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    arrived on a saturday afternoon and took an apartment at real suites 85. i would recommend this place, the rate of cop 104,500 (tax included) is reasonable, cash or c/c. the staff is friendly and girls are announced to your room and let in without formalities. if you want to be extra safe, you can ask the security to identify them. ride from the airport is cop 18,000, but just 11,000 the other way. there are plenty of atm, cafes, internet and every kind of small business shops. a 24/7 supermarket is on the big plaza. and the zona rosa is just three or four blocks away.

    now for the girls. i had a couple of 'massage' addresses from a previous post or yellow paes. i take a taxi to cr. 16 -62 or something, and when i arrive the building was like the phantoms house. hard to believe someone had lived there in the past 10 years. oh well, another ride to cr 11-79, mid block by the stairs. i walk in and a boy introduces me three young girls straight in the aisle. the first two were absolutely gorgeous, and the third not less than a 7. i go to the room with the second one, nathalia. tall, thin, full breast, incredible ass and hips. beautiful model face with the blackish hair, white complexion. she undress and the breast was not less than perfect in size and shape. i was explained the price, from 20,000 cop for practically nothing in a small massage room, to 100,000 for the hour. she was very nice and explained that no bbbj was allowed, her attitude was a little shy. i knew that she was the type of girl i wanted to spend a week together, not an hour in a squalid brothel, so i opted to stay 20 minutes with one intercourse, for 50,000. i just wanted her number and eventually got it. i called her on monday and she promised to meet me at the hotel, but never showed up. no surprise as she never seemed so decided about it. maybe i will try again when i return in bogota in few days.

    a nicer story, at night i take a taxi to the clubs, not knowing that it was so close, the guy ask for 3,000 cop. i complain a little and he makes me notice that at night the correct fare was 3,700 so i ended paying that. next thing is that i find myself in this gay disco. only 12,500 cop an free drinks, but when i realized was too late. the clubs with the girls were just by the side and i gave a peek to a place nicely decorated with maybe 10 girls, drinks where 25,000 and the barfine 80,000. that seemed too much to me, crossed the road to this copacabana place, slightly cheaper that the other. there where very few girls inside, all doable but no stunners. the place got slower and slower and i end hooking up this blonde, l. that normally would not be my type. she proved to be great company, and agreed to leave for 100,000 for something that turned to be tln. also the management discounted 10,000 for the regular barfine. i saw her again for another night an again the sex was very good with a lot of partecipation, total gfe if you want, note that is not something that i necessarily look for. her body is not the best but to compensate she has large breast and as i said a great attitude.

    one afternoon i also called daniela that was mentioned in another post. she is a young mulatta, nice ass with a some beer belly, blonde curly hair and an ok but not memorable face. she charges cop 60,000 the hour plus taxi, someway she seems not to be inclined to stay beyond the time she has been paid for. covered bj but good sex and attitude, personally i would not repeat if given other options.

    i left bogotā for cartagena with a special fare by avianca, only cop 311,000 round-trip. i didn't meet any of these extra security measures mentioned elsewhere, so it is really not necessary to show up before one hour your scheduled departure. they did not even checked id to match boarding pass when boarding. there is free wi-fi in the airport.

    will write more about cartagena, in the meantime please check a couple pictures in the photo section.

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    ZR Hotel

    I'd stay at Suites Real 85, there's also Suites Real 97 about $40 for a 1Bdr style apt w/ kitchen, very close to ZR.

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    Bogota Trip

    Just got back from Bogota and thought I'd post. Used a couple of services/listing out of El Tiempo and don't recommend any of them. Decided I'd try E-extasis and see what they'd send me. Requested Sara the first night and was pleasantly surpirsed. The women enjoys her work. I'd give her a 7 on looks, 9 on quality.

    Requested Roxanna the second night. 9 on looks and a 2 on quality. This girl justs wants the money and had so many rules I couldn't keep track. No Daty, no BJ, no sucking her tits. Not sure why she was even in the business.

    Beware and ask the service for what you want.

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    I am traveling to Cartagenia through Bogota, and will have to spend the night both ways. Can anyone reccomend a decent reasonable hotel in say Zona Rosa where I might be near some action, and reccomend the best places in the area to check out some action. I speak some Spanish.

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    Long term accommodation


    Is there anyone who could help on finding relatively cheap accommodation in Bogota. I'll be there atleast six months, starting end of the week.

    I'd be happy with furnished apartment, 1-2 bedrooms.



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    I would not include BOG or MDE in with Rio, Caracas and Sao. In fact, having spent a bit of time in MDE recently, I would call MDE relatively safe. Of course that was not true only a few years ago and things can change rapidly.

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    Bogota is as safe or unsafe as you make it. Just act with the same due diligence you would in any big city. I've spent a week there on three separate occasions and never had a whiff of trouble.

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    I've been to Bogota 3x in the past 7 months, and i'd say its as safe as NYC, LA or CHI-town....but of course anything can happen anywhere.

