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    A sweetheart from Medellin. She said it was her second day working at LDV. Whatever!
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    Chica who was found wandering about near my apartment in el Laguito. Her name is Kelly and is really good in the sack. She also hangs around LDV at night.
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    Chica from Penthouse Club
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    Girl from Pleyboy Club. I do NOT recommend this place. The girls are double the amount as LDV and not as good in the sack. The room was not air conditioned and I was sweating my white ass off. The drink prices are also outrageous.
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    Girls who were procured at International Club.
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    Another LDV girl (Sandra)
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    Maritza of LDV
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    2 girls who I found on the Beach
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    A Penthouse Club Girl
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    Some pics from my Sept. Trip to Cartagena.
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    La Dolce Vida had better looking girls at cheaper prices. LDV is in the commercial center in front of Las Velas Hotel.

    Nevertheless, here are the adresses of other P4P places:

    1. Pleyboy
    Bosque, Cj. Del Nilo Dg 21 #48-04 Tel 662-0717
    The girls are for the most part cute. This is the second best option. It's twice as expensive as taking a girl out of LDV.

    2. Manila House
    Bosque Transv. 49 # 21B96 Tel 672-2794
    I was unimpressed by the selection.

    3. Rosa del Mar-Casa del Marino
    Nuevo Campestre Calle 10 # 56B51
    (According to the cabbie that took me there, this is where the sailors and oil company workers are taken to. The mayor decided to clean up the old city, so, he ordered all the ho houses out.
    The girls are in bikinis.)
    This club is far, about 25 minutes by car. The taxi driver told me that foreigners become alarmed when he takes them there the first time. It's one lonely stretch of road.

    4. Penthouse
    Bosque Av. Buenos Aires # 53-74 Tel 662 2215
    More unspectacular girls.

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    Cartagena, Colombia is the last place in this world where a girl should leave her boyfriend alone. You will have lot's of fun. Instead of telling you where to find the girls it would be easier to tell you where not to find them. Have fun.

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    Any odf you mongers got the latest update on the XXX scene in Cartagena???

    I love street girls.....but also club *****s are my game:-)

    My new GF seems to be somehow catholic (go figure!!) and she told me that she could not stay the night with me.
    WEll...that;s fine with me. Then I'll do her during the daytime....and in the evening I just go and discover Cartagena;-)
    hehehehe It's a cruel world outthere;-)

    Im will try to make pictures and write tripreports aswell.


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    from mia to cart airlines avianca has a deal 261 check it out-- later

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    make that 23 Oktober till 19 November.



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