo contamination, at least for now and despite what appears to be an increase in gringo traffic. I will certainly return to Santa Fe in the future, but before that I hope to return to Cali, which also remains relatively free of gringo contamination, for a more thorough exploration than what my unexpectedly shortened March 2020 visit allowed.

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    Best love motel in Santa Fe

    Looking for a short time hotel where I can take a street girl to in Santa Fe. Somewhere clean and safe, please advise. Gracias.

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    Has anyone been to this casa recently?

    Located near the gold museum. CR 10 #14-20 5th floor. Would like to find out about the price and quality of girls. I would also like to hear your recommendations of day time casas. Thanks.

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    Thank you Woodman. Any other other suggestions / area in chapinero or north?

    Quote Originally Posted by Woodman09  [View Original Post]
    Usually the clubs are dead until 9-10 and maybe 1 or 2+ Fiebre usually is one.

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    It's definitely more fun to have a wingman or two in these monger trips. In Bogota I met with a few bros, whom I had met in other countries years ago, and it was all fun again, a couple little boys shamelessly exposing all their kinkiest desires and just having fun.

    A couple wingmen in Southern California read my posts and are anxious to go. I suggest you post a tentative schedule in the Tijuana thread, you will find wingmen. I to meet up. I did the same and a few bros lined up their schedules to meet up.

    Or you can go alone and make friends with many mongers walking Santa Fe every day.

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    Glad you finally made it!! Hope you had fun

    Quote Originally Posted by CaptainSolo  [View Original Post]

    Thanks for showing me the rope in Bogota. Wish you could have gone to CTG and MDE and have some fun with us.

    Santa Fe has the highest number of hot girls on streets anywhere, most are very nice and complying, dome pretty like dolls, Colombian girls seem easy and gentle, Venezuelans seem tougher.

    I hate street people who sell and beg everywhere you walk. You give them change, so they keep asking you. I hate the loud, annoying music everywhere. Every store has its speakers screaming out to the streets.

    Santa Fe is risky but also exciting and rich with hot girls, very pretty, nice and sweet.

    I just don't like to screw girls in controlled environment like casas or massage joints. I prefer the excitement hunting for beasts in jungle to shooting fish in a barrel. There was only 1 slim girl near calle 67 that morning. I think she's mid 30's but a bro thinks mid 40' s. The rest of the casa girls were older, chunky and homely, nowhere as pretty, attractive and fun as young street girls in Santa Fe.

    Colombian people are very polite and helpful, far many more girls are available and are much prettier than other countries. I walked from hotel san fran to Santa Fe via calles 22, 23, 24 a few nights, did not feel threatened or unsafe. There were always people and policias late at night.

    Street girls pretty like dolls are 40 K cops or $10, casa girls 29 K cops or $7.50. Flights are cheap, Bogota is pretty safe and easy to navigate. From airport take taxi to hotel San Fran, only $8-10. Or take $1 bus K86 half hour to Museo Nacional stop and walk 900 feet South to hotel Tenqu and San Francisco.

    I definitely recommend a trip to Bogota to experience Colombia's unique Latin culture, people, food, sex scenes on streets, in bars in Santa Fe, also casas, SA and TINDER. Ran into a few bros I had not seen in years. The bros should arrange to go together and have more fun. Perhaps a Friday to Monday 4-day trip is enough to get a great experience. Take red eye flights, sleep in the planes to save time and hotel costs.

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    South Stroll Santa Fe

    So much talk about the streetie sweeties in Santa Fe.

    Here are some photos from the South Stroll area a couple blocks south of the North area-.

    This stroll when busy has some nice girls Sometimes 100+ for 30-40 mil. Not as many nice ones like the North area-- prices will go up soon.

    I have banged a lotta girls down here.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails South4.jpg‎   South3.jpg‎   South2.jpg‎   South.jpg‎  

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    Quote Originally Posted by NIO400  [View Original Post]
    After two weeks in Chapinero I moved to the area of its a beautiful park, high end apartment hotels, coffee shops etc.
    Hey NIO, thanks for your detailed report and especially for the maps links. Noted. Are there any restaurants in the Parque Calle 106 area, that you enjoyed?

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