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    As far as crime statistics go, Bogota, Rio, Medellin, Caracas, and Sao Paulo are all neck and neck for violent crime, at a level slightly above that of the most dangerous places in Canada or the US. Cali has twice the murder rate of these places. And some of the border regions in these countries are really like the wild west, with hundreds of murders per 100k residents per year.

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    Not to say BOG is safe because it's definitely up there in crime. But I did stay there for a week in the southwest, right off of 1 de mayo near plaza de las americas. Never had a problem there whatsoever.

    BTW I'm trying to email Jackson but it doesnt seem to work. I want him to delete post# 228 by me in this thread. The girl is almost certainly a non-pro and it's probably therefore really inappropriate that her pic is up there.

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    JUST Came Back from Buenos Aires and NO WAY BOG is Safer

    I would like to see the SOURCE of Alex's "statistics" showing Bogota has less crime than BA. Mexico DF has a horrible reputation for crime, and perhaps it is worse than Bogota but I have never had much interest in DF really so am less knowledgeable.

    As I mentioned I spent the first week of March in BA and NOT only in Recoleta or Baqrrio Norte rich areas. We cruised to Dolly in Flores, a large red light area with ZERO gringos but TONS of drunken Argentines. We walked the microcentro at all hours.

    Now this thing about crime in rich areas, while true, does NOT mean it is not MUCH worse in poor areas. Who here has EVER been to the South part of the city (beyond La Candelaria)? Hell centro and the Centro Internacional is WAY sketchy after the crowds leave when business hours end, and these are NOT poor areas like exist further South.

    This is NOT to say one cannot enjoy BOG in REASONABLE safety by using good judgment, but BEWARE false claims made by touts out to make a buck. Use big city common sense, RESEARCH THOROUGHLY (ask LOTS of questions of taxi drivers, hotel staff etc) and go with a Spanish speaker you trust.

    I am NOT Bogota bashing as I do like the city, but to suggest it is safer than BA strains Alex's already minimal credibility to the breaking point.

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    Sure you feel it

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Hay
    Photographers I know do seem to have the model hookups but DAMN I'd be wary of any local guide who thinks Bogota is safe. I felt constantly watched when i was there.

    Good point Ryck, dont think that you are safe just because you are in a rich area. I know plenty of locals who have been mugged down there.
    I remember when I met that Canadian girl walking around the Universidad Nacional here in Bogota. She is white head, blue eyes and certeanly taller than the average girls here. Not surprisingly, she complaint all the time about being watched everywhere she was.

    Let me say that every "gringo" (familiar for American) is observed by locals mainly because they found caucasic people attractive to them.

    By other side, many of the crimes against property takes place in rich areas. Isnīt obvious? But here, according to statistics, is safer than Mexico city or even Buenos Aires. In those places kidnapping and assalts are everywhere.

    I found funny that many of members in the forum visit places such as "la piscina", which is located at the unsafest and most dongerous place in Bogota. That place is known as the oficial "red district" which called Santa Fe district. This is the only legal area in the city open for prostitution and for sex-related nigth clubs. But also the majority of crimes (mainly personal injuries and assalts) occur in that district. Nevertheless, as far as I know, nobody in the forum had a bad experience there.

    The rest of the touristic places are safer. But sex-locals are formally ilegal in areas such as Zona Rosa. Thatīs the reason why many places outside "Santa Fe" are hidden.


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    Photographers i know do seem to have the model hookups but DAMN i'd be wary of any local guide who thinks Bogota is safe. I felt constantly watched when i was there.

    Good point Ryck, dont think that you are safe just because you are in a rich area. I know plenty of locals who have been mugged down there.

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    more info on bogota

    Hi there,

    Check this website: then go to "personales", choose "mujer busca ******", then choose bogota and in city select "santa fe de Bogota".

    There are a few girls advertising their services in this website.

    I contacted Daniela, she is really good!. She is originally from medellin and thus has a lovely accent, and a great attitude. Her body is nice with long legs, and great, a really great ass, plus small waist and small breasts. Too small breasts for my taste, but hey! you can not have everything! can you? ;)

    She only charges 60.000 + taxi money which can be 15.000 more. The times that i met her she performed so well that she received a tip. Sorry guys for hurting the bussiness but she was really good.

    Her body looks just unbelievable in those low cut jeans that she uses.

    I'd like to say some words on security in Bogota...

    !Watch Out! Bogota is unsafe as hell. Check statistics of car robbery and arm assault and you will get scared. Just a piece of advice, if someone has a gun and wants your wallet or you car, just give it to him... car is insured, and whatever is in your wallet does not worth your life or a bullet in your body.

    Do not wear expensive gadgets, do not walk too much in unprotected areas specially the areas where rich people live.

    On the other hand in the widely visited areas like Park 93, Zona Rosa, and even in the area surrounding "la piscina" you will be totally safe. There is plenty of private guards there because they want you to come and spend money and unsafety will definitely keep you away. I have been in piscina many times, drunk like a fish and nothing ever happened to me.



    Take care mates,


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    Alex Klein

    I couldn't agree more agree more with SURFER and RICKER'S comments.

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